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How To Get Your Sinuses To Drain

Opt For Steam To Clear The Sinuses

Drain Sinus & Clear Stuffy Nose in 1 Move | Created by Dr. Mandell

You can help to relieve pressure using steam. One of the most commonly suggested options is to sit in a warm shower for at least 15 minutes, allowing the natural steam to do the work. You can also do this in a hot bath, but you will need to protect your skin from the heat.

If you cannot stand the heat of the water or you want it hotter, you can make your mini head sauna.

Place a bowl of boiled water on a table. Put your head over the bowl and use a towel over your head to help trap the steam within the area. You can breathe the steam in and out, naturally clearing the pressure within your sinuses and relieving the pain and discomfort in your ears.

If you want to go one step further, you can opt for some Vicks or another menthol cream within the water. Mint essential oil will also work. You only need a little to create menthol steam that offers more benefits to clear out your sinuses and relieve the pressure that has built up.

Avoid putting your head down while doing this. You want to keep it over the bowl in a semi-upright position. Putting your head down will cause more pressure on the sinuses and your ears.

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What Causes Constant Sinus Drainage

Before we get into where sinus drainage goes, lets review why humans have sinus drainage in the first place. Our body produces a sticky, viscous substance called mucus to lubricate the sinuses and to keep outside germs and irritants from finding their way into your sinuses and respiratory system. Mucus plays such an important role in maintaining your health that your body produces up to 1.5 liters of the stuff a day!

When youre sick your body responds by producing excess mucus. This overproduction can lead post-nasal drip a condition in which excess mucus collects at the back of the nose and then drains down the back of the throat .

Pressure Points To Drain Sinuses

In addition to manual massages, you can also access sinus pressure points using a technique called acupressure. This ancient healing technique originated in China and uses the same principles as acupuncture except you use your fingers to trigger the pressure points instead of needles.

Here are some pressure points to trigger to help relieve sinus pain and congestion. Simply press and gently massage these areas for several minutes or until you feel relief.

  • Acupresssure Point BL2: Located where your eyebrow meets your nose, this pressure point can help relieve frontal headaches.
  • Acupresssure Point GB20: Located at the back of your head where the skull meets neck muscles, this pressure point can relieve midline headaches.
  • Acupresssure Point L3: Located on your foot between the tendons of your big toe and second toe, this pressure point can help with headaches.
  • Acupresssure Point LI4: Located on your hand between the thumb and index finger, this pressure point can help relieve sinus congestion.
  • Acupresssure Point LI 20: Located at the base of your nose, this pressure point can help relieve sinus pressure.
  • Acupresssure Point SI18: Located where your cheekbones meet your nose, this pressure point can relieve sinus congestion.

While at-home remedies can provide relief from mild sinus infections and sinus-related congestion, you should see an otolaryngologist for more chronic symptoms. To learn more about what these specialists do, visit our blog on ENTs.

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Does Flonase Help Post

Nasal steroid sprays are effective at treating postnasal drip because they reduce the amount of mucus that causes coughing, sinus pressure, and sore throats. Flonase and Rhinocort are examples of nasal sprays that are used to treat allergic rhinitis, which is a recurring postnasal drip due to allergies.

General Sinus Face Massage

Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

To start, place your four fingers on each of your temples and gently massage in a circular motion. If you feel a tense spot, hold and breathe for several seconds. You can continue along parts of your forehead and hairline.

Next, take your thumb and index finger and place them on your eyebrow closest to your nose while gently pinching down. Hold this position for several seconds. Slowly work your way across the eyebrow toward your ear.

Then take four fingers and place them on the inside of your cheekbone near the bottom of your nose. Gently press and drag your fingers outward. Repeat several times.

As you finish toward the outside of your ear, gently massage the temporomandibular joint , which connects the lower jaw to the skull. If you cant find it, open your mouth and you should be able to feel it protrude out.

Finally, make a V with your fingers by separating your middle and index fingers from your ring and pinky fingers. Bring your fingers to your ear and slowly massage this area in an upward and downward motion.

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For Children Contact A Doctor If Their Nasal Congestion:

  • Is accompanied by a fever and the child is under 2 months old
  • Is causing difficulty with breastfeeding or eating or drinking
  • Is causing problems with breathing
  • Is accompanied by swelling, pain, or pressure in the face, cheek, or forehead
  • Is causing difficulty with vision
  • Is accompanied by a yellow, green, or off-colored nasal discharge
  • Is accompanied by a bloody discharge
  • Is accompanied by a sore throat and/or visible signs of white or yellow spots on the tonsils

What About Prescription Treatments

If these approaches arent effective, prescription treatments may be the next best steps, including:

  • A nasal steroid spray
  • Ipratropium nasal spray which inhibits secretions

Other treatments depend on the cause of the post-nasal drip. Antibiotics are not usually helpful, so they arent usually prescribed for post-nasal drip . For allergies, dusting and vacuuming often, covering your mattresses and pillowcases, and special air filter can help reduce exposure to allergy triggers.

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How To Drain Sinuses With A Massage According To Experts

A lot of people ask me how to drain sinuses with a massage. They just cant deal with the constant stuffiness, pressure, and nasal discharge. I get it. Ive been there. I started having sinus problems since I was nine years old.

At first, it started off with regular nasal discharge and puffiness. But, the older I got, the more my problems started to magnify. The occasional membrane inflammation turned into chronic sinusitis, and the constant runny nose was a pain to deal with.

Thats until I learned how to do a massage for sinus inflammation. Now, the whole sinus issues are more bearable. Plus, I can breathe through my nose which is something I couldnt even think of back in middle school.

If you want to learn the tricks to a facial massage for sinus problems, youve come to the right place. I decided to share all my knowledge and personal experience with you so that youll have a much easier time dealing with your sinuses.

Where Does Sinus Drainage Go

Sinus Pressure: The Fastest Way to Drain Your Sinuses

It is natural and healthy for your sinuses to produce mucus but at the end of the day, where does mucus go? Is sinus drainage normal? And if so, why does it sometimes make us sick? Here, we answer the question, Where does sinus drainage go? and share potential remedies for excessive sinus drainage / post-nasal drip.

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Drinking Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water and increasing intake of fluids helps cure such conditions owing to allergies and environmental factors. Proper hydration can thin out your mucus secretions, which can help get rid of the problem fast. You can drink plenty of fluids except for dehydrating ones like alcohol and caffeine.

Can I Massage While Sick With Flu

A massage is meant to relieve any tension and boost the immune system. But, when the body is already having trouble with an infection or a virus , it is not a good idea to get a massage. The pressure you apply can feel incredibly heavy and make you dizzy. This is not something you need when you are sick.

If you really need a massage while sick, try acupuncture. A lot of people wonder can acupuncture help sinus pressure? The truth is, many rely on acupuncture for blocked sinuses. Plus, it can relieve the symptoms of the flu, like headaches, fever, chills, cough, or sore throat.

But, most importantly, it can help get your runny nose in check and soothe the congestion. These are all benefits that can come in handy when dealing with sinus problems.

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Unlocking The Mystery Of Your Sinuses: Answers To 8 Common Questions

An empty space can be a lot of something. That’s the story of your sinuses four pairs of air-filled interconnected cavities located between your eyes and nose. Along with the nasal passages in the nose, your sinuses produce and circulate mucus.

While the sinuses are small, they can cause a lot of misery for some people. Your sinuses are connected to your external environments through the nasal passages, and your sinuses can be exposed to allergens, viruses, fungi and bacteria. This can lead to inflammation, congestion, excess mucus, pain, postnasal drip and swelling around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead. Each year, about 29 million U.S. adults are diagnosed with an infection in their sinuses, also called sinusitis.

Between The Thumb & Index Fingers

How to Drain Sinuses with Oil Pulling!

Located between your index finger and your thumb, this point is great for relieving sinuses, as well as a general tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. Its even able to help with migraines. To locate the spot, rest your hand flat on a surface. Then, let your thumb and index finger rest against each other, and find a point that is elevated the most. Squeeze it with both your fingers and hold the pressure for some time. Repeat the procedure for the other hand.

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How To Clear Your Sinuses And Ears

This article was medically reviewed by Monica Kieu, DO, FACS. Dr. Monica Kieu is a board certified Otolaryngologist and Specialist in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Kieu received a BS in Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside and earned her medical degree , with honors, from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona. She then completed her residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Michigan State University/Detroit Medical Center, where she served as chief resident. Dr. Kieu also completed a prestigious fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Toronto. She is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, American Osteopathic Colleges of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Rhinologic Society. Dr. Kieu was recently named one of LAs Top Docs by Los Angeles Magazine.There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 63,533 times.

Use Humidifiers Within The Home

Wherever you can, keep your sinuses moist. When they dry out, the pressure feels worse, and you can suffer more symptoms, such as dizziness and headaches. Humidifiers are the easiest and quickest way to keep your sinuses moist throughout the day, especially when you are in the home. They help to add moisture to the air, regardless of the temperatures and humidity outside. If you live in an area known for dry heat, you will want to consider a humidifier for other reasons. They are excellent for keeping the skin moist and supporting the heat of the rest of your body.

Keep the humidifiers running throughout the night. This is often when most people experience drier temperatures and need the help. You can avoid waking up with the feeling that you have been in the sauna.

If you cannot use a humidifier for any reason, you will need to consider your other options to keep your sinuses moist and clear. One of the best options is a nasal saline spray.

Most people will think of the pharmaceutical options, but they are not necessary. You can make your own with just some filtered or pre-boiled water. You will want to make sure the toxins and minerals are removed from the water before using it as a saline spray.

Dont use the saline mixtures within the ears. You can cause damage to your hearing. Only opt for ear saline treatments when used by a trained professional.

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Optional Sinus Massage Tips

For any of the sinus massages you try, if you dont feel like your sinuses are clear, feel free to repeat the massages every hour or so. Additionally, try out these optional tips for an even more soothing, relaxing, and effective sinus massage.

  • Place your hands on a heated-up microwavable hot pack or rub your hands together to warm them up a bit before massaging.
  • Lay down and place a microwavable hot pack on your forehead or under the back of your neck while you give yourself the sinus massages.
  • Add a drop of your favorite essential oils to your fingertips before massaging. Alternatively, try rubbing a drop of your favorite essential oil just below your nose for a calming effect. Menthol-based oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and spearmint work wonders for opening up your sinuses as their smell is a natural nasal decongestant.

To Help Prevent Nasal Congestion From Allergic Or Environmental Causes Such As Hay Fever Or Vasomotor Rhinitis:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes and nose
  • Avoid triggers, such as dust, pollen, perfumes, smoke, and other irritants
  • Avoid food and beverages with high levels of histamines, such as alcohol and fermented dairy products
  • Wear a mask on days with bad air quality
  • Take a hot shower and rinse your sinuses with a saline solution before bed
  • Change your pillowcases and bedding often
  • Keep dust to a minimum
  • Close the windows and use AC when possible
  • Use air filters and purifiers when possible

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How To Prevent Nasal Congestion

Its almost impossible to prevent nasal congestion completely because we are always surrounded by allergens, bacteria, viruses, molds and other triggers that can cause us to become plugged up. However, by taking steps to protect ourselves, we can also limit how often we experience congestion and sinus pressure.

See What Life Is Like *post* Post

As you can see, knowing the answer to the question, Where does sinus drainage go? is the first in a series of steps towards eradicating post-nasal drip from your life. And for many, the final step in this journal is balloon sinuplasty.

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally-invasive, in-office procedure that can provide long-lasting relief from chronic sinus issues in less than 20 minutes. Kaplan Sinus Reliefs Dr. Michael Kaplan is a pioneer of the procedure and has used the technique helped thousands of Houstonians breathe freely again.

Ready to see what life is like *post* post-nasal drip? Call Kaplan Sinus Relief at 713-766-1818 or contact us online to request an appointment today.

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How Do You Sleep With Mucus In Your Throat

Elevate your head and neck.Sleeping flat on your back or on your side can cause mucus to accumulate in your throat, which can trigger a cough. To avoid this, stack a couple of pillows or use a wedge to lift your head and neck slightly. Avoid elevating your head too much, as this could lead to neck pain and discomfort.

How To Drain Sinuses From Ears Massage

Pin on Trusted Health

Blocked sinuses and eustachian tubes 4 years ago i was sick and my ears were clogged . The popping plugged ears, sore throats, sinus problems and post nasal drip had all been early warning signs of mucus congestion in the lymphatic system.

Primo Lymphatic Massage How To Lymphatic Drainage Massage Face Easy Novu Aesthetic Facial Singapore Lymphatic Massage Lymphatic Drainage Massage Lymph Massage

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Rinse With Salt Water

The irritants from dust, pollution, and fragrances can make their way into your sinuses and cause congestion. To get rid of these irritants, use a saltwater saline rinse either an over-the-counter saline nasal spray or a saline rinse from a neti pot, which is designed to pour saline water through your sinuses, says Dr. Kern.

As Phillip Tanner, 44, of San Francisco, California, says, “I use very warm water and a super-saturated hypertonic salt solution. It’s definitely an odd experience, even once you get used to doing it, but I find that it really does help my symptoms.”

How To Clear Your Sinuses Without Drugs In 60 Seconds

Everyone, at some point, has experienced the feeling of sinus congestion: headaches, difficulty breathing through the nose, the loss of the sense of smell, and even a change in the sound of your voice. There are many things that can cause sinus congestion, but for most people, the solution is usually the same: over-the-counter drugs.

While these drugs do work, they often have undesirable side effects like drowsiness, and there is also the cumulative effect of taking pharmaceutical medicines on a regular basis that can take a toll on the body over time.

The good news is that there is now a safe alternative: in this article, you will learn about a chemical-free solution to clear your sinuses that takes only about a minute, and is absolutely free.

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