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Replace Garbage Disposal With Regular Drain

Is It Hard To Repair Or Replace A Garbage Disposal

Replace A Garbage Disposal With A Regular Drain

It depends. If you are experienced working with circuit breakers and plumbing fixtures, then it shouldnt be too difficult.

If you are not experienced, however, then the job might get a little more complicated and you risk improper installation.

The cost of hiring professional help might be less than the frustration you may experience trying to do the project on your own.

While you can hire a general contractor, we highly recommend a licensed plumber from OBannon Plumbing & Sewer for your labor and installation. We have the experience with your homes plumbing systems you will need.

The costs associated with an improperly installed garbage disposal can be significant. The cost of having one of our plumbers come and install is peace of mind and satisfaction the project will be completed correctly.

OBannon Plumbing and Sewer trucks carry all of the necessary equipment, supplies, and pipes needed to do the job.

Different Types Of Garbage Disposal

There are lots of garbage disposal fixes you can tackle yourself but, if yours is beyond repair, or if you just want an upgraded model, here are the main differences youll find in this popular kitchen appliance.

  • Power: Disposals come in different horsepower ratings. From to 1 or more horsepower, how forceful of an appliance you need depends on the size of your household. The smaller the family, the fewer horsepower youll require.
  • Type: Disposals are either batch feed or continuous feed. A batch-feed disposal will only run when you insert a stopper into the drain and then turn on the switch. They are a good choice for homes with small children. A continuous-feed disposal doesnt require a stopper. Instead, a simple flip of a switch activates it.
  • Wiring: Some brands of disposals are hardwired to plug into an outlet. Others, youll need to connect the wires yourself. If you purchase a model unlike your previous one, you can adapt it.

Disconnect The Garbage Disposal

Unplug the garbage disposal from the wall outlet.

Place a bucket or other container under the drain trap to catch the water that drains from the pipes. Use pliers to loosen the slip nut at each end of the trap bend. Unthread the nuts and pull the trap straight down to remove it.

Loosen the slip nuts and remove the continuous waste pipe and the tee that connects to the discharge pipe of the disposal.

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How To Replace The Mounting Assembly

If your new garbage disposal doesnt fit on the existing mounting assembly, youll need to remove it and replace it with the one supplied with the new unit. No worries, its just an extra step, but just as straightforward.

1. Begin by using a screwdriver to pry off the snap ring holding the old mounting assembly under the sink. Then use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws holding everything to the sink flange. Pull it down, along with any gaskets or backup rings. Next, from above, pry the flange from the sinks hole and remove any existing plumbers putty, old gaskets, or debris to create a clean surface for the new application.

2. To install the new mounting assembly, apply a generous ring of plumbers putty around the flange and, from the top, press it into place in the sinks drain hole. Then from below, insert the gasket over the flange, the second flange if one was provided, and then the mounting ring. Finally, hold all these items in place while inserting the snap ring.

3. Finally, with someone holding the flange down in the sink or with something heavy resting on it, tighten the screws on the mounting ring firmly and evenly around the flange. Once all is tight, remove any excess plumbers putty from around the drain hole in your sink.

Why Are Garbage Disposals Banned In Europe

Replace Garbage Disposal With Regular Drain

Cities like New Yorkalong with many governments in Europe banned disposals altogether, arguing that the added food waste would overtax the water-treatment system. There is evidence that the effluent that is pumped back into local water streams does affect their chemical composition and aquatic life.

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Knock Out The Knockout

Everyone who’s installed a few disposals is aware of this mistake: Forgetting to remove the dishwasher knockout before hanging the unit.

If you have a dishwasher, the first thing you should do after removing the disposal from the box is to punch out the knockout with a hammer and a screwdriver. Fish out the knockout by reaching down inside the disposal. You don’t want this plastic disc to be the first thing that the disposal tries to grind up!

This is also the best time to add the cord and plug to your disposal. It’s really awkward to add these after you have completed this how to install a garbage disposal project.

Disconnect The Garbage Disposal From The Sink

Once the electrical wires and the drain pipes are disconnected, it is time to unmount the garbage disposal from the kitchen sink.

A garbage disposal is mounted on a sink using a mounting assembly. This mounting assembly can be either a 3-bolt or an EZ-mount type assembly, depending on your garbage disposal brand and model. A 3-bolt assembly basically uses three bolts and a snap ring to keep the garbage disposal mounted, whereas an EZ-mount assembly uses a mount ring and a cushion ring made of rubber. Both these mounting assemblies use a twist and lock mechanism making the dismounting process easier.

If your garbage disposal uses a 3-bolt assembly, you can disconnect it by loosening the clamping ring by twisting it anti-clockwise with the help of a screwdriver. If it is an EZ-mount, you can twist the mounting ring with your hand in the anti-clockwise direction. Give the garbage disposal a little push from the bottom and support it with one hand to make the disconnection easier and to prevent it from falling.

Remove the disconnected garbage disposal from under the countertop to make more room for the upcoming steps.

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Remove The Mounting Bracket

If you plan to remove the disposal entirely and not replace it, you will need to remove the mounting bracket. Using your screwdriver, loosen the three screws attaching the mounting bracket to the sink drain. Once loose, remove it from underneath the sink. You will need new drain pipes to connect properly to your sink and dishwasher. Speak to a representative at your local hardware store for help picking the right one for your sink.

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Change Garbage Disposal To Regular Drain

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Six: Connect To The Dishwasher

Connect dishwasher hose to garbage disposal unit using the clamp provided with a new unit or use the old one if you have it available. If no existing hose, attach directly to the sink drain pipe or install a stainless steel L-shaped fitting into the top of the garbage disposal unit and connect hoses from either side for extra security against the disposal unit leaking over time. Connect garbage disposal to discharge tube and p trap pipe fittings.

Discard excess materials in the trash.

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Install The New Sink Flanges Packing And Ring:

Place a 1/2 inch LEDOT strap around the sewer in the sink. Drop the new FLENK sink into the opening of the drain and press it into place. Placing a weight, such as waste disposal, on top of the sink will help hold the Flanges sink while installing a sink flange to the sink.

To avoid scratching the sink or flanges, place the towel between the sinks surface and weigh. from the bottom of the sink, sliding fiber parking, backup flanges, and installation of flengs on the flank sink. Hold these pieces.

Continuous Vs Batch Feed

How to Replace a Garbage Disposal

Two types of garbage disposals are available: continuous feed and batch feed. Both send waste through your sewer or septic system, but each feeds waste in a different way.

  • Continuous feed disposals: These cost $170 on average. Theyre the more common and less expensive of the two varieties. This type allows you to feed waste as long as the power switch is on, permitting the disposal of larger amounts of waste without delay.

  • Batch feed disposals: These cost $220 on average. These grind your kitchen waste in batches. They operate like continuous feed disposals, but with a special cover that keeps other items from falling into the grinder.

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Can I Replace A Garbage Disposal Myself

You should be able to replace a garbage disposal yourself if the proper wiring is intact. When selecting a new disposal, look for one thats a similar size and shape. Changing to a drastically different style will increase the complexity of the replacement, and youll likely need to modify the drain plumbing.

How Muchdoes It Cost To Replace A Garbage Disposal

In case youprefer not to replace it by yourself, the usual charges for repairing thisappliance are around $270. Prices usually range from $200 to $380, which alsoincludes a standard warranty. Note that installing disposal usually takes threeto four hours. The hourly rate for replacing a garbage disposal is $70.

Also, note that having a garbage disposer in the kitchen would provide you with great benefits. The appliance can quickly grind food particles for over a decade. Prices may vary with respect to the brand and feed-type unit. Check out our reviews for the best garbage disposals in the market.

General Average Cost
$200 to $380

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Drain Pipe Installation For Double Sink

What we are going to do here is connecting the existing drain pipes to the tailpipe from the sink strainer. For this, we need a coupling elbow. Depending on the length of the coupling elbow, the length of the discharge tube that previously connected the garbage disposal to the drainpipes tee junction should be adjusted. If the elbow is not long enough, you will have to replace this drain pipe with a new one. Measure twice and cut once.

Make the connections and make sure that every joint are properly sealed with washers. You do not need to install double p-traps a single one will do.

Signs You May Need To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

How to install a Garbage Disposal – InSinkErator – How to replace a garbage disposal

Garbagedisposals are essential fixtures in modern kitchens to prevent foodparticles from clogging your sink and damaging your plumbing.Unfortunately, a garbage disposal will wear out over time like anyappliance and will eventually need to be replaced. Here are foursigns that it may be time to replace your garbage disposal.

1.Loss of Function

Whenyour garbage disposal won’t turn on at all, the first factor youshould consider is an electrical issue. If your garbage disposalplugs into an outlet, make sure the power cord is firmly connected.Next, make sure the reset button on the bottom of the unit is pushedin. If the disposal still won’t turn on, check your fuse box to makesure that the fuse to the disposal’s circuit hasn’t tripped.

Sometimes,you may notice that the blades of your garbage disposal aren’tturning, but there is a humming sound when it’s turned on. Thisindicates that the disposal is getting power, but a clog or otherobstruction is blocking the blades.

Turnthe disposal off and unplug it, and then use a flashlight and tongsto remove anything inside the disposal. You can also try to turn theblades with an Allen wrench to dislodge clogs. If these fixes don’tget your garbage disposal running again, you likely need to replaceit.

2.Lingering Foul Odors

3.Slow Drain

4.Leaking Water

Ifyou are having problems with your garbage disposal, contact the teamat LewisPlumbing forprofessional garbage disposal inspection, repair, and replacement!

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Remove The Sink Flange From The Sink

All garbage disposals come with a sink flange. You have to remove this sink flange and use a sink strainer to connect the sink directly to the pipes.

Even though you removed the garbage disposal from the sink, its mounting assembly is still attached to the sink flange. To disconnect the sink flange, you have to first remove this mounting assembly.

Like I said before, a 3-bolt mount uses a snap ring to hold the disposal in position. To remove a 3-bolt mounting assembly, first, loosen the three bolts on it. Once the bolts are loose, you will see the snap ring. Removing this snap ring wont be that easy as it is usually really tight to keep the disposal firmly to the sink. Insert the flathead of a screwdriver and pop the snap ring off. Once the snap ring is removed, remove the 3-bolt assemblys mounting flanges and take out the sink flange from the sink.

If your garbage disposal uses an EZ mounting assembly, it has a rubber cushion ring instead of the metal snap ring used in 3-bolt assemblies. Once the garbage disposal is disconnected, raise the mounting ring of the EZ-mount towards the sink flange. Remove the cushion ring by using a flathead screwdriver. Once the cushion ring is removed, the mounting ring will come loose. Then unscrew the Support ring and the gasket, and finally remove the sink flange.

And, that is how you disconnect a garbage disposal from the plumbing.

Disposal Lines Of The Dishwasher:

If the dishwasher is also connected, then you need to break it again from the garbage disposal. Using a plier, remove the drain drainer line from the garbage disposal. Now, remove the trap pipe by removing the peanut trap using a plier. Remove the trap pipeline to allow you to remove continuous waste.

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Remove The Drain Pipe

It is unlikely there is much water in the drain pipe, but place a bucket and a towel underneath the connection between the disposal and drain pipe just in case . The drain pipe is approximately two inches in diameter. Locate the pipe, and turn the connector counterclockwise. You may need to use pliers to turn it . Be careful not to bend or crack the plastic fitting.

Shut Off Power Before Starting To Replace A Garbage Disposal

How to Replace a Garbage Disposal

Ascustomary, while repairing or replacing any parts of an appliance, you shouldshut off its power. First, you have to unplug the apparatus to minimize thechances of electrical hazards. Always remember that the socket of the garbagedisposal appliance is most likely underneath the sink. However, it may be onthe wall by the countertop. If you dont find a socket underneath the sink,switch it off from the main circuit box.

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How To Replace Garbage Disposal With Regular Piping/ Drain

Now that you have successfully removed your garbage disposal from your kitchen sink, lets take a look at how to replace a garbage disposal with regular piping.

Step 1: Remove the sink drain

For replacing a garbage disposal with a regular drain, firstly you need to remove the nuts that are holding the drain flange. To perform this, use a pipe wrench and unbolt the nuts. Now complete the removal process by pushing up the drain through the sink.

Step 2: Clean the putty around the drain

Use a putty knife to scratch the putty off. Use a razor to perform clean up if the putty is stiff and troublesome to remove. Now that you have cleaned up the shreds of putty, its time to scrub clean the area using a scrubbing pad and water. You might use spirits or rubbing alcohol if the putty is too hard to clean.

Step 3: Install the sink basket

When you are replacing garbage disposal with straight pipe, you need to install the sink basket first. Be sure to give a thorough look at the manufacturers instructions to follow it along the installation process.

Now begin the process by applying plumber putty underneath the sink flange all the way around.

Then insert flange onto the sink opening and push it hard. Go underneath and position the rubber washer first.

Then take the friction ring to put it second. Now snag the bottom mounting nut and use piler to tighten it. Finally, end the process by shaving off the excess putty around it.

Step 4: Reconnect the drain pipe and dishwasher

How Long Does It Take To Change A Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Installation Process

Installation of a garbage disposal takes between 2 and 4 hours on average, depending on whether the existing plumbing is set up for a disposal, an outlet or electrical receptacle is nearby, the current sink and plumbing conditions, and the disposal type and size.

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