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Speed Queen Washer Won’t Drain

Speed Queen Washer Not Filling With Water

Speed Queen Washer – Water not draining – Diagnostic & Repair

If your Speed Queen washer doesnt fill up with enough water, first double check the detergent tray. Make sure you have enough detergent and fabric softener in it. If thats not the problem, check the drain hose too. It may be clogged or kinked.

  • Blocked Hose or Filter: Dont ignore hoses that are kinked or wrinkled they can lead to problems in your laundry room, including a Speed Queen washing machine not filling. Check to make sure that the hoses havent been sheared or cracked, and if you see any signs of damage, repair them. If youre having issues with your Speed Queen washer, there are a few things to check before calling for repairs. Start by checking the hose or filters for debris or a kink that block water flow. Then, open both hot and cold water faucets and watch for any standing water in the fill hoses.
  • Washer Lid not Closed: When you close the washer door, make sure the lid is completely closed. If it isnt, you will see a small amount of water pooling inside of your washing machine and your warranty wont be valid if a leak occurs. Your washer has an inlet valve that helps regulate water supply to the machine if it is damaged or broken, it can lead to an overflow condition or even a house flood.
  • Low water pressure: If your water pressure is low, the valve may not open for the washer to fill. To ensure a properly working inlet valve, ensure that you have at least 20 pounds per square inch of water pressure at the appliances water connection.

Why Wont My Speed Queen Washer Drain

Queen washer wont drain if the drainage hose or the drain receptacle are clogged. If the drainage hose is bent, straighten it. Check the pump pulley and replace it if necessary if the water doesnt come out of the washing machine. If your clothes are too dry, you may need to use a dryer to dry them.

Tips To Maintain The Drain System

  • Cleaning and inspection of the washers drain area at regular intervals play a significant role in the long run.
  • Always keep a track of all hoses and the drain system for any leakages.
  • Keep a practice of inspecting your clothes before you put them in the washtub, this practice will avoid the foreign objects to enter the washer and causing clogs
  • Make sure that the drain vent is connected separately, this is because at times the drains of the kitchen and washer are connected to the same pipe that heads towards the sewage.
  • Kitchen clogs may impact the drainage system of your washer, thus separating them will make it easy for you to identify the cause of the clog.
  • The sewage area needs to be cleaned at regular intervals to avoid any kind of blockage or clogs.
  • You may use several cleaning solutions that are easily available online and at the local stores and run clean cycles at regular intervals.
  • You may also use home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar mixed with hot water to clean the washer including the drain.

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Speed Queen Washer Stops Abruptly:

If your Speed Queen washing machine stops abruptly mid-cycle, the door switch may malfunction, or a faulty water inlet.

The controller gives the signal to the machine to start once its closed, but if it fails, itll cause the washing machine to stop mid-cycle.

Another reason can be a faulty water inlet valve that has lost its continuity.

If the Speed Queen washer loses power during the cycle, make sure the power supply is properly inserted into the socket and that the circuit is not tripped.

Possible Solution:

  • Check the power supply, making sure the washer is properly plugged into the socket. Check that the power cord is not faulty and that the circuit has not been tripped.
  • Replace the door switch, which will require a technician
  • Replace the water inlet valve, which will require a technician

Inspect The Washing Machine Belts

Why I chose Speed Queen

If you have completed every step and still find that your washing machine wont drain, check if damaged belts are the cause of your drain problem. The manufacturers washing machine instruction manual should indicate the location of the belts. To check your belts, unscrew your washing machines access panel and check the main belt and the pump belt. Be on the lookout for any corroded, broken, or otherwise damaged parts.

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Why Are Clothes Still Wet After Spin Cycle

This usually means checking the drain hose, drain pump, and any filters or coin traps that could be blocked. An unbalanced washer, using the wrong detergent, and a worn or loose drive belt are some of the causes of wet clothes after the spin cycle. 1. Turn the clothes dryer on and wait for it to warm up. The clothes will dry faster if you wait a few minutes before turning it back on.

You can also use a timer to keep track of how long it takes for your clothes to dry. When its time to start the cycle again, youll need to turn off the machine and let it cool down for a minute or two. This will allow the water to evaporate and dry the clothing faster.

Once it has cooled down, it should be dry enough to spin again in about 15 minutes or so, depending on the type of machine you have and the amount of water you used.

The Speed Queen Washer Is Overflowing

The pressure switch shuts off the power to the water inlet valve when the proper water level is reached. If the pressure switch fails, the washer continues to fill.

This can be damaging for two reasons first because it can cause an overflow if the tub doesnt have enough room and second because water pouring out of a wall or anywhere other than its designed path can cause serious damage to property.

Before replacing the pressure switch, one should check their air tube to make sure it is clear of debris. Its also important to look for leaks here as well since thats another potential cause of failure.

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Why Is My Speed Queen Washer Blinking Wash And Rinse

The majority of people with this type of Speed Queen problem asking for help on forums they see the wash and rinse lights flashing twice. Its taking too long for the tub to fill to the correct level to allow the water to flow through the drain, which is a water fill error.

If you have this problem, you can fix it by adding a few drops of dishwashing detergent to your water. If you dont have a dishwasher, use a spray bottle with a small amount of water in it. You can also add a little bit of baking soda or vinegar to it to make it easier to clean.

Speed Queen Top Load Washer

Speed Queen Residential model Washer doesn’t drain

Speed Queen Washer Model SWNBC2PP – Top loading, coin operated

Won’t finish the drain cycle, water is left about 40% full and screen shows error “E dr”.

First time I took it apart, the back clip holding the pump on was popped off. I removed the hoses and the pump. Water flowed out the hose from the tub fast, so I don’t think there is a clog in that hose.

The pump had a lot of belt dust on it, so I replaced the belt and the tension arm spring with new replacement parts. Ran a cycle with the tub empty, it drained ok.

Later got a report that it wasn’t draining again. Went back, figured out that I’d forgotten to put the tension wheel on the outside of the belt, so the belt was not tensioned at all. Put that on the correct side. Rechecked the pump, there is some wear on the hub, but it seems to turn ok and the motor shaft still fits into it with the flat sides so it doesn’t seem like it would be slipping inside the hub.

Put some stuff in it to wash, the cycle stopped with “E dr” and water at 40% again.

Not sure what to try next, I’m thinking a new pump mechanism?

I also have the rest of the kit with replacement tension arm and wheel, but the existing arm seems straight and the wheel turns ok.

What else should I look for?

Final update: Replaced the pump today and it worked fine for one load afterwards. Inspected the old pump carefully and could not see any reason why it was not working. I also tried clearing all the hoses but could not discern anything blocking them.

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The Speed Queen Washer Is Making A Lot Of Noise

A common noise problem in front-loading washing machines is a noisy tub bearing. The bearing supports the inner tub and outer tub as they rotate.

If the bearing stops spinning freely and begins making a loud grinding/growling noise, it will need to be replaced. Different types of bearings are used on different models. Some are ball-bearings, others are full ceramic or even half ceramic with ball bearings in the other half.

The cost and difficulty of replacing this part often dictate whether we recommend you replace only the outer tub or replace both the outer tub AND inner tub bearings together .

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Speed Queen Washer Problems Easy Fixes

There are some common occurrences of Speed Queen washer problems that occur with usage over time. Although it is a recognized home appliance brand, it is not fully immune to wear and tear, just as any other popular brand. As they are designed to work easily, the problems can be fixed easily by yourself. Here is a guide on Speed Queen washing machine troubleshooting of the most common problems. If you find it difficult to handle certain issues, you should contact your appliance repair technician for support.

Do not attempt any troubleshooting without unplugging your washer from power. Always make sure to ensure your health and safety by following the necessary precautions when handling electrical appliances. You may use PPEs to avoid any potential hazards during this.

Speed Queen Washers Stop Mid

Speed Queen Washing Machine Error Codes

The washing machine door lock secures the washer during operation. Once the machine is turned on and the door closes, it can begin its cycle.

If the door lock is not completely seated correctly in place, the machine will stop mid-cycle to prevent personal injury or property damage.

Since not all appliances are created equal, this process may vary slightly between models, but nonetheless, you should still check in your manual to see if there are any special instructions for how to reset your washing machine if it comes to an abrupt halt for whatever reason.

Consult your washers diagram to determine whether the door lock has failed electrically, and test each of the door lock switches for continuity with a multimeter. In the event that one of the switches does not have continuity, replace it.

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Are Speed Queen Washing Machines Any Good

Yes, Speed Queen is a top-notch brand of washers. Speed Queen washers are built to be durable and have few electronic components, so they are easy to repair even after many years of usage.

They have also won Good Housekeeping 2021 Cleaning Awards

If you dont mind a simple design, a Speed Queen washer and dryer will deliver best-in-class performance and longevity.

Speed Queen is very well-priced when compared to competing brands.

Speed Queen appliances have a 5-year full warranty from the date of purchase.

Speed Queen Washer Wont Spin

  • You consider lid switch assembly for this situation. It prevents from spinning when the lid is open. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the lid switch. If it doesnt have continuity, replace it with a new one.
  • Check the drive belt whether it is broken or loose on the pulleys. Replace it with a new one, if you find it broken or loose.
  • Motor control board provides the necessary power to the motor. If the control board is defective, your washer wont spin properly. Check the motor control board for burned components. If the board is defective, the motor wont get the power to spin. Again, if the control board doesnt pass the power to the motor, change it.

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How To Drain A Washing Machine Manually

If your washing machine is not draining completely, the mechanics of draining the water is up to you. Here are a few ways to manually drain the water in your washing machine:

  • Bail it out with a bucket: Bailing out the water with a bucket, cup, or bowl is often the go-to strategy for most people who find that their washing machine wont drain. However, this technique can be time-consuming, tedious, and hard on your back because you have to bend over repeatedly to scoop up water from the bottom of the machine.

  • Drain it with a hose: This is an easier way to drain water than bailing it out with a bucket because youre using the drain hose and letting gravity do the hard work for you. To drain your washer with the washing machine drain hose, youll need a bucket, a screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, and a clamp. Its also a good idea to have a sponge and towels on hand in case of a spill.

Follow these steps to drain the water with the drain hose.

How To Clean A Front Load Speed Queen Washer

Speed Queen Top loader EFL Top loader wont drain

Eliminating Speed Queen washer smells from front loading machines involves cleaning the gasket, washer tub, and drain pump filter.

Heres how to clean a front load Speed Queen washer:

  • Open the front door and peel back the rubber gasket so the interior is exposed.
  • Remove foreign objects and wipe down the gasket with a clean cloth and hot, soapy water or a mildew cleaner.
  • Sprinkle cup of baking soda inside the drum and pour 2 cups of white vinegar in the detergent tray.
  • Run a Speed Queen washer sanitize cycle with hot water.
  • Empty the drain pump filter. The Speed Queen washer filter location is behind a panel on the bottom front corner of the machine. Once the panel cover is removed, place a towel below the filter cap and slowly unscrew it. Allow all water to drain before removing the filter and rinsing it to remove debris. Replace the filter, and close the panel cover.
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    What Do The Reviews Say

    Getting rid of my front loader and purchasing this speed queen was one of the best moves I have ever made, but I dont think I can add much to what the other reviews have already stated.

    I can wash a load of laundry in 20 minutes, and it comes out clean and smelling fresh again. I wish there were ten stars available for this washer!

    Well, this queen works well to handle all your needs, is friendly to use, its washers all color clothes our just white. just set and forget. Very quick, washed in no time at all will not disappoint you. Make washing fun!

    This is the real down-to-earth get-it-done machine. I want clean clothes, if it doesnt clean them, it will destroy them. The machine is fully adjustable for delicate clothes, but if your clothes are filthy, like stained jeans, there isnt any other machine on the market to get the job done!I give this machine a ten-star rating. No other machine ever comes close

    Speed Queen Washer Wont Start

    If youre having issues with your Speed Queen washer, the following instructions will help you troubleshoot and get your washer back up and running.

    • Faulty Lid: Keep the lid closed when youre not using your washer or dryer. If the lid is open, your machine wont start and it can cause damage. Dont use an extension cord or adapter to operate your washer or dryer.
    • Motor overload protector: Your washer appears to have an electrical burning odor. If not already, you should turn off your household breaker and time the washer for two or three minutes after it appears to have stopped. Restart the breaker and try the washer again.
    • Lid switch issue: The first thing to check when a washing machine doesnt turn on is the lid switch. If the lid switch is locked, it wont turn on. You can also check if the light indicator lights up. If you are still experiencing problems with your washing machine and it doesnt respond to the above actions, check whether the main switch is OK or not. Replace it if its damaged or burned out.

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