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Commercial Kitchen Floor Drain Requirements

What Is A Commercial Kitchen

Basic DWV – Video:6 Code Requirements for Trap Arms, Floor Drains and Triple Sinks

A commercial kitchen is a fully equipped prep kitchen that is rented out for shared use. Theyre also known as culinary kitchens, shared kitchens, community kitchens, kitchen incubators, food innovation centers, accelerators, and food hubs. With so many different names, it can be a bit daunting to find all the correct information you need to start one. Thats why weve put all the information in one place for you. Read on to learn more!

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Equipment Requirements For A Commercial Kitchen

If you are looking to open a commercial kitchen, there is a lot of necessary equipment you will need to function properly and pass inspection. At the bare minimum, you will need to have the following equipment:

You may also need additional equipment based on your businesss personal needs. Other essential equipment includes:

  • Beverage Equipment: If you provide beverages, you may need an ice machine, beverage dispenser, or coffee machine.
  • Shelving: You will need shelving both inside and outside of the refrigerator to maximize space and store items, including fresh items, dry items, pots, and pans.
  • Food Processors: A versatile tool that can cut, slice, and blend. A food processor will cut down prep time.
  • Mixers: industrial-sized mixers are essential to baking operations.
  • Spice Grinders: To freshly grind spices for optimal flavor.
  • Blenders: A kitchen essential.
  • Racks: Various racks will maximize the use of kitchen space. They come in several different types: sheet pan racks, drying racks, and dunnage racks.

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Are Floor Drains Required By Code


Are floor drains required by code?

The IPC doesnt explicitly state where floor drains are required. But other codes might. When a commercialkitchen has food prep sinks they typically cannot connect directly to the sanitary sewer system. A floor sink or deep bodied floordrain is provided for this purpose.

How many floor drains are required?

In all public toilet rooms that contain a combination of 3 or more water closets or urinals, at least 1 approved floordrain shall be installed connecting to the sanitary system however, stall urinals may serve as floor drains if the entire floor can be drained to the urinals.

What does a commercialkitchen require?

General Requirements For Commercial Kitchens Generally speaking, the most basic requirements include: You must store any chemicals completely separate from food storage. Your refrigeration and freezing equipment must be operating at appropriate temperatures and pass inspection.Jan 3, 2021

What is the minimum size of a floor drain?

2 inches

Do I need a floor drain?

A floordrain can save you from having a lot of water damage if something does happen to break and let water into your house. Sometimes flooding isnt caught right away and having a drain there will prevent further damage. So, there is a purpose to them.

What size is a standard floor drain?

2 to 12 inches

Where are floor drains required?

What is the smallest trap size allowed in a residence?

What size are house drains?

1 1/2-inch

Dont Ignore Stock Room Drains

Matt Square Commercial Kitchen Floor Drain, Model Name/Number: Com 101 ...

Drain cleaning should not be overlooked, even in stock rooms or other mostly dormant areas. It is still important to clean these commercial drains! Over time, they can dry out and allow dirt and litter to fill them over time, eventually leading to a clog in your sewer line. Clogs can be both troublesome and expensive to fix, but easy to avoid.

Making sure employees mop even dormant stock rooms once every few weeks, or even once a month, will ensure that these drains remain dry and in good condition.

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Commercial Kitchen Floor Drain Requirements

Seriously speaking, choosing the perfect flooring is important as it decides your comfort level and it influences the hygiene of your home sweet home. It is accessible in a large mixed bag of cereals and shades and yes it may be introduced in strips, boards, or maybe parquet squares. It’ll additionally be long lasting and durable and also being simple to clean and keep.

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Hot And Cold Water Supply

Nearly all kitchen equipment requires a water supply, and there are specific requirements to meet in terms of temperature, pressure and flow. These requirements influence piping design, and also keep in mind that water may be required at a higher temperature than in normal domestic hot water systems – leading to a larger boiler capacity.

In addition to the specific requirements for commercial kitchens, all establishments must have an adequate potable water supply. In the case of New York, potable water requirements are defined in the State Sanitary Code, Part 5 . The plumbing installation and fixtures in an establishment must be capable of delivering potable water safely and reliably to all building areas. Keeping the potable water supply clean is extremely important, preventing backflow, siphonage and cross-connection.

Isolation valves should be used to simplify maintenance, where considered necessary by the plumbing design engineer. The installation may also involve accessories like balancing valves, thermostatic mixing valves and pressure vacuum relief valves.

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Commercial Floor Drain Maintenance

Superior Plumbing offers business entities floor drain installation services. Our certified plumbers will make sure the installation process is carried out swiftly and professionally with no delays. Superior Plumbing is your ideal commercial contractor, as we are always just around the corner and are ready to help at all times. Contact us today to receive a trust-worthy plumbing partner!

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What Are The Requirements For A Commercial Kitchen

Are you looking to open or rent a commercial kitchen to start your own restaurant? There are many different regulations and requirements youll need to understand before you get started. In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know for your commercial kitchens success.

Basic Requirements For A Commercial Kitchen Floor Drain

In the United States, commercial kitchen floor drains are expected to be designed so that any liquids present on the floor are quickly and safely removed. This can be achieved with a floor gradient to the drainage point in the order of 11.5%.

Floor drain capacity is also expected to be adequate for the intended application. In a commercial kitchen, overall drain capacity can be affected by a combination of factors including hydraulic head, outlet size, grating design, filter basket or sieve design and any foul air trap provision.

Generally you are advised to specify more capacity than is required to accommodate any debris build up between cleaning cycles, and in the longer term, changes in the scale of the operation or use of the area. Note that the surface of all gullies and channels should have the same slip resistance as the adjacent floor.

The surface is also expected to be designed so that larger quantities of fluid can be discharged smoothly and splashing of the fluid is substantially prevented. When choosing grates or covers for a commercial kitchen floor, it is always advisable to consider the cleaning conditions of the environment together with chemical use.

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Understanding Drainage In Food & Beverage Production Facilities

A commercial kitchen, or food production facilities success or failure will often hinge on the layout. For a commercial kitchen or production site to work efficiently the process must flow, this will mean planning for the movement of produce, materials, equipment and staff. When planning the layout and areas a key consideration should be drainage.

Drainage is a fixed service built into the facility, often other equipment such as work benches or machinery can be relocated and electrics can be installed after the fact. However, drainage layouts can be expensive if not impossible to remedy due to being cast into floor slabs and gradients in the floors directing water towards them. Therefore, it is advisable to fully consider how drainage is used and the product selections available at an early stage in the planning process.

Allproof uses stainless steel to manufacture the MC range of modular commercial kitchen drainage. The use of stainless steel provides a material that is free from pores or cracks that could house bacteria and has a durable surface that will maintain its integrity and is easy to wash down. This off the shelf, locally manufactured drainage solution will meet the requirements of all food preparation applications and being made in NZ, lead times, site support and pricing stability are a given and will lead your specification to a perfectly completed project.

General Requirements For Commercial Kitchens

Matt Square Commercial Kitchen Floor Drain, Model Name/Number: Com 101 ...

Whether you are looking to rent or start a commercial kitchen, you should be aware of the specific requirements they must meet. Some requirements will vary from location to location, so be sure to check your local guidelines for requirements as well. Generally speaking, the most basic requirements include:

  • You must store any chemicals completely separate from food storage.
  • Your refrigeration and freezing equipment must be operating at appropriate temperatures and pass inspection.
  • Cooking surfaces and floors must be made out of a non-porous material that is smooth and can easily be disinfected. A common material for counters in commercial kitchens is stainless steel.
  • You must have a clean water supply.
  • Your gas hookups must pass inspection.
  • Your bathrooms for staff must be clean, have non-porous floors, and must be equipped with a hand washing station.
  • There must be three separate sinks for mops/cleaning, hand washing, and food washing/ preparation.
  • Everyone cooking must have a food handling license.
  • Even if you are renting space in a shared kitchen, there may still be some permits that you are responsible for. This depends on local regulations.
  • If you own a commercial kitchen that multiple restaurants operate out of, you may have additional requirements depending on local regulations.

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Building Codes Accessibility & Inspections

Every restaurant needs to uphold local building codes and pass inspections before they can open their doors.

And before we discuss anything else, theres one thing you need to know about inspections: they can delay your opening if they arent scheduled properly.

Inspection wait times can be much longer than you anticipated, so you should know what to expect as soon as you begin renovations on your building. Call your local government office to find out average wait times for all inspections mentioned in this section, so you can schedule appropriately.

In this section, well cover two main topics: building codes and restaurant inspections. This section will tell you everything you need to know to make sure your structure and operations are compliant with local requirements.

Youll walk away from this section knowing how to comply with:

  • Commercial kitchen code requirements

Well also tell you what you need to know about:

  • Health inspections
  • Inspection grades and health department restaurant ratings
  • Fire inspections

Heres what you need to know now so you can avoid delays to your opening day .

Avoid Dried Up Commercial Floor Drains

As mentioned above, your commercial drains need to not dry out. Floor drains are part of your sewer system. They aid in helping overflow and remaining gasses reach the main sewer line. Just like a bathroom sink, commercial floor drains have U-shaped P-trap pipes designed to hold water, which acts as a wall to prevent sewer gasses from coming up through the drain. Any foul smells will indicate the water trap is dried up, allowing those odors to escape.

This can be avoided by regularly refreshing the drain traps with a bucket of soapy water, as previously mentioned. Adding water should seal off any unwanted aromas.

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Food Clothing And Shelter

There are some 815,000 food service locations in the United States. Some 30 percent of all retail locations are restaurants. Last year, 127 restaurants were opened in San Francisco alone despite that city’s dot-com bust. In California, restaurants provide the single largest source of employment.

Food service firms are most interested in doing more with less these days, but they usually can’t build out the commercial kitchen without a commercial mechanical contractor. For the savvy plumbing and mechanical contractor with experience, intuition and downright good quality work, business these days should be good.

“There are three staples” said McLaren. “People need shelter, they need clothing and they need to eat. So the future for commercial kitchens is always bright. A commercial plumber or mechanical contractor who does good work in this field will get known real fast, and word-of-mouth advertising should feed him.”

Sanitary Drainage And Venting System

How to Avoid Major Commercial Drain Blockage

The sanitary drainage and venting system must be designed for various types of liquid waste, considering that their properties change based on the kitchen equipment that produces them. The following are some of the liquids encountered:

  • Condensates from refrigerators, air conditioners, evaporator trays, ice machines, drain pans, hoses, and cooling and plumbing lines.
  • Drained fluids from sinks and kitchen equipment in general.
  • Cooking by-products such as grease and oil, which are subject to stringent laws regarding their disposal procedure.

Commercial kitchen equipment may be required to have a direct or indirect waste connection, depending on the specific type of equipment.

  • An indirect connection leads to a private drain system, which then connects to the public sewage. An indirect connection is normally used for hot and cold storage, as well as mechanical food processing equipment. This type of connection must include a backflow prevention device.
  • A direct connection leads directly to the public sewage, as implied by its name. However, keep in mind that grease traps may be required for these connections in some cases. The direct connection is used for fixtures such as indirect waste spills, floor drains, floor sinks and mop sinks.

Plumbing vents are also an important element of commercial kitchen plumbing, providing waste pipes with an outdoor connection, typically through the roof. Their main purpose is getting rid of sewage gases, keeping them away from indoor spaces.

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Soapy Water Does Wonders

Sometimes, a bucket of soapy water is all you need for your commercial floor drain maintenance. If the floors near the clogged drain are not mopped regularly, commercial drains in the floor can become dried out. To keep your drains from drying out, or to find out if there is a clog, pour a five-gallon buckets worth of soapy water into the drain.

This will not only prevent the drain from drying out, but also reveal if there is a clog building. Water that drains slowly may be indicative that its time for a drain cleanout.

How Do You Install A Floor Drain In A Concrete Slab

It is better to think about installing a floor drain before pouring the cement. This would make the installation process much easier. However, if this is not the case, the cement will need to be broken through to make the place for a new floor drain. By doing it on your own, you may hit the main sewer line and cause a lot of trouble to the piping system. Superior Plumbing provides efficient installation services that will take minimum time to complete. When cooperating with Superior Plumbing, you do not have to worry about plumbing works being in the way of your entity running. Contact us now!

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