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French Drain In Crawl Space

Cost To Install A French Drain In Crawl Space

Installing A French Drain in Crawl Space | Crawlspace Medic

On average, a homeowner will pay between $25 and $35 per linear foot for installing a French drain in the crawl space. This step can be an important part of waterproofing basements. Since the trench will be dug in the ground, it can be less expensive than interior options. However, the cost increases when you have to work around the crawl space and remove temporary structures. This can be ideal for areas with heavy rains and a high water table.

Exterior French Drain System

Exterior French drain systems are fairly similar to standard French drains, only this time, the drain is installed outside your crawl space. These drains allow water to be diverted around the exterior perimeter of your home. While interior systems are generally preferred, they are more expensive and not always possible to install.

Looking after the building integrity and air quality of your home depends on crawl space drainage. Too much moisture in the soil or air can lead to a range of problems, including damage to building materials, mold, mildew, and numerous health problems. When you have the right crawl space drainage system installed for your home, you can avoid all of these issues.

At Moisture Loc, we offer professional crawl space drainage systems for all residential and commercial buildings. If you want to look after your home and family with a high-quality drainage solution, contact our expert team today.

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How Does A French Drain Work

A French drain works by redirecting water through a perforated pipe surrounded by drainage material, away from a specific area, preventing water damage. This is achieved by creating a slope towards the pipe to direct water to it and connecting it to a discharge point to carry water away from the foundation.

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Not Lining The Trench

Its also important to line your French drain with fabric. You want to use a continuous swath if possible.

If not, you can overlap pieces of fabric by at least 12. However, its important to secure both ends of the fabric with staples driven into the ground. As you lay the fabric, fold the excess on both sides and trim it away later.

Also, its important to overlap the fabric in the desired direction of flow. In other words, the fabric on the high side of the trench must overlap the fabric on the low side.

Why You Should Consider Professional Installation For Your French Drain

Basement Waterproofing in Chattanooga, TN

As you can see, many things can go wrong when installing a French drain. Also, these are only the most common French drain installation mistakes.

There are many more ways to foul a French drain installation. Accordingly, it might prove wise to hire an experienced professional for the job.

An incorrectly installed French drain can cause water to collect in your home. For example, it can lead to seasonal flooding in your basement.

Its especially important to seek the help of a professional if the French drain will run close to your home. Here, the French drain could affect the natural runoff pattern of your property. If not executed perfectly, the drainage system can do more harm than good.

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French Drain Retaining Walls

If you have a lot of water in your yard, it can cause soil erosion. If this is the case, you may want to install a retaining wall to assist. Retaining walls can be constructed in several ways: interlocking concrete blocks to form a wall or pouring and stamping concrete. Dry stack retaining walls and poured concrete walls cost $20 to $25 per sq.ft.

When Is The Best Time To Install A Drainage System

The best time to install a drainage system is during dry and warm weather. Unless it’s an emergency, make sure the temperature is above 40°F at night when installing a French drain. This ensures water remains unfrozen and allows a contractor to inspect and repair the subgrade, asphalt, and concrete.

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Sewer And Drain French Drain Pipe

Sewer and drain pipe is another common pipe we use in basement waterproofing, crawl spaces and french drains. S& D pipe can be a little more difficult to install during a DIY French Drain Project simply because it requires more time to add 90s, 45s and couplings. Hydraway pipe can bend making it quicker to install.

Perforated sewer and drain pipe needs a sediment sock and a lot more gravel than Hydraway corrugated pipe. S& D pipe can be more durable therefore less likely to crush in a french drain. Both products are great. Application, time and budget may determine which you would prefer to install.

Install Tip – Never run downspouts into perforated french drain pipes. It’s OK to use the same ditch as the perforated pipe. Always run gutter water into a solid pipe that exits to daylight or a pop-up valve.

Where To Install A French Drain

Hand Digging An Inside Perimeter French Drain In Crawl Space!

French drains can be installed inside or outside of the home, depending on where you have standing water and the severity of the issue. If you have an area in the basement that gets more water than the rest of the basement, you may want to consider installing one of these along one or two walls. If you find that you need drains along more than two walls to solve the problem, then it is advisable to have a perimeter French drain installed around the outside of your home.

Whether you install them inside or outside, the ideal slope is one inch for every eight feet. It should never have a slope that is less than 1%. A French drain with no slope will be ineffective at pulling water away from the home.

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The Benefits Of French Drain Installation

There are many benefits of having a French drain installed in your basement or crawl space, including:

French drains can help to prevent water damage by collecting and directing water away from your home.

Standing water is one of the leading causes of mold growth. By having a French drain installed, you can help to prevent mold from growing in your basement or crawl space.

French drains dont detract from the look of your home because they are installed underground.

French Drain Diy Cost

The average cost of a DIY French drain is $4 to $8 per linear foot or between $200 and $800 for the tools and materials or home and yard drainage kit. DIY underground drainage projects take 1 to 2 days, are labor-intensive, and require expertise.

To ensure the French drain lasts, you’ll need to use the following materials:

French Drain Materials Cost

$50 $100 per hour

DIY drainage work is typically not advisable and depends on the severity of the problem and specific needs of the property. Hiring a professional saves time, guarantees a long-lasting drainage solution, and they will determine:

  • Where utility lines are located.
  • Which permits and inspections are needed.
  • Trench depth and width needed.
  • Correct pipe size and slope required.
  • The final destination of the drain water.
  • The type and amount of gravel needed.
  • Where to place landscaping fabric.

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Contact Attic Pros Today

You deserve the best French drain installation services in the Bay Area! Attic Pros combines efficient French drain installation with visually appealing aesthetics designed to blend in with your surrounding landscaping. Book your free estimate now. Book Your Free French Drain Waterproofing Consultation Here

How To Install Yard Drainage System

Crawl Space Repair

After planning where to place the drain trench, get permits and call 811 to stake out the utility lines before digging. The steps for how to install a French drain are:

  • Dig a trench of up to 18 inches deep and 12 inches wide.
  • Slope the trench bottom down at about 1 inch per 10 feet of length.
  • Line the trench with soil separator or filter fabric.
  • Install a catch basin with a grate in the area where the water naturally pools. This forms the main pipe entrance, and the basin stops debris from entering the pipe.
  • Lay your perforated pipe on top of the fabric at the bottom of the trench.
  • Fill up the trench with about 6 inches of gravel on top of the pipe.
  • Now wrap the gravel and the pipe up completely with fabric so that no tiny soil particles can enter the gravel from any direction.
  • Fill the top of the trench with soil or add decorative stone at the top to make it level with the yard.
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    Pros Of Installing A French Drain

    French drains are an efficient and cost-effective way to keep your crawl space dry. Therefore, they can help reduce the risk of foundation damage.

    In addition, French drains work to improve the quality of your indoor air by preventing musty odors from developing in your crawl space. Thats good to hear for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases.

    Lets not forget that maintaining a dry crawl space minimizes the chances of mold growth and pest infestations. As these two can also cause many health issues, keeping them at bay is a must for every homeowner.

    Overview Of Crawl Space French Drain Installation

    A French drain is a type of drainage system that is used to redirect water away from a specific area. In the context of crawl space protection, a French drain is installed in the crawl space under your home. The drain typically consists of a perforated pipe that is surrounded by gravel or other drainage material. The pipe is installed at the base of your crawl space walls, and the gravel is used to create a slope so that water will flow toward the pipe. Once the water reaches the pipe, it is carried away from your home’s foundation, preventing it from seeping in and causing damage.

    The installation process for a crawl space French drain typically involves the following steps:

  • Excavation of the crawl space to access the foundation walls.
  • Installation of the perforated pipe along the base of the foundation walls.
  • Backfilling the crawl space with gravel to create a slope towards the pipe.
  • Connecting the pipe to a discharge point, such as a sump pump or a drainage field, to carry the water away from the home.
  • Reinstalling the crawl space vapor barrier or encapsulation to cover the drain and protect the area from further water damage.
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    French Drain Installation Costs

    The cost of installing a French drain can vary depending on several factors. These include the size of the trench, the type of pipes used, whether or not you hire professional help, etc.

    Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $500-$18,000 to install a French drain.

    If you decide to replace an existing drainage system with a French drain, the cost can increase significantly as excavation may be required to install the new system properly.

    The raw materials needed for installation can also add up quickly.

    Hiring professionals to help with installation will add quite a bit to project costs but may save you so much money in the long run.

    This will ensure that the job gets done correctly the first time around.

    Problems Caused By Excessive Flooding

    Sump Pump & French Drain Installation In Crawl Space

    Whether you just frantically searched who installs French drains near me after you noticed the beginning of some flooding in your yard or have let it sit for a while, youre in the right place if you want to obtain awareness of potential problems and take action. If left to sit, standing water can cause foundation issues, disease, soil erosion, mold growth, and foster a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This flooding can also kill plants, trees, and grass, ruining your landscape. You can also easily track mud through the home.

    It can cost thousands of dollars to fix these problems, but a drainage system can quickly solve them. A French drain is particularly useful against intense flooding because it captures and diverts groundwater before it saturates the ground. Be sure to do your research about French drain installation near me to solve flooding-related issues quickly and effectively. A professional installation can keep these problems at bay for thirty to forty years.

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    Gutter & Downspout Drainage System Cost

    An underground downspout drainage system costs $150 to $350 per downspout to install, which includes a catch basin, downspout extension, trenching, drain pipe, and bubbler system. Downspout extensions alone cost $5 to $25 each for gutter drainage, depending on the length.

    Downspout Drainage System Cost

    Install Dry Well $300 $1,500

    A gutter drainage system ensures the downspouts are 10’+ away from the property to prevent damage. Water is either directed above ground through a downspout extension or by burying a downspout underground and connecting to drain piping that leads to a bubbler system or dry well.

    • A bubbler system costs $30 to $85 to add, and it’s attached to shallow drain piping that’s connected to the gutter downspout. The water flows out through a bubbling pop-up vent away from the home.
    • Using one or more connected rain barrels attached to gutter downspouts is an affordable drainage solution at $80 to $200 each.

    Labor Cost To Install A French Drain

    Most French drains are installed in roughly the same way. A trench is dug in the affected area, with the width and depth dictated by its location and how much water needs to be drained at a time. Once the trench is dug, it is lined at the bottom with gravel and then covered with a fabric weed blocker. The drain, usually perforated PVC but may be flexible hosing, is laid in the trench and covered with more gravel. If desired, soil may be backfilled on top. French drain pipe costs range from $0.70 and $3 per linear foot. The process is similar for basements, however, the finished drain is usually covered with a thin layer of concrete for strategically placed drains.

    In some cases, connecting a French drain to a storm drain can be the best option, as it allows the water to flow out to an appropriate location along with other rainwater. If you have a storm basin on your property or just across your property line, connecting to it can be easy and inexpensive, often costing between $100 to $200 to have the lines coupled together.

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    Searching Crawl Space French Drain Installation Near Me

    As Carolinas foundation experts, we are proud to offer superior French drain installation services at reasonable costs! Were glad to offer it as part of our crawlspace waterproofing services in and around Charlotte, NC. Our drainage systems can accommodate all types of floor thickness and square footage. It is our mission to keep your crawlspace dry, and we will utilize the best techniques to make that happen, regardless of the setup of your home.


    Keep your crawlspace in tip-top shape by scheduling a free inspection with a local Charlotte area crawlspace drainage expert. Contact us atfor your free consultation!


    An effective drainage system doesnt have to be costly! Carolina Crawlspace Pros offer dependable drainage installation for Charlotte, NC and surrounding communities, at affordable costs. We have just the right solution to all your crawlspace flooding issues!


    We are a team of professional crawlspace drainage contractors with years of experience in the industry. We use state-of-the-art equipment and updated procedures, and handle crawl space issues right the first time. Talk to our experts to learn more about our services today!


    Keep your crawlspace in tip-top shape by scheduling a free inspection with a local Charlotte crawlspace drainage expert. Contact us atfor your free consultation!



    What Are The Most Common Backyard Drainage Problems

    How To Dig A French Drain In Crawl Space

    Here are the most common signs of backyard drainage problems:

  • Water pools near the foundation, downspouts, plant beds, or yard
  • Water is seeping into the basement, foundation, or crawlspace and causes stains and mildew.
  • Gutters are overflowing during rain.
  • Paved surfaces have an improper slope causing water traps.
  • Topsoil and mulch start washing away.
  • Cracked or uneven sidewalks or patios from soil erosion.
  • Persistent water pooling or puddles in the yard or near the house may also be coming from hidden leaking pipes underground. The average cost to fix a leaking pipe is $150 to $850.

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    French Drain Pipe Protect Your Basement Or Crawl Space

    Have you considered installing a french drain pipe in order to divert water from your crawl space or basement? Sometimes the task can be quite difficult and if you are going to perform this project you want to make sure it is working for years to come.

    If your home is under attack from groundwater or even sub-surface water, make a french drain your first line of defense. Here are some tips to assist you when choosing which pipe to install in your french drain or as some call it a curtain drain.

    There are several choices of pipe available today for french drains. Corrugated pipe is the black pipe available at many hardware stores. Corrugated pipe can be solid or perforated so make sure you grab the right one.

    It can have a sock already installed and even come with aggregate attached. The aggregate is designed to eliminate more dirt from entering the pipe and also helps use less gravel. Another option is a sewer and drain pipe.

    Book A Free Crawl Space Inspection And Let Scouts Check It Out

    Book a free crawl space inspection to identify if you have moisture and pest issues in the crawl space. The inspection does not take too long but is thorough enough to find all those issues that you may miss by having a cursory glance into the crawl space. This needs the services of a licensed professional who will be able to identify what you cant. Scouts pest control are fully licensed and conduct inspections on a regular basis.

    Check Out How Your Crawl Space Could Look!


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