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Replace Drain Pump Ge Dishwasher

Drain Pipe And Garbage Disposal

GE Dishwasher Drain Pump Replacement WD19X25461

Before checking the dishwasher components that could be responsible for the drainage problem, check that the pipe the dishwasher drains into is not clogged. If the dishwasher is connected to a garbage disposal, make sure the disposal is clear of debris. Note that the garbage disposals drain tube that connects to the dishwasher drain hose can become clogged. Detaching the drain hose and clearing the disposals drain tube may fix the drainage issue. If the dishwasher has been recently installed, make sure the garbage disposal knockout plug in the garbage disposals drain tube has been removed.

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Can I Clean Out A Ge Dishwasher Drain Pump

I have a GE GDT530 dishwasher that just went out of warranty 2 months ago. Now it’s starting to make crackling sounds when it’s draining water and it sounds like there is some debris in the drain pump. So I was wondering if it’s possible to clean out the drain pump on this dishwasher or will I have to replace the drain pump entirely?

  • 1Update: The crackling sound went away by itself after a couple of months. Looks like whatever debris was stuck in there, disintegrated and washed off.Jan 31, 2017 at 18:51
  • Wow, thanks for the 1.5 year update!

GE dishwasher wont drain.Washer is washing, but doesnt drain.During drain cycle you hear a hum, but no water is flowing into the garbage disposal.

Troubleshooting:Two common problems: 1. Drain hose is blocked at the garbage disposal or anti-siphon air gap connection. 2. Something is stuck in the drain pump so that the impeller blades can’t turn. That is why you hear a hum, but no water flows. The drain pump has a magnetic AC induction motor of about 45 watts and is unlikely to burn out.

Pull the dishwasher out far enough to turn it on it’s side.In many installations you will be able to slide the dishwasher out far enough to turn it on it’s side without disconnecting the hot water inlet hose. Be sure to turn the hot water valve under the sink off.

Fixing the drain pump:

Thousands of dishwasher drain pumps have been unnecessarily replaced because a small piece of junk was stuck in the impeller blades.

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Press The Start/reset Button

If the lights are blinking and the dishwasher is beeping, it can be as simple as pressing the Start/Reset button to return the dishwasher to normal. The issue could also be caused by the door being open, where closing the door properly resolves the issue. If the issue remains, disconnecting the power will likely solve the problem.

Diy Vs Hire A Professional

Dishwasher Parts &  Accessories WD19X10015 *NEW* REPLACEMENT FOR GE ...

Since dishwashers require plumbing and electricity to work, it’s best to hire a professional for repairs. Appliance repair technicians can properly assess and diagnose the problem and get your dishwasher up and running once again. They can also tell you if replacing or repairing your unit is better.

While repairing a dishwasher averages between $160 and $300, replacing a dishwasher costs $670 to $1,270. For more minor repairs on a dishwasher that’s only a few years old, repairing probably makes more sense than replacing. Find an appliance repair technician near you for a professional opinion.

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Remove The Base Plate

To remove the base plate, unscrew the four screws that can be found on each corner of the bottom of the dishwasher. For your particular dishwasher, you may also need to unscrew the legs in order to remove the base plate. If you’re unsure, you should refer to your user manual. If you can’t find or have misplaced your manual, don’t worry. We can help you find it with our online user manual finder.

Once you’ve removed the screws, and possibly the legs, you should be able to lift the base plate away from the dishwasher. The base plate can have sharp edges, so be careful with your hands whilst you do this.

Remove Pump And Motor Assembly Parts

Move the pump and motor assembly to a stable work area. While holding the motor shaft, remove the cutter blade, grater, wear ring and retainer, and discard. While continuing to hold the motor shaft, remove the impeller and then remove the motors pump.

The pump should slide off the motor shaft, then you can set it aside.

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How To Replace A Ge Dishwasher Drain Pump

Do you need to replace the drain pump in your GE dishwasher? Then this guide is for you. The drain pump removes the wastewater after each cycle, so when it stops working, you are unable to use your dishwasher. Thankfully, it is quite a straightforward repair to carry out.

In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions for how to remove the old drain pump and then reinstall the new pump. When replacing a part, always make sure you check that it is the manufacturers recommended part that you are using.

This guide covers most GE dishwasher models, including:


Check That Your Replacement Pump Comes With A New Seal

GE Dishwasher Drain Pump Replacement #WD35X20875

With the base plate removed, you will be able to see the drain pump.

Before going any further with the replacement, check your replacement drain pump and make sure it has come with a new seal too. This is a loose, thin rubber ring on the end of the part. If the replacement drain pump doesn’t have a seal, you’ll need to take the seal off the old pump and transfer it to the new one.

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Dishwasher Drain Pump: How To Test

my dishwasher isnt draining.

I checked the drain hose and its clear enough that I could blow air through it.

  • I removed the drain pump, model #W10158351B I measured the resistancebetween the two connector pins: ~24ohms.
  • I connected the two leads toa 120VAC supply. The impeller would turn maybe 2-3 degrees and stop,with the motor making a hum. I did this with the polarity only oneway .

I think this is pretty conclusive that the motor is dead but Id like to be sure before I buy the replacement.

Im also surprised to find water has been leaking out of the pump bit by bit. I presume that means water has made it past the impeller seal and is generally bad?

Is my drain pump bad? Are there other tests I should perform?


  • It did. There was some resistance, but not a ton.

I have the same problem you had. I am not sure of the proper impedance you should have. One internet repair place says 200 ohms for a good motor. I did the same thing you did lines were clear to disposal I also exercised the check valve which is in the 90 degree black elbow right off the drain pump on my machine forward and backward to ensure it flowed and would stop flow in the reverse direction, which it did. I do not have leads that are compatible with the motor to check that it runs. I am going to replace the drain pump to see if that is the problem. Also, the jerky motion on the impeller is due to the magnetism on the motor.

For future reference, before you take the thing out:

Not Filling With Water

The GE dishwasher may not fill up with water appropriately because of a faulty fill hose or an obstruction on the hose. However, this condition can also happen due to a leaky faucet or broken water pipe.

To troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps:

1. First, turn off the power and remove the access panel. Remove the screws that hold the fill tube in place on the dishwasher.

2. Remove the fill tube by unscrewing it from the dishwasher.

3. Check the fill tube to see if any obstructions or debris could prevent the water from flowing properly. Clear the obstacles and check leaks in the water supply and the faucet.

4. If everything looks OK, turn the water back on and test your dishwasher to see if it has filled up with water.

5. If it doesnt resolve, call the GE service center.

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Position Of The Dishwasher

Sometimes, the position of the dishwasher can affect the closing and opening of the door. If you place the dishwasher between the floor and the countertop, but you do not firmly insert it, the door will keep popping open, and if you insert the dishwasher tightly, the door will fail to close firmly.

To fix the problem, ensure you firmly insert the dishwasher between the floor and the countertop. Secondly, avoid placing the dishwasher tightly since it prevents the door from closing. Lastly, ensure you place your Bosch dishwasher in the correct position while ensuring all sides of the dishwasher are placed on the same level.

Standing Water After Wash Program Has Ended

WD26X10039 GE Dishwasher Pump Drain Assembly

You should find no leftover water inside the dishwasher compartment at the end of your chosen wash program. Thats because the final stage of any wash cycle is to remove all remaining water and push it out through the drain hose.

However, a dishwasher with a problematic drain pump will leave standing water inside the appliance even when it shouldnt. So, if you see that theres a puddle in your dishwasher, you should inspect the drain pump and its electrical connectors.

If there are no clogs and the drain pump is connected as it should be, then youll likely have to replace it with a new one.

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How Do I Know If My Heating Element Is Bad In My Dishwasher

You may need to replace your heating element if your dishes are soaking wet after running them through the dishwasher. However, make sure your appliance settings are set to dry your dishes. Some models have an option to skip heat drying, which would leave your dishes wet after cleaning.

Hire a Dishwasher Repair Pro Near You

Cause # : Blocked Filter

The second most commonly reported reason is the blocked filter. Food particles clog the filter that can block the drainage system.

Solution: Clean the water filter periodically to ensure that it stays in mint condition. Some GE dishwashers come with ultra-fine and fine filters.

Follow the steps below to clean the water filter in your GE dishwasher.

To clean the ultra-fine filter

  • Remove the bottom rack to access the water filter.
  • Twist the ultra-fine filter counterclockwise and lift to remove it.
  • Rinse the filter with warm soapy water and use a sponge to carefully remove any stuck food particles. Dont scrub with scouring pads and toothbrushes, as it can damage the ultra-fine filter.
  • To remove any stains or smells, you can also dip the filter in white vinegar for 10-20 minutes.
  • Insert the filter back in its place and twist it clockwise to lock it in its place.
  • Make sure you check the arrow on the fine filter. It must be used as a guide to align the placement of an ultra-fine filter. It is a great idea to take a picture before removing the ultra-fine filter.

To clean the fine filter

Please note that 1-2 cups of water covering the bottom of the tub is normal on models without an ultra-fine filter in GE dishwashers. In models with an ultra-fine filter, water in the sump is normal, but the water should not cover the bottom of the tub.

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Water Leaking Onto Floor

Last but not least, a lousy dishwasher drain pump can also lead to water leaking onto the floor. Thats because water collects inside the dishwasher compartment, but the pump fails to drive it out through the drain hose.

So, as more and more water accumulates inside the dishwasher, some of it will flow out through openings that lead it to your kitchen floor.

The solution to this problem depends on whats causing the pump to fail. Like with #5, there are some pump components you can replace. For those that you cant, youll have to replace the pump unit with a new one.

Here are some other questions you might have regarding bad dishwasher drain pumps:

Cause # : Garbage Disposal Problems

GE Dishwasher Drain Pump Not Draining Repair / Motor Replacement GDF520PSF4SS

A newly installed garbage disposal can be the reason behind your GE dishwasher not draining. The drain plug may not have been removed, or a blockage in the garbage disposal can be causing draining problems.

Solution: Check garbage disposal under the sink and ensure that no valves are in the closed position. If you cant figure out whats wrong with it, call a licensed technician for inspection.

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Remove The Drain Pump

Lay a towel under the drain pump to catch water.

Reach under the dishwasher and squeeze the wire hose clamp that holds the drain hose on the drain pumpuse channel-lock pliers if necessary.

Pull the drain hose off the drain pump.

Remove the wire harness from the drain pump.

Press down on the locking tab and then rotate the pump 1/4 turn counterclockwise to pull it out of the sump.

Remove the towel.

Dishwasher Control Panel Repair Cost

Dishwasher control panel repairs average $150 to $350, depending on the problem. The control panel interacts with your dishwasher, programming things like time and temperature, so it can make the appliance inoperable if it has a fault or failure. Sometimes, control panels do not need to be replaced and can simply be reset or adjusted to work again. Resets are most often needed if power has been interrupted to the dishwasher or a child lock has been engaged before you noticed the panel failure.

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Ge Dishwasher Wont Drain

A dishwasher that doesnt drain can cause a variety of issues. Not only does it prevent you from washing dishes easily, but it also can lead to flooding. If your GE Dishwasher doesnt drain, address the issue immediately to avoid further frustration and damage.

If your GE Dishwasher doesnt drain, check the drain hose below the sink for any blockages or kinks. You should make sure that the drain hose is a white, corrugated hose as worn hoses promote crimping and blockages. Also, check that you dont have a clogged kitchen sink drain.

Check The Chopper Blade For Clogs

WD26X10039 for GE Dishwasher Drain Pump Motor also for AP4412545 ...

The chopper blade in the dishwasher dices any food particles that come off the dishes. This helps to avoid a clogged sink or dishwasher line. If too much debris builds up around the chopper screen, the dishwasher can stop draining.

Therefore, if your dishwasher isnt draining, determine if the chopper blade has damage and then clean the debris from the area. If you discover a damaged blade, you will need to replace it.

To replace the chopper blade, follow the steps below:

  • Disconnect the power, open the door, remove the dishwashers lower and upper racks, and set them aside.
  • Remove the retaining nut from the lower spray arm and lift the spray arm off.
  • Find the spring clips on each side of the spray tower attached to the washtubs back wall. Press the clips to release the tower.
  • Release the lower spray arm bearing and remove it from the center of the washtub.
  • Remove the screws holding the filter housing and pump cover in place. Then, you should be able to see the chopper assembly. After removing the chopper assembly cover, you should see the blade.
  • If the blade has damage, replace it.
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    How To Replace The Drain Solenoid In Your Ge Dishwasher

    A dishwasher that wont drain is a hassle nobody enjoys dealing with, especially when your day is jam-packed with work and family obligations. While there are quite a few component malfunctions that can lead to a non-draining GE dishwasher model GSD4030ZWW, a defective solenoid is one of the more common causes. However, before you skip ahead to our solenoid replacement guide, take a moment to read through our list of easy-to-solve dishwasher drainage problems.

    Check For A Defective Drain Valve

    As mentioned earlier, the drain can become clogged with debris. When checking this area, also check the drain valve. Over time, the drain valve can become clogged and stop working.

    Clean the valve if there is debris present. If you have already done this, but the unit will not actuate, you will need to replace the valve.

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    How To Fix The Bosch Dishwasher Door That Keeps Popping Open

    Bosch dishwashers are devices that help in keeping the dishes in the kitchen well after cleaning them. The dishwashers are good as they save energy and water and it is easy to use them. The device has some advantages however, there are some drawbacks about it that are discouraging such that the door keeps popping open even after closing it.

    When the Bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open, there are always reasons such as the faulty door latch, defective door hinges, poor position of the racks and others. The issues are from failure to follow the manual book when fixing some of the parts and poor maintenance of the dishwasher.

    Below are some of the reasons and how to fix them for the door to work well. After that are the process of installing the door when it is new, the frequently asked questions and lastly the conclusion.


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