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54 Inch Bathtub Right Drain

Inch Bathtub With Center Drain

BATHTUB DRAIN INSTALL – Mobile Home Bathroom Renovation – Delta Styla 54″ Bathtub

54 Inch Bathtub with Center Drain Welcome for you to my personal weblog, on this occasion Im going to show you in relation to 54 inch bathtub with center drain. And after this, here is the 1st sample graphic:

Wyndham Collection Soho 59 75 in Acrylic Flatbottom

Easy Steps To Choosing The Right Bathtub

There are hundreds of alternative kinds of bathtubs easily reached in the markets today, every of varying styles, which is why selecting the right one for your home is not a categorically easy task. Not deserted do you have to choose the right color to permit your bathroom and ensure that the design is right, but many more decisions have to be taken. Thus, this article lists every the factors that compulsion to be considered later than choosing a bathtub in view of that that you stop up buying the ideal one.

54 inch bathtub with center drain sample:

Virtu USA 67×27 5 Inch Serenity Freestanding Soaking TubBetter Bath White ABS Corner Tub Center Drain 54& quot x 54& quot

Another 54 inch bathtub with center drain sample:

Tile Ready Shower Pan 30×54 inch Center PVC Drain54& quot x 27& quot Fiberglass Bathtub for Manufactured Mobile HomesBetter Bath RV Bathtub Center Drain 38& quot Long x 24

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This guide on choosing a bathtub should hopefully make the difference surrounded by picking the right one and the wrong one.

American Standard Evolution Bathtub: Best Drop

If youre a tall person with long legs, the American Standard Evolution is a drop-in tub specially designed with people like you in mind.

Its impressive 72-inch length and 36-inch width give you enough legroom and wiggle room so you can have relaxing and comfortable baths without feeling cramped.

We also like that this tub has a soaking depth of 18.5 inches making you feel like youre submerged in a small pool. However, its size is one of the few features that make the American Standard Evolution bathtub stand out as one of the best bathtubs for your comfort.

The ergonomic design of the tub is also worth raving about. The molded armrests and reclining 25 degrees slope provide ample support for your back: talk about the ultimate relaxation experience.

The drop-in bathtub material is constructed with acrylic which is good at retaining heat so you can have nicer, hotter, and longer baths. And the material is further reinforced with fiberglass. And the smooth, shiny glossy finish of this tub adds beauty to your bathroom decor.

We also love that the American Standard Evolution comes with slip-resistant flooring to ensure your safety in the bathroom.

And finally, the tub is lightweight , and has a minimalist design.

  • One of the most comfortable fiberglass tubs for tall people.
  • Slip-resistant flooring, molded armrests, and 25-degree reclining slope ensure your safety and comfort while bathing.
  • Its ergonomic design and shiny glossy finish make it appealing to the eyes.

Woodbridge Freestanding Whirlpool Tub

Theres almost nothing not to love about this Woodbridge whirlpool freestanding bathtub model.

First, its the best soaking tub for giving you the feeling of a soothing spa treatment in your own home. This freestanding tub has features like 10 whirlpool bubble bath jets and 10 body massage jets that are adjustable to give you a pleasurable and comfortable soak.

The good thing is, these settings are adjustable to give you the ultimate lounging experience. You can choose to chill with the soft tissue massage of small air bubbles, or you can get better pressure with powerful water jets: the choice is yours!

And to enhance the spa luxurious experience, underwater, color-changing mood lights have been fitted into this tub. We also like that the glossy white finish is easy to clean and maintain as its fade- and stain-resistant.

The acrylic freestanding bathtub is made with durable materials lucite acrylic, reinforced with Ashland resin and fiberglass that make it visually appealing.

We also like that the drain kit and pipe system are easy to install. Theyre also very durable and designed to be anti-leak and anti-odor.

Also, the stainless steel bracket makes this Woodbridge freestanding bathtub sanitary as it doesnt leave any pool of water in the bowl. The acrylic freestanding bathtub also comes with a pump.

And finally, this acrylic bathtub comes with a 5-year limited warranty as a mark of its quality.

  • The whirlpool bath doesnt retain heat of hot bath water.

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Ferdy 67 Bali Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Looking for a new bathtub thats comfy? The FerdY 67 Bali Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub is another gracefully designed tub thats built for a comfortable bathing experience.

One of the things we love about this tub is that its a two-person tub. Now you and your partner can have more pleasurable romantic baths.

But thats not all

As a whirlpool unit, you get 8 air bubble jets and 6 water jets to massage both you and your partners body. And you can adjust the massage function to 4 settings. Furthermore, the faucet gushes water out like its a waterfall.

And finally, the body is durable rust-proof stainless steel. The tub comes with adjustable legs, a pop-up drain and overflow.

  • Great two-person tub for lounging.
  • Its a molded corner soaking tub fitted with accessories for your entertainment, hydrotherapy, and chromotherapy.
  • You can control it with either its LCD screen remote controller.
  • You cant enjoy all its amazing features when theres a power cut.

Best Bathtubs For Remodel

Bootz Industries Kona 54 in. Right Drain Rectangular Alcove Soaking ...

You may have moved into a new apartment or for whatever reasons just decided to remodel for a fresh new look. If these assumptions are correct, you have no idea how much changing your bathtub would do for the overall outlook of your bathroom and to a lesser extent, your entire house.

I decided to make the remodel task a bit easier for you by compiling a compact listicle that briefly outlines what I think are the best bathtubs for remodel and the screening criteria that qualify the items to end up on the list.

As long as you select one of the bathtubs on here you would be sure to get your moneys worth because theyve all passed rigorous testing criteria based on durability, value for your money, and so on.

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What To Look Out For When Shopping For The Best Bathtubs In 2022

Theres an infinitely long list of bathtubs to choose from, especially currently with new items being put up for sale e daily in an already saturated market, so selecting just one of the best bathtubs for remodel can be quite a challenge.

So, make sure you get your moneys worth, there are certain features to look out for before you decide to make the purchase.

Aqua Eden Alcove Bathtubs 54 L 30 W White Acrylic

Create lasting memories of bubble baths with your children or relax from the stresses of the day with a top-notch alcove tub by Kingston Brass. Extremely user-friendly with effortless installation and simplistic construction, the alcove tub is the perfect addition to your home if you are looking for pristine performance and polished refinery. The Aqua Eden 54-inch acrylic alcove tub with left hand drain hole and arm rest will wholly beautify your home for years to come thanks to its durable and easily repairable acrylic construction.

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Kona 54 X 30 Porcelain Enamel Alcove Left

  • Great choice for bath and shower use where space is at a premium.
  • Available in left or right hand with slip resistant bottom.
  • Also available in Syniron 1 – sprayed application.


This Bootz bathtub has a durable porcelain surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain-finished bathtubs have a non-porous glass surface that resists scratching, chemicals, heat and bacteria growth. Bootz bathtubs remain “timeless” in design and installation. Consumer preference continues to grow for porcelain-finished fixtures installed with ceramic tile.

  • Totally inorganic and environmentally friendly – nontoxic, mineral substance
  • Fade proof – colorfast
  • Sanitary – a nonporous surface that resists bacteria growth and cleans easily
  • Flame proof – will not burn
  • Abrasion resistant – will not scratch from wear and cleaning
  • Chemical resistant – resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Corrosion resistant – will not rust

Ferdy Naha 59 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Unboxing Pendant 54 Mobile Home Bathtubs

The FerdY Naha freestanding bathtub is another two-person bath like the MCP Corner model but more special.

Now, walk-in tubs arent meant for everyone, and thats what makes them special. So this unit was constructed for seniors and people with mobility issues in mind.

This one has a glass and steel door so your old or grandparents dont have to bother about lifting their legs to get into a regular tub. The user only has to raise their feet some few inches, and theyre in. And to ensure your loved ones are safe, the tubs textured floor is slip-resistant.

Unlike many other walk-in tubs that are designed for soaking, this one does more than that. It also gives massages and can administer hydrotherapy to those weak knees. There are 3 settings for the 15 air jets and 18 water jets.

The tub is easy to clean and maintain. Its made of acrylic and fiberglass finish which makes it scratch-resistant. And this acrylic tub is also easy to install as it has a stainless steel bracket and adjustable feet. You can also detach the glass door so you can clean difficult-to-reach spots.

The FerdY Naha freestanding bathtub also comes with its overflow and drain.

Whether youre looking for a comfortable new tub for yourself or your grandparents because of a medical condition you or them are going through, this is one of the best bathtubs you can get.

  • You wont be able to access the high-tech functions of this bathtub when power is out.
  • It doesnt come with faucets.

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Better Solutions To Bathroom Renovation

With Bath Fitter, you can customize every detail. Whether youre replacing a bathtub or converting to a shower, we have thousands of options to help you design your new bath.

SHOWERRemodel your shower with a custom made base and wall that is installed right over your old one.

TUB-TO-SHOWER CONVERSIONReplace your old bathtub with a high-gloss acrylic shower guaranteed to last a lifetime.

BATHTUBRemodel your bath with a premium quality bathtub in as little as one day.

ACCESSORIESBath Fitter accessories add a personalized touch to your bath or shower. Add an element of style, organization, or safety to any bath.

Fill out the form below to request yourFREE design consultation

One Day InstallationEnd the day with a better bathroom than the one you woke up with. In as little as 24 hours, we’ll install a new tub or shower liner for a look you’ll love. Your dream bathroom is closer than you think.

Signature Hardware Winifred Matte Resin Freestanding Bathtub

If youre looking for freestanding bathtubs with exceptional durability, heres one from Signature Hardware thatll be great for your bathroom.

The tub is built with a material thats super durable and scratch resin. Porcelain-enamel bathtubs tend to chip easily: The Signature Hardware Winifred Resin Freestanding Bathtub wont! This will also make the freestanding bathtub last very long, dutifully serving your primary bathroom duties.

Resin is beautiful, in itself, but to enhance the look of this Winifred tub and give you your dream bathroom, the design was topped with a matte finish. And the ergonomic design makes the tub look like a sculpted piece of art thatll elevate your home décor.

Its got no surface layers, so it doesnt crack. And its double-slipper design that allows you to lounge on either of its two ends makes it one of the most comfortable freestanding bathtubs.

And if you want the ultimate bathing relaxation experience, you can opt for the model that has air massage technology. And since the small tub measures 56 inches, it can fit in compact spaces. It also feels roomy. But if youve got long legs, you can request a longer bowl.

Finally, the Winifred Freestanding bathtub is easy to clean and has got a center pop-up drain that works perfectly. This is indeed the perfect bathroom hardware to splurge on.

The Signature Hardware Winifred Tub is one of the best soaking baths that perfectly pairs functionality with aesthetics.


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Bath Fitter A Better Way

Lifetime GuaranteeYour new bathroom will stand the test of time. That’s why all Bath Fitter products come with a lifetime warranty.

No Demolition, No MessWe believe in building up, not tearing down. Our sleek acrylic baths are custom made to fit right over your existing tub, so there’s no demolition and no mess. It’s a bathroom refresh, without the renovation headaches.

Design A Custom BathUse our interactive design tool to create your dream bathroom. Customize your remodel by choosing your tub style, color, wall type, shower head, and so much more. Try out hundreds of unique combinations to find the look and feel you want.

Millions of Happy CustomersWe’ve been transforming homes for over 35 years, with millions of installations under our belt. You can remodel with confidence, knowing we’ve perfected our process to bring you the best bathroom renovation possible.

With hundreds of custom designs, you can create your bath, your way. At Bath Fitter, we dont just fit your bath, we fit your style. Why have over two million people brought Bath Fitter into their homes? It Just Fits.


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