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3 Compartment Sink Drain Parts

Installing The Sanitary Tee And Pvc P

DIY / Fix Commercial 3 Compartment Sink

To install the sanitary and PVC p-trap, first, you need to position the tee while the sweep faces up and its outlet pointing towards the p-trap. You need to bring the extension side as same as the outlet size. Attach the tee to the drainpipe using PVC cement. After that, connect the tee and extension pipe.

Now it is time to install your p-trap kit on the center set tails bottom, aligning it with the wall. If it is necessary, you can use the tailpiece extensions to your sinks drains bottom.

Cut Up Your Pvc Items

After you have marked/highlighted all the cuts for your sink, you will want to go about cutting up all the PVC pieces. Use a hacksaw blade for these cuts and make sure that they are not too rough or jagged in order to avoid creating any potential problems during installation.

Installing a 3 compartment sink doesnt need an additional piece for the center set-drain as it attaches to the p-trap kit. To install an offset drain, first, youll need a P-Trap Kit.

Once installed, you can also use a flexible extension to allow the water to go outside of your wall. Keep an eye on where youre cutting so there is no need to follow up with sanding later on.

This will make for a cleaner and smoother installation that wont have any issues with sticks or gaps in the piping system. You can follow these steps and learn how to plumb a three-compartment sink as well!

The best part is that this project will be done quickly, without much hassle at all.

Three Compartment Sink Steps

While there are only three sinks, there are five essential steps you need to complete when using your three compartment sink. Weve outlined the five steps in the manual commercial dishwashing method below so you can adhere to the FDAs three compartment sink rules.

  • Remove food: Scrape leftover food off the dishes.
  • Scrub: Use the first sink to scrub the dishes in soapy, warm water .
  • Rinse: Use the second sink to rinse the dishes in clean, warm water .
  • Soak: Use the third sink to soak the dishes in a chemical sanitizing solution. Refer to the directions provided by your chosen sanitizer to determine how long the dishes need to remain submerged. Alternately, you can use hot water at 171 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter instead of sanitizing chemicals. If you choose to sanitize in hot water, leave the dishes sitting in the scalding water for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Dry: Always air-dry the dishes. Otherwise, you risk recontamination.
  • Important: Replace the water whenever it appears dirty.

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    Compartment Sink Sanitizer Temperature

    Each of the commonly used chemical sanitizers has a unique temperature requirement. Whichever sanitizing solution you choose, you must leave the dishes submerged in the sanitizer for at least one minute. Check your local health guidelines to comply with their specific sanitizer soak time stipulations.

    • Chlorine Solution = 75-120 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Quaternary Solution = 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Iodine Solution = 75 degrees Fahrenheit

    At Last Check For The Leaks

    Advance Tabco K

    After you have everything installed, make sure to test the system for any leaks before finalizing your work. Youll want to go about this step by checking all fittings and connections that were previously made in order to ensure a good seal was formed without anything getting loose or disconnected.

    This is very important because if there are any leaks anywhere along the way, it can create problems or even damage to your home. Make sure you are checking for leaks as a final step before finishing up the installation process on your three compartment sink!

    This will save yourself from having any issues later on down the line with this design choice and make for an easier install overall.

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    A Better Commercial Disposer Solution

    The Drain Strainer doesn’t require water or electricity to operate and there are no moving parts that may wear out and need to be replaced in the future. There aren’t seals that eventually begin to leak or cause strange smells in your kitchen area. Your employees won’t accidentally grind anything up. No more mangled silverware or potential risk of serious injury. See our “What It Is” page for a full description of how our professional drain solution works.

    Not only can you install our commercial kitchen and restaurant drainage system for less than the cost of repairing a restaurant garbage disposal leaking water from the bottom or replacing a defective motor that hums, but it is also a superior system because you prevent the food debris from ever entering your sewer system. Visit our “Replace Commercial Disposal” page to see our video of an actual installation of our drain straining solution that replaced a defective commercial disposal at a fraction of the cost of repairing it.

    Every restaurant sink sees its fair share of unintended food waste, plastic straws, napkins, and other debris clogging their drains. Kitchen workers shouldn’t have to choose between dealing with poorly draining sinks and risking clogged pipes. After all, there is a better solution.

    If your commercial garbage disposal repair estimate is too high, consider replacing it for the last time with our professional drain cleaner solution – The Drain Strainer.

    Prepare The Path Of The Pipe

    The first step is to make the plan of the path of the pipe. Start the preparations by running a sizable drainpipe that is about 2-inches under the floor from the main waste stack into the cabinet housing the sink.

    Before physically removing the flooring to lay your pipe, make sure that you choose the shortest path. You need to extend the pipe up to about 5-inches underneath the sink after you finish laying down the pipe.

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    When Is It Essential To Clean And Sanitize A Utensil

    From utensils to kitchen sheers, you must clean and sanitize every surface that interacts with food items after four hours of use. However, there are additional requirements that increase cleaning and sanitizing frequency. We break down when you need to clean and sanitize utensils and kitchen tools below.

    • Every item used requires cleaning and sanitation.
    • If your food prep task is interrupted, clean and sanitize your tools when you return.
    • Clean and sanitize when you switch to a new food item .
    • Every surface that interacts with food items must be cleaned and sanitized after every four hours of use.

    Dont Be Fooled By Imitations Drainshield Is The Best Drain Armor Available For Prep Sinks And 3 Compartment Sinks

    How to Install the Plumbing in a Food Truck: 3 Compartment Sink

    Drain Shield locks in place using a patented, high-security mechanism that prevents unwanted removal. It can protect all commercial sinks, but it works best as a food strainer for prep sinks and three-compartment sinks. After all, these sinks often take quite a beating during prep or cleaning time in restaurants.

    Most importantly, DrainShield gives you the peace of mind that your commercial sink drains remain protected. Dont be fooled by impostors. We are the original designers of the only bullet proof drain armor.

    If you dont have lever drains, then click here and learn why you should. T& S Lever Drain options Fisher Lever Drain options

    If your tired of lost linen, then dont forget your Scoop Up! Remove food debris quickly and easily using our flexible scoop strainer.

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    Water Temperature In A Three Compartment Sink

    The required water temperature in a three compartment sink depends on the sink youre filling. The water in the first and second sink needs to be a minimum of 110 degrees Fahrenheit to meet the FDA requirements. If you plan to use water in your third sanitizing sink, the water must be 171 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. Check with your local health guidelines to make sure youre adhering to regional requirements.

    Important: Use a thermometer to check the water temperature.

    The Original Locking Commercial Sink Strainer

    DrainShield is a revolutionary locking commercial sink strainer that protects all restaurant kitchen sinks with a 3 ½ drain opening. The PermaDrain DrainShield easily installs using a high-security T#27 insert bit. DrainShield works seamlessly with existing lever drains, and prevents food clippings and silverware from accumulating in drain lines and grease trap interceptors.

    DrainShield also extends the life of your twist, slide, or lever waste drain. PermaDrains DrainShield replaces the flimsy, aluminum commercial sink strainer included with lever waste drains. Since these strainers do not lock in place, they often are removed and discarded by kitchen staff. Without a strainer in place, your drain is now susceptible to clogs from food debris. When food debris begins to clog a typical lever drain, kitchen staff tend to use utensils like knives or skewers to unstop the drain. This practice will inevitably damage the gaskets inside the lever drain. Broken gaskets render the drain stopper useless, resulting in a costly repair. Since food clippings no longer enter the drain, kitchen staff have no reason to insert sharp utensils into the drain. Our locking strainer blocks debris while preventing employees from jabbing sharp kitchen utensil down the drain.

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    Plumbing Supplies Are Needed For Installation

    • A 3 compartment sink
    • An extra trap for the middle compartments cold water line
    • An extra-large pipe wrench or channel locks to grip the supply lines tightly
    • Pipe joint compound and primer for connecting plastic plumbing pipes
    • PTFE thread seal tape

    The following list of instructions will guide you on how to plumb a 3 compartment restaurant sink:

    What Sanitizer Is Commonly Used In The Three Sink System

    Three Compartment Sink, S/S, Drain Board Right TSA

    The most commonly used sanitizer in the three sink system is chlorine bleach because its the cheapest option. You can purchase regular bleach, dilute it to 50 or 100ppm, and use it in your three compartment sink. Other popular sanitizer options for three compartment sinks are quat and iodine.

    Important: Protect your employees by outfitting them with dishwashing gloves.

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    Design The Path Of The Pipe

    Design the path of your pipe by laying out a graph showing where you want to go. If you dont have any experience with plumbing, it may be helpful to sketch one up before buying fixtures and materials for installation.

    When designing the route on paper, make sure that all three compartments are easily accessible without having to move around obstacles or bend over too much.

    Plan the route and make sure that it is a straight line to avoid bending or contorting your body when accessing each compartment of your sink. When laying out this path, also take into account where you want to install your faucet should be near enough for easy access without making anyone have to move around any obstacles or bend too much.

    Plan the thickness of your pipe so it can provide adequate support for whatever you need to do with your sink, but also make sure that there is enough room left over to allow for easy access around fixtures and big objects such as garbage disposals.

    Taking into account these factors will help to prevent any potential problems later on. Measure the distance from where you want to place your faucet, to where each compartment is located.

    Once this measurement has been taken for all three compartments, take a look at what pipe fittings will be needed and then go about getting those items in order to continue with the installation.

    Choose the best size of hose clamp that you need for each component, based on the diameter of your pipe.

    Plastic Strip Doors / Curtains

    A three compartment sink can have either a single drainboard or dual drainboards for even more workspace. Top 9 best three compartment sinks: Mstjry commercial kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer 35height 8 inch center pre rinse wall mount faucet with 12 swivel spout, perfect for 3 compartment sink lead free brass constructed pre rinse faucet:

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    Highlight All The Cuts

    Once you have all the pieces laid out, use a marker to highlight where each piece will be cut. This will allow you to see where the pipe will be cut and how it is going to fit, before making any marks on your actual material.

    Highlight all of these areas with a marker so that when you go about making cuts in each piece, there are no mistakes or errors made which could create problems for future installers.

    Take care of all the cuts for your sink. Make sure you are taking care of cutting out all pieces before moving on to installation, otherwise it could create problems later in the process.

    You can follow these steps and learn how to plumb a three-compartment sink with ease! The best part is that this project will be done quickly and without much hassle.

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    Tips For Maintaining Your 3 Compartment Restaurant Sink

    HOW TO PLUMB A COMMERCIAL / Restruant 3 Compartment Sink

    In order to have a good-looking and efficient 3 compartment restaurant sink, you need to know how to maintain it properly. Here are some tips which you should follow:

    • Never let water sit in the sink for long. Always keep it running. This will help prevent rust from developing.
    • Do not use harsh chemicals while cleaning the sink. This will reduce the life of your three-compartment restaurant sink.
    • Wash your sink correctly after every use.
    • Always follow the maintenance guide that came with your 3 compartment restaurant sink to maintain its efficiency for a more extended period of time.
    • Keep the faucets clean and well-lubricated. This will help with the water flow and prevent corrosion of the taps.
    • Always use a strainer over your sinks drain to catch food particles before they enter your drainage system. This helps prevent problems like clogged drains and foul odors.

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    Insert The Sanitary Tee & Pvc P

    Youll need to insert the Sanitary Tee and PVC P-Trap first. This will create an outlet for any liquids that may flow from your sink, which can then be drained outside of your house or into a bucket.

    The sanitary tee is placed in between two pieces of pipe with the top fitting being threaded on one side and the bottom fitting being threaded on the other side. This will allow liquids to flow out of your sink and into the drain, without any restrictions or issues.

    A PVC P-Trap is a very simple piece that can be installed in just about five minutes time. First, youll need one of each connector for this part and then you will thread the male connector to the PVC P-Trap and a female connector to your sink.

    This is an easier configuration for installation, but it may not be as durable or long-lasting in terms of design, so keep that in mind before deciding on this method.

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    Mark The Cuts To Cut The Two Pipes

    The sink drain and its tailpiece put them off the drain. Attach the P-trap assembly to the piece. You need to make sure that you connect the PVC extension pipe to the end path of the P-trap.

    Carefully move the P-trap around together with the extension until it touches the drain pipe. Now it is time to mark the places so that you can cut them on the tow pipes. Take a hacksaw to cut the drainpipe in the places you marked. After that using sandpaper, remove any burrs.

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    How To Plumb A 3 Compartment Restaurant Sink

    Plumbing a three-compartment restaurant sink may seem daunting at first, but it can be a relatively straightforward process with the proper instructions.

    This article will provide an in-depth guide on how to plumb a three-compartment restaurant sink, complete with diagrams and expert tips.

    So whether youre a professional contractor or just someone who wants to install a new sink in your home kitchen, read on for all the information you need.

    What Is A 3 Compartment Restaurant Sink

    3 Compartment Sink Drain Kit

    A 3 compartment sink is just what you think it is: a single sink with three compartments. The main one in the middle holds cold water, while the ones on either side have hot water and clear water.

    Three compartment sinks are typically installed in restaurants for washing dishes, cleaning pots and pans, and other general kitchen tasks. Theyre also popular in the medical field, where doctors and nurses need to sanitize their hands before examining patients or performing surgery.

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    Compartment Sink Faucet Parts

    3 Compartment Sink Faucet Parts. Mstjry commercial kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer 35height 8 inch center pre rinse wall mount faucet with 12 swivel spout, perfect for 3 compartment sink lead free brass constructed pre rinse faucet: 0 review 0 0 5 write a review.

    4.1 out of 5 stars. Brass compression cartridges ensure excellent durability. The best part is that this project will be done quickly, without much hassle at all.

    Source: www.webstaurantstore.comSource:

    4.6 out of 5 stars. Drain and reload sink when it becomes full of dirt or suds.


    Sinks with different bowl widths and depths are available. There should also be two drain tailpieces.


    Keep each part of the 3 compartment sink kit aside. Using a pair of g 1/2female inlets with 2 flanges.


    3 comp sink 24x24x14d item no. Scrape leftover food off the dishes.


    Using a pair of g 1/2female inlets with 2 flanges. The kit has the center tee, elbow, and drain tailpiece sections.

    Why Would You Need One

    A restaurant is a place where a lot of dishes are being washed. This means that a lot of dirty water needs to be disposed of, and the sinks drainage system will have to accommodate this excess waste. For dishes to come out clean, they need to go into hot, soapy water as soon as you are done rinsing them in the cold water sprayer.

    If you have only one sink in your restaurant, then you will need to wash, rinse and sanitize your dishes with a single faucet. This can present several problems for you when it comes time to do the dishes. If you dont let all of the soap out of the sink, then your words will not come out clean. This is why its important to use two separate water sources for washing and rinsing.

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