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Auto Drain Valve For Air Compressor

Automatic Tank Drain Valve

Adding an Automatic Drain Valve to My Shop’s New Air Compressor

Electric auto drains are typically configured as a 2 ported, 2 position valve that incorporates a timer. The auto drain timer can be set both for the frequency of operation, and for the length of time that the auto drain valve is opened, to effectively and automatically rid the compressor tank of water that is generated by the compressing of air.

Many electric auto-drains come equipped with a wire and plug to allow them to be powered from a standard 120 VAC outlet. The auto drain can also be hardwired into a control system that could monitor the functioning of the auto drain automatically.

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Auto Drain Valve Buying Considerations

When searching for the right auto drain valve for your air compressor there are a few considerations Other than considering the different types of auto drain valves, whether that be a timed one or a float one. Or, should I say requirements, that you must ensure you vigorously check before purchasing. First of all, you must obtain an auto drain valve with the correct thread so that it fits onto your air compressors tank. Most auto drain valves will use threads that are widely used on air compressors like a 1/2 male NPT inlet, though, it may be possible to use a reducer if necessary to make the connection.

You must also pay attention to the internal time and discharge time of the drain valve. The internal time is the measure of how frequently the auto drain valve opens up to release water, while the discharge time is the length of time it is opened. You want to obtain an auto drain valve that has an internal time range from 30 seconds to 45 minutes and a discharge time range from 0.5 seconds to 10 seconds.

Most air compressor auto tank drain valves will meet both these ranges, with the setup of the valve opening for 3 seconds every 30 to 45 minutes being the most popular across compressed air systems.

Note the maximum pressure your air compressor will operate at, or hold air at, and make sure that the auto drain valve is capable of operating at these pressures. Most valves should have a maximum operating pressure of above 200 PSI so you shouldnt have any issues here.

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Benefits Of Using Auto Drain Valves In Air Compressors:

110/220/380VAC 24VDC 1/2" BSP Auto Drain Timer Valve Air Compressor ...
  • One of the most prominent benefit of using an auto drain valve is in industries as you know that the main factor that comes is the removal of moisture
  • The second benefit is the liquefaction, thats pretty new I guess but when air enters into it it works, and thats where it benefits for cleaning of compressed air.
  • Talking about the auto drain valve, it comes handy for industries and factories where the usage of clean air is necessary for the manufacturing, so it works as a best friend, if you are thinking of making a buy in such regard it will surely benefit you.
  • Other than moisture, the presence of water is a factor and it works with it by removing and by lubricating.

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How Often To Cycle Compressor Auto Drains

When youre setting up your auto drain, start by timing how long it takes to drain the reservoir using the existing manual tank drain valve after the compressor has run for half a shift.

When draining the tank is complete, there should be no free water coming from the drain, the drain bleeding air and water until only a slight mist still exits the drain along with compressed air. Set the auto drain to run that same length of time and for one cycle each 1/2 shift.

Why Have A Compressor Auto Drain

The compressing of air generates quite a bit of free water.

This water ends up pooling in the bottom of your compressor air tank. It sometimes gets picked up by compressed air in the tank and is flung into your air lines as you use your air tools. Flowing compressed air in the air lines cools, and as the air cools, water condenses out.

Depending on how much compressed air you use and the length of air lines you have to get air from the compressor tank to your application, you may end up with a lot of water in your air and reaching your air tools and other air using appliances. In most cases, these air tools and air using appliances do not fare well when flooded with water.

The strategic use of compressor auto drains one in the drain port of every tank or air reservoir, and one at every drop leg where compressed air is plumbed down to the air tool, will go a long way in ridding your air system of water.

Frequent and thorough draining of the air tank helps maintain the integrity of the air tank as well, since regular draining keeps the tank dry, helping to eliminate rust over the long haul.

If you have a question about compressor auto drains of any sort, feel free to use the comment box below to ask it.

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Working Of Air Compressor:

Working of the compressor is always based on some mechanism and basic function, over here it goes with the help of a container in which the air is delivered.

Compressed air can be utilized for energy once it is released. The engines are powered by a machine that works by converting the energy from one source to the other.

Before this, it builds up enough concentration and then go by the way of the tank.

Then, after the transformation of energy here comes the process of combusting the motors that work with some equipment such as the rod and the valves, and in such a way it utilizes the power.

There are various kinds of air compressors, each with specialization. The differences between them arent that significant: its all about how a compressor deals with air displacement.

Functioning Of Air Compressor Auto Drain

California Air Tools Automatic Drain Valve

When we talk about the functioning of the air compressor auto drain, it automatically builds on removing or draining the water. It doesnt matter where it is applied in the factory or elsewhere.

There are two types of auto drain on which the working of the auto drain is based. One is known as mechanical, and the other is an electronic kind of auto drain.

In mechanical auto drain, the working mechanism is simple. In automatic auto drain, you find the float system. Like when the water enters the specific point of the AD, then, at this time, because of buoyancy, the float valves blow up or rise. This action opens the port where the water is automatically removed.

After removing the water, the float valves turn into their natural position while sealing the outlet port.

In the case of the electronic auto drain, we find that it is based on three switches.

When water enters the AD point, then it raises the diaphragm valve. And this action pushed the water with the support of compressed air.

And when the water reaches the lower position, it closes the diaphragm valve.

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How Does The Air Compressor Auto Drain Work Detailed Answer

In auto drain, 2/2 valves close when the system is pressurized. The chute opens when liquid accumulates and causes the float to rise and depressurize.

The primary benefit of air compressors is theyre more potent than standard tools and dont need their vast motors. Because the only maintenance required for them is a tiny amount of oiling, a range of devices is driven by one engine that uses air pressure to maximize its potential.

Their utility doesnt stop at the table for drills and sanders. They can be used for everything from inflating tires to clearing the drain at your home.

Air compressors are a testimony to the human capacity for ingenuity. Its crucial to know how they function so that you can pick the suitable air compressor to suit your project.

Compressor Tank Auto Drains Installation & Setup

Installation of the auto drain is fairly simple. The existing manual drain is screwed out, and the auto drain is screwed into the same port.

Or, if the outlet on the manual drain is threaded, add a nipple and screw the auto drain onto the nipple. If you opt for this route, ensure that you leave the manual tank drain fully open.

Setting the time is straightforward as well. Typically there will be a timer knob, usually calibrated for hours and/or days on which you set the frequency of operation of the auto drain. Once a day? Perhaps twice a shift if the air compressor runs daily and frequently.

There will be another dial or knob to set the duration of the drain cycle. This dial is normally calibrated in seconds and/or minutes. This adjusts the length of time that the drain is open to void water and from the tank.

Receiver auto-drains will mean that the compressor tank gets drained of free water often enough to solve some water-related problems in the downstream, air-using applications, and without a maintenance person having to remember to do so.

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How Does The Air Compressor Auto Drain Works

by Ivan Sanchez| Last Updated July 3, 2022

The air compressor is a versatile, essential part of every workshop or factory. Theyve been smaller and less bulky recently, making them more adaptable to various work scenarios. They are beneficial portable devices that can power single air equipment.

The technology has become advanced over time, making the working mechanism of complex equipment easier. The same scene you can find in the air compressor auto drain working.

Nowadays, the most asked question from beginners is how does the air compressor auto drain work.So this is what we will discuss here so lets get straight into it

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Digital Automatic Electronic Air Compressor Tank Drain Valve Moisture ...

This compressor drain kit automatically removes condensation to prevent rust formation, extending the life of your compressor tank. Made with high-quality brass, this durable compressor drain kit features automatic clog-free discharge.

  • Non-clogging valve discharges automatically
  • Operates from any interrupted air signal
  • High quality brass construction
Accessories Included
1/4 in. NPT street T 1/4 in. petcock 1/4 in. tube fitting x 1/8 in. male NPT fitting 8 ft. of 1/4 in. 145 PSI polyurethane tubing
Air inlet size


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Zijia 1/2 Automatic Drain Valve:

The Zijia 1/2 Automatic Drain Valve is quite durable as its valve is made from forging brass and has flame retardant ABS plastic.

It features maximum working pressure of 1.6 Mpa with a flow aperture of 5 mm and has a two-way direct-acting valve.

Its power supply voltage is 110V-120V AC. This unit is equipped with a split with a drain valve and a ball valve filter and its current consumption is about max 4mA.

It has IP65 protection grade .

The maximum temperature of this unit is 90 °C which is very high and the length of the power cable is 1.8m and In/Out port size is 1/2.

Overall, this is also a great automatic drain valve for your air compressor.

Feature list:

What Are Compressor Auto Drains

One type of an auto drain is a valve that operates regularly and periodically, opening for a specified length of time on a predetermined basis, and uses electricity to provide the power and the timing function. One of these is shown below. One source for this type of auto drain is Grainger. You can see the power supply and the two adjustment knobs. One of these adjusts the frequency of valve operation, and the other adjusts the length of time that the valve opens each time the timer turns on the power. This model has a manual ball valve installed as well, which is sometimes useful as an override.

Another is a simple float-type which responds to the rising level of water in a vessel, opening briefly as the water level lifts the float high enough to open a line to the exterior, and when the water level drops, the float does as well, and seals up the drain hole. One of those, supplied by Grainger, is shown in this next photo.

Some compressor auto drain valves can be operated by an air signal. A programmable logic device would have a program built in that would open and air valve and send an air signal to the air-operated drain valve on a timed basis to void water from anywhere in the compressed air circuit the device was installed. One of these, made by Wilkerson and sold by Grainger is shown below.

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Automatic Electronic Timed Water Moisture 1/2 Drain Valve By Made In China:

This Automatic Drain Valve features a maximum pressure of 200 PSI and it can be plugged into a regular 115-volt outlet and the cord length of it is 6.5 long.

It is quite durable as it has a Brass Body Construction which is quite corrosive resistant and can withstands high temperatures .

It has a test button to drain it manually anytime.

This automatic drain can be set to drain every 30 seconds up to every 45 minutes and the valve will stay open for 5 seconds up to 10 seconds and the air outlet is 1/2 female npt and the valve has 1/2 male npt air inlet which measures about 3/4 in diameter.

This unit has a built-in strainer which protects the valve from the debris and it can also be cleaned if it gets clogged.

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.4 x 3.3 Inches
  • Weight: 1.7 Pounds
  • Internal Time: 0.5 to 45 min
  • Discharge Time: 0.5 to 10 sec
  • Operating Temperature: 32 Degrees Fahrenheit / 130 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Material: Brass

The Simple Question About The Best Air Compressor Automatic Drain Valve

Adding an Automatic Drain Valve To My Shop’s New Air Compressor: Part 2

Do you know the best air compressor automatic drain valve under $500, $200, $100, or $50 on the market? The best air compressor automatic drain valve are those that give customers the experience they’re looking for and do it without breaking their budget.

They should also be easy to use and last long enough, so there isn’t an expensive replacement cost down the road.

It’s hard to say for sure, but I can tell you that this is a question worth asking. You might be looking for something new or want some reassurance about your current purchase.

Whatever it is, there are many great products out there, and some might work better than others, so it’s essential to have some knowledge before making any purchases.

This blog post will help answer one of life’s most difficult questions: what is the best air compressor automatic drain valve?

We’ll go over several different types of items and then highlight our favorite choices in each category. We hope you enjoy our article!

1. Where to buy the best air compressor automatic drain valve?

1.1. What is the best air compressor automatic drain valve on ?

Are you looking for the best air compressor automatic drain valve on Amazon in 2022? Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, with more than 300 million active users.

The site offers over 100 million products. If so, look no further! In this part, we will show you how to find the best air compressor automatic drain valve on Amazon and some of our favorite finds from there.

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Performance Services And System Audits

The Performance Services program is a data-driven measurement and diagnostics capability, often deployed before any other service upgrade or system enhancement takes place. Ingersoll Rand service experts organize a thorough on-site measurement activity, assessing either a standalone compressor or a total compressed air system. Every potential optimization effort is mapped with its own return on investment, so our customers can determine the priority of implementation.

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