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Kitchen Sink Slow Drain Not Clogged

What Causes Slow Draining Kitchen Sink

Slow Sink Drain Kitchen | Not the Trap

A slow draining sink is inconvenient and can cause a significant plumbing problem if left untreated. Food debris, greases, oils, soap, and chemical buildup are the leading causes of this problem.When you clean dirty utensils, some food remains to get down the drain. When such debris accumulates, they cause the sink to drain slowly.Also, when you wash grease, fats, and oils down the drain, they stick together, causing a buildup in the sink pipes. Eventually, that causes blockage making your kitchen sink drain slowly.The residue from soap and other cleaning detergents also causes slow draining. When these products mix with heavy mineral water, they create soap scum, which builds up over time, causing clogging.

Use Homemade Drain Cleaner

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A mild, homemade drain cleaner can be used to clean the drain pipes after the larger debris has been pulled out. The reaction caused by combining two common and inexpensive household products can help to break down the mucky build-up on the inside of the drain pipes. Getting even a little of the build-up out of the drain can help get it flowing freely again. By using homemade drain cleaner, you avoid using harsh chemicals and save money as well.

Pipes Arent At The Right Angle

Some builders but corners and dont install the plumbing properly. This results in pipes that are not angled enough so the pipes drain. This can cause a slow draining kitchen sink.

Water, gunk, grease end of collecting and pooling in these flat areas and causing slow sink drains and clogs. Check under your sink and make sure that the pipes are angled enough so the water would drain out.

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Use A Drain Snake To Unclog Your Sink

If the P-trap doesnt appear to be the problem, the clog may be located further down the pipe. If thats the case, you can use a drain snake to try to remove it. Most homeowners dont have these on hand, and they are not cheap to rent or buy. At this point, it may be best to call a qualified plumber.

Kitchen Sink Wont Drain But Not Clogged

Unclogging Services

If you have a kitchen sink that wont drain, youre not the only one who has experienced this inconvenience. If youve exhausted all possible methods to unclog your sink and are still having issues, we have a solution for you. Even if you think that you successfully cleared out your pipes, there is likely still a clog preventing your kitchen sink from draining.

When your sink isnt draining but the pipes are clear, start by pouring boiling water down the drain. Other DIY solutions are clearing out your garbage disposal, using a plunger, and employing a vinegar and baking soda mixture. You can also utilize a plumbers snake, clean out your P trap, and use eco-friendly drain cleaners to address the issue.

If none of these steps seems to make a difference, then its best to call a plumber and have them take a look. Regardless, well explore all of the techniques you can easily implement yourself to successfully force your kitchen sink into properly draining again.

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How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink Drain 4 Simple Fixes

Any slow draining sink is a nuisance. But different sinks tend to have different clogs. For instance, shower drains tend to collect hair. Kitchen drains, on the other hand, tend to have more problems with grease and food particles. The team at Herrmann Services put together these tips specifically for how to unclog kitchen sinks and garbage disposals.

Use An Auger On The Upper Part Of The Pipe

  • Feed the cable from the auger into the drain opening until you meet resistance.
  • Once the end of the cable is touching the suspected clog, pull out an additional one foot of cable from the machine end and hold it as slack.
  • Lock the length of cable, then begin turning the crank on the device. The cable will bore into the clog and push forward pull out more cable if needed.
  • You should be able to feel a change in resistance once the auger has broken through the clog. Retract the auger, then flush pipe with hot water from the tap.
  • If you dont meet any resistance, the clog may be further up the pipe in the branch drain.

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Break Out The Plunger

First thing’s first: We’re talking about a sink plunger here, not a toilet plunger. If you don’t have one on hand, these miniature cup plungers are available at any hardware store, aren’t too expensive, and are a game changer, so keep one under your sink.

Home Depot says that the first step to addressing any clogged kitchen sink is to plunge away the problem. If there’s any water in the sink because it’s backed up, remove it with cups first, so that you’re left with an empty basin. Add some fresh water back in with the tap, then place the plunger over the drain and get to work. This should help dislodge any gunk or food caught in the pipes, but you may need to revisit the clog with another cleaning technique to get things draining fully back up to speed.

Sign #: Gurgling Noises In Clogged Kitchen Sink

when KITCHEN SINK DRAINS SLOW but isn’t clogged POSSIBLE SOLUTION (easy fix)

When your sink makes a gurgling noise, it often indicates that you have a clogged drain. The water has difficulty passing through the pipes and past the clog as you turn on the tap. Air sitting below the blockage bubbles up through the water, making gurgling sounds. If your sink produces these noises, the clog is only partially blocking the pipes. Water can still drain through them, only at a much slower rate than usual.

When you hear gurgling noises in a clogged kitchen sink drain, inspect your p-trap. The p-trap is a curved section of pipe located below your sink, which can catch any foreign objects down your drain. Place a bucket below the p-trap to catch any water and carefully unfasten it from the drainpipe. Remove anything that may be causing the clog and then reattach it.

Even if your p-trap is clean, you might still experience the symptoms of a clogged drain. A possible solution is the plumbers snake. Also known as an auger, the device helps break up a clog and clear out your pipes. Using this tool can be tricky, so contact a plumber to help you fix the clogged kitchen sink.

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Diy Fix For A Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

You might be getting slow draining due to a filthy p-trap. Cleaning the trap isnt an everyday job for you. But you can easily do that within a few minutes.

Before moving into the cleaning, lets know how to detach the p-trap. It wont be as complex as adjusting a tub drain to a waste pipe.

First, put a bucket under the sink to catch any water. Then remove the trap by unthreading. Check the inside of the trap to see if its dirty.

Immediately, block the sewer gas line with tissue paper. Dump any excess water that you see inside the trap.

Its cleaning time!

You dont need a fancy item to clean the trap. Use tissue paper. Roll it inside the trap and swirl it properly to wipe out dirt. Once the tissue comes out clean, you can set the trap back in this place.

If your p-trap is all clear and then theres nothing to worry about. There are fewer chances of slow draining and clogged sinks.

This cleaning isnt feasible when you just came back from work. Wouldnt it be better to find a way to keep all the pipes and curves clean?

If youre looking for a permanent solution, the next section is for you.

Tip : Dont Dump Hair Strands While Combing

Its okay to comb hair in front of the sink. Just Dont throw hair into the sink. This blocks the water flow. And you get slow draining at first, eventually, your drain gets clogged.

The same advice applies to those who dump hair into the sink while shaving. Use tissue paper to put all the hair and throw it in the bin.

Its that simple. Stop littering your sink drain.

Next time youll know why your sink drain is slow and what to do. Try to contact a plumber if its a big issue. Otherwise, follow this article to make the drain fast.

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What To Do When The Kitchen Sink Wont Drain

If the kitchen sink stops draining, then you need to stop water from entering your home immediately.

Allowing water to access your home could cause the sink to back up.

Before you know it, water could be flooding your home.

It may even cause other drains in the house to back up.

Your toilet could back up and bring sewer water into the home.

The first precaution to take is to turn off the main water supply to your home.

Then follow these steps to figure out the reason behind the problem and fix it.

How To Prevent Future Clogs

Slow Draining Bathroom Sink Not Clogged

Now that your kitchen sink is draining properly again, make sure you’re taking measures to prevent clogs from coming back. The most important preventative measure is refraining from disposing of harmful items down the drain. That includes:

  • Grease, fats and oils.
  • Starchy foods, such as pasta, rice or bread.
  • Fruit peels, pits and stickers.

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Slow Draining Kitchen Sink

Most of the time a slow kitchen sink drain develops as a result of a clogged kitchen sink. However, when everything appears clear, you may find yourself somewhat confused about the actual cause.

Of course, you know you have a slow drain when you turn the water off yet it remains in the kitchen sink longer than usual. You may also notice a foul odor or gurgling sounds as the water drains. Here are some reasons why this may be happening.

How To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink That Is Clogged On Both Sides With A Garbage Disposal

Does this scenario sound familiar to the problem in your home?

You run your garbage disposal and find that water is beginning to be backed up into both basins of your two-sided sink. Not just water, but you also see scraps of food appear to float up with the backed-up water. This is not a good sign, and it could lead to more problems for your plumbing pipes if left unattended for a long period. The problem you are facing is a clogged drain line.

The good news is, there are actions you can take on your own to try to troubleshoot your garbage disposal or unclog your drain. The plumbers here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Cedar Rapids are happy to help you out with this problem, and we want to share some tips with you on how you can fix it. If you are uncomfortable performing any of the tasks we mention, do not hesitate to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a speedy and efficient repair. Our plumbers are available 24/7 and will always provide customer satisfactory drain cleaning.

Why Is Your Sink Backing Up On Both Sides?

If both sides of your double kitchen sinks appear clogged and begin to back up, the likely reason is a blockage in your sink’s main drain or you have a clogged garbage disposal. Baking soda and hot water can help unclog your drain and works great as a cleaning agent and odor absorbent.

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Make Prevention A Priority

Sink drain clogs are a normal occurrence, but there are some ways you can prevent them. If you have a kitchen garbage disposal, dont overload it. Feed items in a little at a time, and wait until they grind and run through completely before adding more. Make sure you use garbage disposal cleaning tipsto keep the appliance working properly.

Dont ever put bacon grease, coffee grounds, or oils down your kitchen drain or inyour garbage disposal. Also, always make sure you run plenty of water down the drain after each use.

Its important to know how to maintain and care for all of your home’s plumbing componentsand systems to keep things running smoothly.

Sink Draining Slowly: The Problems

How to fix a slow draining kitchen sink DIY.

The severity of problems from a slow-draining sink ranges, but most are minor. Of course, this doesnt make them any less annoying. Oftentimes, a sink draining slowly consumes a large amount of your time because of the all the extra cleaning you have to perform. Most of these inconveniences require your time and energy to fix, and they dont even resolve the issue at hand: a clog. Here are all the problems homeowners experience with slow-draining sinks.

  • Mold and mildew. Slow-draining sinks obviously collect pools of water in the basin. If the water stays there long enough, tiny mold and mildew spores are able to grow in the drain. Mold and mildew enjoy warm, damp, and dark spaces, which makes a drain the perfect host site. A sink draining slowly allows the water to stagnate in the drain, which makes it easier for these substances to grow.
  • Annoyance. Though a small problem, its worth noting the amount of frustration homeowners experience with a sink draining slowly. If you brush your teeth only to look down and see a pool of water with toothpaste in it every single day, it becomes a nuisance. Or when you do the dishes and try to drain the dirty water, but it sticks around and smells up the whole kitchen. In these instances, you spend time waiting for the sink to drain, which results in frustration.

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Mixture Of Vinegar And Baking Soda

If the boiling water did not work, another method you could try at home is using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. We can use the baking soda and vinegar, laying in the kitchen cupboard, as a cleaner. Make the solution using equal parts of vinegar and baking soda. The mixture helps to remove the gunk present in your drain. Pour the bubbly liquid as soon as your mix it. Repeat the process as necessary.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of mixing the two items, you can spurt dry baking soda down your kitchen sink followed by vinegar. For the most effective result, let it stay there overnight and then, flush the drain with boiling water the next day.

How To Fix A Slow Draining Kitchen Sink That Has A Garbage Disposal Attached

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A slow-draining sink with a garbage disposal means that there are two parts to this problem: the garbage disposal itself and the sink pipe that is connected to it. One or the other can become plugged of its own accord, or both can get plugged at the exact same time. Fixing a slow-draining sink first begins by troubleshooting the garbage disposal. If the garbage disposal is in working condition, the connecting pipe needs to be attended to.

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Fix Slow Sink Drain Kitchen

There are many easy get rid of the slow drain and these which are given to you in the above statement are very useful and are easy to solve the problem or any type of the blockage into the drain. Sometimes there is a very big problem in the drain which may cause the blockage and slow down the water and you cannot get rid of it by using these methods you only need to concern it with the plumber.

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There Are Minor Clogs

Unclog a Kitchen Sink

A slow draining bathroom sink thats not clogged can still have minor clogs somewhere in the plumbing system.

While there are some DIY fixes for drain clogs, its impossible to tell if a minor clog is the real issue without professional plumbing assistance.

A plumber can use a camera to view inside your pipes and see if there are any clogs. If a clog is located, they can snake it out and clean the pipe.

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Cause : Lack Of Maintenance

Regardless of the reasons stated above, you need to do a plumbing check-up. It can be done at least once every two years.

This will alarm you before any major incident takes place. Any of the water pipes may explode or you may get contaminated water. You wouldnt know all these without a plumbing check-up beforehand.

Maintenance is not only necessary for the bathroom sink drain. Its equally important for the kitchen sink, tub, and shower drain.

Most of cases, pipes get cracked or the shower drain leaking into the basement occurs. Time to time maintenance can save you from these unwanted situations.

These are all the possible reasons I could think of. Hopefully, youve found your pain point.

But, whats next? How to solve the issue?

Dont worry! Ive prepared solutions for you as well. Keep going!

Attack With Boiling Water

When hair, grease, soap residue and other debris get stuck in your drain, boiling water may be all your pipes needs to loosen the blockage. It’s the simplest fix, which means it should be your first move when trying to unclog a sink.

Easy as 1-2-3, here are the steps to follow:

  • Bring half a gallon of water to a boil on your stove or use a kettle to heat the water.
  • Pour the boiling water directly into the drain opening.
  • Turn on the faucet to see if the water drains in a steady fashion. If it’s still draining slowly or standing still in the sink, repeat the process.

Important note: Don’t try this method if your drain is attached to PVC pipes, as the boiling water could melt or damage the plastic.

If the boiling water fails to dislodge the clog after the second try, it’s time to move on to another method. Unfortunately, you have yourself a sink clog that’s too stubborn for the simple boiling water approach.

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