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Matte Black Shower Drain Cover

Shower Drain With Linear Matte Black Grate

How To Install Linear Shower Drains – The Tile Shop

RELN shower drains are made of premium 304 stainless steel, to ensure it is as corrosive and rust resistant with a long-life span. Each drain length is slopped to achieve the best fit, and function in a tile or stone installation. RELN drains provide a great solution for curb less shower entry, with no obstacles. Equipped with 2 adjustable feet on both ends of the linear drain during installation, an installer can precisely adjust the height of the two ends to level with the ground, before pouring concrete to the shower base avoid buying linear drain without adjustable feet or you may run into a tilted installation. Comes with a high-quality threaded adaptor with rubber O-ring that also helps in adjusting the height of the drain the adaptor is compatible with most 2 in. PVC, ABS, and Cast-Iron Flanges. Other Bonuses – A lifting hook is included to remove the grate from the drain a hair and debris lift-out strainer is also included to capture unwanted object to avoid clogging the pipe.

Length: 24.02 in Width: 3.23 in Depth: 1.06 in

RELN is a multi-award winning and quality-endorsed Australian company, known for designing and producing innovative quality plastic products for the Australian and international markets.

Hair Catcher Shower Drain Cover In Matte Black

Matte black is becoming the finish of choice especially when it comes to decor. Matte black can be naturally looked as modern but it works well as a transitional finish too, every space needs a little bit of black so adding in black hardware, faucets, and other fixtures is a great way to include this design staple into your space. Prevent clogged shower drains with the Danco Shower Drain Hair Catcher. This innovative hair catcher easily and discretely captures hair to prevent slow and clogged drains. Unlike other ordinary shower drain covers and strainers, it features a durable plastic hair catcher basket that collects hair below the drain surface to keep unattractive hair clumps out of sight. Simply place the hair catcher in the middle of the included drain cover trim plate and you are ready for use. Clean with ease, by detaching and lifting the hair catcher out of the drain, discard hair and place back in the drain. Two baskets are included in case you just want to simply throw the full hair catcher basket away. This shower drain hair catcher will fit most standard stand-along shower drains, but will not fit bathtub drains.

Available at

Oatey Co Introduces Matte Black Shower Drain Finish Offering Increased Design Versatility For Customers

CLEVELAND, September 28, 2021 Oatey Co., a leading manufacturer in the plumbing industry since 1916, today announced the addition of a Matte Black strainer finish, offered across the companys collection of shower drains, such as its 130 Series and No Caulk drains.

The sophisticated new finish enhances Oateys robust range of shower drain offerings and allows for more design flexibility to meet customers unique needs. Previously existing designer finish options, such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Stainless Steel, also continue to be available.

Matte black remains popular among todays modern homeowners, designers and installers, as it is a classic style finish that will continue to stand the test of time and complement all major design trends, including traditional, contemporary and modern aesthetics. The sleek, neutral finish is also extremely versatile and pairs seamlessly with any bathroom wall, tile, hardware or fixture color/pattern making it simple to mix and match with existing décor elements.

For customers looking to make a statement, a matte black drain brings a bold flair to the shower, creating a luxurious, spa-like feel thats ideal for both residential and hospitality applications.

The Matte Black finish is available in round and square strainer options. Availability may vary based drain compatibility. To learn more and explore a complete list of Oatey shower drain and finish availability, visit www.oatey.com.



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How Do I Install It

Save time & money with HYDRO-BLOK Shower Systems. HYDRO-BLOK is fast and easy to install compared to traditional shower installs or systems with complicated installation waterproofing steps. With its closed-cell XPS foam core and its polymer-modified cement coating, you get a fully waterproofed line of shower pans, wallboards and accessories that are lightweight, strong and ready for tile or stone in as little as a few hours.


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