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Neighbors Gutter Drains On My Property

My Neighbor Runs His Gutter Drains Right Up To Property Line Where It Is Dispersed In Perforated Pipe Underground Is This Legal

Neighbors Water on Your Property? How To – DIY, Raleigh NC
  • Posted on Aug 27, 2013

I agree with the previous answer and several old doctrines come into play here and he cannot direct surface water from it natural course on to your property, that is known as inverse condemnation. Nor can your neighbor place drains on your property. However he is allowed to have water flow off of his property. You in turn are allow to direct the same water off your property. This concept is the common enemy is surface water. So this can be quite complex and a hydro-geologist should be part of the evaluation to see just what is going on , if this is a problem. You will be able to use the expert’s report in finding a legal solution or hydraulic solution so that is the first step. These cases are fact intensive.Good Luck

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Your Neighbor Makes A Change To Their Landscaping

Anytime your neighbor makes any major changes to their landscaping, it may cause flooding into your yard. If their previous yard design diverted water in a different direction from your home but now that structure is gone, the water can flow in freely.

While theres not much you can do about stopping your neighbors from changing their lawn, you can construct preventative measures to keep water from entering your yard.

What To Expect If Your Neighbor Is Found Responsible For Rainwater Runoff

If you successfully prove your neighbors responsibility for the poor handling of the rainwater runoff, you can expect the following things:

  • Payment for the repairs and replacement of the items damaged by the water.
  • A claim for the physical and psychological distress caused by the water overflow.
  • Compensation for medical expenses resulting from damages caused by the water.
  • Other related expenses, such as the accommodations expenses involved if you cannot stay at your home due to an excessive water flow.

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Who Is Responsible For Rainwater Drains On My Property

This is certainly a tricky question and the answer may vary depending on the specific situation, as well as the governing state, county, or city laws. So, who is responsible for rainwater drains on my property?

If your city has an easement on your land, the maintenance of rainwater drains are their responsibility. If your subdivision installed them at the time of construction, they could be yours. Natural water flow coming from neighbors or adjacent properties are normally your responsibility as well.

Naturally, water from storm gutter drains on buildings on your property is your responsibility. Only you will be responsible for any damages this water causes to your house or yard elements.

The waters are a bit murkier when it comes to water from your neighbors property draining onto yours or vice versa. The context must always be the first consideration, even before legal recourse is sought. After all, neighborly relations must be at the forefront. You never want to burn bridges with people in your neighborhood.

That said, drainage from your neighbors property can be annoying at best, and a potential cost at worst. In some cases, this drainage can even lead to hazards and serious property damage. Each year in the U.S., there are several cases of water runoff from one property leading to problems on another.

What To Do If Neighbors Downspout Drains Into My Yard

Poor drainage due to hump in street gutter

Does your property get damaged from the water drainage of your neighbor? This can lead to a dispute causing unnecessary tension between two parties. The chance of damage gets even bigger if your property/yard is near to your neighbors.

You can inform your neighbor and ask for a solution. If you have a negotiating neighbor, you can ask them to solve this problem.

But things may not always go the way we want. A non-negotiating neighbor is hard to convince. And it is hard to talk without leading to a dispute.

If your neighbor is non-negotiating, you can call the Public Service Department and complain about the downspout violation.

You can also stop downspout water from entering your property by taking some measures. And there are effective downspout laws applicable for such situations.

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Talk To Your Neighbor And Try To Settle Amicably

Before taking any action, you should talk to the person concerned first. Try to find a way to settle things amicably. Perhaps, your neighbor is not aware of the effects of the land alteration.

Compromise with your neighbor on how you can both take a common beneficial ground. Diplomacy could work wonders in these, otherwise, volatile situations.

S For Installing The French Catch Drain

Contact the local utility authorities to assist in marking the already existing utilities underground. E.g., pipes.

This will ensure that you dont break the pipes during the excavation.

It will also help you make an informed decision on which area the French catch basin will be situated in.

Dig the trench in your area of choice.

Get a landscape fabric to use a lining for the trench. Ensure the fabric is of the right size and one foot of fabric extends past the upper part of the trench walls.

Use landscape fabric pins to hold the excess fabric temporarily. Homestead choices 100-pc pins.

Fill the trench with gravel to a height of around 3 inches.

Place a drain pipe in the trench, making sure the holes are facing downwards.

Once more, fill the trench with gravel ensuring that you cover the drain pipe. Fill up to a height of 2-3 inches of above the trench.

Fold the extra fabric and use it to cover the gravel.

Cover the area above the fabric with soil. You can use some of the soil you dug when making the trench.

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What Is A Right Of Drainage

As indicated in the “collected surface water” question above, a landowner can be held liable for damages for directing collected surface water onto a neighbouring property. However, if a landowner collects and directs surface water on lower land continuously, openly, peacefully, without being contested and without permission for 20 years, the landowner may have acquired a right to drain the water onto the lower land. Once a landowner obtains a prescriptive right, they cannot alter it. For instance, usually the landowner may not increase the amount of water that is flowing through to the neighbouring property or the boundaries of the drainage.

This right continues notwithstanding changes in property ownership for both landowners.

The time period to establish the right has been specified by the Real Property Limitations Act.

While a person can claim a right of drainage, that right does not exist until legal action is taken and the courts have ruled that the prescriptive right of drainage exists.

You Have Recently Where Do My Neighbors

Neighbors Water on Your Property! What can you do?

Be a good neighbor Consider the impact of drainage from your property to neighboring downstream areas and do not let the water draining from your property. Plug my guttering overlaps and drains. When there is vegetation in the areas of the runoff, but not limited to, the centerhas all the characteristics of an urban development.

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Do holes go up or down in a French drain?

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Fixing Common Drain Blockages

In the past, homeowners paid for any drain blockages, regardless of who was responsible for such carelessness. However, things have changed. Now, you only pay for the maintenance and fixing of drainage lines within your property. Thus, each individual must pay for the share of drainage pipes that fall within their boundaries.

Put simply, you will have to make arrangements for fixing the drainage pipe if it stopped working within your property. You can call a professional to get the job done.

Similarly, if the water supply pipe gets damaged within your propertys boundaries, you are to make arrangements to fix the issue. Nonetheless, you can share the expenses of the repairs in case of shared supply pipes. There must be an agreement stating the percentage of shared costs in a common supply line.

You can ask the previous owner of the property for the agreement details if you are a new resident.

What To Do After A Neighbors Water Floods My Yard

If your lawn becomes flooded due to water runoff from your neighbors house, try your best not to panic.

While the situation may seem drastic at first, its quite easy to fix.

As you can see from the information above, there are numerous ways you can manipulate your landscape to prevent water from flowing in.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Plants can be powerful tools for preventing water from reaching delicate areas of your home. Not only do they help block the excess water, but they also absorb a significant amount of it. Furthermore, plants do an excellent job of filtering pollutants and other hazardous compounds.
  • If your home is on a slope, youll need to stack soil to divert the water from your structure. If you dont have the time or tools, consider getting professional help.
  • Take good care of your soil. Unhealthy soil doesnt do that great of a job at absorbing moisture. If your soil is dry, consider mulching or replacing it.
  • Trees are one of your biggest allies for keeping your yard free of floods. Keep all your trees in gold health, and they will return the favor by soaking up all that excess water.

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Know The Laws In Your State And Local Area

Every locality, state, and country has different laws. The primary details that will help answer the question Can a neighbor drain water onto your property revolve around:

  • What is causing the water to flow where you dont want it?
  • Was it diverted deliberately by another party?
  • Other questions that will be relevant are:

    • How necessary were the changes made by your neighbor?
    • Was your neighbor aware of the potential damage their actions might cause?
    • Was the damage caused to you greater than the Improvement they made?

    If your neighbor is on a lower plane, for example, they generally have the right to block water from flowing onto their property.

    Generally, if water naturally flows onto your property from theirs , there is not much you can do in terms of forcing them to divert the water in any way. They wont be liable generally if this is the case.

    Okay, it also helps to know a few of the most common categories of rules that apply to water these scenarios in order to determine who is responsible for surface water run off:

    The Reasonable Use Doctrine

    Neighbours Drain Pipe On My Property

    In cases where both the natural flow and common enemy rules are inapplicable, landowners will be in the territory of the reasonable use doctrine. This is primarily concerned with establishing whether the flow of water is a result of negligence or malice.

    As the name suggests, landowners must make reasonable water diversions such as those established in the common enemy doctrine.

    However, if the infringed landowner believes that water is being channeled towards their property maliciously or as a result of negligence , there may be grounds for recourse.

    What would help with your case under this doctrine is if you can prove direct damage to your property. Presiding courts also conduct what is known as a balancing test, which involves the following considerations:

    • Whether the neighbors diversion of the surface water is reasonable, necessary, and consistent with the specific purpose of the land.
    • Whether the alteration is carried out reasonably.
    • Whether the benefit and usefulness of the neighbors diversion outweigh the impact on surrounding properties.

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    Discussing The Issue With Them

    You can talk to your neighbor regarding the illegitimate drainage of their gutter on your property. Try to behave in a convincing way to avoid any potential confrontation. You may be able to explain to your neighbor how their gutters are damaging your property.

    You might be able to convince your neighbor by using formal and conversational language. Doing so means that you wont have to go look for another solution to the problem, as the neighbor will resolve it once they get your point.

    Also, you could come up with a joint solution to effectively drain surface water. In this way, neither you nor your neighbor will have any grievances against each other.

    Nonetheless, things dont always go as planned. There is still a possibility that your neighbor may not understand what you are trying to convey and take no action to restore the natural arrangement of their property. That is why you should have a second option in mind.

    How To Block Water From Your Neighbors Gutter

    In cases where your neighbors yard is higher than yours, there are a number of ways you can keep water from reaching your property.

    Continuous water runoff can cause a lot of damage to your property thats why it is important to block it.

    The water eventually ends up carrying away the soil and ruining your lawn in the long run.

    What are some of the signs of a busted water heater?

    Below are some of the ways to block neighbors gutter water from causing damage to your property.

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    What If You Share A Common Drain Pipe

    In densely populated areas, people usually have common drain pipes that transport waste to the nearby treatment facilities. These pipes are generally located over the boundary lines of your property for the convenience of neighbors.

    Not only that, but some people also share a water supply pipe with their neighbors. This pipe brings fresh drinking water to your home and the rest of the surrounding houses. In that case, both you and your neighbor will be receiving water from the same source. The rules regarding the treatment of shared water supply pipes are generally similar to those concerning the shared drainage pipes.

    Get A Professional Estimate

    Neighbors drain water on to my property. What would you do?

    Before you look into hiring a lawyer you may want to get a professional estimate first. You may be able to install a drain or drywall on your property for a small sum. You can potentially take your neighbor to small claims court over this amount. This would solve the problem without a prolonged legal battle.

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    Second: Talk To Your Homeowners Association Or Look Into Any Utility Or Drainage Easements On The Lots

    Go to various authorities to ask the question: Can a neighbor drain water on my property?

    If you have a homeowners association they can act as a go-between for dealing with the neighbors and may be able to help with information about HOA rules and local laws around gutters draining into neighbors yards.

    In order to look into any utility and drainage easement, go to your County Courthouse.

    Get the plat for your lot in the subdivision you live in.

    Contact the city building inspection department to check their policy on lot-to-lot drainage in your area.

    Can I File A Lawsuit Against My Neighbor For Property Damages

    Neighbors gutter drains on my property.

    Can you sue your neighbor for the property damage their gutter has caused?

    Yes, you can sue them if the damage was caused as a result of landscape alterations or carelessness.

    However, its always good to try talking to them before taking any legal action.

    Sometimes the neighbor may not be aware that their gutter is draining water into your property.

    Also read on the backyard fire pit laws.

    Try discussing the matter to find a solution instead of suing them.

    If the talking doesnt help and the neighbor seems ignorant, then you can go to the relevant authorities.

    However, there must be proof that its because of their actions that the water damages occurred.

    You must be able to prove that the alterations have led to changes in the natural water flow into your yard.

    The court will examine the alterations made and if they were really essential or negligent or malicious in the alterations.

    However, note that this will depend on the laws of your state, and you might have to consult a lawyer who understands drainage laws.

    The lawyer helps you in understanding some of the legal implications of your actions.

    Also, note that the court might not rule in your favor and may be required to compensate your neighbor for moral damage.

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    Our Subdivision Was Built Five Years Ago And There Is A Backyard Swale That Drains Each Of The Residential Lots My Neighbour Has Filled In The Swale On Their Property And Has Built A Garden Shed On It The Water Now Backs Up Onto My Lot And It’s Constantly Wet In My Back Yard What Can I Do

    This problem may be governed by bylaws under the Municipal Act or agreements under the Planning Act. However, bear in mind that flow in the swale may be considered surface water, and your neighbour has the right to protect their property from surface water.

    Options to resolve this problem might include:

    • a property standards bylaw under the Municipal Act to enforce this situation check with your municipality
    • an enforceable lot grading plan developed as part of the subdivision agreement under the Planning Act check with your municipality.
    • initiating discussions with your neighbour to solve the problem the solution could be formalized with a mutual agreement drain
    • petitioning for a municipal drain to resolve the drainage problem.


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