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Heavy Duty Trench Drain Grates

Aco Has Been Manufacturing And Supplying Products To Urban And Civil Infrastructure Projects In Australia For Over 25 Years And Worldwide For Over 50 Years

Polylok Heavy Duty 4′ Trench / Channel Drains

The range comprises modular and durable drainage channels, manufactured from corrosion-resistant polymer concrete. To suit many applications, our range of AS 3996 compliant grates, slotted tops and linear permeable pavers come in a variety of materials, finishes and load classes. Lockable grates are boltless for easy maintenance.

Better Sanitation And Hygiene

Besides being a stronger option, industrial floor drain grates also offer a more sanitary and hygienic option. This is because the stainless steel that makes heavy duty bar grating is more resistant to bacteria and contamination. Stainless steel is a nonporous material, making it smooth enough that bacteria have no chance of getting stuck in any crevices, where it can grow and spread.

The smoothness of heavy duty grating also means it is much easier to clean than other types of grating options. This helps to make it much easier to keep up with high standards of hygiene.

The fact that heavy duty trench drain grates are corrosion resistant and able to withstand strong chemicals means you can also use these chemicals to ensure the gates are completely clean.

Ductile / Cast Iron Trench Grates

  • Durability:
  • Common locations: Decorative borders, pool and spa, homes and residential complexes, seawalls, parks, office buildings. Often complements brick or stone.

Ductile and cast iron trench grates are inexpensive, hardy, long wearing choices that offer many decorative possibilities due to the materials castability.

The properties of cast iron make it the most common material used by municipalities for grates and manhole covers. Most cast iron in these situations are known as gray irons. Like steel, gray iron is incredibly strong. Compared with steel, it offers greater vibration damping, which can be useful in hardscape where traffic vibration may affect concrete. Cast iron also does not deform under compression. Its .

Raw cast iron is that it develops a rich red-brown patina over time that protects it from corrosion. Unlike with galvanized steel, this patina can re-develop even if the original layer is worn, chipped, or scratched. Cast iron grates can also be painted, and black-painted iron is a classic, distinctive choice.

Check out our line of functional and attractive cast iron grates.

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Panel Widths & Layout

Grating panels are manufactured in nominal 24″ and 36″ standard widths. When considering alternative widths, consult the table below to select widths that will maintain consistent out to out spacing of the bearing bars. Widths specified which deviate from the table below can be fabricated utilizing side banding. In so doing, the outside bearing bar spacing on one side of the finished panel will deviate from the spacing throughout the rest of the panel.

Replacing Broken Trench Drain Grates Consider These 3 Key Factors

Metals Depot®

A broken trench drain may seem like a minor issue but can become bad news very quickly. It can lead to property damage, personal injuries, and a number of extra costs. It is a problem that, if left unaddressed, can turn into an absolute nightmare.

The good news is that replacing a broken trench drain can be a straightforward process. One needs to start by knowing the potential issues and figuring out exactly what to look out for. This can put you on the path to quickly and effectively solving your broken trench drain problem.

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Trench Grating & Inlet Sets

Indiana Gratings Trench Grating Systems and Inlet Sets combine our most popular gratings and embed frames to provide economic, modular components for construction projects. These products are offered in our Standard series, designed to serve pedestrian loads, and our Heavy Duty series, designed to service the most demanding vehicular traffic. Each series is offered with multiple bar spacings to address the specific needs of your application.

Inlet Grates & Frames

Complimenting our trench grating systems, Indiana Gratings Inlet Gratings and Frames provide the specifier with flexible solutions to inlet drain requirements. Equal to our trench grating products, Standard Duty pedestrian grates and

Heavy Duty vehicular grates are illustrated on page 15 of this catalog. Inlets may be specified to any clear opening by simply indicating the desired “W” and “S” dimensions illustrated on page 14. Similar to our trench grating systems, any of the five embed frame profiles may be specified to meet the exactneeds of your application. Bolting the grates to the frames is optional and must be specified. While all gratings are manufactured with plain walking surface, the optional serrated surface may be specified. The ends of all inlet gratings are trench banded to enhance durability and allowfor maximum drainage. Unless otherwise specified, all inlet grates and frames are hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM specification A-123.

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Pre Cast Concrete Trench Drains

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Heavy duty trench drains are usually made of a fiber reinforced concrete or polymer concrete channels. These durable channels are generally coupled with heavy duty ductile iron grates. These systems are ideal for loading docks, parking lots, roadways, airports, areas with forklifts or tractor trailers and anywhere where there is expected high impact loads. These drains are designed to last and built for the long run. View Catalogs and technical specifications here.

Types Of Heavy Duty Trench Drains

ADA Compliant Trench & Channel Drain Grates Providng the Best Reinforcement

Heavy duty and concrete trench drains can broadly classified into four different categories such as triangular or restricted gutter flow, sheet flow, applications related to curb return, and designs for retrofitting or designing. In general, a triangular gutter flow application is found within a gutter in the roadways curbed section or adjacent to a barrier wall. This pattern is also suitable while placing trench drains in a valley. Sheet flow designs are implemented mostly in access ramps on roadways with limited access, entrances to a driveway, and across the streets that dont have a crown. The most common example of a retrofitting or repairing design is a trench drain with a slope for a system where the inlet was not placed at a low point. Whereas, a curb return design is frequently applied to ensure that a wheelchair ramp remains dry. Designing a proper heavy duty trench drain helps overcome the problems while placing the inlet structure in close vicinity to the radius of intersection

A robust roadway design must ensure that every single rating related to AASHTO M309 and AASHTO H-20 is met. Moreover, the design should not lead to any restrictions in flow within the cross section of the trench to arrest any debris. All grates used should be made of ductile iron. Being susceptible to degradation by UV rays and heat, all types of plastic components should be avoided.

While designing roadways, there are four primary design considerations for you.

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Galvanized Steel Channel Grates

  • Durability:
  • Common locations: Municipal and industrial sites. Often over trench in grass or in concrete.

Galvanized steel is a common material for municipal site fixtures. From a few steps away, galvanized steel may look like a matte ash gray, but close inspection shows a distinctive spangled surface with feather-like deposits of silvery-gray zinc oxide. Zinc creates a layer that both seals the steel physically and provides chemical protection. Over time and in chemical stress, galvanization can wear away and leave the steel open to corrosion. In some places the use life may be decadesbut a combination of heavy de-icing chemicals and wear may allow corrosion to set in before then if the zinc oxide is disturbed or chemically stressed.

Most galvanized steel channel grates come in industrial-looking design due to manufacturing considerations: steel does not cast as easily as other materials. Simple slots or bars are common. Steel is often chosen for being a tough, load bearing material. When heavy-duty grates are put over concrete formed drains or steel trench pans, the system can bear the weight of vehicle tires. Steel will also stand up to the wear of many feet. This metal is often used in construction for its material properties. It has some give: rather than breaking, it will dent under heavy impact.

Stronger Than Other Grate Materials

There is no doubt that a heavy duty metal grate is the best option, particularly when it comes to industrial facilities. While there are other grate materials, heavy duty steel grating is much stronger and more durable.

One of the most important durability features of industrial floor drain grates is their ability to handle heavy loads. Unlike other options, they can take heavy vehicles and equipment getting placed on top of them without breaking under pressure.

Heavy-duty steel grating is also stronger in the sense that it is strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures. A heavy duty metal grate can handle anything from extremely high heat to freezing temperatures.

Heavy duty bar grating is also corrosion resistant. This means that it is strong enough to handle strong chemicals that may be common in certain industries, especially places where these chemicals help to clean the trench drain and any industrial drain grates.

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Select The Width Or Type Of Trench Drain Grates You Wish To View

If you are unsure of what type of trench drain grate you should use we have created a detailed discussion of all of the different trench drain grate types that are available. We offer bar grates, iron trench drain grates, plastic trench drain grates, fiberglass trench drain grates, stamped steel channel drain grates, and fabricated metal channel drain grates. Each trench drain grate application has a best material. The trench grate selection can be a delicate process and series of compromises. Trench drain grates are selected based on material, finish, color, load rating, slip resistance, corrosion, opening size, etc. If you dont really know what kind of trench drain grate is best for your application feel free to read each material type. Our channel drain grating experts are also here to help should you need us!

Industries That Benefit From Stainless Steel Grates

Polylok Ductile Grates for Polylok Heavy Duty Channel &  Trench Drain ...

There are some different types of facilities that can benefit from the installation of industrial floor drain grates. One major industry is the food and beverage industry, which encompasses some different places: commercial kitchens, food and beverage plants, wineries, and even distilleries.

Roads, highways, parking lots, car garages, and car washes are industries that also require heavy duty bar grating. These are areas that are exposed to a great deal of water, and large amounts of weight. Therefore, it is essential that your trench drain has heavy duty grating that can withstand such pressure. Similarly, car dealerships should also have industrial drain grates.

Other types of facilities and industries that should have heavy duty trench drain grates include places like manufacturing plants, warehouses, docks, and ports. It is not just heavy duty grating that these industries need, however, but heavy duty grating load tables.

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Nds Dura Slope Trench Drains

Dura Slope Channel Drain Pre-sloped channel drain is an effective solution for driveways, sports facilities, parking areas, warehouses, loading docks and pools.

Versatile and Durable – For residential, commercial industrial and municipal drainage needs, NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain handles large capacity volumes and solutions up to a class D load rating.

Lightweight and Easy to Install – Made from HDPE, Dura Slope is a plastic channel drain that features interlocking tongue and groove joints to secure alignment and ensure straight channel runs. Lightweight, 4 ft. modular sections are easy to manage.

Interlocking tongue & groove Joints4 ft. modular sections.

Solutions for Any Size – Available in neutral and pre-sloped sections with a built-in 0.07% slope, Dura Slope Trench Drain systems offer numerous grating options. Dura Slope channel sections are available in depths from 4 to 12.

Plastic Trench Drain Grates

  • Common locations: Pool drainage, decks, indoor drains. Often complements tile.

Poolside, plastic is a very common choice. Plastic is simple to install, inexpensive, and lightweight. Chlorinated water can be hard on many materialsit will degrade plastic over time. However, plastic will tend to bleach and fade rather than corroding, splintering, or peeling. Pool applications often do not need a lot of strength or impact resilience: the most theyll deal with is a person running over them to cannonball from the pools edge. The smooth finish of the plastic grating is a soft material choice for bare feet. Plastic is easily cast, so plastic grates may have complex decorative patterns.

Other applications also use plastic. Often plastic is used outside in residential applications and inside in commercial one. Entire drain systems can be purchased out of plastic, making the act of trench installation simple. This appeals to the residential market. Commercial plastic will often be installed for its non-reactivity in areas that might see spills of acidic liquids. Thicker, stronger plastics are generally used in commercial settings.

Plastic has a few challenges. Thermal resilience is one of them. Plastic can be brittle and more likely to shatter in freezing conditions. Freeze/thaw cycles also may permanently embrittle some plastics.

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How To Choose What Your Trench Grates Are Made Of

Drainage is a ubiquitous part of construction. Its so common that it often goes unnoticed unless something goes wrong and water backs up around it. Water management is important to all types of building and landscaping from culverts near fields to the slopes of city streets. Trench drains are found in many of these drainage systems. The small channels these furrows create are surface capillaries designed to capture and move water to sewers, bioswales, softscapes, and streams.

Trench is different than weeping tile or French drains in that these are open conduits in the substrate. To prevent tripping people or catching debris, they must be covered with grates. Given the variety of places that these drains may be installed, designers have a lot of choice when picking trench grates material.

There are several factors to consider when choosing trench grate. The contractor might think about aesthetics, cost, wear patterns, total load, weather patterns, and replacement interval. Will the drain be managing rain water alone? Or will it manage salty, chlorinated, or acidic liquids? Will it be part of a containment system for chemical spills?

Meeting Industrial Needs With Heavy Duty Metal Grates

Rapid Trench – Trench Drain Installation System

A high-quality, functional drainage system is an essential part of any facility. Without one, there is a chance for standing water to collect, which can damage the floors and overall integrity of a structure. Standing water can also lead to the growth of harmful mold, mildew, and other contaminants.

A good drainage system is especially important in the industrial sector where there is a higher standard of need. Going hand-in-hand with the need for a proper drainage system is the need for heavy duty steel grating.

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Stainless Steel Channel Drain

  • Durability: to
  • Common locations: Showers, tubs, driveways, patios. Complements bathroom tile, stone, and wood.

Stainless steel is generally chosen for corrosion resistance and aesthetic look. Because it is a steel, stainless has tough mechanical properties because of the cost of material, stainless grates are usually thinner gauge. The silver-glint of polished stainless is one of the reasons it is so prized, and this lighter color often adds to the lighter overall look of the grating. Stainless steel trench grates are also usually constructed of simple machined shapes. Slotted widths are common, or a pattern of holes. Like steel, stainless is harder to cast. These grates therefore often fit well in modern spaces featuring spare geometric designs.

Corrosion resistance is one of stainless steels greatest strengths. Passivation creates an almost invisible protective film that prevents flaky red iron oxides from forming. Some grades of stainless are challenged by salts or acids, and so it is important to pick the right kind of stainless for the setting. In a shower or bathroom, might be a fine choice. Outdoor applications that may be exposed to salty water would be better served with 316 stainless.

Slotted Grating Specifications And Options

  • 1/2″ reinforced for drains in areas with vehicular traffic, such as warehouses and garages
  • 3/8 heavy duty and 1/2″ extra heavy duty grating for area drains
  • Round, square, rectangular shapes, both standard and custom sizes

All of StainlessDrains.coms products are manufactured in the U.S., at our plant in Texas. We offer competitive pricing and our drain specialists work with each client to ensure that the drain and its components meet the requirements of each installation.

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Replacing Broken Trench Drain Grates

If one has broken trench drain grates, it might be tempting to ignore the problem, thinking its not too bad. However, a broken trench drain grate can lead to other issues, making afully working trench drain crucial for any landscape. If the drain is damaged, it might not be able to block debris from entering the channel.

A well-functioning trench drain grate is key to protecting a structures foundation from excess water.

A clogged drain can cause water to pool near the foundation or other parts of a structure, leading to costly damage. It can also endanger the rest of the landscape while also making it unsightly and unusable. Pooled water can encourage the growth of moss and algae in some areas, causing a foul odour. Plus, standing water can reduce the amount of usable space and encourage mosquitos, which can be a health hazard for people.

The hazards of broken trench grating arent limited to those from excess water. A broken grate can be dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles. A pedestrian could step on a grate and have it crack. If this leads to injury due to a fall, one could face legal issues. In the same way, a broken grate could fail under the weight of a vehicle, resulting in severe damage.


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