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Bathtub Drain Leaking Through Ceiling

Why Is Water Leaking Through The Ceiling After A Shower

How to tub leak, detect ceiling leak under bathroom, stop tub leaking. Easy!

Does water leak downstairs when someone showers upstairs? Do you notice wet spots or water stains on the ceiling directly below the bathroom? You may have a ceiling leak from the upstairs bathroom. This type of leak is very common.

How much damage can a small shower leak cause? Plenty. Water will ruin the drywall and could lead to wood rot and costly structural damage. Mold may grow and put your family at risk of respiratory illnesses or skin irritation. To make matters even worse, you may see a spike in your water bill. If you want to keep your home safe, you need to repair the problem right away. Here’s how to find a leak in the ceiling from an upstairs shower:

How to Determine the Source of the Leak

Before you start making plumbing repairs, you need to find the source of the leak. But water leaks in the ceiling are not always easy to diagnose.

Here are five possible causes:

  • Leaking Water PipeBroken or loose pipes are a leading cause of shower leaks. If access is possible, take a look at the water valve behind the walls. Are the connecting pipes damaged? Do you see dripping water? If so, you can assume this is the source of your leak.
  • Damaged Bathroom TileBathroom tile is decorative, but it also serves to keep shower water from seeping into the surrounding walls and your bathroom floor. If tiling becomes loose or damaged, water can leak into the room below. Old substrate and worn-out grout may also be to blame.
  • How Plumbers Fix a Leaky Shower


    How To Fix A Bathtub Drain Leak

    Fortunately, I always have plumbers putty in my toolbox .

    You can get this product at any hardware store or on Amazon.

    Sorry for the bright picture below.

    The actual leak was occurring in between the gasket that sits on top of the bathtub shoe tube and the bathtub drain hole.

    The gasket can be seen in the picture below as a black ring.

    And the bathtub shoe tube is the threaded section directly below the black gasket.

    The leak occurred because the bathtub can flex when someone is standing on it or when excessive water weight exerts downward pressure repeatedly over time.

    So the gasket seal can fail do to normal expansion and contraction forces.

    I placed a generous bead of plumbers putty on the drain flange such that the putty sealed the entire black gasket.

    The next step I took was to clean off the old plumbers putty on the bathtub itself as well as any left within the bathtub shoe tube.

    Now that everything was clean I inserted the drain flange back into the threaded bathtub shoe tube and tightened it with the drain wrench.

    When you do this the plumbers putty with be squeezed around the bathtub shoe tube gasket and create a flexible water-tight seal.

    I made sure to clean off the plumbers putty that oozed out from the drain flange.

    At this point, I put the bathtub strainer screen back onto the drain flange and filled the bathtub until the water level reached the bottom of the overflow cover plate.

    No leak!!

    The sweet smell of success or in this case plumbers putty.

    Your Local Leak Repair Experts In Dallas

    Bathtub leaks may seem like a small issue, and hopefully yours is, but if you need help locating or repairing a leak, a good plumber makes all the difference. The experts at Ben Franklin can help diagnose and repair your bathtub leak before it wreaks havoc on your home or health. Just give us a call the moment you noticeor even just think you noticea leak.

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    Diagnose The Plumbing Problem

    Before you can fix any problem, its important to diagnose the issue so you know what exactly needs repair. If your shower head is leaking, first check the pipe connections for leaks or cracks which should be dealt with before moving on to anything else! If you already have a plumber at your disposal, you could directly contact him and ask for help in this matter.

    If there are no cracks or other visible signs of damage, then it might simply be that the washer is damaged. Replacing the washer will usually solve this kind of problem if thats whats causing water leaks in your bathroom exit area where water drips from the exit point located above your door frame.

    Waterproofing Issues: Tile Without Grout Or Caulk

    Why Is My Bathroom Ceiling Leaking? A Custom Bathroom Remodeler

    When water spills onto your bathroom floors or wall, missing caulk, grout, or tiles will exacerbate the problem. To troubleshoot potential waterproofing issues, quickly scan the perimeter of your tub to see if caulk or grout is fully covering the area. Pay special attention to where the tile meets the bathtub, and examine the areas your shower walls connect. If it looks like any crevices are not properly sealed, recaulk or grout your tiles as soon as possible, which should prevent your bathtub from further leaking.

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    Cracks In The Bathtub

    Youd think that a crack in the bathtub would be a pretty obvious cause of leaking, but some cracks can be as fine as a hairline, and that means that you need to do some investigating if you think that the source of the water you are seeing is the body of the bathtub itself.

    To check for cracks and holes in the bathtub, simply fill the tub with water, turn off the faucet and look for any areas where the water seems to be being sucked down. Youll also know the tub is the source if theres water on the floor after the tub has been filled, and eventually when areas of rust begin to form along the cracks, although finding them before it gets to that stage is, of course, advisable

    What To Do If There’s A Water Leak In Your Ceiling

    Whether the leak is just starting and hasn’t yet started to drip down or if it’s requiring a bucket or something larger to catch the water – follow the steps below to keep the damage down to a minimum.

  • Call a plumber immediately. If you’re in the Atlanta area, call Atlantis Plumbers at right away.
  • Shut off the main water line. We know this is an inconvenience but it will pay off in lessening major water damage to your home.
  • Place a plastic tarp under the leak .
  • Place a bucket or something larger on top of the tarp under the leak .
  • Our plumber will be there soon to fix the problem.
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    What Could Be Causing The Water Leak

    When you have a second-floor bathroom, many things could be causing the moisture you notice on your first-floor ceiling. In most cases, any water leak can be traced back to one of the following five issues:

  • Broken or loose pipes are the number one cause of water damage under a shower. In most cases, the leak is after the valve that turns on the shower, so you only notice the leak and moisture after someone has taken a shower.
  • Damaged tiles in the shower or tub enclosure are also a common cause of water damage. While the tiles are decorative, they also provide much-needed waterproofing for the shower or tub area. If tiles are cracked, or there is damage to the grout lines, water can be seeping behind the tile and running down the inside of the wall. The result is a small puddle of water that is soaking through your ceiling to create a visible stain.
  • A damaged shower faucet can also be to blame for your water damage. If the faucet continues to drip after the water is off, there could also be water leaking inside the wall. A damaged O-ring, washer, or gasket usually is to blame. A licensed plumber can easily repair it to avoid costly water damage.
  • A clogged drain can also be to blame for water leaking into your ceiling. If the tub pan overflows, the water leaks into the floor/ceiling and is visible from below.
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    Ways To Fix A Leaking Bathtub Overflow Drain

    Water Leaking Through Ceiling Below bathroom – EASY FIX DIY (PLUMBING FAIL)

    Why is my Bath Overflow Leaking?

    A bathtub overflow drain is designed to channel excess water from the tub into the drain line and effectively prevent the tub from overflowing and flooding the bathroom.

    This fail-safe fixture can however be a problem on its own. Water may eventually start to leak from the overflow drain and damage your flooring or the ceiling of the floor below.

    But why is the bathtub overflow drain leaking? And what can you do to stop it?

    A leaking bathtub overflow drain is caused by a cracked, worn out or misaligned gasket/seal. To stop the leak, remove the tub overflow drain cover plate and replace the gasket then install the plate back.

    Another thing you can do albeit a temporary one is use a bathtub drain overflow cover. The cover completely seals off the overflow drain so there is the risk of your bathtub overflowing.

    If a bathtub is leaking through the ceiling, it could be the tubs main drain or the overflow drain. To find out which drain is leaking, you will need to test both drains independently but you may need to remove a section of the ceiling or use an access hatch/panel.

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    How To Stop Shower Leaking Through Ceiling

    Before you decide on the kind of plumbing repairs you need, you need to zero in on the source of the water leak. Water leaks are often not easy to diagnose. However, because the leak is directly below the bathroom, that should give you a good idea of where to start. The first and the easiest thing to do is look around your bathroom. The cause wont be apparent immediately, so here are likely causes you should look out for:

    What To Do If You Have A Tub Leaking Through Your Ceiling

    Quite honestly, Jake shouldnt waste another minute before calling a plumber. Folks, Ive been working on residential plumbing now for many years, and I dont think I can recall a single scenario where a leak in a ceiling just went away on its own. And, as Ive established above, ceiling leaks are best left to the professionals.

    Not only can an experienced professional determine an exact price estimate, but they can also get started on the work ASAP to avoid mold, which is another time-sensitive matter.

    So, while generally speaking a tub leaking through a ceiling cost is between $700 and $3,000, I would strongly urge Jake and anyone else with this issue to call a plumber right away. Not only can an experienced professional determine an exact price estimate, but they can also get started on the work ASAP to avoid mold, which is another time-sensitive matter.

    I know its not fun to have to pay for something like a leaky pipe in a ceiling, but look at it this way: before this whole thing started, Jake was feeling lucky to have two bathrooms in his house. The faster he gets it fixed, the faster he can go back to enjoying that feeling all over again. He just needs to find the right plumber for the job.

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    Why Is My Bathroom Ceiling Leaking

    From leaky drain pipes to loose connections on the incoming water lines, there are many reasons for that damp spot on the ceiling. You can usually diagnose the cause of the bathroom ceiling leak with a bit of detective work. If waters really pouring out, youll want to turn off the water supply line to the house by closing the incoming water main valve.

    Here are a few common questions and answers that can help you to understand why theres water leaking from the bathroom ceiling:

    Why is there water dripping from my bathroom fan? The bathroom vent may be leaking water when it rains through the exterior of your home. Check the vents damper or protective cover and ensure its in proper working order. Be sure to turn off the breaker to the vent until the issue is resolved to help prevent a ceiling fan fire, and place a bucket below the leak to prevent further water damage.

    Dont touch the ceiling fan if it is wet because water and electricity are a bad combination. Hire an electrician to be sure your wiring and fan are still in good working order.

    Is water leaking through the ceiling after you shower? If your answers yes, then youve likely got a leak in the shower or bathtub drain, or a caulk seal is no longer doing its job.

    Why is water leaking from the second-floor bathroom above? If you notice the drip becomes more active after flushing the toilet, you may need to replace the wax ring connecting the toilet to the plumbing line leading out to the stack.

    There Are Several Reasons That Your Ceiling Could Be Leaking Some Of Those Reasons Include The Following:

    How to check for Bathroom Leaks
  • Your leak could be caused by a leak in your upstairs toilet. A toilet leak is usually a result of some sort of a break or defect in the seal of the wax ring that adjoins the toilet to the floor. You may not have realized it, but every time you flushed that toilet, youd have been causing water to penetrate through the bathroom floor and into your downstairs ceiling. A fix is usually as simple as removing the commode and replacing the wax ring. If you suspect that a defective ring is the issue, flush the toilet and check to see if water leaks out at the base of the commode.
  • A ceiling leak can also be caused by leaks in the water supply lines that attach to the toilet or to the sink trap. The leak may come from water seeping out at the point where the water supply lines join together, or maybe the drainpipes connector joints arent joined tightly enough. You can try and figure out where the leak is along the supply lines by touching them to see which parts are damp. If its simply a matter of a loose connection, you can try tightening it. You may have to replace the whole fitting if that doesnt work. Make sure you use the correct installation method for your type of fitting.
  • Ceiling leaks are issues that should not be taken lightly or dealt with later. Dealing with the early on can help you and your wallet breathe sighs of relief.

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    Is The Damage Covered By Insurance

    You can usually claim a leaking shower or bathtub on your home insurance if it is caused by a sudden break in pipes or another rapid onset disaster.

    If, on the other hand, the leaky shower is the consequence of a long-term plumbing problem, youll most likely have to pay for the repairs yourself.

    It isnt unusual for home insurance coverage to often fall into a grey area between completely unexpected disasters and preventable but neglected damage.

    Therefore, before handing over large sums of money to plumbers and contractors, its a good idea to check your homeowners insurance policys wording with a fine-toothed comb.

    Why Is My Upstairs Bath Leaking Through The Ceiling

    As we said earlier a bathroom leak from above can have many causes. and even if, for example, you know it is your bath leaking, even that can have several elements to it.

    The most common caused of a bath leaking through ceilings below are:

    • A leak from the cold water feed to the bath
    • A leak from the hot water feed to the bath
    • A leak from the bath waste pipe or plug
    • A leak from the bath overflow pipe
    • A leak from damage to the bath itself
    • A leak from the seal around the bath
    • A leak from other areas around the bath

    As you can see thats a lot of possible sources to consider even when you are confident the leak is coming from the bath itself. When investigating a bath leaking through ceiling below, clearly accessibility to these areas can be challenging. This will depend a lot on the construction of the bath and the surrounding area as well as the floor coverings for example. This features in our article about Christmas water damage safety plus in our similar article about Christmas mould safety.

    As you might expect, if a bathroom is fully tiled on walls and floors and other surrounding areas that can potentially be more challenging than a vinyl floor covering. Even things like whether or not there is a bath panel, and if it can be removed, can have an impact.

    If you think your bath is leaking through your ceiling get in touch with the leak detection experts such as ourselves as soon as possible.

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    Why Is Water Flowing From Underneath My Tub

    Maybe your bathtub hasnt overflowed, but it may as well have because of the severe leaking you notice every time its used. One cause that may seem obvious but can easily go missed is a crack in your bathtub. Cracks can be tiny and as fine as a strand of hair. If you notice a lot of leaking, you will need to investigate.

    To find any holes or cracks in your tub, fill your bathtub with water.

    Turn off the faucet and pay close attention to determine the areas where water seems to be coming from. In addition to the repeated water leaks, you may notice rust form in the holes or cracks. However, the sooner you can pinpoint the source, the less water damage you will have to deal with.


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