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Best Drain Hair Clog Remover

Acidic Vs Alkaline Drain Cleaners

The best drain clog remover – Instant Power – Hair and Grease !!!

Acidic drain cleaners typically contain high concentrations of sulfuric acid, and they use acid hydrolysis to dissolve hair, soap scum, and any other obstacles in the drain. Overall, acidic drain cleaners are more powerful and able to clean more difficult clogs.

Alkaline drain cleaners, on the other hand, typically use lye as the main ingredient. The main benefit is that theyre not as corrosive as acidic drain openers. While they may not be quite as strong, they still do a very good job dissolving obstacles and clearing drains.

Flexisnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake

My Review: Unclog your drains like a professional plumber with this set by FlexiSnake. The kit includes a rotating handle and five micro-hook refill wands. Simply slide the wand down the drain, rotate the handle, and let the Drain Weasel do the rest.

The magic is in the micro-hooks which grab onto hair, dirt, and build-up, all without damaging your pipes or catching onto drain parts. Because the wand measures 18-inches and is incredibly thin, you can reach the deepest of clogs in the narrowest of pipes. The bathroom sink, shower, and the bathtub Drain Weasel can tackle them all.

Unlike liquid drain cleaners, which can contain harsh and foul-smelling chemicals, the Drain Weasel is 100 percent chemical-free. Furthermore, this product works in mere seconds, unlike some liquid drain cleaners, which can take up to eight hours to dissolve grime and build-up.

And best of all, if youre not satisfied with the products effectiveness, FlexiSnake offers a money back guarantee.

Key Features:

My Review: The drain snake set by Ormont includes a stainless steel cleaner and five disposable plastic snakes. An excellent alternative to liquid drain cleaners, which can be harsh and toxic, the plastic drain snake by Ormont is 19.7 inches long and 0.31 inches wide. This ensures that you can reach most clogs, no matter where its located.

Key Features:

  • Longer than most other drain snakes

Best Drain Snake: Drainx 25

Courtesy of Amazon

If you dont like the idea of using chemicals in your homes pipes, you can clean the shower drain manually with the Drainx Pro Steel Drum Auger Plumbing Snake. This drain snake is easy to use, and it has a 25-foot cable that can reach even the deepest clogs.

This drain snake has a 1/4-inch cleaning cable with a spiral head, and it can be used in pipes ranging from 1-1/4 to 3 inches wide. The turning knob allows you to drive the snake through blockages, clearing a hole that allows water to pass, and it will also pull up hair and other gunk that may be caught in your pipes. It comes with a storage bag and gloves to help you keep your hands clean while you work.

Because rely on bacteria to break down waste, antibacterial chemical drain cleaners can often cause your system to become imbalanced. For this reason, those with septic systems will want to look for a septic-safe drain cleaner, such as this one from XIONLAB.

This 32-ounce bottle of drain cleaner is effective on grease, soap scum, and hair, and the formula is odorless, non-flammable, and biodegradable. When used as directed, it wont harm the enzymes that keep your septic system working, but it will get your drain working again in no time.

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Best Drain Cleaner For Showers: Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver

If you have luscious locks, you know that no matter how careful you are, some of your hair is going to make its way down your shower drain and cause a clog. Snaking out a mess of hair matted in soap scum is a dirty job, and you cant always get it all out. In that case, Green Gobblers productone of the best drain uncloggerswill come in handy. Its thick formula goes right through standing water to dissolve paper, liquefy hair, and break up soap. Over 42,000 users swear by this product, thanks to its ability to get rid of clogs and, according to many, keep them from coming back. While youre unclogging the drain, be sure to clean your shower head and scrub those tiles of mold.



What’s The Best Shower Drain Cleaner On The Market

DISSOLVE Liquid Hair &  Grease Clog Remover, 31 oz

When youre taking a shower in your home, theres nothing more irritating than turning off the shower head and finding the water is slow to drain or wont drain. Standing water in a shower can be a breeding ground for bacteria and may prevent you from using your shower for an extended period of time.

In order to correct a shower that wont drain, many homeowners choose to use a commercial drain cleaner. However, before you can use a drain cleaner, you need to find the right product and make sure that it will fix your problem. Find out how you can find the best shower drain cleaner and find out why serious clogs may need to be fixed by a plumbing professional.

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Whink Hair Clog Blaster

While clogged drains can result from a number of causes, the two most common risks are hair and soap scum, which means you need a drain cleaner that has been designed specifically for these items. To get a drain cleaner thats tough on hair clogs, you only need to purchase Whink Hair Clog Blaster.

Whink Hair Clog Blaster is a fast acting drain cleaner that is effective at removing both soap scum and hair clogs. In addition, this drain cleaner can be used both on standard plumbing systems and those that use septic tanks, making it a great choice for almost every homeowner imaginable.

If youve used a drain cleaner but are still experiencing problems with your drain, you may need to contact a drain cleaning company in Phoenix Arizona. A drain cleaning professional can unclog your drains and provide you with tips for avoiding clogs in the future.

Types Of Drain Cleaners For Hair Clogs

There are three major types of cleaners that you can invest in when you need to eliminate hair clogs from your drains! What you choose to go for depends on the preferences you have but also on the type of waste you need to get rid of!

The hair grabbers

Hair grabbers are different than any other types of drain cleaners. They are tools that are long enough to fit down the drain you want to clean. As you place them in the drain they will attract and grab the hair they find inside. When you pull them out they will come with all the hair they grabbed. You can repeat this procedure until your hair grabber comes out clean. As efficient as these tools can be, they will not remove the unpleasant odor of the waste. And this can be a downfall for many users.

Biodegradable cleaners

The biodegradable cleaners are safer than the chemical ones but they should still be stored away from kids and pets. They eliminate hair clogs and other types of waste and they are eco-friendly so you can rely on them at all times. These cleaners tend to be the most popular ones because they are easy to use and they offer fairly satisfying results.

Chemical cleaners

These are the most toxic types of cleaners. They might be very efficient but you need to keep them away from children and poets. You should also protect your skin as you are using these products because they can cause various side effects such as irritation, burns or rashes.

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Homemade Drain Cleaner For Hair Clogs: Natural Hair Dissolver

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Losing your hair is totally normal, and especially if you have long hair, you should know the struggle when it come cleaning.

Especially in the bathroom, our hair will basically stick to anything. And, one of the most annoying places to have hair build-ups is definitely drain pipes.

The hair is definitely the number one reason why your drain pipes are clogged. Furthermore, hair build-ups are also a bolster that can allow other stuff to accumulate and clog your drains.

Thats why we need to deal with hair build-ups as soon as possible. So, lets see how.

Best Drain Cleaner Left Overnightbio

Which Drain Opener is the Best? Let’s Find Out!

Depending on the specific clogs and blockages found in pipes, this Bio-Clean opener can clear most organic matter in several hours. While it wont remove a clog in minutes, the longer you leave it, the better it will work.

This enzyme-based cleaner works well for several applications and doesnt have a strong smell. We did the BioClean five-day regimen without using the sink at all for five days and it worked like a charm, wrote a buyer. The bathroom sink now drains very well, just like new.

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How To Choose Pvc Drain Cleaner

1. Affordable Price

The product is more affordable, and can be found in different points of modern cities such as online shops, hardware stores or superstores with good values

2. Standers of Quality:

Available plastic pipe cleaners are widely available in the worldwide market since there exists so many brands offering these products to their customers at competitive prices while maintaining high quality standards.

3. Purpose:

Utilization of all-purpose cleaner detergents commonly avoid damage on plastic pipes and the cleaners can easily be bought from supermarkets, hardware stores or superstores

4. Easy to operate:

According to many users, all-purpose cleaner for PVC drains arent difficult tasks but it is highly recommended that you should follow some steps below: Pour a little amount of hot water in your kitchen sink Clean up with warm soapy water Remove any residue by wiping gently inside basin as this will prevent clogging at joint between pipe and plastic drain

5. Ease for storage:

Since it can be easily stored on a shelf, you dont have to worry about the plastic pipes being dusty in your home or overheating during summer.

6. Widely used:

the plastic drain cleaner made by PVC is gaining popularity and with time, more individuals are choosing this kind of cleaners to make quick sink cleaning in the kitchen especially when cooking some oily food.

7. Lightweight:

8. Convenience:

9. Budget-friendly alternatives:

What Not To Flush Down Your Septic System

Often, we dont really give a secondthought about what we put down the drains of our homes. Be reminded that this unwarypractice can be harmful to your drains and pipes, and, if your property relieson an on-site dedicated septic system, it can result in major septic problems. Letus look around the house and refer to the lists of things you should never allowdown your drains so you can protect the delicate balance of your septic system.

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Bleach Is Also An Option

We told you we want to avoid chemicals, but bleach is one of those which wont make a mess in your pipes, while it dissolves hair in an easy way.

As hair has acidic properties, and bleach is a basic chemical, it will create the neutralizing reaction between these two.

Sip a cup of liquid bleach into the drain, and it would take about a half hour for bleach to dissolve the clog.

If you notice an improvement, but a part of the clog is still there, pour another cup of bleach.

If you care about the budget, then you should know bleach is not as expensive as bottled drain cleaners, while it is much more efficient.

However, make sure to protect your skin with gloves, and your eyes with goggles before going into action.

Best Drain Cleaner For Sinks: Clr Clear Pipes And Drains

Hair Clog Remover

Soap scum, toothpaste, shaving cream, and oils are just a few things that can clog kitchen and bathroom sinks. Keep yours clear with this monthly buildup remover, which will dissolve crud before it has the chance to clog your drains. According to reviewer Laura G., it can even be used for smelly washing machines! She writes, I used it in my side-by-side washer to fight that bad mildew odor, and it worked better than cleaning tablets or powders previously tried. While youre in the spirit, tackle cleaning your microwave.



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Detergent And Hot Water Mixture

This one is a piece of cake. However, this mixture is not as strong as baking soda and vinegar, and it might not be enough for nasty and stubborn hair build-ups.

Now, you need to put a pot of water on the stove and boil it. You dont need a big amount of water, just boil approximately 1L of water and you will be fine.

Next, there are 3 ways to make this mixture. We will explain them one by one.

Number 1 Try adding detergent while the water is on the stove boiling. This will create an instant reaction and the mixture will be set to go. You should use this method only if you plan on using this mixture right away.

Also, this is a suitable way only if the hair build-up is not that big.

Number 2 The next method requires you to remove the pot with water from the stove and let it sit for a bit. Dont let the water cool down, just wait for a few seconds and then start adding the detergent to the pot.

You can use this mixture right away, or you can wait for a bit the results will be the same.

Number 3 This method doesnt even require you to add the detergent inside the pot. You only need to pour a whole pot of boiling water down the drain. But first, you need to add the detergent to the drain in order for it to have some results.

Liquid Plumr Clog Destroyer And Hair Clog Eliminator

Dealing with a lot of hair in your shower or bathroom sink drain? Youll need a drain cleaner specifically formulated to destroy that hair.

Liquid Plumr Clog Destroyer and Hair Clog Eliminator is a thick and powerful gel. It can start fighting hair in about 15 minutes and is safe to use in all plumbing systems.

Make sure to let any standing water drain out before applying this product. You can leave it sitting overnight before rinsing with hot water the following day.

The only downside is that youll need to use the entire bottle at once. So, if you have a persistent clog, you may need to purchase a second bottle.

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The 3 Best Drain Cleaners For Hair

Hair is one of the most common causes of clogged drains, especially in bathrooms. Loose strands have a knack for sneaking their way into sink and bathtub drains, which, over time, can lead to blockages in the connecting pipes. But, because the best drain cleaners for hair all purport to accomplish the same goal , it’s important to focus on the way they achieve this, and determine which manner of hair removal will work best for you.

A manual drain cleaner, for example, requires more effort but is a non-toxic and generally affordable approach. However, if the thought of coming face to face with a wad of greasy old hair makes you feel icky, then a chemical cleaner might be the best bet. A chemical cleaner that’s biodegradable can quickly and effectively unblock drains, without costing a lot or damaging the environment.

And, if you find yourself battling tough hair clogs regularly, it may be worth investing in a more sophisticated tool. But, regardless of your preferred process for removing hair, there is sure to be a product that’ll work for you. Here are the best drain cleaners for hair available today, so you can get back to showering without any clogs getting in the way.

Baking Soda And Vinegar Mix

How to Unclog Hair from Tub, Shower, Sink in 10 Minutes! Use Zep

The famous one! Baking soda and vinegar dont go so well together for many things, but, theres one thing that they are unstoppable at hair build-up dissolving.

Namely, when adding baking soda and vinegar inside the drain, they will cause a reaction which will burn and dissolve basically every hair particle down there.

Now, there are two ways to make a natural drain cleaner hair dissolver mixture with these two ingredients.

  • Pour it inside the drain

The first way to create a mixture of baking soda and vinegar is to add a ½ cup of baking soda down the drain. Let it sit for a bit there, and then add a ½ cup of vinegar as well.

This will cause a reaction and a bubbly effect which is quite interesting to watch. Anyhow, this is a strong mixture which will clear the drain and get rid of all the hair build-ups.

  • Mix it in the plastic cup

The second way to do this is to take a bit bigger plastic cup and to add a ½ cup of vinegar first. Next, add baking soda, use a ½ cup, but remember, dont just drop baking soda inside the vinegar. You need to apply it slowly, bit by bit.

This way, the reaction will not be that big and you can use this mixture for hair dissolving in your drain. So, with this solution, you can actually get any drained cleaned from hair build-up.

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What Is The Drain Cleaner For Hair Clog

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of drain cleaner for hair clog is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the drain cleaner for hair clog listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.


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