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How To Unclog Underground Gutter Drain Pipe

Dig Up The Problem Pipe

How to Unclog Underground Drainage Pipe – Step by Step Guide

If your downspout has water backing up, the chances are that the pipe itself is crushed or buckled. This restricts or completely stops the water from flowing. Tree roots, vehicles driving over the lines, and even shifting earth can compromise the pipes structure and construction.

If the pipe is broken or damaged, the gutter experts first step is locating the problem area. Experts typically use a metal snake or a metal detector to do this. They will use a wire with metal attached to it and run it across your underground drainage system.

When the wire hits the clogged area, that means they have reached the damaged part of your pipe. Next, the gutter pro will use the metal detector to find out where the clog blocks the metal attachment. This way, theyll know where to dig.

The gutter repair expert will carefully dig up the ground around the area that requires reconstruction. They might have a survey performed on your property first to ensure they do not dig into an electrical or gas line. Once they pinpoint the problem area, they will replace the broken pipe with a brand new section.

Digging and replacing underground drain pipes is a lot of work. And to get it done right, you will want professional assistance. Our gutter service experts are just a call away. We can locate the damaged pipe swiftly and replace it within a few hours all with minimal damage to your landscaping.

How To Unclog Underground Drain Pipes

Homeowners link their gutter downspouts to underground drains. These gutter drains are known as underground drains and they are very common plumbing issues. The underground drains goal is to divert water away from the house, usually to the street or sidewalk. They can also connect directly to the sewer system underneath in some cases. tells you more about it.

When these subsurface drains become clogged, the water in the gutter system is unable to drain correctly. This will cause water to overflow in various places, causing damage to your roof gutter system in the long run. Keep in mind that the drain could be slightly clogged, allowing some water to pass through or entirely clogged, preventing any water from passing through.

Water Damage In Basement

One of the most common causes of water damage in the basement or crawl space is from drainage systems. This includes clogged downspouts and improperly placed downspouts. If water is draining too close to your foundation, youll want to check if the downspout is clogged or just empties out in a bad location.

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Three Most Effective Ways To Unclog Underground Drain Pipes

1. Water Jetting

Water jetting is widely utilized and is frequently advised for cleaning, maintenance, and debris removal in underground outdoor drainage pipes.

A hose is inserted into the pipe, generally downstream, and the waster is blasted out at very high pressure during the water jetting pipe cleaning. While jolting the hose back and forth to wash away the dirt accumulated inside the pipe.

This water jetting technique is extremely successful at removing filth, grease, and oil-related particles.

The effectiveness of water jetting, however, diminishes with pipe diameter. The process of water jetting may not be as successful for pipelines longer than 100 meters.

2.Blow Bag

A blow bag employs water pressure to unclog drains. The device is composed of heavy-duty rubber and resembles a deflated balloon. A water source and a clogged drain line are connected to the blow bag.

The bag delivers a tremendous flow of water through the pipe after it fills with water, potentially breaking up the obstruction. On the other hand, a blow bag should be used with caution since too much pressure might damage pipes, particularly old ones with weak joints.

3. Picote Milling Machine

A Picote system uses a similar approach to cable rodding. Still, it adds specialized heads to the end of the cable for exceptionally resistant blockages such as ingrown tree roots or hard silt build-up. This enables the Pictote machine to clear obstructions, brush away debris, and clean from top to bottom.

Gutter Covers And Screens Limitations

Best Way To Unclog Underground Outdoor Drainage Pipe : Some Effective ...

Underground Gutter Drainage, Clog Solutions

The greater the surface area of the gutter downspout strainer, the less maintenance that will be required to keep the gutter flowing. A full-length gutter strainer, like the GutterBrush Leaf Guard, covers the entire gutter area. This gutter protection device keeps debris out of your gutter which, in turn, keeps debris out of your downspout and underground drainage system. All this while decreasing the amount of maintenance required to keep the entire system flowing. GutterBrush fills the entire gutter so you couldn’t possibly find a larger gutter strainer even better is the fact that GutterBrush’s raised bristle profile extends a little above the edge of the gutter for even more surface area and wind purge height. Available in five different diameters or widths to suit a range of different gutter sizes, the GutterBrush Leaf Guard is also easy to install with just two simple steps:

  • Clean out your gutters: Remove all existing gunk, leaves and debris. Also check your downspouts to make sure they’re clear and flowing fully.

  • Insert GutterBrush: Fill gutters end-to-end with GutterBrush, which is available in 36-inch and 18-inch lengths. Bend around corners and, if a piece is too long, simply fold the brush back into itself to make it fit. No need for tools, cutting or fasteners.

  • Find your size GutterBrush at GutterBrush Leaf Guard , to keep your ” runnel” or underground drain pipes, and gutters from clogging.

    Alex O’Hanley

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    What Does A Rain Drain Do

    The rain drain is the part of your gutter system thats underground. Water flows through the downspout and into the rain drain, ultimately into the street, a drywell, a drain field, or even the citys sewer system. Think of a rain drain as a downspout for your downspout its the final component of your entire gutter drainage system. Unfortunately, these small drains have a tendency to get clogged fairly easily. Things tumble from the roof into your gutters, through the downspout, and down into the rain drain.

    Usually, organic material is the culprit twigs or leaves, for example. Nearby tree roots can be attracted to the moisture present in the pipe, too, and start to break through its walls. Additionally, weve seen plenty of composition shingle pebbles which, again, fall off the roof and into your gutters, especially during heavy rain, and pile up in these rain drains. Fungus and moss can also be a problem they build up over time and are pretty tough to clear. All of it can be cleared, though more on that later.

    Using A Drain Bladder

    A drain bladder, sometimes known as a blow bag, is a deflated rubber balloon that attaches at one end to a water supply and at the other end to the clogged drain. It then uses water pressure to clear the drain pipe, by filling up and then pushing the whole balloons worth of water through the pipework.

    Drain bladders are efficient methods of unclogging drains, however they should be used with care as too much pressure can damage pipes, especially those with pre-existing cracks such as older pipes.

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    How Do Underground Drain Pipes Clog Advice From Rider Drains Cleaning & Repairs

    Underground drains are constantly receiving rainwater and debris from the gutters. This can include debris such as leaves, feathers, and even twigs and berries. As these pieces of debris build up in the pipe, they can cause blockages. We recently covered a helpful product for this problem gutter guards.

    Additionally, in the summer months, less rainfall means that the water travelling through the pipes moves slower and can leave sediment behind in the pipe, says Rider Drains Cleaning & Repairs. This can, over time, create a blockage too.

    One of the more serious causes of underground drain blockages is tree roots. Often, small amounts of water escape from pipes and enter the surrounding soil. Tree roots will seek out this water, and this can often lead to them breaking the pipes or moving the pipes and creating a blockage.

    Can Clog Gutters Cause Roof Damage

    Clean Out Partially Clogged Downspout Drain Line

    The water can spill over into your gutter because of clogged subsurface drain systems that eventually ruin the fascia board. If the gutters are overflowing, then the burden of the debris may make the gutter fall out of the facia board, which could result in damages.

    The gutters wood could deteriorate, causing major leaks because of excessive water flow and the burden of garbage damaging the fascia board. Termites, as well as other insects that thrive in moist, damp conditions, are attracted by wet wood.

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    No Sign Of Rainwater Draining

    Most underground downspouts drain onto the street, sidewalk or driveway. Some are also connected directly to the sewer system. Inspect your underground downspout during a time when its raining to make sure that water is flowing properly. If little to no water is exiting the downspout, theres a good chance that its clogged.

    Can I Snake My Own Drain

    For smaller clogs, snaking your own drain is possible. U-shaped trap below the sink or a few feet deeper in the drainpipe are the most common places for minor sink clogs from hairballs or food remnants. They can be cleared by using a light-gauge, hand-operated plunger.

    If the clog is deep enough, you may need to use a hand pump to force the water out of the trap. If you have a sink that is not equipped with a trap, the easiest way to clear a clogged drain pipe is to fill it up with water. This will flush out the trapped water and allow you to drain the pipe again.

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    How To Unclog Underground Gutter Drain Pipe

    Rainwater may stay trapped in the gutter and overflow off the side of the house if your downspout is not cleaned. The absence of water running through the spout is a telltale sign that you have a problem with your downspout. If you see water coming out of the bottom of your shower head, you may need to replace it with a new one.

    This is especially true if you are replacing a showerhead that has been in use for more than a few years. You can check to make sure that your old one is still in good working order by looking at it under a magnifying glass.

    How To Clean Underground Gutter Drains

    Blocked Gutter Drain

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    Your home’s main gutter system gathers rainwater from the roof line and controls its path down the house to ground but the water could still puddle next to the foundation. That’s where underground gutter drains are helpful. They attach to the downspouts on your home and move water away from the foundation underground. Although you can’t see into these drains, cleaning them is similar to a process used to clear debris from the side gutter pipes on your house.

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    Water Damage In Your Basement

    Another surefire sign that you may have a clogged underground drain is water damage in your crawl space or basement. This can happen when your downspouts are improperly placed or if they get clogged and cause water to pool around the foundation.

    If you notice your downspouts draining water really close to your house, its probably clogged somewhere down the line and draining from the downspouts to compensate for that.

    Usually when this happens youll see water bubbling close to the foundation wall if your drainage system is clogged or broken.

    Now, obviously, the whole point of having these drains in the first place is to prevent that water from pooling by your foundation and wreaking all sorts of havoc, so youll want to make sure you do regular inspections like this in the rainy season and call in a pro at the first sign of a clogged drain to maintain your foundations health!

    Are There Other Ways To Clear A Drainage Pipe

    There are a few other things that you can try and unclog your drain if you dont have the tools around to try these methods. There are some time-tested favourites, which are the most common ways of drain deblocking, and they include:

    • Using chemical cleaners and chemical solutions recommended by plumbers
    • Pouring boiling water or warm water down the drain pipe
    • Pouring baking soda and white vinegar down the drain

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    Ground Guttering Fixing A Problem Causes Gutter Overflow

    Early in my career, I had a customer complain that none of her underground drainage pipes were flowing. We were able to clear the pipes with a Roto-Rooter type of device, which was both expensive and time consuming. Of course, the customer immediately asked: “How do I keep these underground storm drainage pipes from clogging again ?” Our solution at the time, was to place a small wire basket downspout strainer, which is in the shape of a light bulb, into each gutter outlet tube over every downspout that enters the ground.

    How To Determine If Your Underground Gutter Drain Is Clogged

    How to unclog underground gutter downspouts

    You may be asking yourself, What is an underground drain? An underground drain is a drain that goes underground and is connected to gutter downspouts. The main reason for this drain is to re-direct water away from the home, most often to the street or sidewalk. In some instances, they are even connected to the sewer line underground.

    When an underground drain becomes clogged, many problems can occur to your gutter system. For instance, water is not able to drain the correct way from the gutter system which can cause water to overflow in different places. This will eventually damage your gutter system.

    The following information will help you determine if your underground drains are clogged.

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    Water Overflowing Or Pooling At The Downspout Connection

    Downspouts are supposed to be connected to your underground drain with an adapter. If you dont have the right kind, water will overflow when it rains, even without a clog, so check that first.

    When your downspout drain is clogged, rainwater will gush backward from the pipe, spilling from the adapter seams. Water will also collect and pool in the area.

    How Do I Know If My Gutters Are Clogged

    There are a few obvious signs that your gutters are clogged. When it is raining, you may notice:

    • Water spilling out of the edge of your gutter
    • Leaking water through gutter seams and elbow joints
    • Water isnt flowing down and out of your downspout

    When its not raining, check for:

    • Dirty siding underneath your gutter
    • Gutters pulling away due to the extra weight caused by blockage
    • Peeling paint and/or moisture on your siding

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    What If Your Clogged Underground Drain Is Beyond Repair

    If you cant unclog your clogged subterranean drain system on your own, there could be more serious problems. Consider seeking professional assistance If the clogging is too deep for you to reach with your hand or the high-pressure hose pipe isnt working.

    A specialist will have tools placed into gutters and underground drains to clear any blockage or obstructions.

    If a professional cannot clear the blockage, your home gutter system may need to be replaced totally. Some clogging could be related to the type of material utilized to build your gutter system, so keep that in mind if you need to replace it.

    Where Do Clogs Occur

    How Do You Unclog An Underground Outdoor Drainage Pipe ...

    There are a few common locations where clogs occur including the downspout cage and downspout elbows and seams. If you cannot find a clog after examining these areas, and you have a downspout that goes below ground level, the clog could be in an underground drainpipe. This is where we come in. Clear Drain Cleaning specializes in clearing those underground, hard to reach drains.

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    Can Underground Drain Blockages Be Avoided

    There are a few things that you can do to avoid debris from entering your gutter downspout, which will subsequently help to limit blockages. You can purchase filters for gutter pipes, covers to prevent debris from entering, and even sieves that attach to the bottom of the downspout to separate the water from the debris within it.

    Top Ways To Unclog Underground Outdoor Drainage Pipe

    No matter the location of the drainage pipe, a clogged drain is anything but fun. Luckily, its often a quick fix for most homeowners will traditional drainage pipe systems. However, with outdoor drainage pipe systems, it can get a bit complex. Here are a few procedures that can help you unclog underground outdoor drainage pipe.

    Pipe drainage systems are typically laid under buildings to connect hygienic pipework, which is located at a distance from the building. Always remember, safety first! Be sure to use eye protection, safety gear, and gloves when performing an outdoor task.

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    Steps To Prevent Underground Drains From Clogging

    The only way to completely prevent underground drains from clogging is preventing any debris from going down there in the first place. If you have under ground drains, it is highly recommended that you have some sort of leaf protection on your guttersor strainers in your downspouts. Here are some of the most common ways to prevent debris from going into your downspouts and clogging underground drains.

    Downspout Strainer

    Downspout strainers are the cheapest solution for keeping debris from the downspouts. These are basically a ball of wire that sits on the tops of your downspouts. The problem with these is that the debris will pile up in this area and need to be routinely removed. If not removed, it will cause the water to spill over the gutter in this location. It could also direct the water behind the gutter which will start to damage the wood.

    Downspout Filter Box

    These Filter Boxes come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes but they all provide the same function. Stopping debris from entering the drainage system. Downspout filter boxes are installed to the downspouts where you can easily reach them and remove the debris yourself.

    Gutter Covers/Leaf Guards

    The most effective way of keeping debris out of your gutter system is having gutter covers installed to any gutters that lead to underground drains. This would include any upper level gutters that connect into lower level gutters. Basically if the debris can get in at any point, it can infiltrate the entire system.


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