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How To Clean Sunroof Drains

Repairing A Broken Sunroof Drain Line

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If you find that the line is broken, you mustrepair it to prevent electrical and interior damage. The normal procedureis to take the interior panel “A” pillar, the one by the windshieldapart and replace the line. If your car is equipped with head curtainairbags there’s also an airbag in there so disconnectthe battery and follow all applicable cautions in your factory service manualbefore doing any work.

An alternative is to put a new line inside the old line. Snake a hoseinto the sunroof drain and out the drain. Then trim to fit. If it doesn’t want to go inthrough the top, snake the line in through the bottom. Pictures from volksbloggin.

Put a fitting in the end of the hose to prevent it from fallingin any further. Clean the area thoroughly. Use silicone sealant to hold the upper end in place andlet dry. Some broken sewer lines can also be repaired with a liner instead ofhaving dig out the line.

Here is a picture of what the sunroof drains look like on the inside . I put a little gasketmaker around the drain to help hold it in place.

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How To Clean Car Sunroof Drain Tubes

Assuming you have a sunroof and not a moonroof the procedure is as follows:

1.Using a small flathead screwdriver pry up the two drain covers located on either side of your sunroof. These are usually located near the front corners of the sunroof.

2.Once the drain covers are removed you should see two small tubes sticking out. These are your sunroof drains.

3.Using a small funnel pour a cup of white vinegar into each of the sunroof drains.

4.Let the vinegar sit for a few minutes then use a small wire brush to clean out any debris or gunk that may be clogging the drains.

5.Rinse the drains with clean water then replace the drain covers.

6.Test your sunroof drains by pouring a small amount of water onto the sunroof and seeing if it drains properly.

Common Car Sunroof Repairs

In addition to the repairs mentioned previously, here are some other common car sunroof repairs to be aware of:

  • Broken sunroof motor The motor allows the sunroof to open with the push of a button. If yours isnt working, the internal gears inside the motor might have seized-up or broken. Take your car to a professional to fix any sunroof motor issues.
  • Broken cable or track When a sunroof cable or track breaks, the sunroof is rendered useless. In this case, a total replacement is often necessary.
  • Broken glass Broken sunroof glass is a severe hazard that you shouldnt take lightly. Alert a professional glass technician as soon as possible.

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How To Clean Sunroof Drain Ford Escape

Ford Escapes sunroof gives people the rooftop view they desire in a family-friendly vehicle. The sunroof comes with a good drainage system. This allows the water build-up on the roof to flow freely to the bottom of the car. Sometimes dirt and debris often clog up the drain, which damages the car.

The sunroof drain is easy to clean with some basic tips and tricks. One of the methods you can use is to use compressed air. Blow some compressed air down the drains a couple of times. This will help remove the debris stuck in the drain and let the water flow freely.

However, most people often ignore cleaning their sunroof drain for a long time. Doing so often attracts insects such as maggots, mosquitos, etc., to your car. If you want to keep your cars condition in tip-top shape and insect free then stick to the end.

How To Clean Sunroof Drain In Cars

How to Unplug a Sunroof Drain : 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Most people who own a car will eventually need to replace their windshield, but if youve got a leaky sunroof then you may not even notice. However, when you find yourself facing this problem, you wont have much choice but to call an auto repair service.

If your car has a sunroof, then it can also happen that water gets inside the interior and forms puddles on the floorboards. This can lead to rusting of parts of the bodywork. And while this is something you might never be aware of, it could affect your safety in the future.

There are many ways that you can go about cleaning up after a storm. Some people will use soap and warm water to remove stains. Others will just leave the mess alone until they have time to do things properly. But if you dont want to waste valuable time, then you should invest in a product like this one from Windshield Wiper Dusters.

What Is Sunroof Drain?

A sunroof drain can be a problem when your car needs a repair. If you have a sunroof, you need to make sure that the roof drains properly so that water doesnt get into the interior of the vehicle. You should also check the condition of the seal around the opening of the sunroof.

If you notice any leaks, you will want to contact an auto body shop to fix the issue. Sunroof drains are usually easy to replace, but youll still need to call a professional to do the job.

Sunroof Drain Cleaning Tips

Sunroof Drain Cleaning Tools

Sunroof Drain Cleaning Materials

Sunroof Drain Cleaning Process

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Common Types Of Sunroof Leaks And How To Fix Them

Sunroofs can leak in a number of places. Sunroofs are particularly susceptible to leakage because most are actually meant to leak by design. In order for the glass to sit flush against the roof, there is usually no exterior gasket to block water from dripping down along the outside edges of the sunroof. Instead, there are channels underneath the glass around the outside edges that catch the water. The channels typically have drain holes in each corner to allow the water to drain out. There is usually tubing attached to these drain holes that run down and out underneath the car.

In short, when it rains, a small amount of water leaks in around the sunroof is caught in the channels underneath the sunroof and drained out underneath the car. There are three issues youll want to look for if your sunroof is leaking. Its best to check them in order of easiest to hardest.

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I had a musty smell in my used car I had recently purchased. MY dealer called in LEAKPRO, and it was determined that the smell was due to a water leak. LEAKPRO fixed the leak, replaced all l the under pad and disinfected the flooring. My car smells great and no more leaks!

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Blow Compressed Air Through The Drain Hole A Few Times

Turn on your air compressor. Now use the regulator to adjust the pressure to 30 psi. Insert the air compressor hose inside the drain tube and blow compressed air a few times. Then take the hose out. This method is much quicker than other methods as it unclogs the drain tube with high-pressure air blow.

What Are The Problems Due To Clogged Sunroof Drains

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The problems due to clogged sunroof drains are as follows:

  • Vehicle not starting The rainwater leads to corrosion and excessive contact resistance between the potential distributors. The entire CAN network of the vehicle becomes inoperative and the vehicle cannot be started
  • Malfunction messages on the cluster There can be multiple warning messages in the instrument cluster. The vehicle cockpit fuse box is located in the A-pillar which can get corroded due to the rainwater.
  • Damage to the floor carpet and roof liner The accumulated water in the footwell gets absorbed by the floor carpets, and it is very difficult to dry the carpets and mats. The material of the roof liner also gets separated and starts to hang.

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Keep Moving Parts Greased

Youve heard the expression works like a well-oiled machine, havent you? Well, guess what? Thats because machines that are well-oiled work better than poorly oiled ones. Its not rocket science.

Your sunroof is full of rails, gears, motors, and moving parts that can dry out in the sun and put extra stress on the mechanisms that keep them going. In most cases, theyre easy to clean with a soft cloth and re-lubricated with lithium grease spray. It doesnt take long and it certainly wont drain your bank account, but a little routine lubrication could absolutely improve the long-term health of your sunroof.

Honestly, even a once-a-year routine maintenance of your sunroof may be enough to keep it in good shape. Because if you dont take the time to give it a little TLC every now and then, you may regret it.


What Happens If Your Sunroof Drain Is Clogged

Water builds in drain lines, can find places to pool and can damage the interior of your car if your drain system becomes blocked. He that if the water overfills the catch basin, it often leaks in behind the trim and headliners.

If you have a car with a manual transmission, you may need to change the fluid in the transmission fluid reservoir. If you dont know how to do this, check with your dealer.

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Can Sunroof Drains Get Clogged

To check for any clogs in the tube, pour a bottle of water over the closed sunroof and look for any water thats come out the bottom of the car. If you dont see any water, you could have a clog. If you suspect that theres a clog in the tube, you should bring it into an auto repair shop to have it addressed.

Dont Forget The Sunroof Drain

Pin on Car &  Truck

The sunroof drains are aspects of your car that you probably dont think about often most people dont even know they exist! Sunroofs are sealed to keep most moisture out, so drains serve to drain the water away from the vehicle. Typically, they run from inside the roof area and exit somewhere else. Sunroof drains need regular care to function correctly.

If your sunroof drain becomes clogged, it can make your cars interior smell musty and cause a significant problem. Heres how to clean your sunroof drains to prevent future issues:

  • Locate the drain holes. The front drain holes usually exit in the doorjamb or under the car.
  • Clean off any debris around the drain holes.
  • Squeeze the rubber ends to let out any trapped water or debris.
  • Open the sunroof all the way and pour a small amount of water down the openings of the drain holes located near the sunroof.
  • Blow compressed air into the drains if they are clogged.
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    $122 Sunroof Drain Cleaning

    If you have an older car with a sunroof, then you may have experienced your sunroof leaking at some point or another. We offer a sunroof drain cleaning service which can help prevent water leaks for $122.

    Any Make and Model – $122 Sunroof Drain Cleaning

    If you have an older car with a sunroof, then you may have experienced your sunroof leaking at some point or another. What many auto owners don’t realize is that the vehicles with a sunroof typically have drain plugs which drain water and debris. Drain problems typically arise in vehicles that are not regularly parked in garages. Dirt, debris, and leaves can easily get caught in the drains and result in problems. These drains and drain plugs may be hard to access by the everyday driver and that’s where our service center comes into the picture. We offer a sunroof drain cleaning service which can help prevent water leaks for $122.

    Serving Wappingers Falls, Poughkeepsie& Milton, NY

    1162 U.S. 9, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

    How Do You Tell If A Sunroof Is Leaking

    Its a good idea to check your car for a water leak. If you notice any of these signs, you should immediately contact your local police department. If you suspect that your vehicle has been the victim of water damage, contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1-. If you suspect that your vehicle has been the victim of water damage, contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1-.

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    Sunroof Drain Cleaning Procedure

    Open the sunroof and front doors. There are 4 drains at the sunroof,one at each corner. A weedwacker line is pictured sticking in one of thedrains.

    In the mk3 passat the drain outputs are in thefender well and not visible.

    Mk4 VW Jetta and VW Golf drains are in the doorhinge as shown by the weedwacker line. You can clip the tip of the drainto let water exit easier. This is the modification of the drainsas a result of the class action lawsuit. The New Beetle’s drains are by thefront-lower windshield trim corners. If you can’t find the drain output,pour a little water at the top of the drains and see where it exits.

    Pour some water into the sunroof drain at the top and check for proper flowout the drain. This will also help clean out any small particles. I don’trecommend compressed air because it might blow loose the line. If this happens,you have to remove the interior panels to repair the line. If it’s okay,pour a lot of water in there to flush any particles out. If the linegets dislodged or you find water leaking into the interior, repair it using thesteps below.

    If it’s not flowing well, use a weedwacker line to poke it clean little bylittle or twist the rubber exit drain with your fingers to open it. Do not use a coat hanger oranything that could puncture the drain line or else you will have to remove theinterior panels to repair it! Don’t force the weedwacker line!

    As mentioned in the introduction, the mk3 and mk5 sunroof drains are behind the fender.

    What Are Some Symptoms Of Clogged Sunroof Drainages

    Unclogging storm drain. Multiple whirlpools. In the spirit of @post.10

    If you sit in your car after a hard rainstorm, or perhaps even after a good carwash, you may notice that parts of the interior are wet. These parts may include the front seats, floor mats, or even the door panels. If you find that the car is sopping wet, then make sure to dry out the interior as much as possible before cleaning the drains.

    If you can, park the car in a garage and leave the windows open overnight. You can also dry the parts of the interior using a large towel and a small space heater. If anything, its best to dry the interior as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent any mold from growing or odors from forming.

    After the interior is dry, clean out the sunroof drains as soon as possible. That way, you wont have to worry about it if it ends up raining again.

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    Dont Neglect Annual Care

    Once a year, we recommend scheduling a detailing for your sunroof. If you live in a particularly dusty or dirty area, you might want to make this a monthly or bi-monthly practice.

    An auto expert will clean the sunroof and perform a detailed drain cleaning. Theyll make sure there is no blockage or other concerns with the drain tubes. When those steps are complete, theyll close the sunroof and rinse it with water. Youll be able to fully enjoy the luxury of your sunroof once you know its clean and functional!

    Sunroof Drain Cleaning Hard To Do

    jujuC6I was told by Audi that the sunroof drains must be cleaned every two years. They quoted me $69 to get them done but was wondering if this is something simple? It sure sounds like it is but not sure.LeeladiskyMight be a GREAT addition to the WIKI or tech articles section….would do it if I knew how… lmaoLeejujuC6I was told by Audi that the sunroof drains must be cleaned every two years. They quoted me $69 to get them done but was wondering if this is something simple? It sure sounds like it is but not sure.How you know this happened?TSullBe careful using compressed air. A friend is going through a nightmare from using it because it can blow the tube off the nipple it is attached to and then water has no way to drain.Posts

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