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1/2 Inch Drain Auger

Other Differences Between A Drain Snake Vs A Drain Auger

How to Use Canister Style Drain Cleaning Augers- PART 1

It may go without saying that drain snakes usually have a smaller diameter cable than a drain auger. Since both tools clean by twisting the accessory at the tip, a drain auger needs a stouter cable to help it torque through clogs.

Likewise, cable tips dont look terribly different between the two drain-clearing tools, but auger tips can be larger to twist into and through clogs that take up more space.

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When Should I Use A Drain Snake

Drain augers are designed to tackle larger pipes like your toilet or shower drain. Where the plumbing snake covers lines from the 1-1/4-2 range, an auger is for lines in the 1-1/2-3 range. Drain augers are a long tool that looks like a snake. They can be fed down a drain or toilet to remove a blockage. Drain snakes have a rubber shield to protect drains and toilets from scratches, unlike most other snakes. This tool is excellent for bathroom drains including showers, bathtubs, and toilets. Dont forget garbage disposals, kitchen drains, and external plumbing. It can also be very helpful for stubborn clogs that need some extra effort.

Two: Start By Uncoiling The Snake Using The Handle

Keep the handle as close to the entrance of the drainpipe as possible. The slacker the snake, the less force youre applying. Rotate the handle at a consistent pace. Dont try to rush the procedure or rotate it too slowly. If you feel pressure as the cable moves through the pipe, the reason for this is that youve encountered an obstruction.

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What About Larger Pipes

Theres a reason we didnt mention 4 or larger pipes. For one, those typically dont clog. When they do, its often from roots growing into outdoor sewage pipes. When that happens, you either need to replace them or use something like a mechanical auger or hydro-jet to clear out the obstructions.

Remember, regardless of whether you use a drain auger or a drain snake, keep these tools well-maintained. Check out our drum auger cable care tips article to get tips from the Pros.

Dewalt 20v Max* Xr Brushless Drain Snake Tool Only

1/2 inch by 50 feet Compact Electric Drain Cleaner Drum Auger Snake (1 ...
  • Use in up to 3-inch pipes with removable drum that accepts up to 3/8-inch x 35′ cable
  • Protect surfaces from rotating drum with the fixed outer shroud
  • Illuminate dark work areas with the pivoting LED and 3 brightness modes
  • Quickly lock/release cable with the sliding nose cone
  • Variable speed trigger with drill-style inline forward/reverse button

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Populo Electric Drain Auger25ft Plumbing Snake Drain Clog Remover Tools Cordless Drain Cleaner For Toilet

  • âEasy use! We have a video to introduce how to use it. The Flexible Cable and 20V Battery are changeable and amazon is selling it! Drain cleaner hair drain clog remover.
  • âIf you have any questions for the sewer snake machine, Please Contact Us via Amazon or Email Customer service. We will reply to you in 24 hours!
  • âLITHIUM ION 20V MAX & VARIABLE SPEED – Powers up for a longer runtime. Battery fuel gauge easy to check how much power is left and when it needs to be recharged. The Lithium ion battery pack is interchangeable with other tools part of Populo 20V Max System, and we sell the battery in amazon! It is changeable! You can adjust the speed freely to suit different projects, by applying different forces on the switch to adjust the speed up to 560 rpm.
  • âALL-IN-ONE Equipped: 2 5 Ft reinforced flexible cable It is changeable! Clears clogs with ease from drains from ¾ up to 2 in wide including sinks, toilets and bathtubs. Powered forward and reverse feeding mechanism make the cable down or back drains automatically and cable lock setting holds cable in place while tackling tough clogs.
  • âERGONOMIC DESIGN & LED Work Light: – delivers comfort and control, rubberized grip handles create a better working experience. Built-in LED work light increases the visibility and precise control. On-board rear drain port prevents water build up in the drum.

Plumbing Service In Atlanta

Which snake is right for the job? They each have their own specific nuances. Its best to play it safe and be well acquainted with a model before you attempt to use. If you have questions about drain cleaning, contact a professional first. You may be interested in our blog about the top benefits of professional drain cleaning services »

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Loading A Sewer Cable Into Your Machine

Safe operation of any cable machine begins with proper cable handling and loading. Spartan drain cleaning cables arrive at the customers location as a wound coil.Due to the amount of initial tension wound into your cable, care must be taken when uncoiling the bundle of cable. The cable will spring apart after the wire ties, which secure the cable, are cut.

After uncoiling the cable and laying out flat, attach the male end of the cable to the female end of the 10 anchor in the drum. With the machine plugged in, depress the foot actuator and check the rotation of the drum. The drum should rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, as you face the front of the machine. If the drum rotates in the wrong direction, reverse the toggle switch located on the motor support and check rotation again. With the drum rotating in the proper direction, start feeding the cable into the drum.

Caution: Always wear riveted cable gloves when handling a rotating cable. Feed the cable into the drum with the drum rotating.

This insures proper distribution of cable inside the drum. Leave about 2-3 feet of cable out of the machine to allow for attaching the next section of cable. After loading your desired length of cable, attach either a two foot leader cable or a double male coupling. You are now ready to attach the cutter blade assembly.

Click here to see our full list of sewer cable ends and their applications.

Whats The Difference Between Drain Augers And Plumbing Snakes

How to Use a Drum Auger | Clogged Drain?

A lot of people assume theyre the same, and they do share similarities. They both serve the same purpose to help unclog drains from minor to significant drain clogs. They are similar in terms of their functionality. Both have a drum and contain either a few feet or hundreds of feet of hose, depending on the job that youre trying to complete. Theyre available in either crank, cordless, or plug-in, power drill versions.

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Three: Once Youve Reached An Obstruction Move The Snakehead Back

Try to break up the obstruction as thoroughly as possible. Do not try to jam the auger into the walls of the pipe. If you hear scraping noises, then you should stop moving the snake immediately and reposition your tool.

If you think the plumbing snake might be stuck in the obstruction, pull it out. Often, the obstruction may come out with it. If not, continue snaking until you no longer feel resistance and the snake uncoils to its full length.

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When Should I Use A Plumbing Snake

Plumbing snakes stand the middle ground between household plungers and drain augers. If youve got a clog too stubborn for a plunger, then you need to employ a snake. That is the next logical step. Snakes are a much more powerful method of drain cleaning than conventional plungers. Theyre also slightly more dangerous to use. The plumbing snake is usually the first step to removing any drain clogs before bringing in more significant machinery, such as a drain auger. If you dont use your plumbing snake properly, you might risk tearing up your drain pipes, potentially creating leaks. Thats why its essential to know how your plumbing snake works and to use it correctly.

Drain Auger Vs Drain Snake Defining The Terms

VEVOR 50FT x 1/2 Inch Electric Drain Auger 370W fit 2"  to 4"  Pipes ...

Lets look at the dictionary definition of both of these tools starting with the drain auger:

trap and drain auger: a plumbers snake for clearing a trap and drain

And now, lets look at the closest we can get to the drain snake:

plumbers snake: a long flexible rod or cable usually of steel that is used to free clogged pipes

I dont know about you, but I was always told not to use the word in the definition. In this case, the drain snake falls under the definition of trap and drain auger.

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One: Physically Thread The Head Of The Plumbing Snake Into The Pipe

Insert the snakes head into either the drain or the access point on the wall. If you didnt remove the trap. Avoid running hot water while you snake, and use cold water instead. If the pipe is severely clogged, it will only trap this hot water in the pipes and damage them. Dont force the snake into the drain too hard. Doing so could also damage the drain entrance or pipe. Additionally, make sure the head and cable arent too long for the drain youre trying to snake. Its important to be careful when using these tools to avoid any future drain pipe repairs.

Five: Check The Sink Drain

The snake should have successfully removed the obstruction and solved the blocked drain problem. If you still seem to have a clog, then you could try repeating your snaking process. Just like plunging, snaking too often can be tough on your pipes or drains. If a thorough snaking doesnt work, then its time to call Boss Plumbing!

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Pros Define These Terms Differently Than Mirriam Webster

When the dictionary fails, we turn to the professionals. As a plumber for over 15 years, Scott tells us the drain auger takes a different direction from the drain snake when it comes to the size of the drain. Designed to clear different types of products, plumbers consider drain snakes tools that cater to smaller drains like your kitchen or bathroom sink. The drain snake takes care of pipes ranging from 1-1/4 to 2 in diameter.

Conversely, drain augers tackle larger pipes like your toilet or shower drain. You use a drain auger for lines in the 1-1/2 to 3 range.

How A Drain Auger Vs Snake Work

Cobra 3/8″ X 25 ft. Drain Pipe Auger – Review & Demonstration

Functionally, both a drain auger and a drain snake work the same. A drum houses anywhere from a few dozen feet of cable to 100 feet or more on some of the big machines.

You feed the cable into the drain and use a twisting action to either punch through the clog to loosen it or grab the clog to pull it out.

These tools may be hand crank, plug-in, or cordless. For many homeowners, having and using a drain snake costs much less than a service call to your plumber. Even powered models like the Ryobi hybrid drain auger cost less than a service call. The first time you use it successfully, the tool pays for itself.

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A Drain Snake For Every Job

With every home maintenance project, theres a tool for the job. Use the wrong tool and disaster might not be far away.

When it comes to maintaining the plumbing system within your home, the right tool often comes in the shape of a snake a drain snake. When you have a clogged drain, nothing is better for the job.

But what size is best? Head to your local hardware store, and youll find drain snakes come in all shapes and sizes. Grabbing the wrong one for the job might not get the job done. It can also harm your pipes.

What is available?

Top Snake

The smallest of all drain snakes, the top snake is used for tubs, showers and bathroom sink clogs. Most top snakes will contain about 25 feet of cable. Youll find them in both manual and automatic formats, and in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are great workers for small clogs that dont have a lot of buildup.

Toilet Auger

Medium Snake

A medium drain snake is used with a 3/8 inch cable and 50 to 75 feet of cable. These are great tools for cleaning out longer lines such as with a washing machine or a kitchen clog that may have wound deep into the drain. This snake should only be used on kitchen or bathroom sinks once the trap has been removed. You can also use them to clear lines from the roof vents. They are not intended for tubs or showers as the cable can easily break the trap underneath.

Large or Heavy Snakes


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