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Pool Deck Drain Home Depot

Pool Deck Drain Channel Home Depot

How to Install a French Drain | The Home Depot

Pool Deck Drain Channel Home Depot. R& w distributors carries everything you need for the form and layout of your pool project. There is no easy way to replace the tops if they break. Author sofia posted on november 24, 2017.

Image Source : https://www.walmart.com/ip/Deck-O-Drain-Pool-Deck-Drainage-Channel-1-1-2-W-x-3-1-4-H-x-8-Ft-Long-Tan-Pack-of-2-16-LF-Total/654171823

Things To Know Before Installing Pool Deck Drainage Systems

There are some considerations that you need to think about when you are planning to install pool deck drains. You might have to get creative if your pool is already in place and you have realized that your pool deck drainage system is not working in an ideal fashion. Always try to consider these items before you start installing drains or building a pool deck if possible.

Channel Assembly Features The Polyvinyl Chloride Channel With Prefastened

See more ideas about drains, pool, deck drain. This is a gray frontier deck drain in one 5 foot length section with a 1.7 width and removable top. 28.to connect to 4 in.

Nds 5 pro series trench drain Bolen riding lawn mower parts. Decking, lumber & composites decking, lumber & composites.

See web results for channel drains for pool decks instead. Zurn z880 2 1/2 wide pool drain by item Get free shipping on qualified nds channel drains products or buy online pick up in store today in the plumbing department.

Get free shipping on qualified poly channel drains products or buy online pick up in store today in the plumbing department. Ensuring that the deck slopes down and away from the edge of the pool prevents dirty water from draining into your nice clean pool. Securing clips included for underneath paver stones.

Deep profile channel, gray plastic grates, end caps/outlet, 5 Swiftdrain 600 pool trench drain. Trexrainescape is a water proofing deck drainage system that can be easily installed on the joist structure before the decking goes down.

When it has to do with exterior deck ideas, your initial stage of consideration ought to be the construction materials used. Nds offers functional pool deck drains with watertight construction to suit your specifications. No shopping results found for channel drains for pool decks.

Contact us today to learn more. When installing this drain, the tops are staggered past the joints. 4.6 out of 5 stars 21.

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Why Get A Pool Deck Drainage System

A proper pool deck drain system safeguards your surrounding area , from water damage such as erosion and debris. Equally important, deck drains help keep your pool water clean. Ultimately, the least amount of standing water is what you strive for. Concrete pool decks especially need pool deck drainage systems. Even though concrete is porous, water still can easily collect. Need more information regarding what type of deck drain to get? Find exactly what will be right for your pool deck.


Designed precisely for pavers, a paver drain becomes part of your deck. Thanks to its grates, water easily flows through a channel, eventually into the nearest storm drain. A paver drains components consist of its long channel and the grate on top of it, fittings that allow for a complete 360-degree system, and its plugs and caps. Check out a great prototype here.


This type of drain redirects rain water to keep the areas surrounding your pool free of stagnant water. Remember, mosquitos will breed anywhere. Plus, trench drains also redirect water from a pool house/shed so moisture does not build up in structures like these.


This type of drain has a heavy wall, making it very durable and great for high-volume water capacity. Take a look at this square drain made of sturdy PVC, which is easily malleable to plastic fittings. PVC is always a great choice. Other home materials such as pipes, doors, and windows are made of it as well.

Consider Your Yard Design

NDS 4 in. x 10 ft. Speed

If you have a really large yard that would be damaged by the drainage that you are moving away from your pool, you might need to have a professional come in and connect your pool drainage to a drain field or other drainage solution away from the rest of your yard. This process can be expensive but well worth the money if you want to preserve the health of your yard.

Making sure that you are not just dumping water onto your lawn or another location that is landscaped can make a big difference to your overall pool drainage experience.

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Damage To Pipes And Grates

Damaged piping and grates that you can see immediately should be replaced right off. No matter what kind of drain you have installed in and around your pool deck, you need to make sure that all drain covers and drains are free from damage and obstruction if they are going to work properly. Damaged parts of your drainage system will always lead to issues with drainage near your pool deck.

Water Near Your Foundation

This is a problem that should cause immediate concern if you see it. If the pool water seems to be draining back to pond against the foundation of your home, you need to correct this issue right away. Standing water against your homes foundation can lead to your entire home being undermined and water damage in the lower levels of your home.

In some cases, pool water can be running down under the pool and into crawlspaces and basement rooms. You should always check a few times a year that there is no water that is running down through your deck to collect against your homes foundation. If this is an issue that you are experiencing with your deck drainage system, you need to seek solutions and repairs to your pool drainage right away.

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The Definitive Guide On Pool Deck Drainage Systems

Pool deck drainage matters for the safety of those using your pool and also for the health of the parts of your pool that should not be exposed to standing water. Slippery pool decks and wet pool support structures can both lead to accidents and injuries as well as damage to the pool itself.

Effective pool drainage is key to keeping your pool and the surrounding landscape and decking safe and secure for the long haul. If you have been having issues with your current pool deck, or you are getting ready to install one, you need to know about the right ways to install pool deck drainage.

If you are ready to learn more about the right way to install pool deck trench drainage systems, read on for more information!

Know The Different Types Of Pool Deck Drainage Systems

Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System for Pros – The Home Depot

If youre building a pool deck to accent your home, pool deck drainage systems are a must for the proper function and sanitation of your outdoor pool. There is a variety of deck drains available, all of which are beneficial in many ways. Learn the different types of drainage systems for inground pools, so you can understand what your options are.

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Draining To An Incorrect Location

This can happen if you do not have a properly installed French drain or other drainage solution to funnel water away from your yard. Broken drain lines can also lead to water that is not running to the right location. Make sure that all of your drainage pipes are directed to your desired drain field and that this drain field has enough soil and pebble and gravel material to handle the runoff that is coming from your pool deck.

If the drainage that you have in place is not sending water to the right location, you might have issues with the grade and slope of your drains as well as the drainage piping itself.

Frank Wall Says A Deck Drain Is Vital

Dont replace an old and worn-out drainage system improperly. Call the experts at Frank Wall. Their team has been in the pool business for over 30 years. A swimming pool is a gorgeous addition to any home. Pools, pool decks, and drain systems need the care they need to last and keep your family safe and healthy.

Offering a variety of pool deck drainage systems and related goods, check out his inventory here. Frank Wall Enterprises is a supplier of Quaker Drains. The primary material of their products is PVC. Hot summer days will be here before you know it. Beat the pool product rush. Now is a great time to buy. Contact Frank Wall Enterprises for information about pool deck drainage systems, related products. Were also just a phone call away! .

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Why Is Deck Drainage Important

It might not seem like drainage is necessary for your pool deck, you need to be able to keep your pool deck clean and free of standing water for safety reasons and also for the health of your pools overall support structure. Remember that splashing is not the only cause of water standing on your pool deck, and rain and other precipitation can lead to standing water issues that are hard to attend to if the right trench drainage is not in place on your pool deck.

Even if you live in a place that is largely sunny and you are not expecting issues with lots of water standing on your pool deck, you should still make sure to have good deck drainage in place surrounding your pool. Preventing outside water from entering the pool and keeping visitors and your family safe from slipping and falling is critical when you own a pool.

Your Pool Deck Drainage System Must Be Installed Correctly

NDS 4 in. x 10 ft. Speed

No matter what kind of pool you have installed on your property, you will need the right pool drainage in place to prevent damage to your pool deck, your home, and your yard. Being too casual about the pool deck drainage that you have in place can lead to major issues with your yard, your pool, or your home.

Using this guide, you should be able to start designing the perfect pool drainage system for your needs or you could be considering ways to make your existing drainage system much more effective. Always reach out to a professional if you feel that you need help planning and creating the drainage system that keeps water off your pool deck. This is an important part of the safe use and installation of any pool, and you want to be sure that your pool drainage is completed correctly.

Creating the right pool drainage solution is important for the overall lifespan of your pool and the safety and beauty of your pool deck and surrounding areas. Contact a Dura Trench representative to help plan the ideal drainage solution for your space.

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