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Drain Cleaner With Drill Attachment

Our Ottawa Drain Cleaning Team Is Fast Friendly And Reliable

Testing HarborFreight 25 Ft Drain Cleaner With Drill Attachment

When youve got a blocked drain in Ottawa, you probably dont have time to waste waiting for a professional drain cleaning service.

You need an emergency plumber that can help you fast!

When you call John The Plumber, well schedule you in faster than our competitors, show up between the agreed time window, and fix your clogged drain fast!

The Importance Cleaning Your Drains Regularly

Every day we wash and flush a ton of grease, soap scum, fat, hair, human waste, and other stuff down the drains. Given enough time, this matter will block the pathway for water to exit your home and youll end up with a blockage.

A clogged sink or drain blockages can lead to backups, and you may even find a leaky pipe as a result of the pressure built up from wastewater.

Regular maintenance of your drain system is a far better approach as it prevents plumbing issues and keeps reasonable costs.

If you have never had your drains or sewers cleaned, consider hiring John The Plumber for Drain Maintenance!

Our Ottawa Drain Services Include:

Plumbing Camera Inspection

If youre having frequent issues with your drain system, you may want to consider having a plumbing camera inspection.

During a drain video inspection, well stick a commercial drain camera into your drain, navigate your plumbing system, and locate the source of your issues.

From there, we can help you make a decision regarding the best way to proceed to eliminate future drain issues.

Once you know what you want to do, well get to work and solve your problems once, and right!

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How Do I Avoid Clogged Drains

The best way to avoid a clogged drain is to be careful about what goes down the drain. Coffee grinds, egg shells, food particles, grease, tampons, butt-wipes, wrappers, and garbage dont belong in your plumbing.

Do your best to only use your drain pipes for human waste, toilet paper, and washing and always clear the plate into the garbage first!

Why Should I Hire A Professional For Drain Cleaning In Ottawa

Best 50 Ft. Drain Cleaner With Drill Attachment

While you may save money by finding drain services online from questionable sources, wed recommend leaving it to the experts.

Any time youre dealing with plumbing, there is risk to your home plumbing system, therefore, there is risk to your home. Water doesnt take long to cause a lot of damage and exorbitant costs.

At John The Plumber, we have the best equipment and experts for cleaning and unblocking drains. Were an independently-owned company that is insured and has a great reputation.

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What If Sewer Backup Is Serious

If youre experiencing a sewage backup, a sewer cleaning service might be just the ticket! However, if something serious is causing the sewage to back up into your home, then you may need a more serious sewer repair, like an excavation and replacement.

This can be a stressful time, and its important to hire plumbers that know what theyre doing and have your best interest at heart. Our plumbers will locate the issue. Well explain whats happening and what we need to do. And, well make every step of the way as easy as can be.

When youre dealing with a sewerious repair, call John The Plumber for an easy and efficient sewer service!

John the Plumber repaired our entire sewer line. We sought a number of quotes and we chose this company because they quoted a reasonable price and they were really easy to communicate with. They were very helpful and professional with the many steps that were involved in preparing to do this work. The staff members we worked with were very professional and prompt. Overall we were very happy to have such a big job done without extra headaches. I highly recommend working with this company.

Common Emergency Plumbing Issues We Deal With

If you are faced with a plumbing emergency its important that you remember not to panic. Theres often things that you can do to minimize the damage while waiting for our emergency plumbing experts to arrive, such as shutting off the main water valve. Some of the main emergency plumbing issues we deal with in Toronto include:

  • Blocked Drains Blocked drains are inconvenient and can disrupt your day-to-day life considerably, making it important to fix the problem as quickly as possible. If your plunger didnt work, call New Canadian Drain & Plumbing.
  • Cracked or Broken Pipes A pipe that suddenly cracks or splits and starts leaking water all over your property can cause considerable damage. Our team can expertly install a new pipe and check the rest of your system for leaks and weaknesses.

If you have a problem with your plumbing and dont know what to do, pick up the phone and call New Canadian Drain & Plumbing on .

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Why Choose New Canadian Drain & Plumbing For Your Toronto Emergency Plumbing Needs

In additional to boasting a team of fully qualified plumbing professionals that are adept at carrying out installations, repairs and services to an industry leading standard, we also offer:

  • Quick Response Times Its imperative that emergency plumbing Toronto firms are able to respond quickly to incoming calls, and with a presence in both the east and the west of Toronto, New Canadian Drain & Plumbing is often able to reach your address in a matter of minutes.
  • 24 Hour Service You never know when a plumbing emergency will occur, which is why we operate around the clock, including on weekends and holidays.
  • Competitive Prices While some plumbing companies in Toronto seek to take advantage of your unfortunate circumstances, our emergency plumbing service is priced affordably in addition to offering a high quality solution to your problem.
  • Latest Technology Our emergency plumbing technicians utilize the latest plumbing technology and arrive at every job with all supplies needed to be able to fix your problem there and then.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our work

To Have Your Drain Unblocked Unclogged Flushing Or Drain Snaking Call John The Plumber

Harbor Freight 25ft Drain Snake w/ Drill attachment Review

A blocked or clogged drain or drainpipe can be one of the most common yet potentially dangerous occurrences that can happen to homeowners and businesses and usually require drain cleaning services from your most trusted Ottawa plumber.

Every day solutions, such as pouring Drano down a clogged sink or shower drain can have potentially disastrous consequences and are extremely harmful to the environment. If thats not enough, our competitors often use them! At times it works, most times it doesnt. Even when it seems to do the trick, the clog usually returns because the liquid only partially dissolved the underlined cause.

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How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost

We offer toilet installation services for the residents of Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas. The cost of toilet installation depends on the type of toilet you want to install, the complexity of the job and the required plumbing time. To get the most accurate cost estimate, Please call our experts at New Canadian Drain and Plumbing. We always tell you the cost up-front with no unexpected charges.

How Do You Know If You Need A Drain Replacement

Sometimes when multiple drains in your home become clogged it means immediate action needs to be taken to fix it. It can become dangerous to your health. Its likely that waste may be backed up in your bathtub or shower. This can result in a bad smell coming out of the drains. It might mean that your sewer drain needs someone to look at it. Here at John THE Plumber Ottawa we have the right tools all on our trucks to do this job for you.

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Pros Define These Terms Differently Than Mirriam Webster

When the dictionary fails, we turn to the professionals. As a plumber for over 15 years, Scott tells us the drain auger takes a different direction from the drain snake when it comes to the size of the drain. Designed to clear different types of products, plumbers consider drain snakes tools that cater to smaller drains like your kitchen or bathroom sink. The drain snake takes care of pipes ranging from 1-1/4 to 2 in diameter.

Conversely, drain augers tackle larger pipes like your toilet or shower drain. You use a drain auger for lines in the 1-1/2 to 3 range.

Drain Snake Cable Doesn’t Turn

Best 25 ft. drain cleaner with drill attachment

When the cable doesn’t rotate, the problem is likely that you are not tightening the drain auger’s thumbscrew.

A cable extends from the drum portion of the auger, and at the end of the cable is a metal corkscrew designed to snag the clog. On the drum side is a handle. You push the corkscrew down the drain and then you turn and turn. And then you keep turning for what seems like forever but nothing is happening. What’s the problem?

Failure to tighten the thumbscrew is a common reason behind drain snakes that are not working. You must make sure that the thumbscrew that secures the cable inside the drum or handle is securely tightened. If it is not, the cable will not rotate at all when you twist the handle. Rotation is the action that causes the drain snake to pick up the debris pushing into the clog will not clear it.

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Our Ottawa Plumbers Will Diagnose And Fix Your Sewer System Clog

If you are experiencing a clog in your sewer system, its time to call in a professional plumber. At John THE Plumber we use state of the art equipment. One of the first things we will do is lower a camera into the blocked area to find out the exact cause of the blockage. Be it tree roots or a broken, even collapsed sewer line our licensed professional plumbers will be able to determine what has caused your sewer to back up and provide you with the best options available.

Sink Tub & Shower Plunger

Securely cover and seal the overflow drain with a wet cloth. If the obstruction is in a sink place a towel around the sink in precaution of any backsplash. Place the plunger over the drain, making sure to completely cover the opening. Push down on the plunger with quick and powerful thrusts, to create pressure down the drain towards the obstruction. Repeat this step until the obstruction is cleared.

Clog Location Numbers: 1, 5

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Camera Inspection Inside Drain Line

After a number of years of using the same drains, they can begin to smell or drain less efficiently. This is especially true for kitchen sinks where food particles build up. Thankfully, New Canadian Drain does drain cleaning in Toronto that you can take advantage of. What, exactly, are the benefits of having your drain professionally cleaned?

Drain Auger Vs Drain Snake Defining The Terms

Ultimate DIY Drain Snake | RIDGID Power Spin Drain Cleaner with AUTOFEED

Lets look at the dictionary definition of both of these tools starting with the drain auger:

trap and drain auger: a plumbers snake for clearing a trap and drain

And now, lets look at the closest we can get to the drain snake:

plumbers snake: a long flexible rod or cable usually of steel that is used to free clogged pipes

I dont know about you, but I was always told not to use the word in the definition. In this case, the drain snake falls under the definition of trap and drain auger.

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Drain Snake Won’t Grab Debris

The reason is that you are attempting to auger a clog that cannot be snagged and pulled up.

Clogs that respond best to the metal corkscrew end of the drain snake are clogs that can easily be snagged. Hair clogs are easily snagged by drain snakes. Cooking fat and other soft substances will not catch the corkscrew unless that debris also happens to have hair embedded in it.

Some clogs are just so dense that an ordinary hand drain snake cannot force its way through it. In this case, you have little choice but to rent a power auger or call a plumber to do the job. However, don’t give up too soon. Being patient and not forcing the auger cable may do the trick.

Hft 66262 25 Ft Drain Cleaner With Drill Attachment

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • 3/16″ drill shank to fit any drill
  • Rugged poly housing
  • 4-1/2″ grip with knob for manual use 200 RPM maximum speed
  • 6″ diameter drum

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Can I Use Drano To Unclog My Drain

The short answer is that plumbers always advise against it.

While these products can be useful, theyre designed to destroy any matter making up the clog. Chemical cleaners dont know the difference between your piping and your drain blockage. For the most part, chemical drainers can be harmful to your plumbing system. Regular use of chemical drainers will undoubtedly shorten the lifespan of your plumbing system.

We have some inexpensive alternatives below, which are incredibly effective at cleaning drains while remaining safe on your plumbing system.

At John The Plumber Ottawa We Know The Correct Drain Cleaning Methods & The Use Of Liquid Drain Cleaner Is For Cleaning And Sanitizing The Drain After A Clog Has Been Removed

25 Ft. Drain Cleaner With Drill Attachment Pipe Plumbing Snake Clog ...

Clogged drains and drainpipes can occur for a number of reasons. The most common of these are grease, oil, food, hair and foreign objects. Never underestimate a heavily blocked drain because although small clogs can easily be fixed, the use of unclogging tools like drain snakes should be left to professionals. If you need help to unclog a sink, toilet or a clogged shower drain, the skilled tradesmen at John The Plumber can put your heart at ease.

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Problems That Will Require Professional Drain Repairs

If you are not sure of the types of drain related problems that necessitate a call to a company specializing in drain repairs, such as New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, they include:

  • Slow Draining This is often a sign that there is a significant build-up inside the drain, most of the time caused by roots, and that a full blockage is likely to occur in the near future. Rather than waiting for that to happen, allow us to clean the drain for you now.
  • Leaking Drains If you notice water in strange areas of your property, you could have a leaking drain on your hands. The type of drain repairs necessary to resolve this issue can range from a simple tightening up to the replacement of piping leading to the drain.
  • Complete BlockageClogged drains are a pain and can affect your quality of life. If you have tried using a standard plunger and it had no effect, allow us to handle the problem for you instead. We use the latest drain cleaning technology to not only remove the blockage but to do so in a way that protects the condition of the drain.

New Canadian Drain & Plumbing: Experts in Toronto Drain Repairs

Why should you come to New Canadian Drain & Plumbing for your drain repairs in Toronto? Its simple really we offer the following guarantees:

Is Hydro Jetting The Only Solution

When it comes to sewer repairs, most people turn to sewer snaking services. Plumbing and drain cleaning companies will use specialized sewer cleaning equipment that can drill through matter and tear it apart so that it flushes down the drain.

However, the quality of a sewer cleaning that you get may not compare to a hydro jetter.

This is because hydro jetter machines use powerful jets of water to destroy everything in the sewer. The same water that destroys buildups and blockages also flushes the water away. The end result of hydrojetting your sewer is that the sewer looks new again!

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Drain Snake Won’t Reach Far Enough Or Go Around Bends

You may not be using the right kind of drain snake. Your local hardware store or home center may stock only one type of drain snake. But there are several types of drain snakes available, and it is important to use the right one for the job.

  • Toilet Auger: A toilet auger is a special drain auger with a long rod and short cable that will not scratch delicate porcelain surfaces. Do not use any other type of auger with toilets.
  • Small Drum Auger: For most routine kitchen or bathroom sink drain clogs, the best choice is the drum style auger, in which the cable is contained inside a rotating canister. Stick with shorter-length cables in the 15- to 25-foot range.
  • Extra-Long Drain Auger: For clogs deeply embedded down the length of your drain or sewer pipes, an extra-long auger that is 50 feet longer or more is the only way to reach the clog.

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