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Toilet Won’t Drain Not Clogged

Using Too Much Toilet Paper

Toilet Not Flushing Properly But Not Clogged-Easy Fix

I remember potty training my kids. They were often guilty of grabbing huge wads of toilet paper. These huge wads, if allowed in the toilet, would have resulted in a clog.If someone in your household uses too much toilet paper, you’ll have the same problem. Huge wads can get clogged. So if you don’t find out who is doing it, your toilet will keep clogging.Be a private toilet paper investigator and sniff out the culprit who is using too much toilet paper.

Mineral Or Sediment Build

If you find that your toilet bowl still drains properly but slowly then the issue may lie in the jet holes that surround the rim of the toilet bowl.

The build-up of sediments and minerals along the side of these holes can gradually reduce the water pressure released with each flush. In the next section, well go into the different ways you can fix all of these problems.

Why Wont The Flapper In The Toilet Close

As mentioned above, the flapper is the rubber valve at the bottom of your toilets tank. A toilets flapper opens and closes whenever you flush, allowing water to run from the tank into the bowl. When you depress your toilets handle, youre lifting the flapper. Your toilets flapper is in constant contact with moving water that, over time, can bend or otherwise warp the flapper.

What to do: Examine your flapper. Does it seal tightly when its closed? Can you see wear or damage? Flappers are inexpensive and available at any local hardware store. Turn off the water at the supply valve, drain your toilet tank and replace the flapper. Make sure you reattach the chain. If you need help, were standing by.

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Warped Or Bent Toilet Flapper

Although toilet flappers can last for a long time, they can warp or bend, which means they will cease creating the tight seal they are designed to do on top of the flush valve. When that happens, water will slowly leak from the tank to the bowl.

Mineral deposits underneath the flapper can also cause this problem. Insufficient water in the tank as we have seen results in a weak flushing toilet.

At times when the water level in the tank drops below the fill valve kick-in level, the toilet tank will start to refill on its own. This is the phenomenon mostly referred to as ghost flushing.

Unless you have mineral deposits under your flapper which you can easily clean, a warped or bent toilet flapper will need a replacement.

Replacing a toilet flapper is both easy and cheap if you are doing it for yourself. I have written a detailed guide on the same. Read it here.

Something Is Caught In The Toilet Trap

Toilet is Clogged With Poop

A plumbing trap creates a barrier between the gases in your plumbing pipes and the air in your home. But it’s also possible for things to get stuck in the trap.


If something is stuck in your trap, your toilet will keep clogging.Using a plunger might remove the clog. But because the underlying problem wasn’t solved, new clogs will form.The only way to know if something is stuck in the trap is to remove the toilet, turn it upside down and check the trap. This isn’t something you want to do by yourself. And you don’t want to do it unless it’s a last resort.

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Why Is My Toilet Overflowing But Not Clogged

An overflowing toilet is a big mess and happens for several reasons. Finding the central is also a tough job.

Because whenever a running toilet not only ruin the bathroom even spread diseases.

Today you are here, you search a lot, there are so many options, causes make you doubtful and more frustrated.

Thats why Im not going to mislead you around and put only the exact possible reasons for a toilet overflowing but not clogged.

Youll get the solution about why your toilet keeps overflowing, not blocked, and how to fix an overflowing toilet that isnt clogged.

Different Ways You Can Fix A Slow Draining Toilet

If youre heart set on fixing the toilet by yourself, then these are some of the things you should consider during the repair process. We recommend taking a minute to refresh yourself on the parts of a toilet.

However, if you arent confident in your repair skills, then dont feel bad about calling a professional plumber. Sometimes homeowners that dont know what theyre doing when it comes to plumbing can cause more harm than good.

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How To Tell If You Have An Issue With Your Rv Toilet

A majority of signs that your RV toilet is clogged are rather obvious. That being said, there are some little signs that you can keep an eye out for too. Knowing when your toilet is close to clogging is ideal as you can catch the problem earlier on to prevent any severe clogs.

Lets look at some of the signs, so you can catch them quickly.

  • A sign of a clog, or approaching clog is if there is a powerful stench coming from the toilet, the black water tank, or the hose.
  • You may not always be able to see a clog, however, smell will give it away. Distinct smells mean that something is not draining properly.
  • If your black water tank valve is hard to open. And then, when you finally do open it, it does not seem to drain. This is another dead give away.
  • If you go to drain your tank, and you do not see or hear anything happening, this is another sure sign.
  • When you open the valve, the tank should drain. But if the tank isnt empty after an attempt at draining, then there is a clog, tackle it right away.

How To Unclog Toilet Siphon Jet And Rim Holes

Toilet Not Clogged But Not Flushing Properly

For this task you will need the following:

After gathering together all the necessary items, it is time to get down to business.

  • Start by locating the siphon at the bottom of the bowl.
  • Wear the gloves and try to feed the thin hose through it in an attempt to unclog it. If you do not have the hose, push your finger inside it and try to remove as much calcium as possible.
  • Flush the toilet and check if the flushing power has increased. If it has, you have found the source of your problem. What you need to do next is to remove all the calcium deposits.
  • Use a plunger to force as much water as possible out of the bowl. Alternatively, soak it up using a cloth until the bowl is completely empty.
  • Remove the toilet tank lid and place it away. Make sure you place it in safe place where it cant fall and break.
  • Carefully pour the vinegar down the overflow tube . The overflow tube is the large tube inside the toilet tank.
  • Since the vinegar will find its way to the bottom of the bowl, you can also pour a cup of baking soda to quicken the breaking down of the limescale.

The vinegar will soak up the calcium in the siphon jet and rim holes thereby fully opening them. Some people opt to use muriatic acid but it is not good for the toilet finish, the environment and people on septic systems.

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Toilet Wont Flush Clogged

As mentioned earlier, apart from the tank issues, the other reason your toilet wont flush strongly all the way is clogs which block the flow of waste and water. The clogs mostly occur in the drain pipes, toilet bowl inlets and vents.

A clog anywhere in your plumbing system, will stop water from completely flushing down the toilet.

Dealing with clog will depend where it is and how severe it is. It is very easy to remove light clogs especially those within the bowl. For severe clogs deep down the drain, we a recommend a professional plumber.

Check the following articles for DIY Toilet Unclogging Instructions

Light Clogs

You Need To Fix Your Flapper

Flushing the toilet causes the flapper to lift. As the flapper lifts, water flows down the toilet. But, if the flapper does not lift enough, you’ll have problems. There won’t be enough water to push the waste and toilet paper down the pipes.Good news! Fixing a flapper is easy and can be a simple DIY project. It’s also easy to spot this problem. Just lift the lid of your toilet and flush. Observe the flapper and make sure it lifts all the way.Something else you should know is that all flappers are not created equal. Toilets are designed to flush a specific amount of water. Make sure you get the right flapper. A plumber can also alter your flapper to help it flush more water.To fix this problem, go to the store and buy a flapper. Install the flapper in your toilet. Then wait and see if your toilet keeps clogging or not.

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Unclog A Toilet: Begin With A Plunger

For about 90 percent of clogged toilets, you only need one special tool a toilet plunger. Buy a toilet plunger with an extension flange on the rubber bell-shaped end. A toilet plunger with an extension flange is designed to fit toilets better, so you can deliver more oomph to the plunge. The toilet plunger will unplug sink and tub drains, too, if you simply fold the flange back into the bell.

How To Easily Unclog A Toilet

Clogged Sink? Fix It In No Time With This DIY Drain

If you find yourself flushing your toilet, and the bowl fills with water or nothing happens, its most likely a simple fix clog.

The most important thing you can do in this situation is dont flush a second time. Forcing the toilet to flush again releases gallons of water into the toilet bowl and will cause an overflow. A second flush will only create another disaster, in addition your current problem.

Remember: dont flush again!

Here are a couple solutions to fix your clogged toilet. All solutions will effectively get rid of the clog, but take various amounts of time and effort to get rid of the clog completely.

Well start with the easiest method, and recommend you walk through each step as you try to fix the clog.

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How Do You Unblock A Badly Clogged Toilet

hennessey_adminBlogs, Plumbing

When your toilet clogs, the first thing you probably do is break out the plunger to unblock it. However, if the clog is especially tough, your plunger may not be enough. So, what else can you do to clear a badly clogged toilet?

The first thing you should do is stop flushing. If your toilet doesnt drain, persistent flushing will only fill the bowl with more water, making the problem worse.

The following are DIY tips that can help you unblock your toilet. However, if your clog is far down the pipe or your toilet wont unclog, dont hesitate to call our team at Plumbing by Jake for help.

Dish Soap And Hot Water

If a plunger or plumbing snake doesnt work, water and soap might do the trick. Boil a gallon of water and allow it to cool for about 10 minutes. As you wait, pour a cup of liquid dish soap into the toilet bowl. You can then pour the water slowly into the bowl leave it for about 20 minutes before flushing. The combination of warm water and soap can loosen the clog, making it easier to flush.

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Hot Water And Dishwasher Soap

Warm water or dishwasher soap can help break up a large piece of waste or some other light objects. And, if you use a gallon of water at once, the pressure might move the blockage further down the line where it can then continue traveling out of the house.

Now, there are few things to watch for here.

First, do not use the hot water method with an old porcelain toilet. The sudden heat can crack the bowl, and then youre dealing with a leak and a mess, too.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

Don’t Use Drain Snake in Toilet. Best Way to Unclog Toilet Bowl

When your toilet wont flush and you dont have a plunger, you can turn to non-toxic household cleaning aids: vinegar and baking soda. You probably know that vinegar and baking soda are great at cleaning numerous surfaces, function as great deodorizers, and are helpful in keeping our drains running smoothly.

However, these household cleaners also work when you need to fix a blocked toilet if you dont have a plunger. We recommend you add a cup of baking soda to your blocked toilet and wait for some minutes. Next, pour two cups of vinegar slowly into the toilet.

Vinegar and baking soda will typically react to form bubbles, so ensure you pour carefully and slowly to prevent the toilet water from overflowing or splashing. Allow the baking soda and vinegar mixture to work for a couple of minutes.

Youll need to flush your toilet to establish whether the clog has cleared. You might need to repeat the process until the clog clears. The clog will clear when your toilet makes a fast suction sound and drains naturally thereafter.

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What Drano Says To Do

I reached out to S.C. Johnson to get their take on the issue.

I asked their product specialist, What should I do when Drano is not working? What steps should I take?

In short, S.C. Johnsons advice is to try Drano twice. If that doesnt clear the clog, try Drano Duel-Force Foamer Clog Remover because the foaming action does a better job loosening clogs, or call a professional.

Heres S.C. Johnsons complete response:

Typically, Drano® is very effective at removing clogs caused by hair, grease, or soap scum. For tough clogs or those further down the drain, two applications may be needed. If youve tried two applications or believe a foreign object is causing your clog, Id encourage you to contact a professional plumber.

In the meantime, we have other Drano® products that may help! One I would recommend is Drano® Duel-Force® Foamer Clog Remover. The two ingredients combine to form a powerful foaming clog remover. The foaming action fills the pipe and thoroughly clears its walls, dissolving gunk. A blast of hot water flushes away whats left of the clog in those hard-to-reach places.

Trying An Enzyme Product

  • 1Purchase an enzyme waste removal product. Look for a product that contains a mixture of enzymes that liquify waste materials. These enzymes are used in septic systems to break down waste.XResearch source
  • Products of this sort can be usually be purchased at home improvement stores in or near the plumbing aisle. Enzyme waste removal is preferable to using a drain-clearing chemical because it will not harm your pipes or the environment.XResearch source
  • This method will only work on organic waste, not toys or other objects.
  • 2Follow the instructions on the container. Pour the recommended amount of the enzyme product into the toilet bowl. You will typically be instructed to wait overnight for the enzymes to go to work on the clog.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source The toilet should drain once the clog has cleared.
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    How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A Sewer Line Cleanout

    Unfortunately, a blocked sewer line can also block your financial goals if youre not prepared. Altogether, clogged sewer line cost is often in the thousands of dollars.

    • A sewer camera inspectioncosts $700 on average, although it can range from $250 to $4,000 depending on your location and specific home requirements.

    • On average, it costsbetween $175 and $1,000 to clean out a sewer line. Snaking is on the lower end of the spectrum, ranging from $150 to $500. High-pressure water jetting generally costs between $250 and $800.

    Replace The Damaged Fill Valve

    How to Unclog a Toilet: The Family Handyman

    A damaged fill valve can cause both a slow draining toilet and water wastage. Toilets that run after you flush them can make water utility bills soar. If your fill valve is the problem, then you first need to turn off your toilets water supply.

    Take the tank lid off and flush the toilet so all the water drains out. Use a towel to mop up any remaining liquid. Next, unscrew the nut that connects the water hose to the bottom of the fill valve.

    Pull the valve up from its base and insert the new fill valve into the hole left by the damaged model.

    Use a wrench to secure the valve with a nut under the tank. Then, reattach the refill tube and the water supply hose. After this step, you can turn your water supply back on and test your toilets flushing capabilities.

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    Clogged Siphon Jet And Rim Holes

    When you pull the toilet flush handle down, the lift chain lifts the flapper out of the flush valve opening allowing water to flow down to the bowl. Water enters the bowl through the siphon jet and rim holes.

    A siphon jet is a hole at the bottom of toilet bowl straight opposite the drain opening. It pushes a large amount of water down the toilets P-trap, to help create a stronger siphon, which is what helps in flushing.

    Not all toilets have a siphon jet.

    Rim holes are tiny holes located all around the rim of the bowl. In toilets with siphon jets, rim holes are used to rinse the bowl but those without siphon jets use water from these holes for flushing too.

    You can easily see these rim jets if you hold a small mirror just underneath the rim of the toilet bowl like shown in the image below.

    Modern toilets like Toto toilets which use the Tornado/double-cyclone flushing systems only have 2 holes/jets on the rim of the bowl, but they too could get clogged.

    Most of the time when your toilet drain is clogged but the toilet wont flush all the way, either the siphon jet, rim holes or both are clogged by mineral deposits. They could either be partially or fully clogged.

    Clogged rim holes and siphon jet means that no water or very little of it enters the bowl from the tank during the flushing cycle. As I had mentioned earlier, you need a large volume of water to be dumped inside the bowl very fast to generate a decent flush.


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