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Sioux Chief Shower Drain Install

Tips To Help Make Your Shower Drain Installation A Success

Sioux Chief shower drain installation

If you are preparing to install an Oatey® Brass or Plastic No-Caulk Shower Drain, these tips will help you feel confident and ready to tackle your shower drain installation project like a Master Plumber. You can also refer to Oateys detailed step-by-step directions for no-caulk shower drain installations.

1. Understand Oatey No-Caulk Shower Drain use.

No-Caulk shower drain products are not intended for use in a tiled shower floor. Oatey Brass and Plastic No-Caulk Shower Drains are designed for use with preformed shower stall bases. If the shower base is not a preformed stall, check out other shower drains available through that will accommodate your specifications.

2. Verify drainpipe size.

Verify the size of the vertical drainpipe this should be 2. Note that the 2 No-Caulk gasket provided with the drain assembly will create a watertight seal around PVC, ABS, cast iron and galvanized drainpipe. . If your vertical drainpipe is 2 DWV Copper or 1½ IPS size, please refer to Oateys website for optional gasket selection.

3. Determine material of existing pipe.

Know the material of the pipe you are using before installation. The material will help determine the type of connection used on the pipe. There are generally 5 different types of pipes found in residential use and divided between plastic or metal material:

  • ABS: Usually a black piping
  • PVC:Typically a white pipe
  • Metals: Typically found in older dwellings, there are three types of metal pipes:

    Series Shower Drain Installation Instructions

    Sioux Chief Manufacturing Company tel: 1-800-821-3944 fax: 1-800-758-5950


    The 825 Series shower drains are used with berglass shower bases or one-piece shower units.

    To install, separate the drain into a top and bottom (female threads / glue hub / washer

    s) portion.

    Apply a bead of silicone to the underside of the top portion, then place it through the drain hole in the shower base.

    From underneath the shower, place the black rubber sealing washer, then friction washer then bottom portion over the male threads, and tighten. The friction washer protects the rubber from damage while the bottom portion is threaded on and tightened up.

    From the top side of the shower, remove any excess silicone that has squeezed out. The berglass shower base is sandwiched between the top portion and the bottom portion. The sealing washer on the under side, along with the silicone sealant applied between the shower oor and the top portion, keeps the drain water tight.

    Solvent weld the drain pipe into the hub in the bottom portion using the appropriate solvent cement. Allow 24 hours for the silicone to cure, and check installation for leaks.

    Sioux Chief Shower Drain Installation

    Sioux Chief Manufacturing Company, founded in 1957, is a plumbing wholesale supply company. The company is located in a 300,000-square foot warehouse on 140 acres in Peculiar, Missouri.

    Sioux Chief manufactures various plumbing supplies such as shower drains, pipe hangers, copper spun stub-outs and water hammer arrestors. Sioux Chief shower drains are manufactured from PVC plastic and brass. The shower drain strainers are available in several different finishes such as satin nickel, polished brass, pearl nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin copper, pearl nickel, antique brass and white enamel.

  • Unscrew the shower drain strainer from the shower drain body with a screwdriver.

  • Pry the shower drain strainer cover from the shower drain strainer with a small flat-tip screwdriver, prying gently to avoid damage to the cover finish.

  • Apply a bead of pure silicone sealant to the underside of the drain strainer flange lip.

  • Slide the shower drain strainer into the shower pan drain hole while pushing down slightly. This method keeps the shower drain strainer in place during installation.

  • Slide the rubber sealing gasket onto the drain strainer threads on the underside of the shower drain pan slide the paper friction gasket on next. The friction washer prevents damage to the rubber sealing gasket.

  • Apply a light to medium coat of plumber’s polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, thread sealant paste to the drain strainer threads.

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    Installing A Sioux Chief Shower Drain

    Keep in mind that these installation instructions are for the 825 Series Shower Drain:

    These drains are utilized alongside fiberglass shower bases or 1-piece shower products. Begin by separating the drain into your top and bottoms portions. After applying a bead of silicone to your underside of your top portion, place your drain hole into your shower base. Underneath your shower, establish your black rubber sealing washer, then friction washer, then your bottom portion over your male threads. After tightening, you should be ready for the next step. Remember that your friction washers are designed to protect your rubber from damages, while your bottom portion is threaded on/tightened up. At the top side of your shower, take away all excess silicone that has been squeezed out. Your fiberglass sandwich base is established between your top portion and your bottom portion. The sealing washer, which can be found underside, along with silicone sealant that has been applied to between your shower floor and your top portion, will keep the drains watertight. Next, youre going to work at solvent welding the drain pipe into your hub, in your bottom portion. This is something you are obviously going to want to do with the right solvent cement. Youre going to want to wait a minimum of twenty-four hours for your silicone to cure properly. After the cure period has passed, you will want to inspect your finished result for any potential leaks.

    Murphy Company Cuts Project Installation Time With Sioux Chief Products

    Sioux Chief 2 in. PVC Shower Drain with Strainer

    Using a range of Sioux Chief Manufacturing Company products, Murphy Company dramatically cut down its installation time of plumbing products for a new high-rise in St. Louis. Murphy also turned to Sioux Chief for custom products, which were rapidly produced in nearby Kansas City, MO, ensuring the project stayed on schedule.

    Ballpark Village is a dining and entertainment district across from the St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium. It played a major role in the revitalization of downtown St. Louis, MO. When Murphy was awarded the plumbing work for the high-rise portion of the project, they knew that keeping such a large job on schedule would be a challenge. Recognizing the time constraints, they called on Sioux Chief to offer solutions in several areas of the plumbing installation.

    The FinishLine drain and cleanout system was a key factor for ensuring a quick, clean installation without having to worry about whether the floor height would be correct or level, because the system is designed to account for variations in jobsite conditions. Using the FinishLine system, Murphy Company saved many hours, because they could quickly install the parts during the rough-in as well as the top-out and finish stages of setting the drains and cleanouts. Murphy Company found that the FinishLine products allowed for a perfect finish every time.

    For more information, visit .

    MCAA welcomes Sioux Chief as a new member.

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    Fail To Install Sioux Chief 825 Series Shower Drain

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    About The Sioux Chief823

    SIOUX 823-TX36TP is a linear shower drain ABS tile in tray strainer from our SIOUX Strainer collection. Splash your shower with these unique channel-style drains. The perfect solution for larger showers, shower rooms, or open showers and tiled bathrooms, you can choose from a variety of decorative grates or a convenient tile tray to match your flooring to a tee. Sioux Chief 823 series linear shower pan drains shall be used where necessary in drainage systems.

    SIOUX 823-TX36TP is available in a range of lengths, these trench drains are ideal for everything from residential showers, wet rooms, and day spas to health club or gym showers and high school/college locker rooms. You can even use them in residential chef’s-style kitchens, basements, or laundry rooms. Wherever you need more than a standard round drain and want a stylish solution, these linear drains are the answer. Drain body shall be beveled, with mounting holes for sub floor installation. Invertible clamping collar shall fasten to drain body with four screws into brass inserts. Drain body shall have a 2″ Sch. 40 hub connection and connect to DWV pipe via solvent weld joint. Linear drain head and strainer shall be stainless steel and height adjustable using threaded adapter. Drain shall include DoubleDuty test plug. Designed in accordance with ASME A112.18.2-2005 / CSA B125.2-05.

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    How To Install A Sioux Chief Shower Drain

    Learning how to install a Sioux Chief shower drain is surprisingly straightforward. Even if you dont have a ton of experience with shower drain installation work, theres a good chance that you can handle everything this particular DIY project can throw at you. However, if you have serious doubts as to whether or not you can tackle this project, remember that this is a project covered by most professional plumbers.

    Nonetheless, if you decide to take on the job, there are a few things you will want to remember.


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