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Clawfoot Tub Drain Without Overflow

Why Are Clawfoot Tubs So Expensive

Bathtub Explosion – Clawfoot Tub Drain and Shower Riser Explanation – Update Video

Because of their size and the materials used to make each tub,lawfoot tubs are more expensive than other tub, but they are worth it. The size of the tub determines the amount of water that can fit in it. The larger the size, the more water you can put in. For example, a large tub can hold up to 1,000 gallons. A smaller tub will hold less water than a larger tub.

If you are looking for a tub that is large enough to hold more than one person, you may want to consider a double-tub. Double-tubs are more expensive than single-tspans because they require more materials and labor to build. However, if you plan on having a lot of people in your home, it may be worth it to go with a single tub because you will be able to fit more people into the same space.

What Is A Standard Overflow And Tub Waste

The tub waste is the bath drain on the floor that empties the tub. The overflow is a hole placed higher up along the wall of the tub and plumbed to the tub waste pipes. It is designed to gradually lower the water level, without opening the tub waste drain, to give displaced water an escape channel before it can reach the tubs edge. The overflow prevents an overfull tub from spilling water over the sides thanks to a secondary drain or overflow tube that is located higher up on the side of the tub wall.

The tub waste and overflow pipes connect to the same plumbing lines to drain the water out of the tub and prevent damage to the bathroom floor and tub surround. The tub waste and overflow may both require a trim kit, depending on the type of drain stopper you choose. Other factors in choosing a drain stopper include the style of the bath and the finish type that best fits the trim.

Bathtub Drain Stopper Types

The tub drain type influences more than just the look of the drain trim. Some tub waste taps are a simple toe-touch operation while others require the user to reach under the water to open the drain to allow the water to flow from the bath. Other bathtub drain stoppers are lever-operated and can be opened or closed from the actuator installed at the overflow height. The type of drain stopper you choose should be easy and convenient to use, so know your options to find the best fit for your household.

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Elements Of Design Ds2088 Clawfoot Tub Drain Brushed Nickel

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Elements of Design DS2088 Clawfoot Tub Drain, Brushed Nickel

Lift and turn drains are a popular choice in traditional bathrooms because of their vintage aesthetic. Available in multiple finishes to match your tub filler, the Vintage lift and turn clawfoot tub drain will fit most standard bathtub drain sizes. Simply twist the drain up to open. All necessary piping and overflow is included for use with your pedestal or clawfoot tub.


  • Fabricated from solid brass for reliability
  • Lift and turn drain stopper operation
  • 1-1/2″ thread length
  • Designed for long-lasting durability

About the company:

Our primary mission is to become the leading provider of cost effective, high quality products in the plumbing community. Our focus has allowed us to grow by leaps and bounds in just a few years by identifying the key problems in manufacturing today and solving them. We produce high quality products ranging from kitchen, bath, and lavatory faucets to accessories such as diverters, towel bars, robe hooks, supply lines, and miscellaneous parts. With the low price, amazing stock times and quality products, you can rest assured that when you order our products you will love every part of the experience, and it will last for generations to come.

Are All Tub Drains The Same

Restorers Brass Clawfoot Tub Drain with Rubber Stopper

Just as with themselves, you have your choice in the type of tub drain that best fits. For instance, some freestanding tubs have an exterior overflow option with an exposed and visible bathtub overflow assembly, and the aesthetic it creates may inform the style of the tub drain you want on the inside. Specialty tubs may have additional plumbing considerations, such as with a whirlpool or air tub. For more information on specialty tubs, we put together a .

Finally, the last concern when choosing a bathtub trim kit is the fixtures finish. The different drain types are available in a variety of finishes, from warm bronzes and brass colors, to traditional silver, or more modern black finishes. As well as considering the look of the finish within the tub, keep in mind that some living finishes, such as brass, can require special cleaning care and attention.

When it comes to selecting a bathtub drain finish, look for a finish that will coordinate with the other finishes in the bathroom. It should complement the colors and finishes already chosen, from the sink faucet and vanity hardware, to the tub faucet and shower system. This careful selection provides a cohesive, completed look to the bath and shower area.

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How To Replace A Clawfoot Tub Drain

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Many people think that it is hard to replace a clawfoot tub drain. The good thing about retrofitting a clawfoot tub is that you can actually replace the tub’s drain, restoring its functionality. There are many times where the piping has become rusty and the pipes are clogged up and old. Follow these steps to replace and old, rusty clawfoot tub drain.

How Does An Overflow Drain Work

Your overflow drain acts as a plughole for water that would otherwise flood the room. Its found near the top of the bathtub, where it can redirect water safely into the drain.

Without an overflow drain, the excess water would simply flow over the sides of your bath and onto your bathroom floor instead.

Overflow drains for bathtubs come in two types:

  • Traditional overflow: the overflow drain is installed in the side of the bath, collects excess water, and sends it down the drain.
  • Integral overflow: found beneath the taps, an integral overflow drain siphons the water down the drain from within the bathtub.
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    Find The Right Bathtub Drain Assembly

    Not all bathtub assemblies and drain stoppers are the same. The right drain depends on the type of tub you have as well as other factors, including:

    • The pipe assembly material
    • The drain location measurements
    • The drain stopper type

    When choosing a drain, look first to find one in the finish and style that you prefer. Drains and overflow types are fairly standard, so start with the style that fits your bath and be sure to get the right measurements for the assembly parts.

    Clawfoot Tub Drains And Overflows

    Replace a Bathtub Overflow Plate

    Freestanding bathtubs, such as the clawfoot tub style, are growing in popularity! Not only are the feet of these tubs unique, but so are all of the accessories that go together to give this tub its own unique look.

    We understand what it takes to create a beautiful bathroom. The tub you choose is a very integral part of that design. A vintage or Victorian appearance may be achieved with the exposed fixtures in our inventory.

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    Antique Clawfoot Bathtub W/o Overflow

    I have a beautiful antique tub in the upstairs rental unit in my 108 year old brownstone. However the tub has no proper drain on its overflow. There is simply a metal plate with a small hole a few inches below the original faucet. Thus when the tub is filled unattended, water streams out onto the floor. During renovation a reputable plumber pointed it out to me and said there was nothing he could do, as the back of the tub is neither straight nor in great condition.

    My tenants recently filled the tub up when I was out, and didnt drain it as soon as they noticed the leak. A large amount of water soaked our bathroom and then drained into the basement.

    Two questions: 1) is this really how the overflow was designed to work? Ive asked some people who say it is how antique tubs did it. 2) What can I do to help ensure the tenants are more careful? I sincerely believe they didnt understand what was happening, since a modern tub has a regular overflow.

    Perhaps antique tubs arent appropriate for rentals.

    6 Replies

    Are Clawfoot Tubs Outdated

    Thelawfoot tub was a luxury item during the Victorian era. By the 1920s, they were de rigeur, but by the midcentury, they were outdated and replaced with the more efficient built-in tub. In the early 20th century, the tub was a symbol of refinement, elegance, and elegance in general.

    It was the epitome of luxury and sophistication. The tub became more of an accessory to the home, rather than the focal point of a home. This trend continued until the 1970s when it was replaced once again by more modern and functional designs.

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    Find The Measurements For Tub Waste And Overflow Fixtures

    Much of the customization and sizing of the tub drain assembly can be done at the time of installation. Generally, drain and overflow kits are found in standard sizes and ready to be adjusted on site. While PVC is a lighter material, it is durable and the preferred tub waste material for many installers and plumbers. PVC pipe and other plumbing lines are easily cut to fit as needed, so check ahead of time to ensure the correct materials will be supplied by the installer.

    There are a few simple measurements to have ready prior to choosing the or planning for an installation.These measurements provide you with the minimum required lengths for the waste drain and assembly parts.

    The Drain Shoe Measurement

    The overflow and tub waste assembly look something like an L shape when completed, with a vertical length of pipe connected to the p-trap under the tub, called the drain shoe or drain elbow. The horizontal drain shoe is measured by the distance between the center of the tub drain and the connection point between the drain and the waste tee that connects to the overflow tube.

    This measurement requires looking under the tub, which is fairly easy when replacing a waste assembly on a freestanding tub, but slightly more difficult with a built in or alcove tub. Most freestanding tubs will have the overflow attached to the outside of the tub and visible with the other exposed pipes, such as the decorative faucet trims of a clawfoot tub.

    The Tub Height

    The Tub Overflow Depth

    Do Clawfoot Tubs Increase Home Value

    Restorers Brass Clawfoot Tub Exposed Drain

    Living, a quality clawfoot tub could increase the value of a home by as much as $10,000. Its a great way to make your home more livable, and its an investment that will pay off in the long run, said Dr. Michael J. DAntonio, an associate professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, who was not involved with the study.

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    How To Make Your Tub Deeper

    In my old apartment, I once caulked the hole shut but for the life of me cant find that product that worked pretty well . After Googling pretty much every word combination I could think of, I found a few other options that will make your tub deeper, aka ways to keep the water from draining out.

  • Porcelain or chrome platesYou can screw over the overflow drain . Not ideal if you arent handy or sure whether it will fit. But if you own your place, these look nice. They are also permanent, so if you have kids I would not recommend them, but there are some good examples at Vintage Tub and .
  • 2. SugruSugru is really cool its not made for this purpose exactly and were not sure if it will work, but were intrigued with this stuff and would have tried it if we didnt find the next solution. Its also more colorful than we wanted in the tub.

    3. Overflow Drain CoverThis is the product we ended up buying. Its just a piece of 4 diameter vinyl with suction cups that fits over the drain hole. Its perfect because its a temporary fix and you can remove it and it also does still have a drain hole which you can rotate to the top.

    So if you absolutely had to leave the room and then forgot you were running a bath, it would still drain the water out . It looks like it will fit just about any drain because it isnt snug, although it works great.

    Images: Jeanine Brennan

    How Does A Bathtub Overflow Work

    A tub overflow functions as a last line of defense between the bathroom floor and the unexpected flood of an overfilled tub. It is an extra drain location to help remove water safely into the water waste line rather than allow it to spill out onto the floor or tub surround to warp or cause mildew buildup.

    As the tub water level is displaced, the water level rises and channels into the bathtub overflow rather than over the tub edge. Some overflow drains are fitted to an external pipe that can be hidden in the wall or tub surround. There are bathtubs with built in overflow channels within the body of the tub itself that send the bathwater to the tub waste pipe.

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    What Are Old Claw Foot Tubs Worth

    Most antique clawfoot tubs that you can find for sale have already been refurbished, so they are a little more expensive than an untouched tub. If youre looking to buy a vintage tub, be sure to check the condition of the tub before you buy it.

    If its in good shape, youll probably be able to get a good deal on it, but if it has a lot of wear and tear, it may not be worth the money.

    Housing And Contents Insurance

    Easy trick to remove tub drain with broken “T”

    If you do have flooding or water damage from an overflowing bath, youll want adequate insurance to cover the costs incurred. Renters who have to provide adequate insurance as a condition of their tenancy will find this even more important.

    All insurance policies have exclusions, though, so double-check youre covered for water damage, especially if you plan on removing or blocking an overflow drain.

    If in doubt, call your insurance company and determine if they will still cover you if youre using an overflow drain cover.

    If they agree, dont rely on a phone call get it in writing. That way, there can be no doubt when you make a claim.

    Its also essential to check what the excess is on your policy. The excess is the amount you have to pay before the insurance will payout.

    For example, if your water damage costs come to $500, and the excess on your policy is $150, you will only get $350 in the payout. The first $150 is your responsibility.

    If the excess is likely to be unmanageable for you, switch to another insurance provider.

    Renters should always check with their landlord before making any changes to their bathrooms or plumbing. The absence of written permission from the owner of the property could void your insurance policy.

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    How Far Should Clawfoot Tub Be From Wall

    The minimum length for a clawfoot, pedestal, or freestanding tub is 6 inches, which is the magic number. If you have a tub thats too short, you may want to consider adding an extra foot or two to the length of your tub.

    For example, a 6-inch tub with a foot-and-a-half of extra space would look like this: 6-Inch Tub With Extra Footing If youre going to add an additional foot, make sure its the right size. You dont want it to be too big or too small, because it will interfere with the flow of the water.

    Also, be sure that the extra length is long enough to allow you to reach the top of each tub without having to lift your foot off the floor.

    Does A Tub Need An Overflow

    Its important to note that overflows and tub waste drainsdo not prevent overfilled and messy tubs. It is always best to monitor an open faucet and watch the water line to keep it well below the overflow drain. If the water level rises over the overflow hole, it can syphon off small amounts of water at a time, but the water may still go over the tub edge depending on how fast the water is displaced.

    Because of this, bathtub overflows are not required by all residential housing or uniform plumbing codes, though some local codes may require them. As a result, not all tubs are built equipped with an overflow. If the tub has an overflow, it is still necessary to ensure it is properly connected to an overflow pipe and the water waste line. If not, the open overflow will leak water behind the tub and could damage the wall or tub surround.

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    Tub Waste And Overflow Guide

    The bathtub drain and overflow are important. Finding the right drain stopper isn’t as complicated as you may think.

    Yvonne Harbison

    The tub drain is one of those simple plumbing marvels that most people may not think about unless theres a clog or it is time for a bathtub drain replacement. The drain is also known as the tub waste and it is an integral part of the tub waste and overflow system in any bathtub drain replacement or update. One of the most common questions people have when buying a new tub is What drain goes with this tub? so we put together this guide to help you find the right tub stoppers for your bath.

    What If I Dont Want An Overflow Drain


    Some bathtubs, such as freestanding or clawfoot tubs, look better without an overflow drain. You can install a floor drain instead, so that any overflow gets drained away properly, instead of damaging your floors and potentially ceilings.

    Note: before installing a tub without an overflow drain or modifying your tubs existing overflow drain, check local building codes. You can also research Uniform Plumbing Code if planning for new construction.

    If your bathtub is fitted to a wall, the plumbing can be hidden inside the walls, and you have no unsightly pipes or tubes visible.

    Nevertheless, even if your plumbing is hidden, you might still want a deeper bath than your overflow drain will allow. This is easy to rectify by fitting an overflow drain cover.

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