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Corner Shower Kit With Center Drain

What Are Shower Stall Kits


Shower stall kits are the kits of materials needed to create the sides of the shower stall, whether it be two or three walls. Some shower stall kits are one piece while others are multiple pieces that can be installed together. Occasionally accessories like shower niches and shelves can also be added to personalize the shower stall kit. They can also be made of different types of materials that offer a wide range of style options.

From Simple To Luxurious There’s A Shower Design That Will Fit Your Dream Bathroom

Is it time to replace the old shower unit in your bathroom? Or maybe you’re ready for a complete bathroom overhaul. If there’s room, choose a wide walk-in shower enclosure with a glass door and walls. A combination tub and shower unit is also a great option. A shower unit with molded walls and no seams is easy to clean, making them great for busy households. Many come with built-in shelves for your personal care products. When space is scarce, your choices aren’t limited. Look for corner shower units or square shower stalls. You’ll find shower units with angled walls as well.

Bathroom shower designers have come up with solutions to suit every space. Materials are also created for convenience and durability. Choose acrylic or fibreglass shower units for sleek looks and durability. Pick clear glass for strength and visibility. You can even buy easy-to-install shower wall units that look like ceramic tile. Match your existing hardware with metal frame options. Choose from chrome, gold-tone and other finishes. Your dream shower enclosure is easy to find.

The Best Shower Stall Kits For Your Bathroom

It may feel like you have to search through endless options of shower stall kits to find the best one for your bathroom refresh or remodel.

Believe me – I know the feeling!

Each bathroom has a unique layout, size and configuration and finding the right shower stall kits to fit is really like finding the missing puzzle piece for your home remodel project.

Luckily, there are kits to match whatever your specific needs may be!

To help you navigate the world of shower stall kits, I compiled a list of the best and highest reviewed options and Ill walk you through the selection process to help make finding your new shower a breeze.

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How Much Space Is Available

  • If youre replacing an existing shower or tub with a new shower stall kit, you will want to measure how much space you have available. If youre planning a new bathroom, you will want to consider your options based on the planned configuration of the new room. In either case, you will want to consider national and local building code to make sure there is enough space to meet the required minimum distances between items in the bathroom.

  • Size Of Shower Stall & Location Where It Will Be Installed

    MAAX Utile Corner Shower Kit
  • The size of the stall or pieces of the stall that needed to be installed should also be considered. Especially when dealing with remodeling existing homes, the location where the bathroom is located will often determine type of stall you can choose. You will want to ensure that there is enough space to get the shower stall, or pieces of the shower stall, into the bathroom. Measuring door openings, widths of stairs, etc. will help determine the largest pieces that can be ordered.

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