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Shaving Cream To Clean Sink Drain

Clean Black Gunk In Sink Drain Via Baking Soda And Vinegar

10 Shaving Cream cleaning TRICKS EVERYONE should know

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This is one of the most popular alternatives to chemical drain cleaners. If you recall your elementary school science experiment wherein you used the same ingredients, baking soda and vinegar to simulate a volcanic eruption.

Then thats wonderful you are going to recreate the same chemical reaction if your clogged pipes.First, pour about half a cup of baking soda down the drain, then follow it up with about a cup of white vinegar.

These are the very same ingredients you once used to make a paper mache volcano spew lava.

This chemical reaction is now happening inside your pipes which should help to push the blockage aside and down the waste water pipe.

Cover the drain with a drain stopper, rag or washcloth, something to keep the airtight seal on the drain, so the chemical reaction does not spill over the sink. Just Give the mixture about 15 minutes to work then pour hot or boiling water down the drain if you think your pipes can handle it.

Pouring the hot water should help dislodge the clog and flush all the loosened gunk down the wastewater pipes. This is one of the of the most popular methods on how to clean a bathroom sink drain

Regular Cleaning Helps More Than You Think

A one-time shave is unlikely to cause a clogged bathroom sink. This is something that happens over the course of time as small amounts of facial hair keep accumulating in the drain. You see, if something can fit through the drain, it does not always mean that it is gone for good and you no longer have to worry about it. Facial hair is ultra fine and it can easily cling on to other additional gunk in pipes. Over time, more and more hair accumulates in one place. The buildup may be slow, but it does eventually happen.

This is why it is a good idea to maintain a practice of cleaning the bathroom sink every once in a while. If you clean your bathroom sink at least once a week, the gunk wont build up in the first place. As a result, the water will go down the drain pipe and you wont have to deal with a clogged bathroom sink.

What Can Dissolve Hair In A Drain

Over the counter drain cleaning products can the job done. But if youre not up for that. You can mix baking soda with vinegar. Pour it down the drain and this mixture is a great way to dissolve the clogged hair in your drain but not get any of the harsh chemicals.

I like to pour the baking soda into the drain by itself first. Then throw in up to 2 cups of vinegar after.

This is how you can shave without clogging up your drain

Dont fill your sink with water, instead get a small bowl, the best option is to get a dedicated shaving bowl, fill with hot water. This will enable you to rinse off your razor. If you dont have a dedicated shaving bowl, then a coffee cup or kitchen bowl will have to do.

When the water starts to look cloudy from the hair and lather, then you can throw out in the bathtub, then refill with more hot water. I like to prepare more water in another mug or bowl if have one, and Ill keep close.

Throwing out lather all by itself into the drain will cause the pipes to clog up eventually but since youre rinsing off with your face and razor in the bowl, the lather mixes with the hot water and that will decrease the ability of the lather to clog up your drain. But what about the hair.

You can cover the sink with paper towels that can catch the hair or put up a plastic garbage in your sink that can help collect the hair. I like to dampen the paper towels because the hair shavings are caught onto the paper towels easily. The cleaning up is easy.

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How To Clean With Shaving Cream

Shaving cream has so much to recommend itself in the world of cleaning. And it comes with the endorsement of Lynsey Crombie, of The Queen of Clean fame.

She praises shaving foam as ‘a great inexpensive cleaning product due to its combination of soap, moisturisers, and other protective ingredients.’ Her top tip?

‘Dont buy an expensive one’, because ‘a little goes a long way.’ Even a basic, or your local supermarket will do the job.

It’s time to deep-dive into specific areas of your home that you can clean with shaving cream, to perfection.

Remedies For All Types Of Drains

11 Best Drain Cleaners to Quickly Unclog Your Sink

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then a little drain maintenance can save you major hassle down the line. Consider performing these tasks regularly to keep your drain flowing and odor-free:

  • Run hot water after use: Flushing your drain with hot water can help keep oil from sticking to the walls of your drain and help prevent cooking-related clogs.
  • Use vinegar: Vinegar contains acetic acid, a natural solvent that helps to remove buildup inside your pipes. Empty one cup of vinegar into your drain. After 30 minutes, flush it down with hot water.
  • Dont forget baking soda: Baking soda is an important part of any home-cleaning regimen, especially regarding your drains. Pour half a cup of this wonder-powder into your drain and flush it with hot water to absorb odor and clean the inside of your pipes.

Warning: Drain cleaners may unclog your pipes in a jiffy, but it is very likely that the clog will return, worse than ever. Drain cleaners, when used in large quantities, can be corrosive and often merely break a hole in the clog, rather than wiping it out entirely. If you have used drain clog removers repeatedly and fear that a large clog has formed, contact an experienced plumber to assess the situation and remove the blockage before the situation worsens.

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Do Not Fill The Sink With Water

A sink full of water is an old practice. Barbers would have clients hold a shaving basin full of water to their necks to help with rinsing the blade. The basin could be rinsed and used for the next customer or worn as a helmet when fighting windmills.

Releasing the sink plug on a sink full of soapy and stubble-filled water will most certainly lead to clogs. It will also leave a nasty residue on the sink.

Keep the sink open and rinse your razor often to minimize potential build-up.

Why You Should Use Shaving Cream To Clean Your Bathroom

Most people only use shaving cream for its intended purpose to help decrease friction when shaving. However, the product has several other surprisingly practical uses, including eliminating greasy stains and cleaning your bathroom. This is because shaving cream contains many ingredients that act similarly to household soap . Additionally, the foamy and soapy texture makes it ideal for scrubbing. To start cleaning with shaving cream, simply apply a bit onto a towel, sponge, or surface and get to work.

From helping you polish dirty tile and bathroom mirrors to removing mildew, shaving cream can ensure your bathroom remains in tip-top shape. Plus, it’s great to use when you’re in a pinch and don’t have a traditional household cleaner nearby or just want a less harsh alternative. If you’re still wondering how you can use shaving cream to clean your bathroom, we’ve listed a few excellent ways below.

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Prevent Facial Hair Fall In The Sink

This may be obvious but if you really want to know the best method to avoid a clogged bathroom sink through shaving, then you need to avoid letting the trimmings go down the drain.

While there are many products out there that you can fit into the sink in order to collect your beard trimmings while you shave and prevent them from going into the sink, you do not need to go all out for it. You can simply place tissue paper or cardboard at the bottom of the sink. While you shave, the trimmings will start to pile up on the cardboard or tissue paper. Once you are done shaving, you can just pick it up and discard it.

Alternatively, you can go for a mesh strainer. Look for something that will fit right on top of the drain opening in your bathroom sink. Place it on the opening whenever you are shaving so that all of the hair accumulates in the wire mesh strainer, while the water has an easy way to go down the drain. Once you are done shaving, all you need to do is remove the wire mesh, dispose of the hair trimmings inside it and you can use it again.

This will allow you to avoid getting your hair stuck in the bathroom sink and clogging it. After youve shaved, keep the bathroom sink cleaner so that your missus no longer has to deal with beard trimmings all around the sink.

Shaving Without Clogging The Drain

10 Cleaning TRICKS with Shaving Foam that really EVERYONE should know!!

You have probably been filling the bathroom sink with water all these years, but now its time to STOP engaging in this bad habit because it leads to a clogged drain. When youre done shaving and you pull the plug, all the shaving cream, water, and hair go down the drain. Instead of filling the sink halfway with water as you usually do, fill a small bowl or a coffee cup with hot water to rinse off your razor instead.

If the water gets too dirty for your comfort level, dump it out in the bathtub and refill it with hot water from the bathtub or a different sink. Or, prepare more hot water and place it in a second mug or bowl and keep it nearby.

You do not want to rinse lather and hair down the drain because they lead to clogging. Since the lather will be in the mug or bowl with hot water, that takes care of the lather, but now you have to do something about the hair. So, what do you do about the hair?

You can line the sink with paper towels to catch the hair or place a plastic garbage bag in it so it collects the hair. When youre done shaving, clean up the mess and remember, No hair left behind!

Before you start shaving, remove the sinks plug and use what is called a SinkShroom . It gives you added protection from any loose hairs that may sneak their way down the drain.

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How Do You Keep Shaving Cream From Clogging The Drain

Keep your hair from hitting your sink. Protect it. If you really dont want to deal with a clogged drain, then you must prevent it from getting to the drain at all costs. Prevention is the cure to all your problems. The leftover hairs the around the sink, you can dampen a paper towel, wipe them off, and throw in the garbage.

Can Even Short Hair Clog A Sink

Some bricks have historically been made of clay with the addition of hay to provide structural support. Cement is often reinforced with rebar much in the same way.

Short stubble will not alone clog a drain but it can reinforce grease resulting in a very tough stoppage. Routine maintenance and alternative rinsing practices can prevent the build-up.

Soap and short hair that build up within your razor after shaving act much like reinforced mud that will condense in pipes over time.

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Clean A Mattress With Shaving Cream

If you’ve been looking for an effective and safe way to spruce up your best mattress, shaving cream might just do the trick. Spray liberally and work into any stains with a sponge, brush, or cloth. The great thing about cleaning a mattress with shaving cream is that it evaporates quickly, so you won’t need to wait for ages for your mattress to dry.

Top tip: Test your shaving cream first to make sure you don’t mind the smell. It’s likely that the fragrance will linger for a little while, so you don’t want your sleep interrupted if you find the smell unpleasant or too strong.

Avoid Rinsing Your Lather Down The Drain

Powerful Sink and Drain Cleaner Chemical Powder Agent for Kitchen ...

What really clogs your drain is a combination of hair, shaving cream, and shaving soap or lather. You canât simply avoid dumping one into the drain and keep rinsing the other down there and expect favorable results. You should avoid rinsing your shaving cream and soap down that drain just as much as you avoid rinsing your facial hair.

You can use the same âtwo cups or two bowlsâ trick here as well. Whenever you find yourself using shaving cream or soap, prepare a dedicated bowl of hot or boiling water to rinse your razor so that the lather doesnât go down the drain.

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Does Shaving Cream Soap Or Gel Clog Up Sink Drains










Judge Dredd

BC1 said:Adding more shave soap etc. will accelerate the process of build-up in your drain. However, you don’t need a plumber or caustic chemicals to clear it. Just pick up a “snake” at your local hardware store. Very simple to use. First remove the drain plug from the sink and the rod that connects to it in the back of the drain pipe. Then twist the snake clockwise as you push it down the drain. It will eventually grab hold of all of the hair and gunk that is clogging your drain. You then very slowly pull it all up out of the drain. You will be amazed at what comes out. Pretty nasty. You can then take an old toothbrush and brush the drain pipe as far as you can reach on the inside to clean it completely. Be careful not to drop the toothbrush down the drain though. Then reinstall the drain plug and screw the rod back on making sure you thread it through the hole on the drain plug so that it can be raised and lowered properly.

Black Mold In Sink Drain

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It is a fact that a lot of gunk and excess biological material go down the drain into your bathroom sink.

In case you are experiencing a severe odour in your bathroom even when everything looks clean, read my previous article Sewer smell in your bathroom? Learn to get rid of it.

Other than the bathroom sink drain, there is quite a bit of soap scum and limescale that get deposited in your sinks overflow hole. The overflow hole is the slit or hole that is usually located in between the drain and the faucet.

That is where water escapes through when you are filling up the sink with water, and instead of it overflowing from the basin, it passes through the overflow hole. This particular feature of the sink often gets overlooked.

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How To Use Baking Soda And Vinegar To Clean A Sink Overflow

The two ingredients commonly found in homes can make a cleaning agent for sink overflow holes. Just follow the process below to get it done.

  • Pour baking soda down the hole. With the help of a funnel, pour one cup of baking soda into the sink overflow hole.
  • Pour some white vinegar into the hole too. You can try this Natural Armor. It is rated 6x stronger than regular ones and is ecofriendly. Once you pour it, it will fizz in reaction with the baking soda. This effect will loosen and deodorize the overflow hole.
  • Let it sit for a while. Leave it in and let it do its things for about 15 minutes.
  • Pour in boiling water. After the time has passed, pour some hot water into the overflow hole to flush everything out. The heat will also kill most of the remaining bacteria.
  • Repeat as needed. If some smell still lingers, you will have to repeat the process. Depending on how strong it is, you might need 2 more iterations.

Can Shaving Cream Remove Urine Smell In A Toilet

How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink Drain

Besides removing stains, shaving cream can also remove the odor of urine from your toilet bowl. Shaving cream has a pleasant scent that is excellent for eliminating urines foul odor.

But more than that, the foaming properties and thick consistency of shaving cream allow it to access and clean hard-to-reach areas like behind the toilet and in between bathroom tiles. That makes it effective in destroying uric acid crystals thoroughly, so no foul smell is left after youre done cleaning.

Its important to note that while its okay to use shaving cream on bathroom floors you should not use shaving cream if you have wooden floors installed. Wood is highly absorbent, and shaving cream can damage your wood floors finish, causing discoloration and warping over time.

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Polish And Prevent Foggy Bathroom Mirrors

You know how dirty bathroom mirrors can get. Whether you have young children who are constantly touching the glass or a few splatters land on its surface as you brush your teeth, bathroom mirrors can never seem to stay clean. However, shaving cream can make the process of cleaning your mirrors that much easier. The best part is that shaving cream will also prevent your mirrors from fogging up, per HuffPost. This way, you can admire your reflection even if you just took a steaming hot shower.

To make your mirror shine, all you have to do is spray shaving cream on it and wipe clean with a towel. If you want to make sure your mirrors are extra clean, you can use Windex beforehand. For a DIY cleaner, try a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar and spray it on the mirror.


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