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Kenmore Washing Machine Won’t Drain

A Kenmore Washer That Wont Work Because The Door Wont Open

Kenmore Washer Machine Won’t Drain the water | Won’t Spin

If the Kenmore washer is front-loading, then its door automatically locks when it is washing. If the washer senses that the water hasnt drained, then the door will not unlock. If this is the case, look for clogs in your water pump as we described above. You can also check your washers drain hose to see if there are obstructions. Finally, set your drain cycle again and let it run. Once the cycle is complete, if you have fixed the problem then the door will unlock.

Are These Tips Helped You

If it is successful, you can keep laundry day stress-free. If not, it is best to contact Kenmore Authorized Repair Centers.

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Inspect The Washing Machine Belts

If you have completed every step and still find that your washing machine wont drain, check if damaged belts are the cause of your drain problem. The manufacturers washing machine instruction manual should indicate the location of the belts. To check your belts, unscrew your washing machines access panel and check the main belt and the pump belt. Be on the lookout for any corroded, broken, or otherwise damaged parts.

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Possible Problems Causing Your Kenmore Washer Not To Drain

When it comes to a washer that wont drain, it can first be overwhelming. Where do you even begin when your washer decides to be stubborn and wont empty the water? There are several reasons your Kenmore Series 70 washer wont drain those reasons include:

  • Using too much detergent
  • Problems or kinds with the hosing
  • The switch for the lid could be faulty

More often than not, youll fix the issue by checking these three common problems. Sometimes, though, theres an issue thats a bit more deep-seated. Its not impossible to fix on your own, but it is more of a challenge to do so. First, try these three fixes below. If these dont help, then it would be a good idea to call in a professional.

Rotor And Stator Assembly

Best kenmore washing machine wont drain

The rotor and stator work together to create an electromagnetic field thats strong enough to spin the tub in both directions.

The magnets inside the rotor can become damaged, and when this happens the washer wont spin. Youll need to access this part and inspect it for damage to determine if you need to replace it.

The stator contains windings that can become damaged. Inspecting these for any type of defect will tell you if the stator needs to be replaced.

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Check For And Remove All Clogs In The Drain Hose

Once the water has fully drained out of the tub, check the drain hose for any debris, clothing, or soap blockages, all of which can make the washing machine drain clogged. To check for clogs, loosen the clamp connecting the hose to the bottom of the tub, then inspect the inside. If you see something blocking the hose or its connecting parts, remove it with the pliers, then reconnect the hose.

Test The Lid Switch Assembly

Top-loading washers will only drain and spin if the lid is securely closed. Therefore, a defective lid switch assembly could be causing the problem.

See if the machine responds when you depress the lid switch with your finger. If this triggers the drum to drain, you may simply need to extend the stem on the lid so it depresses the switch. If nothing happens when you press the lid switch, it may need to be replaced.

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Schedule Washing Machine Repair

If these troubleshooting tips dont solve the problem, you could have a broken water pump or drive belt. These components require professional repair or replacement to get your machine working again.

Washing machine repair is best left to the professionals. If your washing machine still wont drain, its time to for help. Our experienced technicians can efficiently and effectively restore your washing machine to good working order.


What Causes A Kenmore Washing Machine To Stop Working

Kenmore Washing machine won’t spin/Drain/rinse – EASY FIX (PART ONE)

Home » Appliance FAQs » What Causes a Kenmore Washing Machine to Stop Working?

As is true of all appliances, Kenmore washing machines will not last forever. At some point, they may stop working and there are many reasons that can be the case. Consider some of the most common issues involved in these washers not working, and their most common causes.

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Washing Machine Not Draining 5 Causes And Fixes

A Checklist to Resolve Faulty Draining and Spinning

Aaron Stickley is a licensed plumber with 15 years of experience in commercial, new residential plumbing, and residential service and repair. He started his own residential service and repair plumbing business. Aaron’s articles about plumbing on The Spruce span four years.

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Drain problems with a washing machine fall into one of two categories: either the water will not drain out of the machine itself, or water does leave the machine but cannot flow properly through the drain pipes. To force standing water out of the washer, the most direct but tedious way is bailing the water out, or you can let your drain hose do the work for you.

Several specific problems can cause these general issues, and diagnosing them can be a tricky business, for example, if your washer is not spinning completely and your clothes are still wet, it could be a sign the drain pump is clogged or broken. Some problems you can fix yourself, while others will likely require a call to an appliance repair person.

Problem With The Drain Hose

First, check the drain hose to determine if it has any kinks or twists. If it does, try to make sure that the path isnt obstructed with anything such as using a wire hanger and sliding it inside.

If still, nothing comes out after trying to clear out any obstruction from within your hose, you should probably go ahead and replace it altogether.

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Check The Door Latch Switch

The door latch on the Kenmore washing machine is designed to prevent the door from opening during the wash cycle.

The washer safety system will continue operating if the door is closed correctly. When the door is closed, a feedback switch sends a signal to the washer control board. If this switch is faulty, your Kenmore washer wont operate and drain the water, no matter if the door is closed.

The door latch switch is located beneath the control board on Kenmore washing. So if your washer is under warranty, do not try to test it yourself, as it will void its warranty.

Even if your washer warranty period is over, Id recommend seeking a professional help to test or replace the door latch switch on your Kenmore washer.

Kenmore Washer Wont Drain

We have a Kenmore 600 series washer. The water won

If the Kenmore washer will not drain or is not draining properly, and it has a coin trap, remove the coin trap and clean it thoroughly.

First, check the drain hose to find out if it is kinked, twisted or bent. Next, remove the drain hose and see if there is anything obstructing its path.

In the following sections, we will discuss more ways to troubleshoot your Kenmore washer that does not drain.

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Cause : Clogged Waste Hose

If your washing machine does not automatically drain the wastewater, the machines waste hose might be clogged. To unclog the waste hose, remove the hose from the back of the washing machine by unclipping it. Then, clear it out using running water and a toilet snake. After the hose is cleared, snap it back in place on the back of the washing machine and try to use the machine again.

Check The Pump For Obstructions

The housing on the pump is normally easy to see through so you can view any obstructions that may be inside the pump, if there is one. If you do see an obstruction, simply remove the pump and then the hose, from the washing machine. Remove the belt located on the pulley toward the bottom side of this washing machine pump. Pull the obstruction out gently while you are turning the pulley.

If the obstruction is not in the pulley, then you will want to check out the outlet located where the hose checks toward the bottom. Loosen the clamp and then hold the hose toward the bottom of the washing machine tub. Look for debris toward the outlet base. Once you remove any obstruction, then you can put it all back together and restart the washing machine.

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How To Change The Water Pump On A Kenmore Front

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If your Kenmore washing machine won’t drain, and you’ve eliminated a clog in the drain hose as a possible cause, you either need to repair the drain pump or replace it. The drain pump is located in the lower front corner of most Kenmore front-loading machines, and the most difficult part of the job may be getting to it. If the machine doesn’t have an access panel, as some do, you’ll have to take the entire front panel off. Replace the pump if the impellers are damaged or if the pump housing is leaking.

  • 1.

    Unplug the washing machine, and disconnect the drain hose from the drain. Turn off the water valves and unscrew the water hoses from the inlet ports on the washing machine, using adjustable pliers.

  • 2.

    Pull the washing machine out from the wall. If it has an access panel under the loading door, you just need to pull it out a few inches so you can tip it back. If you don’t see an access panel, pull it out far enough for you to get behind it and work comfortably.

  • 4.

    Lift the front of the machine a foot or so off the ground. Support it on blocks of wood high enough to allow you to get a screwdriver under the drain pump, which is in the front of the machine.

  • 7.

    Reassemble the washing machine housing by reversing the procedure you used to take it apart. Remove the blocks. Push the machine back into position, and reconnect the water lines, drain and electricity.

  • References

    Check The Drain Pipe And Coin Trap

    Kenmore Washer Repair – Not Draining – 1102483220

    Once the waters out of the tub, itll be a lot easier to check the washers different crevices and openings for blockages. Make sure you inspect the following:

    • Drain Hose: Small pieces of clothing such as socks, panties, briefs, and boxers often get stuck in the drain hose. Check if theres anything lodged inside.
    • Valve Openings: Check all the valve openings in your washer to see if there are any blockages. Dont just scan for foreign objects. See if there are buildups of soap, grime, or scum that might be preventing water from flowing properly as well.
    • Coin Trap: Most modern Kenmore washers have coin traps. As their names suggest, small bins catch small objects that might get lodged in the drainpipe .

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    What To Check When Your Kenmore Washing Machine Wont Drain

    You expect your Kenmore washing machine to work when you start it after spending all that time gathering clothes, carrying them to the laundry room, sorting through them, and finally getting to turn it on. But it doesnt always turn on and when it does, it may not work correctly. There are times when the process of washing clothes is interrupted. When it comes to washing machines problems, the most common complaint is that it wont drain right. But the good news about this is that you can easily get to the bottom of it quickly and without causing you too much stress.

    First, you know that your Kenmore washing machine is filling up correctly, because you notice the water is rising as it is pouring into the drum. If the water is filling up like this, then the motor is working correctly so you can rule that out. If you notice that your washing machine is agitating and then going into and completing the spinning cycle without any problems, then the belt is working just fine. So what is causing the washing machine to not drain? Two things can be going on:

    You could have an obstructions somewhere in the pump or the drain hose The pump could be going bad

    How To Fix A Washing Machine Not Draining

    After finally deciding to tackle that mountain of laundry once and for all, spending precious time separating your colors from your whites, and proudly loading your washing machine, you find yourself hit with one of lifes inconveniences: your washing machine wont drain.

    Along with stubbing your toe and getting stuck in traffic, a washing machine not draining is one of those seemingly minor things that can ruin an otherwise good day. After all, its frustrating when you go to transfer a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer, only to encounter a deluge of water remaining in the washer tub after the cycle has finished.

    If your washing machine wont drain, were here to help. Learn more about the function of your washing machine drain and how to drain the washer on your own.

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    Kenmore Washer Wont Drain/keeps Draining/drain Cycle Problems

    Categories Home and Kitchen, Kenmore Washer, Washer & Dryer

    Youve just finished washing a weeks worth of laundry, so now you switch your Kenmore washer to drain. You leave the washer to do its thing, but after a few minutes, you get back to the washer only to discover that the dirty laundry water is still in the tub. What do you do if your washer wont drain properly?

    A Kenmore washer that wont drain properly likely has a clogged pump. Try checking the drain to see if theres any foreign object obstructing the valve or opening. If not, the drain pump might be damaged and need replacing. Those with newer washer models can also try performing a master reset.

    Are you still having trouble getting the dirty laundry water out of the washer? In this article, Ill explain what causes Kenmore washers to get stuck on the drain cycle, how to drain the water quickly, and what long-term solutions you can do to fix your washer.

    Look For The Clog And Pull It Out

    What to Do If a Kenmore Washer Series 70 Won

    The pump has a translucent housing, so you might even see the offending piece of clothing wrapped up in the pump.

    • Loosen the clamp that holds the hose to the bottom of the tub and remove the hose.
    • Pro tip: Have a bucket and sponge handy. Any water thats left in the machine will run out.
  • Remove the belt from the pulley on the bottom side of the washing machine water pump, and if the clog is visible, pull it out.
  • Twist the pulley to unwind the fabric as you pull it out.
  • Pro tip: If you dont see the clog in the pump or in the washing machine drain hose near the pump, then it could be stuck in the outlet where the hose connects to the bottom of the tub.
  • Family Handyman

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    What Does The Drain Function On A Washing Machine Do

    A washing machines drain function removes water from the tub during the spin cycle. The washer pump forces water from the bottom of the appliance into the drain hose. The washer drain hose loops to the top of the machine and then down to the drain, enabling the tub to fill. When the water reaches the bend in the hose, it goes out of the drain.

    Inspect The Drain Hose

    This is the first thing to check when your Kenmore washer fails to drain the water. The drain hose is where the used water is pumped out of the washer.

    If the drain hose is clogged, it wont be able to pump the water out. Most of the time, people forget to take items out of their pockets before throwing clothes into the washer, blocking the drain hose.

    To check the drain hose, first, disconnect your Kenmore washer from the power source. Then, access the drain hose and check it for any clogs or obstructions. If there is any, remove it.

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    Cleaning The Water Level Valve

    If the above tricks dont work, it means you might have to inspect your water level system. You can start by removing the flap covering your toilets control panel and locating the water level regulator.

    Youll see a small plastic tube attached to it, and if you see muck, grime, or mold buildup, you could consider using some vinegar and baking soda to clear the tube.

    However, sometimes an old rusting regulator will put up a fight, so it might be worth considering replacing that component altogether if the solution doesnt appear to resolve any issues.

    Remember To Unplug Your Washer

    How to Fix Kenmore Front Load Washer that won’t Drain

    But remember, always unplug your washer before doing any type of work on the machine or inspecting the control panel, pump, or hose. The second tip is to examine what you are comfortable with first and try to diagnose the problem. Hopefully, the only reason why you are here is that you realized that you use way too much detergent, and it is causing a blockage. That is a pretty simple fix to stop using so much detergent!

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