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100 Ft Drain Snake 3/4 Inch

What Do You Use A Drain Cleaning Machine

Vevor Drain Snake/Auger – New Product Overview | 100ft cable 3/8 inch

If you’ve always called in a plumber to clear out the blockages from your home’s plumbing system, you may not know all the different styles and uses for drain cleaning machines. Luckily for you, I’m here to guide you through the basics of how to get that wastewater flowing again.

Drain cleaning machines are typically large, electrically-powered tools oriented around a large drum of tightly wound steel cable. An electric motor spins the cable which is capped with a cutting bit. The type of blockage will determine which bit to use with the machine.

As you may know, any house or building features a main clean-out access point in which the cable is entered. The cable is fed in slowly until the clog is reached at which time the motor is turned on. The cutting bit rotates and eventually slices through the blockage.

Typically, a snake camera is deployed down the pipe first. This piece of equipment can provide an important visual for the operator as well as measure the length of cable needed to address the problem. Once it’s pulled back and the problem understood, the drain cleaning machine can get to work.

Once the blockage is removed and flow is restored, a good plumber may check the length of the pipe again with the camera to make sure everything was addressed. The process is really very simple and any homeowner willing to take the time can take care of the job safely.

Best Drain Cleaning Machine For Small Pipesrigid Hybrid Drain Machine

Most drain cleaning machines arent designed to clean smaller pipes but this Rigid Hybrid drain snake was made for the job. It is suitable for cleaning kitchen or slop sinks, bathtubs, and showers. When the ¼-inch snake encounters hair or other buildups in lines that are ½-inch in diameter, users can utilize the auto-feed to remove it.

This manual model can also conveniently be used with a drill that is available but sold separately. Many customers raved about how good this unit was when used to unclog small drains. One reported, The auto-feed functions well. It works well for small cleanout jobs when all you need is 25 feet of cable.


The Best Commercial Drain Snakesummary

Building managers and industry professionals will do well with a powerful electric drain cleaning machine for big jobs like this highly-rated model from Rigid . Customers in the market for a compact drain snake to clear a bathroom sink or minor clogs could opt for the simple yet high-quality Rigid manual drain snake .

We hope our review of the best commercial drain snake has been helpful. For more suppliers of related products, including cleaning augers, floor drains, plumbing tools, and snake drills, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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Ryobi P4001 Portable Power Drain Snake Advantages

  • Its a versatile power drain snake. And, works well on sinks, toilets, and bathtubs clogs.
  • The 25-foot long reinforced cable can clear any clogs from a longer distance.
  • Features powered forward and reverse feeding mechanism.
  • It also has a long-lasting steel drum.
  • Cable clamp holds cable while working on clogs.
  • 3-years warranty

Pros Of Populo Electric Drain Auger

  • versatile drain clog remover

VEVOR 100ft electric power drain auger is made of superior grade steel. So, its very durable and lasts long. This drain snake is also coated with rust protective color to ensure longevity. However, VEVOR 100ft is one of the best commercial drain snakes. Its 100ft long premium steel cable can handle any tough clog from a long distance.

This professional-grade drain snake features a handle and air-activated footswitch. You can move your drain auger unit anywhere you want. And, the handle is also foldable. The air-activated footswitch prevents the user from electric shock and improves efficiency.

Well, VEVOR 100ft power drain snake comes with 4 different auger heads to deal with various clogs. Finally, we can suggest it for making your clog removing job easy.

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What Safety Tips Should I Know Before Using A Drain Cleaning Machine

Like any power tool with an electric motor, strict safety precautions must be followed. Let me type this out again for emphasis:


You’re dealing with an electric motor, a rotating steel cable turning at 200 RPM at least, a sharp cutting blade, and water. What could go wrong? Plenty, that’s what.

First: wear the proper gear. That means good work boots with rubber soles, safety goggles, maybe even a face shield, and work gloves that are made of thick, tough leather. Cloth or rubber gloves may get caught in the grooves of the cable and trust me, you don’t want that.

Your drain cleaning machine should have a ground fault circuit interrupter as part of the power cord. If a GFCI isn’t present, don’t use that machine. Period. Also, make sure the outlet used for power is grounded.

Nothing electrical that may be attached to the machine should be touching water. NOTHING. Air-activated foot pedals used to stop and start the rotation of the steel cable are designed so that control may be close to the source of the job without electricity.

Drain cleaning machines do not operate quickly and there are very good reasons for that. For one, a steel cable rotating quickly is a good way to get injured if it kinks, buckles, or whips the cutting head around while coming out of the pipe. A buckling cable could ruin your machine and could seriously hurt you.

Best Power Drain Snake Buying Guide

Finding the best power drain snake is not so easy. You should consider some important factors when choosing a drain auger. The buying guide section will help you to choose the best power drain snake to buy. Read the article and know more about the considerations you should take before buying a motorized drain snake.

You can avoid clogging by using a Perfect Water Softener System

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Here Are Some Tips For Choosing 100 Ft Electric Drain Snake

Are you stressed out by finding the perfect 100 ft electric drain snake? When considering the purchase of 100 ft electric drain snake in general, have you ever felt uncertain about what model to select?

You dont have to worry about being alone sometimes just knowing that you arent. The perfect 100 ft electric drain snake can be hard to find for many people. That is why were here to assist!

Why have you come here is obviously to learn about Cheap 100 ft electric drain snake Reviews. Making a decision requires knowing which source to trust and which options are available.

If youre looking for information, there are many sources buying guides, product review websites, word-of-mouth recommendations, online forums, where users post their own experiences, and even YouTube channels. It is only through thorough research that we can find the very best products.

Do you agree? Doesnt that seem difficult sometimes? We have compiled a list of the top 100 ft electric drain snake products on the market in order to ensure that you dont have to worry.

Our list was compiled based on what led us to do so? What made us create it?

We first gathered product information from reliable sources using the algorithms we had created.

Various methods for verification of collected data were used, including artificial intelligence and big data sets.

Our products arent chosen randomly. There are several factors we take into account before constructing a list. Among these factors are:

Dewalt 20v Max* Xr Brushless Drain Snake Tool Only

How To Use A Cobra 50 Foot Half Inch Manual Drain Snake
  • Use in up to 3-inch pipes with removable drum that accepts up to 3/8-inch x 35′ cable
  • Protect surfaces from rotating drum with the fixed outer shroud
  • Illuminate dark work areas with the pivoting LED and 3 brightness modes
  • Quickly lock/release cable with the sliding nose cone
  • Variable speed trigger with drill-style inline forward/reverse button

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Best Extra Long Drain Cleaning Machinextremepowerus Drain Snake Cable

Anyone with a busy plumbing business is sure to find the features of this XtremepowerUS drain snake impressive. Made of an aluminum alloy frame that makes the unit lighter and easier to transport, this powerful ½ HP with 1700 RPMs can make light work of clearing floor drains, tubs, and sinks. The pneumatic foot switch control leaves your hands free to maneuver the handle and line.

This kit includes a boring bulb cutter, an arrow cutter, and a spade and C-cutter. The 100-foot premium ½-inch steel cable doesnt kink, break or corrode and can manage 24 inch pipes. In addition, this electric auger has a ground fault circuit interrupter safety feature that shields the user from electric shock.


Loading A Sewer Cable Into Your Machine

Safe operation of any cable machine begins with proper cable handling and loading. Spartan drain cleaning cables arrive at the customers location as a wound coil.Due to the amount of initial tension wound into your cable, care must be taken when uncoiling the bundle of cable. The cable will spring apart after the wire ties, which secure the cable, are cut.

After uncoiling the cable and laying out flat, attach the male end of the cable to the female end of the 10 anchor in the drum. With the machine plugged in, depress the foot actuator and check the rotation of the drum. The drum should rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, as you face the front of the machine. If the drum rotates in the wrong direction, reverse the toggle switch located on the motor support and check rotation again. With the drum rotating in the proper direction, start feeding the cable into the drum.

Caution: Always wear riveted cable gloves when handling a rotating cable. Feed the cable into the drum with the drum rotating.

This insures proper distribution of cable inside the drum. Leave about 2-3 feet of cable out of the machine to allow for attaching the next section of cable. After loading your desired length of cable, attach either a two foot leader cable or a double male coupling. You are now ready to attach the cutter blade assembly.

Click here to see our full list of sewer cable ends and their applications.

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About The Electric Eelrfk

Be sure to take advantage of this deal on the Electric Eel RFK-3/4IC100 Autofeed Corded Drain Cleaner, 3/4″ x 100′ Cable here at our online store, This will get the job done with even the hardest clogs. You can’t afford to go with anything other than a quality snake tool. Electric Eel has a strong reputation in the lawn and garden industry for quality manufacturing.

** Due to this product’s considerable weight and size our current shipping costs could fluctuate. Please call 435-868-4020 for today’s shipping rates.

Should I Spend So Much Money On 100 Ft Electric Drain Snake

General Wire Spring Easy Rooter

An 100 ft electric drain snake should live with you for many years to come. Paying more will reward you with a better view, increased speed, and better quality accuracy every time you open the lid. It costs between $$ and $$$ on average to purchase a new 100 ft electric drain snake. The price is higher but there are some luxury features that you opt for.

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Ridgid 100 Ft Corded Drain Cleaning Machine 115v Ac

Drain Cleaning Machine, Drain Line I.D. Size Range 1-1/2 in to 4 in, Max. Run 100 ft, HP 1/3, Operating Speed 165 RPM, Corded, Voltage 115V AC, Hz 60, Drum Material Polypropylene Plastic, Maximum Drum Capacity 100 ft of 3/8 in Cable, 75 ft of 1/2 in Cable, Power Cord Length 9 ft, Application For Cleaning Drainage and Heating Lines, Standards UL Approved, Features Integrated Transport Car with Telescoping Handle

  • Drain Cleaning Machines
  • Drain Cleaning Machine, Drain Line I.D. Size Range 1-1/2 in to 4 in, Max. Run 100 ft, HP 1/3, Operating Speed 165 RPM, Corded, Voltage 115V AC, Hz 60, Drum Material Polypropylene Plastic, Maximum Drum Capacity 100 ft of 3/8 in Cable, 75 ft of 1/2 in Cable, Power Cord Length 9 ft, Application For Cleaning Drainage and Heating Lines, Standards UL Approved, Features Integrated Transport Car with Telescoping Handle

    Best Electric Drain Snakerigid Drain Auger

    Bigger jobs call for an electric auger, andthis Rigiddrain snake works better than most other plumbing snakes on the market. The 120V powerful electric motor can easily clear sewer lines or floor drains. A pneumatic foot switch controls the cable length, leaving your hands free to operate the core cable and it also has an optional auto-feed feature.

    It has heavy-duty wheels that make moving its heavy steel frame between jobs easier. One professional with a small plumbing company explained, I love how it’s compact and folds down to make it even smaller. The room it takes to pack in and have all tools and materials for jobs is precious. And no room can be wasted. Plan on getting the auto-feed attachment for it soon.


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    Drain Snake / Flat Sewer Rod 100 Ft

    • Price:$200.00

    This is a 100 foot General Pipe Cleaners Flat Sewer Rod- 3/4 inch by 1/8 inch by 100 ft. This will work for a 4 inch to 6 inch pipe. It weighs 35 pounds with holder. It is oil tempered steel and is resistant to rusting and kinking. The rod is bolted to the frame at back, so it cant spring out of the frame when you are near the end. A comfortable, efficient Quick-Grip handle makes the work go faster. This was only used for land tile and is in excellent condition and have original box.

    Best Toilet Augerrigid Drain Auger

    Drain Snake Rental | The Home Depot

    To unclog toilets, nothing was better rated than this Rigid toilet auger drain system. Its 6-foot zinc-plated steel cable comes with a vinyl cover to protect the toilet bowl surface from scratches. The .5-inch heavy-duty line can clear pipes that are 14 inches wide. This auger is compact and easy to store and is a good addition to a professionals toolkit.

    One commercial plumber wrote in their review, I use this all the time to unstop toilets. Even when I do side jobs for a stopped toilet this is usually the only tool I bring with me I really don’t need anything else when I use this. It’s super easy to use, and usually, I’m in and out in less than 10 minutes. It’s one of my favorite tools.


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    Increases Lifetime Of Plumbing System

    The plumbing system is not changeable monthly or yearly. So, we need to clean our drainage system properly. But, if we dont do this regularly, the valuable plumbing system can be clogged. And, clogged drains lead the plumbing system to damage. On the other hand, using the plumbing snakes in right time prolong the lifetime of plumbing and drainage system.

    Breezz Plumbing Snake Advantages

    Ryobi is the most popular name in the plumbing section. They produce different plumbing tools to make your life easy. Ryobi P4001 is one of the best portable power drain snakes.

    However, this drain snake comes with a 25-foot long cable. This cable is also flexible and easy to use. So, you can use it to remove clogs within its area. An Auto-feeding system will also make your job easy. Ryobi P4001 One+ power drain snake works better on drains up to 2-inches wide.

    Ryobi provides an excellent warranty on the P4001 One+ power drain snake. The P4001 One+comes with a warranty of 3-years.

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    The 100 Foot Drain Snake You Need Is Right Here

    24th Dec 2019

    The 100 foot drain snake you need is right here at Duracable. You just need to find it. Your drain snakes and all of your drain-clearing products and equipment need to meet certain standards of quality, and youll find them here on our site. Our products work just as hard as you do, and you can rely on the quality that we provide, whether its in a 100 foot drain snake, one of our drain machines or something as simple as the cable accessories we sell. So thats off the table, now you just need to find the drain cable to prepare you to meet the worst.

    Hollow Core VS Inner CoreFirst, determine the nature of the blockage you expect to experience as well as the setting, and youll know whether you need a hollow core or an inner core drain snake. Hollow-core drain snakes are pretty common for a lot of residential uses because they are lighter and more flexible than some inner core alternatives. Their added flexibility makes them ideal for navigating the tight turns and corners youll commonly face in thinner residential pipes.

    Inner core cables are heavier and tend to be stiffer than otherwise comparable hollow-core cables. They typically contain a nylon core that allows them to maintain additional rigidity, especially when under stress. Inner core cables are often ideal for more obstinate blockages.

    What Are The Different Types Of Drain Cleaning Machines

    3/4 INCH X 100 FOOT ELEC SEWER SNAKE Rentals Wilmington DE, Where to ...

    Large electric drain cleaners come in two types: drum machines or sectional machines. Both types are effective in cleaning out wastewater pipes but how they do the job differs quite a bit.

    Sectional machines are favored by plumbers along the East Coast and Midwest areas of the country. Everyone else seems to prefer drum machines. Location aside, both models have their strong points.

    Here’s the major difference: sectional machines use shorter lengths of wound steel cable while drum machines store a much longer cable onboard in a drum .

    Sectional machines are able to travel without the entire length of cable attached so they’re lighter. And if you only need 50 feet of cable, an operator won’t have to haul in a machine with 100 feet. A 100-foot long bundle of steel cable can weigh 120 pounds or more so this is a real positive for a technician making a service call.

    The cable used with sectional machines is more flexible so the sides of the drain will get more of a cleaning. On top of that, the motor turns the cable faster. Sectional machines cut at faster speeds with lower torque. This has one major drawback: danger to the operator. Special work gloves must be used.

    Drum machines feature higher torque to get clogs cleared up and they come in a wide variety of sizes, too. The drum used to house the cable keeps it contained which in turn keeps workspaces and vehicles a lot cleaner.

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