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Kitchen Sink Won’t Drain On Either Side

This Gives Enough Worktop Space On Either Side Of The Sink For Dirty Dishes To Stack Up One Side And Clean Dishes To Drain And Dry The Other

Clogged Drain – How to unclog a clogged kitchen sink easy fix

In my present, exceedingly ramshackle kitchen i have a wall sconce to the left of my sink over the dish drain rack. It is connected to the drain that comes directly out of the bottom of the sink. Check to see if the water begins to drain, and if it does, remove the plug from the other side to ensure both sinks are draining properly.

Try A Plunger To Push And Dissolve The Clog

When you take on the endeavor of unclogging your sink, most of the time, you need to get your hands dirty.

It would be best if you start by using the plunger.

Remember that a plunger is a tool that works through water pressure. And since were working with a double sink, the first thing you can do is block the unclogged drain with a rag. In this way, all the pressure you apply over the clogged sink will work effectively.

Remove the standing water from the clogged kitchen sink but leave enough water to cover the plunger cup.

Place the plunger cup over the clogged drain and make sure to establish a tight seal. Push the plunger up-and-down evenly six times, without loosening the pressure in the plunger cup.

Remove the plunger, and if water drains, youve successfully unclogged the sink. If there is still water in the sink, you need to try this process a second time.

Keep in mind that to unclog a kitchen sink is not rocket science. Instead, its more like a trial and error process. So, if the plunger tip didnt work, move down to the next tip.

Clogs In Either The Drain Pipes Or The Garbage Disposal

Another reason why the sink only drains when the disposal is running is clogging in either the drain pipes or the garbage disposal or both. These clogs may not be strong, which is why they let the water pass when the garbage disposal is turned on. To drain the water, you have to get rid of these clogs.

30 minutes 30 minutes.

Here is a simple method to find and clear these clogs

  • Open the p-trap

    When the sink has standing water in it, remove the p-trap and see if the water is draining. Make sure you take precautions to prevent the kitchen from flooding. If the sink has too much water, you can first run the garbage disposal until there is only a quarter of water left. If the water is draining easily, then the clog is in the pipeline going into the wall. If the water is not draining, then the clog is in the disposal.

  • Clean the p-trap and the drain pipes

    Use a plumbers snake to clean the p-trap as well as the drain pipes. Try to snake the branch drain pipes as far as you can.

  • Refit everything and check

    Refit the pipes, run water into the sink and see if it is draining without running the disposal. If the problem continues to persist, there may be clogs further down the drain pipes running through the wall. At this point, it is better to seek the help of a plumber.

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    How To Prevent Future Blocks

    If you know the cause of the issue, whether it is grease or bits of food, you should have a better idea of what you have been doing wrong. If you dont already have one, buy a sink drainer plug with small holes, as these catch most bits of food to stop them getting into the drain.

    Being more careful when you drain pans, or rinse dishes will also help to ensure that food isnt getting into your drain. If you suspect that soap has caused your blockage then you might need to change to a different type of soap, or simply remember to clear soap scum out as regularly as possible using a drain cleaning solution.

    If the solutions listed above havent worked and you are still looking at standing water and a blocked sink, then it is probably a good time to give the experts a call. Metro Eco is an award-winning plumbing service who can swiftly have your drain unblocked and your sink operating as normal.

    Why Is Your Kitchen Sink Clogged Past Trap

    To Replace Kitchen Sink Drain Stopper : Stainless Steel Mesh Kitchen ...

    Why is my kitchen sink trapped beyond the trap?

    Most people believe that since kitchen sinks have water running through them, this should continually rinse away residue build-up down past the pipes beyond the drain pipes you see below your sink.

    So technically, the kitchen sink shouldnt clog right?

    Well, I wish it was that easy, but it isnt.

    Drain plumbing off the kitchen mostly clog over time because of oil and grease. Both elements are waters enemies.

    You can keep pouring water down on an oily sink all day, and the oil wont budge.

    It doesnt have any polar molecules, so it wont react with the water.

    Even small bits of oil or grease can build up and lead to clogging eventually.

    When the grease gets down there, it cools down and turns sticky, latching onto drain pipe lining.

    Every time more fat goes down the sink, it keeps building up on itself until it creates a large clog.

    Pair that with the food residue, and whatever you wash down your sink backs upand eventually creates a clogged sink.

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    Start With The Right Tools

    • Plungers are sold at any hardware store or home center.
    • Pro tip:Those with larger rubber bells deliver more thrust, but most sizes will work for kitchen drains. Be sure the plunger has a stout handle so you can apply plenty of force as you learn how to unclog a sink.
  • A drain snake is a long, serpentine tool which, as the name suggests, snakes into the drain and penetrates and pulls out the clog.
  • Drain snakes vary greatly in price, depending on their size, length and turning mechanism. For all-around use, the best drain snake is a 3/8-inch model thats about 20 feet long. Its easy to turn down into the drain. Shorter, 1/4-inch types will work for most clogs, too.
  • Pro tip: Since unclogging stubborn drains hopefully wont be a regular activity in your home, consider renting a high-quality drain snake over buying a cheap one.
  • Keep these other items handy:
  • a bucket or a plastic bin that fits under your drain
  • Use Natural Drain Cleaners

    While you should stay away from using harsh chemicals to tackle sediment and soap scum buildup, certain natural drain cleaners are fine to use.

    These drain cleaners use biodegrading bacteria to eat away organic material.

    Theyll leave your pipes alone and focus on clearing the scum and food that is stuck in your pipes.

    If you want to stay away from bacteria, then you can always create your own natural drain cleaner.

    Mixing dish soap and hot water together can help clean out some of the soap scum.

    Hot water makes soap scum lose its adhesion to the pipes walls.

    The standard mixture of baking soda and vinegar can also help.

    Mixing the two together can remove grease, oil, and fats that are clinging to your pipes.

    Vinegar can also cut down on odors.

    Natural drain cleaners take time to work because theyre inherently gentle.

    You may need to use them a few times to notice any difference.

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    What To Do If Your Drain Gets Clogged Or Garbage Disposal Is Not Draining

    Even with the best of intentions, at some point youll experience a clogged drain. And, if youre like most people, it may cause a moment of panic. As a first step, we always recommend attempting to clear the clog with a plunger. Yes, you can use a plunger on sinks and tubs they arent just for toilets. But, its important to realize that youll use a different kind of plunger and a different method depending on whether youre working on a toilet or a sink or tub. If youre plunging a toilet, youll want a plunger with a flange on it to give you the right amount of suction.

    Kitchen Sink Won’t Drain On Either Side

    How to Fix a Dishwasher/Sink that ISN’T Draining

    Kitchen Sink Won’t Drain On Either Side. One side of kitchen sink does not drain Most likely cause is a grease clog.

    When the left sink is closed off , water in the right sink will not drain. Kitchen sinks getting clogged up are a natural occurrence and at some point of time, you will have to google search on how to fix it . The other night i placed some old spagetti in.


    If both sides of your kitchen sink are filling up with water, clog up the sink drain on the side without the disposal. The other night i placed some old spagetti in.


    If you do find yourself with a kitchen sink that wont drain, there are a few things you can try before you call us. One side is a garbage disposal and the other just a sink basin.


    Next, repeat this process on the opposite side. Double bathroom sink clogged on both sides see above, both sinks drain into the same pipe underneath your bathroom counter and this can cause clogs in the main pipe and at the joint where the 2 pipes come together into one pipe.


    Be sure to close off the drain on the other side to keep from creating a mess! You can do this by firmly pushing down the drain plug to ensure a tight seal.


    Rub the lemon around the sink and turn on the tap. Now, pour half a gallon of zep gel down the drain followed by hot water.

    Source: brow.ucmadeeasy.comSource:

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    How To Fix Kitchen Sink Drain Problems

    A clogged sink can be a disaster because you get a lot of dirty dishes, and you cant even cook until the drain is clear. How to fix kitchen sink drain problems?

    If your sink water is running slowly or not at all, follow these steps to drain the drain and re-equip your kitchen to work without using harmful chemicals.

    • Make a drainage solution. Mix 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar. The solution will froth shortly after mixing the ingredients, so be sure to make it in a slightly larger container.
    • Pour the solution into the drain. Quickly pour the entire amount of solution into the drain. The faster, the better, as the foamy part of the solution will gradually disappear.
    • Wait 5 minutes. Give the solution time to clean the drain.
    • Rinse with warm water. Unscrew the faucet and rinse the solution with warm or hot water. The clogged should disappear and the water should flow down the drain as normal.

    If this does not work out at first, try it a few more times. Also, try pouring boiling water.

    Sometimes boiling water will be sufficient to dissolve the blockage that has formed in the drain.

    Before doing this, pick up all the water from the sink, otherwise, the solution will not drain completely. If there is water in the sink, pick it up with a cup or a container.

    To remove water from the sink, it may be better to use a short hose or rubber hose. Put one end in water in the sink and the other in a bucket or a pan on the floor.

    Checking And Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

    • Unplug your disposal
    • or Turn off the circuit breaker at the main power panel for your disposal

    Clear out anything that is in the disposal, you can do this with your hands, but make sure the disposal is completely shut off. Reach into the drain of your sink and feel for any food items that could be jamming the blades, slowly remove all the scraps that can be immediately felt on your hands. After you have cleared out all the scraps on the blades, run your garbage disposal again and see if the water begins to drain from your sink.

    If doing this does not clear the water in your sink. Try the next action.

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    Use Boiling Water To Help Kitchen Sink Drain

    Pouring boiling water down your kitchen sink is generally the first move to try to help it drain. Grease, soap residue, food scraps, and even hair can become trapped in your drain. Often, boiling water is all your pipes need to free the blockage.

    If you havent already tried this method, simply bring a gallon of water to a boil and pour it directly into the drain opening. Then, turn on the faucet to check if drainage has improved.

    If your kitchen sink still wont drain, repeat the process. After the second attempt, if the boiling water is still unsuccessful at improving drainage, move on to another method. If youve arrived at this article, odds are that your sink clog is too stubborn for this method anyway.

    Note:Do not attempt this method if your kitchen sink drain is connected to PVC pipes. Boiling water could damage or melt the plastic.

    Plumbers Snake/waste Pipe Cleaner

    Plumbing Under Kitchen Sink Diagram With Dishwasher And Garbage ...

    You can buy a specialist piece of equipment that can unblock the drain, such as a plumbers snake which is a long wire that you place into the drain. You can insert it through the plug hole or you can place it into the drain after you have taken the P bend out, if the blockage is further down the drain. The wire bends around your pipes and has a piece at the end that looks a bit like a corkscrew, which can be used to screw into hard blockages by turning it . This should either break up the blockage, or allow you to pull it out.

    A plumbers snake is fairly cheap to buy but if you dont have one handy, you could use a wire coat hanger to do the job instead. You will need to unravel the wire to form it into one long wire and then you can use the end to poke into the drain and try to dislodge any blockages it comes across. You need to be careful not to cause any damage doing it this way, as it wont flex around the bends like a plumbers snake does but it can work well in the straight parts of the pipe.

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    Use A Drain Snake To Clear Out The Clog

    There is a chance that the clog is farther down the drain, whereby none of the above methods will work. If this is the case, then follow these steps:

  • Run a drain snake down the kitchen drain. These can be purchased at your local hardware store like the aforementioned examples.
  • If that still doesn’t work, you may have to take the trap beneath the sink apart, and snake the drain more directly. This requires a bit of hands-on effort, so you may want to wear rubber gloves. Be sure to place a bucket beneath the trap to catch any dirty water. Finally, you can begin snaking the drain.
  • Plunge Away The Blockage

    Once you establish that the disposal isn’t the problem, it’s time to bring out the plunger. But keep in mind: While you can use the toilet plunger if it’s all you have on hand, Dengarden suggested using a flat-bottomed one for the job. With your plunger at the ready, follow these steps:

    • Fill the sink with hot water until it’s about halfway full and creates a seal around the drain.
    • Position the plunger over the drain and begin pumping up and down quickly several times.
    • Remove the plunger and wait to see if the water drains.
    • Repeat the process until the water drains freely.

    If the sink still isn’t draining properly after multiple plunging attempts, you know the drill. Time to try a different method.

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    Can I Use Drano If My Sink Won’t Drain

    Drano is suitable for unclogging a sink that won’t drain. Simply empty the sink of water into a bowl or bucket, pour in the product, leave for 15 to 30 minutes then flush with boiling water. Repeat if necessary but do not use Drano unless your sink is clogged, and be aware that you should not use Drano to unclog a dishwasher either.

    You can .

    One Side Of My Kitchen Sink Is Clogged

    How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain — by Home Repair Tutor

    If you have a typical double bowl kitchen sink, the drain baskets are connected by a pipe, and that pipe is connected to a single drain line. When the drain or one of the pipes becomes clogged, this can cause one of the sinks to back up. Unclogging the sink can take some problem solving abilities, perseverance and basic tools. However, if youre a capable DIYer, doing this work on your own can save you money and help you avoid calling a professional plumber.

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    Off With The Baking Soda

    Now that you have everything ready for unclogging, fill a half cup of baking soda, and throw it down the sink.

    Which side?

    It doesnt matter unless you have a garbage disposal. If so, use the opposite sink so your solution can get down in the pipes as easily as possible.

    You can also use a funnel to help direct the solution further down the drain and not get stuck on the surfaces of the immediate pipes.

    Now, wait for three to five minutes as the baking soda settles inside your sink.

    During this time, it will also begin eliminating any unpleasant odor coming from the decaying matter in the drain.

    Remove And Clean Out The Plumbing Assembly Under Your Sink

    Plug the sink drains again with a washcloth or rag before starting this process. This part can be complex if you are not familiar with removing your plumbing assembly. If this is the case, we highly advise calling a professional plumber from our plumbing company to help you with this issue.

    You will need to remove the assembly by undoing the joints that are connecting it to your sink. This might be a series of three joints that need to be loosened.

    Warning: As you loosen the joints water will begin to leak out, this is the water trapped in the assembly. Slowly let the water drain from the pipe as you can, collecting the water that is leaking in buckets or containers will minimalize the mess that will be caused. You do not want to be cleaning a lot of this backup water yourself, so try to collect as much as you can.

    Once you feel you have drained the majority of the water, remove the assembly from its placement under the sink. After you have removed the assembly and drained the water, place a bucket under the pipe that is connected to the drain, and pull the plug that is plugging the sink drains to let out the excess water that was plugged up. Make sure that the water that comes outfalls into a bucket or container.

    If none of these actions work to relieve your kitchen sink of the clog, then the problem is coming from areas much more complicated than anticipated. At this point, it is best to call a professional plumber to inspect and repair the issue.

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