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How To Get Rid Drain Flies

What Do Drain Fly Eggs Look Like

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

Drain fly eggs look brown or cream-colored and can hatch within 32 to 48 hours. Female drain flies lay their eggs in wet, organic matter such as found in drain traps and garbage disposals. They can lay between 30 to 100 eggs and their larvae and pupae exist inside the slime layer in your drain.

Once hatched, pale white larvae will feed on organic material within the drain. Drain fly eggs can mature to adults in seven to 28 days.

Clean Your Drains Carefully

Regularly cleaning your drains will kill the larvae and the adult flies. You can opt for a commercial cleaning productsuch as a bleach solution or a chemical cleaneror a do-it-yourself , environmentally friendly solution.

One such recipe calls for homeowners to pour one cup of white vinegar and a pot full of boiling water down the drain to disinfect it. Be careful if you choose this method because hot water could splash back up on you.

Baking soda is another effective household drain cleaner. You can mix a half cup of baking soda with a half cup of salt, half cup of lemon juice, or a half cup of vinegar for an environmentally friendly disinfecting option.

If your drain fly problem persists after a good cleaning, the flies may be living deeper in your pipes. In this case, you may want to invest in a pipe brush. These brushes feature stainless steel bristles attached to the end of a flexible pipe designed especially for home drains. You can scrub out the buildup in your pipes using these tools.

Of All The Drain Insects That You Might Discover Scurrying Or Buzzing Around In Your Bathroom Drain Flies Which Are Also Called Moth Flies Are Among The Most Common They Can Also Be Persistent Pests However There Are Preventive Measures That You Can Take To Help Keep Them From Establishing A Presence In Your Home In The First Place

Drain fly prevention starts with vigilance and a little old-fashioned elbow grease. Any areas rich in wet organic materials, like kitchen waste, can attract drain flies. Drain fly larvae in particular require wet organic material. They are also surprisingly hardy and can survive being completely submerged for 24 hours or more.

Your drain fly removal and/or prevention strategy should begin with eliminating any areas of standing water in infested areas. Next, make sure to keep your drains sanitary with monthly cleaning. That also includes cleaning your garbage disposal unit and not allowing food waste to accumulate in your sink.

Additionally, make sure you check and clean other areas where drain flies have been known to congregate, such as drain pans under your air conditioner unit and fridge, flood drains in basements or any outdoor areas where you know rainwater tends to collect.

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Mix Baking Soda + Salt + Vinegar

Another DIY solution for taking care of drain flies is creating a cleaning solution of baking soda, salt, and vinegar. Vinegar causes baking soda to expand, which will help perform a deeper clean of your drains. Create this mixture by combining ½ cup salt, ½ cup baking soda, and one cup of vinegar, then pour it down your drain. Leave this mixture overnight and flush with hot water in the morning.

How Do Fruit Flies Get In A Drain

Keep Your Sinks Clean to Avoid Drain Flies from Moving In

Fruit flies are attracted to rotting food and other organic matter, and that stuff can wind up in your drain when you do dishes, says Nancy Troyano, Ph.D., a board-certified entomologist and the director of operations education and training for Presto-X. Fruit flies seek decaying organic matter to lay their eggs, she says. The gunky build up in drains is exactly that. So, fruit flies may choose drains as a breeding site.

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Why Do My Plants Have Little Black Flies

A: Theyre most likely fungus gnats. These little buggers are a really common pest over winter, and theyre more attracted to the moist soil in houseplant pots than to the plants themselves. Fungus gnats are mainly an annoying nuisance.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies When You Cant Find The Source

Its important to find the source of your fruit flies so that you can get rid of the source effectively. If you cannot find the source, its likely because your fruit flies are coming in by way of your produce. Should that be true, you want to make sure you compost or throw out your produce before it gets overripe or goes bad. Make sure to keep the lid to the garbage closed tightly and to take out the garbage and compost frequently.

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Chemical Repellents & Sprays

Many drain fly chemical products can be used for a variety of pests, including fruit flies or gnats. As is the case with all chemicals, please pay close attention to the instructions for proper usage on the label before applying.

Here are some of the most popular chemicals on the market for eliminating and repelling drain fly infestations:

  • Covington Drain Fly Repellent: This repellent works by coating the inside of your drain and sticking to the walls of the drain, repelling drain flies.
  • Green Gobbler Fruit Fly Goodbye Gel Drain Treatment: This product works against both fruit flies and drain flies, easily killing them with a gel formula that you can pour down garbage disposals, drains, and more.
  • American BioSystems: This is usually recommended for commercial drains but can be used for extreme drain fly infestations. Safe for clearing bacteria and pests out of drains.

How To Kill Drain Flies

MASSIVE DRAIN FLY INFESTATION!! How to get rid of drain flies…FOR GOOD!

Its advisable to enlist the help of a professional pest control company rather than resorting to DIY pest control. The breeding site needs to be removed in order for the procedure to be successful.

Pest Defence is a reputable pest control company serving London, Essex and the surrounding areas. With regular or one-off, emergency services available, we can tackle any pest infestation in both domestic and commercial premises. To find out more, get in touch today.

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Where Does Drain Flies Come From

Finding and removing the drain flies water and food sources is the key to preventing them from getting into your house. You can accomplish this by setting up easy-to-set traps utilizing an insect adhesive board or a plastic cup.

When using the plastic cup technique, lightly cover the interior of the cup with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil before inverting it over the drain where you think flies may reside. Check on it every day while leaving the cup in that spot for several days. Flies will start to gather on the inner surface of the cup if there are any residing in the drain.

Making a cardboard frame to hold a glue board over a drain where you think drain flies might reside is another option. Place an upside-down insect glue board on the frame. Check the board every day while leaving it in place for a few days. Most likely, flies coming out of the drain will stick to the adhesive board.

Whichever style of trap you choose, be sure to inspect it often. Set the trap to some other potential location if no flies are found there after several days. Take your hunt to the outside and look for any regions with moisture and rotting material if you are unable to discover a supply inside the house.

What Are Fruit Flies

A fruit fly is a small fly that feeds on fruit. Adult fruit flies actually lay their eggs embedded in decaying organic matter or on the surface of overripe fruits. For these reasons, overripe or decomposing food is the number one culprit of causing fruit flies in the home.

Fruit flies live off of the juices of fruit, which give them sustenance, nutrients, and energy. The more time a fruit fly has to feed off the fruit, the more the fly will mature into its adult self, becoming ready to lay its own larvae.

Gross, isnt it?

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Drain Flies Are Harmless But Still A Nuisance

Some homeowners worry they might be hazardous, and this is understandable. Although they have no idea what drain flies are, most people believe they are a sign of poor hygiene or uncleanliness. The average homeowner can eradicate them with an over-the-counter product in most cases. Much will depend on the severity of the problem. If the problem persists, you may need to contact a local exterminator for assistance.

Clean And Repair Drains

Quick and Easy Method to Get Rid of Drain Flies For Good ...

Thoroughly clean in and around your home’s drains, sinks, and drain pipes. Clean down into drains with a long, stiff brush, then pour boiling water through the drain to clean out any remaining sludge.

After scrubbing, a good natural rinse made with baking soda and vinegar will sterilize your drains. Mix 1/2 cup salt and 1/2 cup baking soda and pour the mixture into the drain. Pour 1 cup of liquid white vinegar into the drain, where it will begin a foaming action with the baking soda. Allow the mixture to work overnight to kill any remaining larvae. In the morning, pour some very hot water down into the drain to rinse it and any remaining fly larvae away.

There are also a variety of biodegradable drain gels and liquids that will thoroughly clean the pipes, eliminating the breeding ground for drain flies. Try to avoid using chemical cleaners, however.

If you find any leaky drain traps or other drain pipes, replace these, as the dripping water can provide a source of water and food for flies on the floor of cabinets or in wall cavities.

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How Do You Know If You Have Drain Flies

Treehugger / Alexandra Cristina Nakamura

You will spot them resting on walls and ceilings near the suspected sink. You can also cover the drain with sticky tape and when the flies try to come out of the drain, they’ll stick to the tape. Try to leave the tape overnight or over a weekend to account for 48-hour life cycle variations. If there are flies stuck to the tape, you have drain flies in those pipes.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Drain Flies

In some cases, simply flushing out your drains can remove both the drain fly larvae and remove any temptation for drain flies to return. Use these methods both as preventative and management tactics for managing your infestation.

Boiling Water

The simplest method to clear out your drain fly issue is to pour boiling water carefully down your drain 1-2 times a day for about a week. This will ensure that the flies do not return overnight if the water did not catch all of the organic material built up inside.

Baking Soda + Salt + Vinegar

Combine this go-to mixture of pantry items to create a natural cleaning solution and pour it down your drain overnight. The baking soda expands with the vinegar, reaching more areas than the boiling water. After letting the solution sit until the morning, flush out the pipe with boiling water.

Soap + Water + Sugar + Vinegar

Add a few drops of dish soap to a bowl of water, sugar, and apple cider vinegar. Leave the bowl out for a few days close to the drain to attract the drain flies to the sweet solution. The thickness of the added soap will trap the flies in the water.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Plastic Wrap

Create another common DIY fly trap by covering a bowl, jar, or mug with plastic wrap. Fill the bottom of the container with an inch of apple cider vinegar. Punch small holes in the top of the plastic in order to allow the flies in but not allow them to get out.

Drain + Duct Tape

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Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Another popular treatment for drain flies is apple cider vinegar. Simply fill a container, like a bowl, mug, or jar, with apple cider vinegar and cover it with plastic wrap. Create several small holes in the plastic so that flies can enter but not exit the trap. Place this trap near infested drains.

Ways On How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies How To Kill Drain Gnats

How to get rid of drain flies in shower, kitchen, or bathroom

Drain flies gather around standing water, showers, and other spots and can live for up to three weeks. With new eggs hatching as quickly as every 48 hours, it could quickly become a huge cause of stress. This article takes you through some easy ways that will let you know How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

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Are Drain Flies Harmful

Nope! They don’t bite humans or transmit human disease, but they are a sign that your kitchen could use a deep clean, especially if you want to prevent more insects like roaches from joining the party.

Fight drain flies with these kitchen cabinet staples:
Bio Clean Bio-clean Drain and Septic Tanks Cleaner

Eliminate The Eggs And Larvae

The eggs and soon-to-be larvae are the sources of the next generation of drain flies. Since there are hundreds of eggs and larvae in the drain, destroying the source will stop the adult drain fly from making more. Focus on the drains where there are signs of infestation.

Metal Pipe Brush

Remove slime and gunk around and near the drain opening with a stiff metal wire brush. As you go around the edges of the pipe, move the brush in an up and down motion. Pull it out and rinse the pipe brush under faucet water to clean it.


A drain snake can remove any blockage deep inside the drain, including eggs, larvae, and clogs. However, drain snakes are difficult to use. An easier drain snake is the DrainShroom. This 42-inch drain snake attaches to any power drill and reaches any clog or blockage up to 3 feet inside drains. Just insert the coil end in the drain, connect the other end to the power drill, and use the drill to grab clogs, move the snake deeper in the pipe, and pull out the clog.

Baking Soda, Salt, and Vinegar

The combo of baking soda, salt, and vinegar down the drain is a home remedy that works well against eggs and larvaebuildup. In this order, pour a cup of baking soda, a cup of salt, and two cups of vinegar down the drain before bed. Let it sit overnight, then flush the mixture down the drain with boiling water.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Drain Flies

The process of getting rid of drain flies is generally pretty simple.

Usually, boiling water or baking soda and vinegar are enough to flush out their nest and send them on their way.

If you have drain flies in your kitchen and keep organic ingredients like a bowl of fruit out on the countertop, you may want to toss those items as they are likely contaminated. After a couple days, your home should be free of annoying gnats.

However, your efforts could be moot if youre not addressing the bigger issue of the slow or clogged drain theyre living in.

If you still notice them coming back after going to all of the effort to kill them off, it is likely that a new colony has moved back into your plumbing system.

Thats when it is definitely time to tackle the clog issue and remove their ideal habitat to keep flies from coming back for good.

How To Remove And Prevent Drain Flies

Drain Fly Killer, Fruit Fly Killer Gel Treatment and Drain Cleaner ...

If you notice these fuzzy flies sprouting out of your drain while washing your dishes, it’s time to clean house. Here’s what to do:

  • Look for the breeding site. “A thorough inspection is required to find the fly’s breeding site, so you should look at a variety of places drains, dirty garbage cans, saucers under potted plants, birdbaths or feeders, clogged roof gutters, clogged storm drains, air conditioners, cooling towers, moist compost and rain barrels,” Meek says. Check also around your sewer or septic tank if you have one. “Once organic material is removed , the problem is solved, except for the adult flies. They will live about 20 days but will have no place to lay eggs to continue their life cycles,” he adds.
  • Clean your drains. But your typical drain cleaner won’t fix the problem, according to Meek. “Foaming enzymes applied by pest control professionals break down the film coating that drain flies are eating and may also target drain fly eggs, thus helping to prevent future breeding. This treatment is not dangerous and does not harm plumbing,” he says. Another tactic is to use an ultra-low volume fogging machine to kill the flies, but this doesn’t address the issue of the breeding site and so doesn’t provide long-term control.
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