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Replace Pop Up Sink Drain

How To Replace The Sink Pop

How to replace a pop up drain assembly/ bathroom sink

If any of the components of your pop-up mechanism are broken or otherwise need replacing, its an easy job you can do yourself.

  • Remove the stopper .
  • Unscrew the clevis screw.
  • Squeeze the spring clip and release the clevis strap from the pivot rod.
  • Take off the spring clip completely. If you are reusing the clevis strap and pop-up rod, leave them hanging.
  • Twist off the gasket or retaining nut that holds the pivot rod in the drain.
  • If you want to clean the pivot rod, do it in a different sink.
  • If you are replacing the pivot rod, bring the old pivot rod with you to the hardware store in order to sleeve the correct seal ball size and rod length.
  • Insert the new or clean pivot rod back into the drain.
  • Likewise, insert the new or clean drain stopper.
  • When you insert the pivot rod, make sure it catches the hole at the bottom the stopper by manually moving it up and down. When you move the pivot rod with your hand, the stopper mechanism should also move up and down. If not, continue to fiddle with it until the pivot rod is in.
  • Screw the pivot rod gasket/nut back on.
  • Insert the pivot rod into the same hole of the clevis strap as before. Or, if you need to adjust, change holes one by one until you have the perfect height.
  • Great job! You just disassembled and replaced a sink pop-up stopper!

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    How To Remove And Replace A Sink Pop

    How Do I Replace the Pop Up Plug in My Sink?

    When a pop up sink stopper is working properly, it is usually very easy to use. Just pull up the lift rod to fill the tank or push it down to drain the sink.

    If however one part of the sink pop up mechanism is broken, you will not be able to use the stopper as you would like. An example is when the pop up stopper is stuck down.

    When a pop-up sink stopper is stuck down, it is a sign that the pivot rod is not working as it should. It could be that it is rusted, bent or even detached from the stopper. You can either replace, adjust or fix it.

    You can actually replace just the sink pop-up stopper and not the entire pop up mechanism. This is because often the problem is usually a worn out stopper gasket while the rest of the pop-up mechanism is in good shape.

    To replace a pop-up sink stopper, disconnect the pivot rod from lift rod and detach it from the stopper. Lift off the old stopper and insert the new one in the drain opening. Attach the pivot rod to the new stopper and pivot rod.

    To fix or replace something, I believe it is important to first understand how it works. Let us therefore start by seeing how a pop up sink stopper works.

    How To Adjust A Bathroom Sink Pop

    Weve never met a bathroom sink pop-up drain that hasnt stopped working at some time or another. Eventually, they all get out of whack. And they wont stay open or closed.

    Here are the most common situations and easy solutions that require adjustment of the traditional pop-up mechanism that most homes still have.

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    How To Fix A Bathtub Pop


  • Remove the screws that secure the overflow cover plate.
  • Pull the plate and lever away from the overflow hole, partially pulling out the mechanism.
  • Adjust the nut on the linkagelengthen it to raise the stopper or shorten it to let it drop lower.
  • Push the assembly back in and replace the cover plate.
  • Lift out the stopper and rocker linkage. Check the seal, remove hair and debris, and then push it back into the drain.

    A common problem with bathtubs is that the pop-up stopper doesnt close fully, fit the drain flange tightly, or open easily when the lever or knob is engaged. Stoppers that dont close can keep the tub from filling properly, thereby wasting water. Stoppers that dont open readily or dont open all the way make tub drain sluggishly.

    A bathtub pop-up is a two-part mechanism: first, the stopper, which has a rocker arm that extends back toward the drain, and second, the overflow assembly, a lever that lifts or lowers a rod with a spring-like end. When you flip the overflow lever up, it pushes the rod down on the stoppers rocker arm, which raises the stopper. Flip the lever up, and it lifts the rod, allowing the stopper to drop down and plug the drain.

    Depending upon the type of pop-up, you adjust the way the stopper seats either by adjusting the length of the striker rod or by adjusting the rocker arm.

    If the stopper or mechanism is damaged, you can .

    How To Remove The Sink Pop

    Delta Replacement Part for Pop

    Consider putting on rubber gloves for this. You may also need a flashlight. If you need to remove the sink stopper to clear a drain, wear gloves and be prepared for a messy and smelly experience.

    • First, remove everything from underneath the sink so you have room to work.
    • Next, place a bucket or some kind of container underneath the piping right beneath the sink.
    • Then, raise the lift rod so the stopper closes all the way to form a tight seal.
    • Get underneath the sink and look where your pivot rod is connected to the clevis strap. Disconnect the pivot rod from the clevis strap by squeezing the two end of the spring clip together and sliding it out. If you cannot do it with your hands, use a pair of pliers.
    • Once the pivot rod is disconnected, you can free the pivot rod from the stopper by hand. Make sure a basin is beneath the pipes so water doesnt go everywhere when you remove the ball seal.
    • Now that the pivot rod is unhooked from the stopper, you should be free to pull it out.

    Warning: Do not turn the water on! With the stopper and pivot rod removed, water will flow out of the hole and all over the place. If you want to clean the stopper mechanism or pivot rod, use a different sink.

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    Attaching The New Sink Stopper Drain

  • 1Place a rolled out ring of plumber’s putty around the sink opening. Take a small handful of plumber’s putty from its container and work it around in your hands until it feels like children’s clay . Then, roll it into a snake about the thickness of a pencil, and form a ring by pressing the ends together. Press this ring onto the rim of the opening in your sink basin.XResearch source
  • Make sure you’ve removed any old putty from the sink with wet rags and a plastic putty knife first.
  • 2Push the new sink drain into the opening and onto the putty. Press firmly enough that plumber’s putty squeezes out around the top lip of the drain. Clear this excess putty away with your fingers and wet rags.XResearch source
  • 3Stack any included gaskets on top of the locknut or bell housing. Without these one or more gaskets that came with the kit, you’ll have a metal-to-metal compression connection under the sink that won’t be watertight. Follow the provided product instructions regarding the order and placement of the gasket, then put them on top of the locknut or bell housing before you slip it over the threads of the sink drain’s bottom.XResearch source
  • If you have a bell washer strainer, slide the bell housing over the sink drain and wrench-tighten the nut that fits onto the exposed sink drain threads at the bottom.
  • How To Replace A Drain In The Bathroom Sink


    Do you think youre due to replace drain systems in your home?

    A sink is one of the essential features that your bathroom should have. It plays a vital role in helping you wash your face and brushing your teeth. Once your sink drain gets old, it can get rusty and give out a bad smell.

    You should clean your drain at least once a year. If youve avoided cleaning your drain, you could encounter troubles with clogs. So, heres a guide to help you know which drain is best for your sink and how to replace drains.

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    How To Replace Or Maintain A Sink Pop Up Drain Assembly


    Does your sink not drain? Does it not let you fill the basin with water? If so, your sink’s pop-up assembly in the drain may be broken.

    What has happened in the sink, is the pop-up mechanism has broken. When a pop-up assembly is working correctly, it is fairly simple, using leverage to open and close the drain. When you pull up on the lift rod on the back of your sink, the stopper is closed, and when you push the rod down, the stopper opens.

    Like this!

    The lift rod that you are pulling up is attached to what is called the pivot rod, which is connected to your drain stopper. When the lift rod is pulled up, it pulls up the pivot rod, which pulls down the drain stopper.

    Before you call a plumber, you can fix this yourself, for a lot less money. Whatever the problem is with your pop-up mechanism, you can easily find replacement parts at a hardware store. There are universal kits you can purchase for anywhere between $4.00 and $14.00.

    How To Install A Pop

    How to Install a Pop-Up Drain in a Bathroom Sink | Repair and Replace



    2-4 hours

    The pop-up drain is common in bathroom sinks. Two rods assembled below the sink, a lift rod and pivot rod, work together to lower the drain plug when you pull the lift rod up or raise the plug when you push the rod down.

    Most new faucets come with a matching pop-up drain plug and trim piece. Replacing an existing pop-up drain or installing a new one is a DIY project that can be done with a few basic tools. Read this step-by-step guide on how to replace a pop-up drain.

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    Remove The Old Drain Assembly

    Loosen and remove the P-trap from the branch drain and sink drain tailpiece, using channel-type pliers. With some traps, you may be able to loosen and remove the trap by hand, without a wrench. It’s possible there will be some water in the trap, so position a bucket under the trap to catch this water.

    Next, extract the old pop-up linkage assembly, if there is one.

    Now, use channel-type pliers to remove the mounting nut from the tailpiece on the old drain assembly. Lift the entire drain assembly clear of the sink. This may require some wiggling of the tailpiece to break the seal on the drain flange.

    With the drain assembly removed, clean the sink thoroughly of debris and old plumber’s putty.

    The Spruce / Kevin Norris

    Adjusting A Bathroom Sink Pop

    To get started, youll want to have handy a can of WD-40 lubricating spray, a pair of slip-joint pliers, a pair of groove-joint pliers, and a flashlight.

    Next, you need to inspect the mechanism to make sure its not broken. The metal pieces can bend, which is perfectly fine. But if broken, youll need to replace the entire assembly. To make this easier, remove everything under your sink cabinet and keep in mind that youll be working in a tight space.

    If you determine that the stopper is not broken, you can make some adjustments, so it fits better on the drain. Here are the four scenarios you might need to deal with.

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    How To Clear The Blockage

    After cleaning your pop-up stopper in a different sink, use a bent wire hanger to clear any hair and gunk out of the pipes. Lower the hook-shaped wire into the drain and rotate it until you feel something on the end. Then pull up and use gloved hands to throw away anything you pull up. You can also pull hair and other blockages through the pivot rod hole.

    Use an old toothbrush to clean the inside of the pipe and around the drain. If using a hanger doesnt clear the clog, you may need to remove the P-trap from under the sink and hand-clean it.

    Sink Drain Popup Replacement

    1 5/8"  Bathroom Basin Sink Pop Up Drain Vessel Faucet Brass Drain ...
  • 1.

    Place a small bucket under the P-trap under sink to catch water that will pour out of the trap once it is removed. If a bucket will not fit, lay down an old towel.

  • 2.

    Unscrew the slip nut securing the existing popup drain’s tail piece of the to the P-trap. Unscrew the other slip nuts securing the P-trap, then lower the P-trap out of the way. Pour the water in the P-trap in the bucket and set is aside.

  • 3.

    Loosen the lock screw securing the lifter rod to the lift strap with an adjustable wrench. Slide the spring clip off the ball rod, then unscrew the ball rod nut and remove the ball rod. Lift the drain plug out of the drain assembly. Lift the lift rod out of the top of the faucet.

  • 4.

    Turn the mounting nut on the underside of the sink counter-clockwise with the adjustable pliers and unscrew the nut. Slide the rubber compression washer down the threads of the drain tube — it will be tight and squished against the bottom side of the sink — then push the entire drain assembly up with one hand.

  • 5.

    Unscrew the drain flange on the top side of the sink by turning it counter-clockwise while you hold the drain assembly from turning with your other hand. If the flange does not budge, try sticking a screwdriver diagonally into the flange and turning it. Remove the drain assembly from the bottom side of the sink.

  • 11.

    Insert the lift rod through the top of the faucet and into slot on top of the lift strap. Tighten the set screw against the lift rod.

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    Apply Pipe Joint Compound

    Apply a thin layer of pipe joint compound to the top side of the rubber washer that will fit against the sink. Using joint compound on the rubber will ensure that it seals against the bottom of the sink drain opening. While pipe joint compound is not strictly necessary, without it you might have trouble getting the rubber to seal.

    The Spruce / Kevin Norris

    S For Replacing A Pedestal Sink Pop

    1. Close the sink’s hot- and cold-water shut-off valves.

    2. Disconnect the hot- and cold-water supply lines.

    3. Remove the toggle bolts securing the sink bowl to the wall.

    4. Use wrench to disconnect drainpipe behind pedestal.

    5. Pull the pedestal away from wall and lift off sink.

    6. Remove and save the trap from the sink.

    7. Loosen the nut holding the tailpiece to the sink.

    8. Put bead of plumber’s putty around new pop-up assembly.

    9. Insert the new pop-up assembly to sink’s drain hole.

    10. Tighten nut on underside of sink remove excess putty from inside of sink.

    11. Re-attach the trap and stand the pedestal and sink back into position.

    12. Bolt sink back to wall.

    13. Make final plumbing connections, including sink trap.

    14. Open the shut-off valves and check for leaks.

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    Remove The Existing Pop

    The first task is to remove the existing pop-up drain.

    • Shut off the water supply by turning the water valves underneath the sink. Position a bucket underneath the sink to catch any water from the drain.
    • Using a wrench, turn the nuts connecting the U-shaped P trap to the branch drain pipe and sink drain tailpiece.
    • Remove the P trap. Any water that spills out will be caught in the bucket.
    • Remove the spring clip and clevis strap of the existing drain assembly. The clevis strap is the thin metal strip with holes for the pivot rod.
    • Unscrew the gasket holding the thin pivot rod. Remove the pivot rod and ball from the tailpiece and pull out the drain stopper from the sink.
    • Turn and remove the mounting nut from the tailpiece.
    • Push the tailpiece upward to free the drain flange. This is the collar surrounding the bathroom sinks drain. You may have to wiggle the tailpiece to break the drain flange seal. Lift the entire tailpiece clear of the sink.

    Tip: If the sink is not installed with a cabinet or vanity, use a 2 × 4 to support it while you are working.

    I Want To Clean Out My Sink Drain But The Stopper Islocked In Place How Can I Remove It

    replace sink pop up drain

    Most stoppers can be used in either the locked position or inthe loose or floating position. A typical stopper has a hole near thebottom, into which the horizontal arm is engaged. The advantage is thatthe stopper is pulled tightly into the drain when closed. The disadvantageis that cleaning the stopper and the drain is a little more difficult.

    To remove the stopper, you must first go under the sink and completely loosenthe pivot nut . Pull out the horizontal pivot armand the stopper will be free.

    CAREFUL! Do not run water through thedrain without replacing the horizontal arm and nut or covering the holewith a sponge. If you do, water will pour out of the open hole!

    If you like to have a squeaky-clean stopper, make your job easier and don’tengage it into the horizontal arm. Instead, just drop it into the drainatop the arm. Most stoppers will work just fine this way, though a fewrequire engagement… you won’t know till you try!!

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