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Pressure Washer Drain Cleaning Nozzle

Tier One Drain Cleaning Jet Nozzles

Rotary Nozzle Drain Cleaning Hose for Karcher K Series Pressure Washers


When you need horsepower to clear heavily fouled pipes and tubes, count on the MG! It can be configured as both a penetrator or a flusher. The MGs tube cleaning nozzle has three grooves that create water patterns that polish and flush. APC custom drills all nozzles to meet your specific needs.


Our EG jet nozzles are incredibly easy to install and use. These nozzles feature one forward jet and six thrusting/flushing jets. The EG is highly flexible, and can be customized to meet your specific needs. The EG-A-NATOR is also offered as at TIER 1 or TIER 2 nozzle.

Contractor Series

Our CS jet nozzles are engineered for extended runs and long life. Their robust geometry is designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions. APC custom drills all nozzles to meet your specific needs.


The EVblasts through corroded pipes and tubes like nobodys business. With its long-tapered nose, its the perfect jet nozzlefor clearing ice and grease from sewers. APC custom drills all nozzles to meet your specific needs.

Can You Recommend A Pressure Washer To Buy

Clog Hog doesn’t collect reliability information about different pressure washer brands, so it’s difficult for us to recommend one manufacturer over another.

  • Nearly all pressure washers sold in US retail stores have sufficient PSI capability to operate the sewer jetter. It’s the GPM flow that determines how far the pressure washer can power a sewer jetter into a drain, and the cleaning and flushing force.
  • Sewer jetter nozzle force increases roughly with GPM squared, so a gas powered pressure washer can give you more than four times the pulling, cleaning and flushing force of an electric machine. That’s why gas machines are required for cleaning distances longer than 50 Ft, and for tougher jobs like cleaning main sewer drains, flushing boimat from septic field lines, and removing yard debris or silt from landscape drains.
  • If buying a gas pressure washer, consider both the pump and engine when choosing a machine. A premium engine from the established manufacturer of small engines for yard equipment, motorcycles and marine vehicles could give you more reliable service.
  • If you will clean only smaller lateral lines that have lightweight clogs such as kitchen grease and laundry build-up, you can choose the 50 Ft Drain Cleaner for Electric with a higher-thrust nozzle and an optional trigger gun that’s designed for select 1.2 GPM electric machines.

How Does A Sewer Jetter Work

The Clog Hog drain cleaner is a sewer jetter that uses the force of pressurized water to pull itself through pipes, scrub the sides of dirty drains, break apart clogs and flush out residue. A jet nozzle provides the pulling and cleaning force.

Every Clog Hog drain cleaner comes fully assembled, and consists of:

  • A high-pressure line that’s flexible enough to pass through most main drain elbows, yet handles up to 4,000 PSI.
  • A jet nozzle with one forward-firing jet that breaks apart hard clogs and three back-firing jets that pull the high-pressure line deep into clogged drains or a thrust nozzle with four back firing jets and no forward jet.
  • An adapter that’s designed to fit your type of pressure washer.

The Clog Hog drain cleaner is made from quality, industrial-grade components and is custom-matched for different types of gas and electric pressure washers.

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Do You Have Local Retailers In The Usa Canada Or Other Countries

Clog Hog products are sold online there are no international retailers who stock our products.

Our products are delivered to limited countries outside the USA by USPS Priority Mail Express. Because of COVID delays, delivery times for international orders typically range from 5 to 12 weeks, including backlog in your local customs office. Delivery from customs to your address is by your national postal service, who may charge sales tax.

You can see your exact shipping cost, before entering any payment card information, by adding your item to the Cart, and on the first Cart page entering your country and postal code.

Should I Rent A Pressure Washer To Power The Sewer Jetter : Buy Pressure Washer Drain / Sewer Cleaning Jetter ...

We recommend that you do not use a rented pressure washer for these reasons.

  • Rented pressure washers are often not compatible because they’re frequently modified and rebuilt, and are sometimes designed with unusual GPM and PSI ratings for the rental market.
  • Rented pressure washers more frequently have service problems such as decaying pump seals that can dislodge and block the sewer jetter nozzle.
  • Rented pressure washers usually have unusual trigger guns that can be inconvenient to use and require added-cost adapters.
  • The hourly cost of renting a pressure washer motivates some customers to rush the job, which can result in reduced safety and less satisfactory results.

Because of service and performance issues with rented machines, some customers have paid more for the cost of unexpectedly long rental times than they’d spend to buy a gas pressure washer.

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Is It Ready To Use What Else Do I Need To Buy

The Clog Hog drain cleaner comes fully assembled and ready to use, including the high pressure line, jetter nozzle, and adapter to fit most types of pressure washers.

If you own an electric pressure washer you can buy a drain cleaner for electric machines that includes your choice of electric adapter, if required.

M Pressure Washer Sewer Cleaner Hose And Nozzle Kit

This kit is suited for pressures up to 3,000 psi and provides the operator with 15m of a special hose which effectively traverses buried pipes and sewer networks. High pressure water is used to cut through build ups of grease, grime and debris. These kits are so easy to use, anyone with a pressure washer now has the ability to clear their own pipe blockages from home.

The kit attaches to your existing pressure washer gun at the M22 fitting which is a commonly used fitting to attach the pressure washer lance to the gun trigger assembly. The kit includes a jetting nozzle on the other end of the 15m of thermoplastic hose.

Being a thermoplastic hose this material is not as hard wearing as some other sewer cleaning hoses on the market however it’s been found to perform well and penetrate deep into pipes for light to medium use applications. Heavy daily users may not find the operating life of this hose to be as good as other products on the market at 8-12 times the price and we encourage buyers to be aware of this.

Attaching to your pressure washer:

The sewer / drain cleaner can be attached directly to your pressure washer hose or to the pressure washer gun, as shown below . The M22 fitting on the sewer cleaner kit can be easily adapted to a 1/4″ quick connect or other fittings to fit a range of pressure washers and pressure washer guns or nozzles. If using a Paddock pressure washer or Paddock brand pressure washer gun it will screw straight on.

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Is It Safe For My Pipes

The Clog Hog drain cleaner is designed for PVC and metal drain pipes.

You should avoid using a sewer jetter in ceramic and Orangeburg drain pipes found in some older homes, since these types of drains are more likely to clog because of cracks, breaches and structural collapse. Once this occurs, a drain cleaner could work itself into a preexisting crack or collapsed area of the pipe, and a difficult extraction job could result.

If you’re concerned that a plastic or metal drain might not be in good enough condition to clean with a sewer jetter, before buying the drain cleaner you can test an exposed piece of the pipe by spraying it with your pressure washer spray wand on its most forceful nozzle setting, at zero distance. If the pressure washer scores or erodes the pipe material, then you can expect a sewer jetter that’s powered by the same machine to also damage the pipe.

You should avoid using a sewer jetter and contact a licensed plumber for help if you suspect that a drain has structural damage or is weakened by tree roots, foundation damage, or other causes.

Can It Remove Iron Ochre Clogs Caused By Iron Eating Bacteria

Suttner ST49 Drain Cleaning Nozzle Demo

You can use a Clog Hog drain cleaner to remove iron ochre clogs caused by iron bacteria, provided that the pipe is in good structural condition and does not have any short-radius elbows or transitions that could block the sewer jetter nozzle.

After you remove the clog, it’s usually necessary to treat the source of the iron bacteria to prevent the clog from returning after a few months. Our Customers Page has before and after photos of an iron ochre clog that was removed with a Clog Hog drain cleaner.

You can visit our Drain Cleaning Tips page for more information about removing iron ochre clogs.

You can also contact us for more information.

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Pipe Sewer And Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Button Nose Jetting Nozzle

The Button Nose nozzle is well suited for general drain cleaning applications. It’s short body and smooth round nose make it ideal for tight turns in traps and elbows, reducing hang ups. We’ve increased the functionality over typical round nose sewer nozzles with the addition of a second grove which permits steeper thrust angles and more pulling power while maintaining a streamlined body. This unique design permits multiple angle combinations on one nozzle. Sewer nozzle kits available below.


  • Rated up to 10,000 PSI and 60 GPM
  • Heat Treated 416 Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for Tight Turns in Traps and Elbows
  • Short Body and Round Nose
  • For Drain and Industrial Cleaning
1/8″ NPT Button Nose Nozzle .500″
1/4″ NPT Button Nose Nozzle .625″
3/8″ NPT Button Nose Nozzle .812″
1/2″ NPT Button Nose Nozzle 1.000″

Button Drill Patterns


Description: The Thruster has a 25 degree angle for maximum pulling power. Use in a plugged line situation or for runs greater than 150 ft.

Pattern: 1 forward jet , 3 to 6 rear jets

Standard Pattern: 6 rear jets


Description: 35 degree Penetrating angle with super pulling power. Use in a plugged line situation or for runs between 100 to 150 ft.

Pattern: 1 forward jet , 3 to 6 rear jets

Standard Pattern: 1 forward and 3 rear jets


Description: The Flusher has a 45 degree angle with good pulling power. Use for runs up to 100 ft. A good general purpose cleaning nozzle.


How Does It Attach To My Pressure Washer

The Clog Hog drain cleaner attaches to different types of pressure washers in slightly different ways.

  • If you’ve got a gas pressure washer, the Clog Hog drain cleaner attaches to the body of your trigger gun after you remove the original metal spray wand by turning the twist ring collar on the spray gun body clockwise.
  • If you’ve got an electric pressure washer, you may need to choose an additional adapter to fit your trigger gun.

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Rotating Sewer Cutter Nozzle

PRICE: $999.00

Professional high pressure nozzles for cleaning of difficult to access areas including sewer pipes and drains. These nozzles are oil dampened and are slow rotating for exceptional cleaning and performance.

42mm Slow Rotating Cleaning and Jetting Nozzle

Designed for high flows, high pressures and larger pipe diameters typically seen in sewer systems and storm water drains. These nozzles are manufactured from 304 stainless steel and feature dual bearings, rotating stem oil damping along with precision ground tungsten stem and seat for maximum durability and operating life.

The forward facing oscillating nozzle cleans debris from in front of the nozzle as it travels whilst the rear facing nozzles actually propel the nozzle forwards deep into the piping network. The two rear spinning orifices not only propel but also slow the nozzle to ensure an enhanced clean over ordinary nozzles.

This unit is capable of cutting through grease, soap, sand and tree roots and offers superior performance in difficult situations and jobs.

Users can vary the oil viscosity to achieve 3 different rotating speeds for different cleaning and performance results.


How Long Does It Last Should I Buy An Extra Nozzle

3/8"  F High Pressure Washer Drain Cleaning Nozzle Hose Sewer Pipe ...

The Clog Hog drain cleaner is designed to be used many times, but its components will eventually wear.

The life of your jet nozzle depends on the operating pressure of your jetter, the amount of sediments in your water, and the type of pipe that you clean with PVC pipes producing less wear than metal. Your jet nozzle will normally wear gradually over time, with a slow enlargement of nozzle orifices and a gradual drop in cleaning pressure the result.

If your water supply is reasonably free of sediment, your pressure washer operates at 4,000 PSI or less, and you are cleaning primarily PVC drain pipes, you can usually expect to use the drain cleaner dozens of times before replacing the nozzle.

Most nozzle issues occur when small debris enters the sewer jetter from an open supply hose. For this reason it’s important to always flush your garden hose, pressure washer, high-pressure hose and trigger gun with clean water for at least 30 seconds before you attach the sewer jetter.

We offer replacement nozzles on the Accessories tab of each product page, and when you check out.

You can prolong the life of your high-pressure line by:

  • Taking care not to knot, kink or mishandle it,
  • Keeping it away from hot surfaces such as engine exhausts,
  • Draining out water before storing it, and
  • Keeping it in a cool place away from sunlight when not in use.

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What Can I Do If One Of The Nozzle Jets Doesn’t Spray

Nozzle jets can sometimes be blocked by small debris that enters the supply hoses during storage and assembly. That’s why it’s important to flush the supply hoses, pressure washer and trigger gun with clean water each time before attaching the sewer jetter.

To clear a blocked jetter nozzle:

  • Insert a tiny pin into the blocked nozzle and, using care not to break the pin, check to see if this clears the blockage. For easier cleaning we offer a miniature nozzle cleaning tool with a spiral cut, tapered stainless steel shaft.
  • To clear out larger sediment, remove the sewer jetter nozzle by using two sets of wrenches or pliers to secure both the nozzle and the steel fitting on the jetter hose, then loosen the nozzle by turning it counterclockwise. Take care not to twist the steel fitting against the hose. When the nozzle is removed, rap it squarely against a clean, hard surface to dislodge any sediment. Before replacing the nozzle, connect the supply hoses, pressure washer, and trigger gun to the sewer jetter and without starting the pressure washer run low-pressure water through to clear out any remaining debris. Then turn off the water, replace and re-tighten the nozzle.

Important: grasp only the exposed metal surfaces of the nozzle and fitting with the pliers or wrench. Do not grasp or twist the jetter hose or any soft coating.

How To Unclog A Sewer Drain With Your Pressure Washer

You can clean clogged drains with your pressure washer using an attachment called a sewer jetter.

A sewer jetter is a long, flexible, high-pressure hose with a jet nozzle on one end. The nozzle typically has a front-firing jet to break apart clogs, and back-firing jets that propel the jetter hose forward into dirty drains and scrub the sides of the pipes. The other end of the sewer jetter has a coupling that attaches to the spray wand or trigger gun of your pressure washer.

If you already own a pressure washer, a sewer jetter attachment can cost much less than a mechanical drain snake with an equivalent reach. Using a sewer jetter to clear a clogged drain can also be much more efficient than using a mechanical drain snake, because:

  • A sewer jetter nozzles back-firing jets pull the hose deep into drain lines so theres less physical effort required.
  • A sewer jetter can thoroughly scrub the sides of a dirty sewer pipe as it travels through the line. This can reduce your need to clean the drain as frequently.
  • A sewer jetter can efficiently flush out remaining clog residue after it breaks apart a clog.
  • Because it has no moving mechanical parts, a sewer jetter attachment is easier to clean and store after the job.

The key to efficient drain cleaning is to use a sewer jetter attachment with the right combination of nozzle orifice size and configuration, hose diameter, and fittings to match your particular pressure washer, as described in the following sections.

Getting Started

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Can It Thaw Frozen Drain Lines

Clog Hog sewer jetter models that have a forward jet are frequently used for thawing frozen pipes and removing frozen blockages from sewer drains.

  • When sewer jetting inside a frozen drain, keep the sewer jetter moving and water flowing through the jetter.
  • Drain the jetter and all supply hoses of water immediately after use to avoid damage from freezing water.

Most customers are able to clear frozen drain lines using cold water to supply their pressure washers. Note that Clog Hog drain cleaners are rated for water up to 120 degrees F this is equivalent to the hot water supply temperature in many homes. However, before using heated water check your pressure washer temperature rating.

You can visit our Drain Cleaning Tips page for more information about removing frozen icy clogs.

How Is It Different From Other Sewer Jetters

Rotary Nozzle Drain Cleaning Hose for Bosch AQT Pressure Washers

Every Clog Hog drain cleaner has these key advantages.

  • Patent-pending Needle Nose nozzle design works in more types and sizes of drains.
  • Precision made for your size of pressure washer. Your Clog Hog drain cleaner combines specially sized components with a precision machined nozzle to give the best performance with your size of gas or electric pressure washer.
  • Real quality. Every Clog Hog drain cleaner has a sewer jetter hose and nozzle that are manufactured from professional grade materials.
  • Fully assembled and ready to use. Your Clog Hog drain cleaner comes ready to use, with adapters available to fit most sizes of pressure washer, right out of the package.
  • Service before and after the sale. You can contact us for help by email or telephone, before or after you buy.

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