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Kenmore Dishwasher Won T Drain

What Causes Water To Remain In Dishwasher After Cycle

⨠Kenmore Elite Dishwasher – Wonât Drain – (FAST FIX) â¨

Reasons that there is water on the floor of the dishwasher after a wash: 1. The filter in the drain pump/waste basket is clogged with food or objects. 2. The drain hose is clogged. Check that the drain hose is set to HIGH CIRCUIT 3. AIR DISTANCE , if applicable 4. Drain hose sucks 5. Clogged blade 6. Foreign object stuck in pump 7. Clogged debris 8.

How Do You Fix A Clogged Dishwasher

Fix a clogged dishwasherStep 1 : Turn off the dishwasher.Step 2 : Remove the base.Step 3 : Remove the water with a towel.Step 4 : Locate the drain hose.Step 5 : Remove the drain hose.Step 6 : Check the drain hose.Step 7 : Clean the dishwasher drain hose.Step 8 : The physical breaking of the helmets.

How Do I Test The Drain Pump On My Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

If you notice any unpleasant odor coming from your dishwasher, chances are good that something is wrong with your washer. It could be a clogged drain line, a faulty pump, or a leaky hose. If you suspect that your dishwasher is leaking, turn off the power to the unit and check the faucet under the sink. Make sure that the handle is turned off and not dripping. If you see any water running down the pipe, shut off the water supply to the house and call a plumber immediately.

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Using The Wrong Type Of Detergent

If the Kenmore dishwasher not draining, you may be using the wrong detergent. Kenmores owner manual recommends specific types of detergents for different cycles and water temperatures consult Kenmores instructions to determine the right kind of soap for your machine.

Also, if youve recently changed from a liquid to a powder-type detergent or vice versa, then use that new variety in place of what you were previously using .

What Is Causing Water To Remain In Their Dishwasher

Kenmore Dishwasher W10297956A wont drain : appliancerepair

A bad or failing drain pump can cause water to stay in the dishwasher but not drain. The pumps are designed to extract water from the dishwasher and transport it down the drain pipe. The drain pump assembly has multiple parts, and if some of them are broken or not working properly, the water will not drain.

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How Do You Force Drain A Dishwasher

Kenmore dishwashers are designed to prevent water from getting into the unit. This is done by having a rubber gasket around the opening where the door meets the body of the machine. However, if you have standing water in the bottom of the unit, you will not be able to get rid of it. To remove the standing water, you will need to take off the top panel of the machine and remove the rubber gasket. Then you will need to remove the filter and clean it thoroughly. After cleaning the filter, put it back in place and replace the top panel.

Kenmore Dishwasher Not Draining: 5 Ways To Fix

Kenmore was initially founded over a 100 years ago, all the way back in 1913. The brand has always had the same main focus when it comes to their products, and this refers to things meant for use in the home. This includes appliances, technology of various kinds, and so much more of the sort. This variety of theirs includes items to be used anywhere in a home, include those meant for use in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and of course even kitchens. The product well be delving into detail about today is none other than the dishwashers offered by the company.

These dishwashers are all modern and up to todays standards depending on the specific version in question. They provide ideal usage at times and their many features make up for the occasional issues that users might encounter every now and then. One example of issues like these which can be rather annoying at times is related to drainage, which is when the Kenmore dishwasher is not draining. This problem is not uncommon and theres nothing to worry about if youre encountering it. Here are the best ways to get rid of these drainage issues.

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Blown Fuse Or Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the thermal fuse in the dishwasher has blown, electricity will no longer be able to flow through and the dishwasher will not have any power. The thermal fuse is located on the circuit board and is designed to prevent overheating. However, it is a one-use-only component, meaning you will need to replace it once it has blown.

You will have the same issue if the dishwasher has tripped the circuit breaker in your home. This occurs if the electricity within the dishwasher has risen to dangerous levels. If this is the case, you will need to switch the electricity back on from the circuit breaker control panel in your home.

Either of these two issues occurs due to an underlying problem with the dishwasher. They are safety measures to prevent damage to the dishwasher or your home. If this continues to occur, you will need a technician to find out what is causing the issue in the first place.

Why Is My Kenmore Portable Dishwasher Not Draining

How to fix a Kenmore dishwasher that’s not draining

Dishwashers have two compartments: the wash chamber and the rinse chamber. The wash chamber holds the dishes while the rinse chamber holds the water used to clean the dishes. Both chambers have drains that empty into the drain pipe. If any of these components become clogged, the dishwasher wont drain properly. This could lead to a buildup of waste products and odors. To prevent this from happening, check the following areas of your dishwasher: Drain hose Make sure the drain hose isnt kinked or damaged. Check the connection between the drain hose and the drain pipe. Check the drain pipe itself for cracks or leaks. Check the drain pump for damage. Rinse chamber Make sure the soap dispenser is working properly. Check the filter screen for holes or tears. Check the water level in the rinse chamber. Check the drain pump. Wash chamber Make sure the detergent dispenser is working properly and that the detergent container hasnt been left open. Check the filter screen. Check the drain pump and the drain hose. Check the connections between the parts.

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Why Is There Smelly Water In The Bottom Of My Dishwasher

To check if the drain pump is working properly, turn off the power switch and remove the access panel from the back of the unit. Remove the rubber gasket around the drain tube. Turn the power switch back on and read the water drain into the sink. If the water drains slowly, the pump is not working correctly. To replace the pump, follow these steps: 1 Unscrew the top plate 2 Lift the top plate away from the bottom plate 3 Remove the two screws holding the drain pump assembly 4 Pull the drain pump assembly out of the machine 5 Replace the drain pump 6 Put the top plate back on 7 Screw the two screws back into place 8 Reattach the rubber gasket 9 Turn the power switch back ON 10 Run a full wash cycle 11 Check the water level in the tub 12 If the water level is low, repeat step 10.

Solution : Deep Clean The Garbage Disposal

Most dishwashers dont have a dedicated plumbing line. Instead, they connect and drain through the garbage disposal, which is connected to the outside drain pipe.

If you dont run your garbage disposal often, or you dont clean it frequently, food and debris can build up and prevent water from properly draining out of your dishwasher.

Look into the disposal with a flashlight and give the area a sniff.

If you see buildup around the disposal blades or smell a pungent odor, a clogged disposal could be causing your issue.

As a first step, run hot water and then turn on your disposal to make sure it is clear of food matter.

Then, run a dishwasher cycle to see if that fixed the problem. If not, follow the steps below to deep clean your disposal.


  • Turn off the power to your garbage disposal by unplugging it or switching off the circuit that powers it in your electrical panel. Even after cutting power, try turning it on to make sure it is completely disconnected.
  • Use a flashlight to look down into the disposal. If you see objects that need to be removed, use tongs. Never put your hands in the disposal, even with the power off.
  • If you see buildup on the disposal blades, place two cups of ice into the disposal and a half-cup of rock salt.
  • Restore power to the garbage disposal, turn on the water, and let the disposal run for one minute.
  • As it fizzes, use an old toothbrush to clean the inside of your disposal gently.
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    Why Did My Dishwasher Overflow Water

    The dishwasher is supplied with tap water. This valve can malfunction and fill the dishwasher with water when not in use. If you see water in the dishwasher when not in use, check to see if the water inlet valve is faulty. If this valve is faulty, the dishwasher could fill with water and spill onto the floor.

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    Kenmore Dishwasher Not Draining

    If there is too much water in the bottom of your dishwasher after a cycle, there is most likely an issue with the drainage system. Keep in mind that there is usually a small residual amount that should be left in the bottom, which I will explain further down.

    The drainage system is made up of a number of different components, which I have listed below. Issues with any one of these parts will prevent proper drainage.

    · Pump/motor

    · Hose

    · Valve

    The easiest thing to check is the drainage hose. Often this hose will become clogged with food. If this is the case, there is no need to replace any parts of the dishwasher because it should work normally once the blockage is removed. You should also check the valve, which can also get blocked with food.

    The valve normally retains water inside the dishwasher until opened by the solenoid component when the dishwasher is ready to drain. If you cant find a blockage, it is likely that the valve or solenoid is broken and requires replacement. A broken solenoid will prevent the valve from opening to allow the dirty water to drain through.

    Another possibility is that the pump is broken. The pump powers an impeller, which pushes dirty water through the drain hose for disposal. If the pump or impeller is broken, they will also need to be replaced.

    If you have a different brand dishwasher please check out our dishwasher not draining article for other brands.

    How Do You Force Drain A Kenmore Dishwasher

    Kenmore dishwashers are designed to clean dishes using a combination of suction and vibration. This process works well for cleaning glassware but not for removing stubborn stains from plastic and rubber items such as plates and cups. These items tend to get stuck in the drain trap and can only be removed by hand. To remove these items, you need to open the door and manually empty the trap.

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    What Causes A Kenmore Dishwasher To Break Down

    Troubleshooting Kenmore Dishwashers The most common causes of dishwasher failure are wear of all parts, malfunctions and manufacturing defects. Please read this troubleshooting table before calling for help you may be able to repair your dishwasher yourself. Troubleshooting Your Kenmore 363 Dishwasher.

    When To Call A Professional

    How TO Repair #Kenmore #Dishwasher Not Draining | Drain Pump WPW10348269 | Model # 665.13429K701

    It can be scary to open up your dishwasher after a cycle and find a pool of water at the bottom.

    The good newsin most cases, its a problem that can be fixed without the help of a pro.

    As I outlined, the underlying problem is usually a blockage in the system thats preventing water from draining correctly. Fixing it is a matter of identifying and clearing the blockage.

    What if youve tried all of the solutions in this article and are still having a problem?

    Unfortunately, there might be something else wrong with your dishwasher that only a professional can troubleshoot.

    If you dont already have a plumber or appliance repair specialist that you trust, you can get free, no-obligation quotes from licensed professionals in your area on

    If you found this guide helpful, you should also check out:

    Do you know of any other tips for dealing with water in the bottom of your dishwasher? Let us know in the comments below!

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    When To Use Rinse And Hold Cycle In Kenmore Dishwasher

    If the dishes have not been washed at the end of the day, use the RINSE AND DELAY programme. The plastic smell disappears after a few weeks of use. If you don’t use your dishwasher often, set it to fill and drain once a week. This helps keep the seal moist and the duct clean. This leads to discoloration of the inside of the bathtub with prolonged use.

    Drain Your Washing Machine Manually

    As mentioned earlier, the very first step you need to take to drain water from a washing machine is to force the appliance to expel dirty water by either unplugging the appliance or forcibly resetting it via switches placed within.

    Regardless of which strategy you decide to employ, I strongly discourage attempting these tricks as an alternative to seeking professional washer repair service and replacement parts because they will only provide short-term relief.

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    Solution : Clear Blockages On The Spray Arm

    Although unlikely, a blocked spray arm can also be the culprit of water pooling in the bottom of the dishwasher.

    As a reminder, spray arms are propellers that spin and spray your dishes with water during the cycle.

    Food or hard water deposits can block the tiny holes in the spray arm, which disrupts the flow of water.

    Its a good idea to clean the spray arms periodically, not only to prevent water from pooling in your dishwasher, but also because to maximize the cleaning power of your dishwasher.

    If the spray arm is clogged, it cant distribute water throughout the entire chamber properly.


  • Disconnect power to the dishwasher.
  • Locate and remove spray arms and check for blockages. The spray arms are usually at the center and bottom of the dishwasher. They disconnect easily but consult our owners manual before attempting to remove them.
  • Use a toothpick or a thin wire to clear each spray hole.
  • If the debris has hardened and you cant clear it with a toothpick or wire, soak the spray arm in a tub of warm water and vinegar for 30 minutes. The water and vinegar will soften the debris, making it easier to clear.
  • Replace the spray arms, restore power, and run a wash cycle without dishes.
  • Why Is My Dishwasher Not Filling With Water

    Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Not Draining All The Way

    The dishwasher does not fill with water. Lack of water in the dishwasher can cause poor cleaning. If the floats get stuck in the raised position, or if the pressure tanks or hoses are clogged with Slim, the dishwasher will not fill with water. Another likely cause is a clogged intake screen or faulty intake valve.

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    Why Is My Kenmore Dishwasher Not Draining

    Ever opened your Kenmore dishwasher at the end of a cycle only to find dirty water standing below the bottom rack? Well, I have. This normally means that you have a drainage problem.

    There are a few reasons why a Kenmore dishwasher may finish a cycle and yet you find the tub still filled with water.

    When this happens, the first thing you should do is check the sink drain to make sure that there is no blockage from food particles or debris.

    If the sink drain is clear you could try canceling the dishwasher cycle.

    If the dishwasher still does not drain, your dishwasher probably has another problem.

    Investigate these areas if your Kenmore dishwasher is not draining. I have listed the possible issue and the solution to each.

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  • Drain valve
  • Over time, debris can clog the drain valve. Normally, the drain valve prevents water from draining back into the Kenmore dishwasher.

    If it is clogged, it is the reason why your Kenmore dishwasher is not draining. Clean the valve to ensure that water can flow through it properly.

    If the drain valve is clean and yet the dishwasher is still not draining, replace it with a new drain valve.

  • Drain impeller
  • Normally, the drain impeller pushes water to the garbage disposer or drain line through a drain hose.

    A broken drain impeller may make your Kenmore dishwasher not drain. Check to see if it is broken and replace it if need be.

  • Drain pump
  • You will have to examine it to see whether it is defective.


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