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Mirror Drain For Basement Waterproofing

Residential Slab Raising & Concrete Repair In Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

DIY Interior Draintile Installation for Wet Basements

Whether your garage floor has cracked or your driveway is no longer level, Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting offers a wide range of concrete services and treatments for residential properties throughout Alberta. Known as a trusted expert in concrete repair in Edmonton and surrounding areas, we can handle any size project with durable and attractive results.

The First Thing You Should Know About Us Is Why Weve Been Around For So Long

The home repair business has an enormous number of fly-by-night contractors that have done much harm to the industrys reputation. You know it. We do too.

Now exhale, relax, and meet a team with integrity pulsing through the veins of every player on it.

Our sizable team of specialists proudly to put on 58 Foundations shirts before they go to work has maintained a reputation of honesty and uncompromised customer care for more than 60 years.

Divert The Water Into The Drain

Family Handyman

Drill 1-in. holes in each block core and each mortar joint. Once your pipe is installed, its time to install the 1-in. irrigation hose that will carry the water from the blocks to the trench. A softer hose, like a garden hose, can get crushed flat by the new concrete, so stick with irrigation hose. Cut the hose with a hacksaw or reciprocating saw. Make sure each section of hose runs several inches past the footing.

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Two Types Of French Drain Basement Waterproofing: Exterior And Interior

Exterior French drain basement waterproofing is installed around the outside perimeter of the foundation at the footing level.

Installing exterior French drain basement waterproofing for an existing property is a major construction project because it requires excavation down to the footer. Heres how the professionals at USS install French drains for basement waterproofing:

  • The contractor first excavates down to the footer.
  • A waterproofing product is then applied to the foundation wall, followed by a protection board.
  • A shallow trench is dug beside the footer along the perimeter of the foundation and filled with gravel.
  • A perforated, socked pipe is placed in the trench and then covered with more gravel as needed. Depth of gravel can vary.
  • Finally, the contractor replaces the excavated soil.

Excess water in the soil will now flow through the pipe and be diverted away from the foundation via gravity or a positive drain.

It is important to reiterate that even though a trench is dug, the French drain is not identical to a trench drain. A typical trench drain has a metal grate above the trench to collect surface level water. French drains collect moisture from the soil, not just surface water, and are covered with gravel prior to replacing the soil or concrete above it. To further distinguish, you can see the top of a trench drain but you should not see a buried French drain.

Best Drain Tile For Crawl Spaces And Basements


If your crawl space or basement is prone to flooding, installing the best drain tile will protect your home. Many companies offer inexpensive solutions to drain tile in order to appear more affordable. When the home floods due to water seeping into the crawl space or basement from outside soil, the damage can be significant. Skimping on installing great drain tile system can cause unforeseen expenses to your wallet and your indoor air quality.

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Cores At Bottom Of Planter Wall Connected To French Drains

  • Drainage: Street curb cores connected to roof downspout drainage
  • WARNING: French drains drainage and downspout drainage cannot be combined, must have separate pipes and discharge locations

Foundation waterproofing questions? Call 888-650-0111

Below Grade Block Foundation Waterproofing

Below grade master bedroom foundation leaks requiring waterproofing.

  • Surface Preparation: Requires wire brush cleaning of block foundation surface prior to applying waterproofing.
  • Adhesion: Surface preparation necessary for correct waterproofing adhesion to cement block foundation.
  • Waterproofing: Fluid applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane application to block foundation.
  • Sheet Membrane: Application over fluid-applied polyurethane waterproofing creating a monolithic membrane.
  • French Drains: Schedule 40 French drains wrapped in filter fabric to prevent soil and sediment clogging drainage pipe.

Foundation waterproofing questions? Call today 1-888-650-0111

Certified Waterproofing Technicians

Why are drainage panels necessary?

Foundation drainage panels questions?

Trench Shoring Installed Prior to Foundation Waterproofing

Shoring installed to prevent soil collapse of foundation trench excavation.

Replacement French Drain Wrapped in Filter Fabric

Rigid French drains prevent deflection necessary to provide correct drainage.

Advantages of positioning drain along footing.

Architects specify this drainage process for new construction.

French drainage questions?

Drainage problems? We can help!

What Does 58 Mean

I dont have to worry about selling the house anymore. Its a very good situation. I dont have to worry about the rain anymore. Its a huge problem thats lifted off my shoulder.

I went down to the same areas and they were dry. I never had to worry again. They are here to solve your lower-level water problems. Thats what they do and they do it well.

EXCELLENT. Great communication. Job well done and did everything you said you would do when you said you would do it. Cant ask for any more than that. Thanks.

Great explanation of what was going to be done then afterwards walked me through everything to show that it was in fact done. Great personality of the crew and very respectful/professional.

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Foundation Waterproofing Contractors In The Minneapolis & St Paul Area

Looking for the best exterior foundation waterproofing systems? Searching for waterproofing contractors near you in the Twin Cities area? Metro Home Insulation can help.

Whether youre a builder completing a new construction project, or youve noticed your walls leaking or seen cracks in the foundation floor, contact Metro Home Insulation. We offer a variety of foundation waterproofing products and solutions and have experience working with many different types of homes.

Schedule foundation waterproofing services for your Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota area home today by calling 400-8616!

How To Waterproof A Basement

French Drain and Foundation Waterproofing System

Our step-by-step installation guide will show you how to waterproof a basement yourself. No busting up your basement floor! No messy paints that dont last! SealOnce Basement System is our exclusive, contractor-grade basement waterproofing system available to homeowners searching for a way to permanently dry up their wet basement without spending a fortune. Weve been in the business of drying up basements since 1965. With our decades of installation experience, we designed a do-it-yourself, easy to install basement waterproofing channel that works and will keep your basement bone dry for decades! We helped over 10,000 homeowners dry up their wet basement since 1965! Yours is next!




Use the Official SealOnce Calculator to Order Your System

If you have any questions or need technical support please .

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Counter Flashings Are Positioned At The Top Of Drainage Panels At Finish Grade Elevation

  • Protection: Counter flashings prevent soil, sediment, roots from clogging drainage panels
  • Installation: horizontal diamond saw cut 2 from top of foundation with 1/2 penetration, urethane sealant is applied in cut and counter flashing is inserted with edges sealed, counter flashing overlaps top of drainage panel for protection at ground / grade level

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How Much Does French Drain Basement Waterproofing Cost

The cost for French drain basement waterproofing for a homeowner depends on various factors, including where the property is located, the size of the repair, and how easy or how difficult it is to access the area of repair. The investment of protecting any property with French drain waterproofing is worth it, especially when the repair comes with a warranty.

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Foundation Waterproofing Services In Minneapolis

Do you need foundation waterproofing contractors in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area? Call Metro Home Insulation & Waterproofing. We offer basement and foundation waterproofing services for residential new construction projects, helping builders and contractors complete jobs on time and on budget.

Foundation waterproofing is an important service that leak-proofs basements and protects the structural integrity of homes. Contact us online today or give us a call at 400-8616 for foundation waterproofing in Minneapolis!

Meet The Basement Drainage Experts

basement wall systems do it yourself Diy basement finishing

Family Handyman

Rite-Way Waterproofing has been in the business of installing waterproofing basement drain systems since 1965. The pros there know what works, and theyd better because the company has installed 100,000 systems, each with a lifetime guarantee. They also know what doesnt workhalf of Rite-Ways current jobs involve replacing failed systems installed by other contractors.

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Additional Methods For Keeping Water Out Of A Propertys Basement

If you want a dry basement, you do not want excess groundwater near the propertys foundation. Here are a few suggestions for your clients in addition to French drain basement waterproofing:

  • Dont plant vegetation that needs a lot of water near the foundation The excess moisture in the ground will find a way into the basement.
  • Make sure the yard is graded correctly The yard, or exterior areas of the building, should slope away from the propertys foundation. If it doesnt, have it re-graded by a landscaper.
  • Clean the gutters regularly Clogged gutters cause water to spill over the side of homes and into the soil next to the foundation.
  • Install downspout extensions, if necessary Downspouts undesirably release water next to the foundation. Extensions will channel the water away from the foundation before releasing it.

While French drain basement waterproofing might cost a bit more than simply using a sealant on the basement walls, it is the most cost-effective solution. French drains do not merely hold back the water like trench drains attempt to do. French drains remove the excess water from the soil.

If the property youve listed needs French drain waterproofing and is in our service area in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, or Northern Alabama, contact us today for a free inspection and repair estimate. Were here to help!

Add Or Fix Window Well Covers

Galvanized steel or molded plastic pieces called windows wells are attached to the home’s exterior foundation. Window wells can also be fitted with window well covers.

Though window wells are chiefly designed to prevent soil collapse and to keep your window clear of debris, they can help with moisture infiltration, too. Enclosing the window wells with well covers prevents water and snow from reaching the window.

Window wells scoop out a section of the earth around the window to permit light and air to reach basements and to aid with egress. As with grading the soil away from the foundation, make sure that window wells do not direct water toward the basement window.

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Introducing A Community Called 58ers

58 Foundations & Waterproofing is committed to the community it serves and rewarding hard-working Americans. From serving our customers with the great work we do to giving-back programs, 58 is committed to building and strengthening our local communities.

Customers and employeesWe call our customers and our employees 58ers. The family vibe is a key part of our culture.

Community involvement58ers are involved in the community and committed to creating connections. With our Give Back program, we work with our partners to repair a home at no cost to a community member in need.

Supporting educationOur 58 Foundations Achievers Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to young adults who want to build skills that can help home service businesses grow and thrive. This year we awarded four scholarships.

This is why we do what we do!

French Drain & Basement Waterproofing

Interior Drainage System for DIY Basement Waterproofing

There are basically two ways to waterproof a house or building. The first and most common way is from the inside using a French Drain . This way is usually more affordable than doing it from the outside. Waterproofing One has been successfully installed french drains for customers since before 1990 in all areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

The other way to waterproof a house is from the outside by sealing the exterior walls below ground level by installing a membrane or coating. This is done by digging down around the foundation walls and sealing the exterior walls from the outside. The entire wall all the way down to below the floor has to be covered or sealed from the outside in order for this type of waterproofing system to be effective.

In 1860 a gentleman named Henry French wrote a book called Farm Drainage. In this book he described the way to waterproof a basement or cellar as he called it. Today the same basic principles to waterproofing apply. The most common way to waterproof a basement is from the inside using a French Drain in the basement. The French Drain of today has been improved by the use of modern materials together with slight modifications in design but is reminiscent of the original design. These modifications make the drain work more efficiently and last longer. The process of installing modern French Drain is as follows:

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Dry Basement Solutions By Certified Waterproofing Contractors Throughout Me

Different problems call for different tools to fix them. In the same way that we wouldn’t use a hammer to pound in a screw, we wouldn’t use generic piping to waterproof a basement.

At TC Hafford Basement Systems, we have the drainage solution you need to create dry, usable space in your basement or crawl space. We have specialized basement drain systems that we customize for your unique problem — no matter what that problem may be. For a free basement waterproofing quote in Bangor, Portland, Rochester, Lewiston, Portsmouth, Dover, Waterville, South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford, Brunswick, Saco, Scarborough, Westbrook, Sanford, and the surrounding area, call or e-mail us today! Our installations take 1-2 days.

Your Basement Floor Drain Is Not Meant For Frequent Use

Builders install a drain in a basement floor, largely in case of an emergency like:

  • A broken water heater
  • A leaking washing machine
  • Flooding from unexpectedly heavy rainfall.

Your HVAC installer may also route the condensate line to the floor drain, also. The floor drain can be connected to the sewer system or storm drains, just like any other drain in your home. Because of this connection, you may occasionally have foul odors coming from the drain. Worst of all, if a major plumbing issue occurs that drain can back up or overflow into the basement from the sewer or storm drain.

You do not want to rely on a floor drain for regular water seepage into your basement.

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Radius Planter Wall With Drainage Panels Installed Over Waterproofing

  • Drainage: Drainage panels allows surface water to migrate to French drain and discharge at exterior outlets at planter base
  • French drains: Rubber couplings every 6 feet to allow French drains to conform with radius profile of planter wall
  • Drainage: French drains installed at base of planter with discharge outlets at exterior base of planter
  • Protection: Stainless steel counter flashings installed at top of drainage panels to prevent sediment, roots from clogging panels

Drainage system questions? Call: 1-888-650-0111

Radius planter wall drainage panel counter flashings

Counter Flashing Profile Mirrors Planter Wall Step Transitions

  • Drainage: Gravel applied over French drains to allow ground water to migrate into drain perforations positioned on bottom of drain
  • Drainage: White PVC schedule 40 drains are connected to roof downspouts, drains run parallel to French drains and discharge at street curb
  • WARNING: Downspout drainage and French drains cannot be combined, each must have separate discharge locations

Drainage system questions? Call: 1-888-650-0111

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Working With Our Waterproofing Company

At Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions, weve worked on several projects across our service areas in the PA tri-state region and our team understands that no two properties are alike. When it comes to basement waterproofing, our customers have a variety of options to choose from.

We start with a thorough inspection of the property, identifying the key areas that need attention and outlining possible solutions. On every project, we strive for a quick timeline to completion and superior workmanship, minimizing disruption to your family and ensuring your investment works for you. Plus, well keep you informed every step of the way, especially if unexpected changes to the original plan arise.

Our team believes our work speaks for itself. Weve made a name for ourselves as a leader in comprehensive crawl space and basement waterproofing and earned a top rating from the Better Business Bureau . Our customers have also left a host of reviews on HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and other online resources, so you can get to know us a little better even before our first phone call.

Remove Plants Near Your Foundation

One of the most common reasons for basement water problems is poor yard drainage. Water has a higher chance of soaking into your basement if the soil around your foundation is saturated with water.

Flowers, bushes, and shrubs planted near your basement walls hold excess water in their root system that can increase the chance of water intrusion.

Remove or relocate plants within a foot or two of your concrete block walls to help stop water leaks.

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Why Your Basement Needs To Be Dry

Your basement should stay dry in case you want to renovate it into a habitable space. Minus vital services located in the basement such as the water heater, furnace, and washer and dryer, a finished basement can mirror the square footage of the floor directly above. A 1,000 square foot home can transform into a nearly 2,000 square foot home with a smart, well-planned basement finishing project.

With this, the stakes are high to create a dry space for those renovations. Few surfaces in the finished basement tolerate moisture well: drywall, carpeting, paint, and even hard flooring such as laminate or engineered wood flooring.

If you do not plan to remodel the basement, you’ll still want to keep your basement as dry as possible. Moisture can rot away building materials, including elements vital to your home’s structural integrity, and mold and mildew can develop. While not all molds are toxic, some molds can produce harmful mycotoxins.


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