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Pop Up Drain For Vessel Sink

S To Install A Vessel Sink Drain Without Overflow

Faucet and Pop-up Drain on Vessel Sink Fixed!

In general, any bathroom will look great with one of these types of sinks installed. But they are absent in many vessel bowls because it can be an unpleasant sight when there is an overflow. With the right skills and tools, it is easy to install a vessel sink without overflow.

Required tools:

PS: Your water should first be stopped at the main source if you are going to make any plumbing fittings.

Link The Drain To The Plumbing Pipes Below The Vanity

In the process of installing your bathroom vessel sink, your drain has to eventually be connected to the sink bowl.

Go ahead and look below the vanity after you have installed the upper part of the drain securely. If you find the drain pipe too long compared to the space under the vanity, you can reduce the length using your hacksaw.

The pipe that extends from the bottom of the drain should be connected to a P-trap. Thread each pipe at the end so that they easily screw one onto another.

Join the other end of the P-trap to the main pipe which is attached to your wall. Make these two ends waterproof and airtight using your plumberâs glue.

You can as well secure each item tightly using your wrench. However, avoid overtightening as this can lead to cracks and leaks.

Set Your Sink In Place

Following the pattern of the drain holes, line up your vanity sink below. Use a piece of chalk or a pencil to mark edges, creating a visual guide for yourself. Turn the vessel to the other side and coat the bottom edge with a blob of waterproof silicone putty.

Place the vessel sink again, against the vanity drain hole, following the guidelines of the previous marks. Spend a few more minutes making sure that both holes align perfectly before the silicone putty becomes dry.

Do not wipe any excess caulk oozing out of the edge until it dries. You can peel it away easily with a putty knife when it is time to install it.

Use your leveling tool to ensure that the vessel sink lies evenly against the flat surface. Adjust it as required before the caulk dries.

Do not proceed to the next step until the silicone caulk is completely dry.

Note: In the case of glass vessel sinks, a mounting ring is required before caulking. The mounting ring will enable proper alignment of the sink bottom with the cabinet under since some glass sinks are handmade and their bottoms tend to be uneven. After the mounting ring has been installed, you can go ahead and put the sink in place following the guide above.

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Select The Appropriate Drain

1 1/2"  Chrome Pop

The installation of a vessel sink drain with no overflow for your bathroom begins with the appropriate drain. The best option is pop-up drains because you can easily plug or unplug them as required. Another good option is grid drains, but the holes have to be big enough to allow fast drainage.

If the plugging feature is important to you, then you might go with the pop-up drain because grid drains have no plugs. No lever is needed for a soft-touch pop-up drain as it can be opened or closed by simply clamping down on the surface of the drain.

Pop-up drains are not linked to the overflow and so their plumbing lines are shorter. An advantage of the shorter pipeline is that it allows proper drainage. In the absence of an overflow drain, this feature is important.

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Install Faucet And Handles

During sink installation, the usual practice is to install the faucet on its own without the sink bowl. But the drainage system below remains attached to the spigot and its handle.

At this point, you are to install the faucet as instructed by the manufacturer, whether it is a single-lever faucet or a double-handled one. Make sure that the hot and cold lines are correctly attached to the appropriate handles. Use as much sealant as necessary in order to prevent any eventual seepage or leaks.

How To Install A Vessel Sink Drain Without Overflow

When finishing your bathroom, the installation of a bathroom sink vessel drain is important. Though these sleek lavatories tend to be fancy-looking, they come with a few issues that must be fixed. In most cases, there is no overflow drain because they rest on top of the kitchen cabinet.

This might be a problem if you have a system for filling up your sink bowl with water. In most bathroom sinks, proper drainage is enabled through a pop-up drain which is linked to an overflow.

The absence of this feature in a vessel sink means that a special kind of drain system is required which does not need an overflow hookup. The sink should be emptied quickly and neatly through the main drain without leaving any mess behind.

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