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Types Of Kitchen Sink Drains

What Is The Standard Drain For A Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Drainage â Step by Step

Kitchen sinks are typically equipped with a standard 3.5-inch drain, which is the size of the U-shaped opening at the bottom of the sink. This opening is designed to accommodate a standard kitchen sink drain, which is also 3.5 inches in diameter. If you need to replace your kitchen sink drain, you can buy a replacement that is specifically designed for a 3.5-inch opening.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Kitchen Sink Drain

Kitchen drains do the most amount of hard work to maintain a fresh environment in the kitchen. Thats why it is very important to be careful about them.

The standard size of a kitchen drain is 3-1/2 inches in diameter which is bigger than even a standardbathroom drain.

Not only that, the drain strainer and also the round-shaped bowl just at the opening of the drain is having the same size.

All these parts universally maintain the same size to make the installation process easier.

S Of A Kitchen Sink Drain

Most people hardly think of their plumbing unless there is a problem. What most people fail to know is that there are a few things you can do to keep your plumbing in good working conditions for longer.

As I go through the different parts of a sink drain, I will keep pointing out what you can to make sure that you dont have to keep calling in the plumber to fix things for you.

The following are the parts of a kitchen sink drain:

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How Do You Replace A Kitchen Sink Drain

Replacing a kitchen sink drain is not as hard as it may seem. There are a few simple steps that you can follow to make the process a little easier.

The first step is to remove the old drain. This can be done by loosening the screws that hold it in place. Once the screws are loose, you can pull the drain out of the sink.

Why You Need Right Measurement

Talea 114mm flange Bowl type sink basin drain waste stopper Kitchen ...

It is essential to know the measurement of sink drains as you might need to buy some accessories like crumb cups for your sink. These accessories help you to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

With the measurements, you can easily shop your desired crumb cup as this accessory will save you from any unexpected drain blockages and messy situations.

So before buying one, just properly measure the width and depth of your sink drain with the above-mentioned steps, note down the measurements, and grab the crumb cup.

But remember one thing, you should always pick a crumb cup which is a bit smaller than the drain width or else it will not fit in the sink drain.

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Kitchen Sink Types Pros And Cons

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

The Spruce / Michela Buttignol

Choosing a kitchen sink is a major part of kitchen renovation. From traditional top-mount sinks to newer, trendier units like the low divider sink, consider which type of sink suits your kitchen and your personality the best.

Here are 10 kitchen sink types, including their pros and cons.

Types Of Kitchen Sink Strainer Baskets With Pros And Cons

In the market, there are multiple sized and designable sinks to purchase. Like sinks sink strainers are also available in various multiple designs.

After tough research about the types of sink strainer baskets, I have taken some suggestions from the professional plumbers.

Professionally, they suggest to me these 6 types of sink strainer.

While researching them, I found these sink strainer baskets pretty durable, effective, and prominent to use.

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Why You Should Replace Metal Kitchen Pipes With Pvc

PVC pipes are the ideal option for residential plumbing. If you currently have metal pipes under your sink, there are some good reasons to upgrade them to plastic PVC pipes. The first reason is that PVC pipe is significantly less expensive to replace. Down the line, if you have to make repairs, its going to be a cheaper project. Secondly, PVC pipe is easier to work with because its much easier to cut. You can invest in a PVC pipe cutter, but really, the hacksaw you have in your garage will do the job just as well. Lastly, PVC pipes dont rust, and metal pipes do. With PVC piping, you wont have to worry about holes and leaks in the pipes due to corrosion.

Are All Kitchen Drains The Same Size

Replacing Kitchen Sink PVC Pipes, Washers, P Trap, center joints and arms w Dishwasher Attachment

All the manufacturers of kitchen sinks in the market follow the same standard size for kitchen sink drains which is three and a half inches. Another thing to be noted is that kitchen sink drains are larger than bathroom sink drains as kitchen sink drains get used on bigger scales and have to drain more water wastewater and debris.

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Water Shut Off Valves

Water Shut off valves are the 2 oval-shaped or ring-shaped pieces underneath and at the back of the kitchen sink cabinet where the 2 water supply hoses are connected. They allow you the opportunity to turn off water to the sink and do repairs instead of turning off water to the whole house.

These valves can leak from time to time. The first thing you can do is to grab a wrench and tighten the compression nut and check if the leak stops.

If the leak persists it means that the washer is completely worn out and while you can replace the washer, getting a new valve is often the best option. These valves are in any case quite cheap.

Kitchen Sink Strainer Type

  • Fixed post-installation style sink strainer: on the bottom, it has a nut for attaching the pipe and the mounting is also done by also a nut. This strainer requires plumbers putty or silicone
  • Easy lock sink strainer: you dont need any special tools for it. Here the pipe connection is pretty much the same. Here you also need a plumbers putty to seal it. And three nuts to tighten the bottom parts.
  • The cross kitchen sink strainer: here the stainer basket fits in nice and neat and you can just push it down to seal it. That type of strainer is the easiest to install and anyone can do it without any help.

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Common Types Of Drain Pipes For The Kitchen

There are four types of piping that are typically found in residential kitchen plumbing systems: copper, galvanized steel, ABS, and PVC. You may find that the piping for your sink consists of more than one type. While that can become confusing, it isnt uncommon. Heres how to tell which type of pipes you have in your kitchen:

Are Kitchen Sink Drain Holes A Standard Size

Buy Strength

Are kitchen sink drain holes a standard size?

This is a question that many people may ask, as there is no definitive answer. In general, kitchen sink drain holes are around two inches in diameter, but there can be some variation.

One reason for the variation in size may be due to the type of sink. If the sink is apron front or farmhouse style, the drain hole may be larger, as this type of sink is typically larger overall. Another factor that may influence the size of the drain hole is the material from which the sink is made. A sink made from heavier materials, such as cast iron, may have a larger drain hole than a sink made from a lighter material, like plastic.

If you are unsure of the size of your kitchen sinks drain hole, you can measure it easily. Simply use a ruler to measure the diameter of the hole. If you are not able to measure it yourself, you may be able to find the size listed on the sinks packaging or on the manufacturers website.

If you need to purchase a sink drain that is a different size than the one that came with your sink, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the drain you select is compatible with the type of sink that you have. Also, be sure to measure the size of your sinks drain hole to ensure that you select a drain that will fit.

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How To Measure Kitchen Sink Drain Size

To measure your kitchen sink drain size follow the steps down below:

  • First,t you have to measure the drain opening of your drain and for that, you need a measuring tape and place it on the widest sides of your drain which will tell you the diameter of your drain circle
  • Now you need to measure the depth of your drain so push the measuring tape inside from the sides and see how deep it goes. Measure the shallowest point of your drain surface inside
  • Always make sure you are noting down every measurement. Now the drain strainer will be a little wider on top and narrower on the bottom so it fits down into the drain hole. It will be a good idea if you take your old strainer with you when you are buying a new one so you know which one to pick.
  • What Are The Parts Of A Kitchen Sink Drain

    A kitchen sink receives water from the cold and hot water pipes and after the water is used for cleaning purposes it drains out from the bottom of the sink. For this to happen, several parts need to be assembled together and work seamlessly.

    Old kitchen sink drainpipes were made of iron or steel, but they are hardly used in modern plumbing. The ideal material for kitchen sink drainpipes is copper, polyvinyl chloride , and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene .

    PVC and ABS drainpipes are cheap, easy to install, corrosion resistant, have smooth bores which means high water flow rates and therefore less clogging, leak-free joints and are long-lasting. Copper drainpipes are expensive to install but are quite attractive.

    All kitchen sink drains/wastes are of the same size. The standard kitchen sink drain size is 3 ½ inches. If you need to replace a kitchen sink strainer you dont have to measure the size of your kitchen sink drain opening.

    Although your kitchen has a separate drainpipe, it is connected to the main house drainpipe together with other bathroom drainpipes . The main house drainpipe then drains the waste out to the citys sewer pipes or in the septic tank.

    This means that all of your fixtures drainpipes are in communication. If for instance the vent is blocked and air cannot flow in and out of the plumbing system, you might hear your kitchen sink gurgling when the toilet is flushed or when the bathtub drains.

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    Measuring Your Sink Strainer Plug

    If you already have a strainer and just want to replace its plug, youll still need to take some measurements. You can use your old plug by measuring its diameter and depth. Or, if thats not possible, youll have to measure your drain to know which size to shop for.

    Just hold your measuring tape across the sink bottom to get the diameter of the space for the plug hole. Remember that you need to account for the metal ring around the drain when measuring. You can also just measure the inside rim, but youll have to repeat the measurements a couple of times for more accuracy.

    What Are Sink Strainers Made Of

    How To Install Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer, Stop Leaks

    Just as there are many types of sink strainers, there are also a variety of materials they will usually come in. A large number of sink strainers will usually be made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance due to the unlimited exposure to water and other liquids. There are also other sink strainers that are made of silicone, rubber, and even plastics.

    Each of the materials used to make sink strainers also has unique properties that help to make a particular sink strainer very useful for special purposes.

    Stainless steel is the most common material used for sink strainers because it offers high durability and sturdiness unlike any other material used for sink strainers.

    Sink strainers made from stainless steel can withstand hot boiling water and extremely cold or freezing water. The best part is stainless steel sink strainers are also rust-proof which essentially when you think about it is one quality you would want your sink strainer to have.

    As mentioned before, there are other sink strainers that are also made from silicone. Silicon is a material that is highly resilient just like stainless steel.

    The best thing about sink strainers made from silicon materials is that on top of it being able to withstand extreme hot and cold, it has an added advantage of flexibility quality sink strainers made from stainless steel lacks.

    Personally, rubber is always a big no because I would always want the best out of my sink.

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    Buying Sink Strainers: Factors To Consider

    Sink strainers are similar to machine tools in that you need to get the right one for them to work properly. A few factors will influence your purchasing decisions, and well go over a few of them below:


    Sink strainers made of stainless steel, silver, or plastic are typically the best. The most common are stainless steel, followed by plastic. You can choose either of these sink strain materials because they are anti-rust and simple to clean. Plastic sink filters are easier to clean than metal units and have no rusting potential. They are also less likely to cause damage to porcelain or metal sinks during installation or cleaning.

    If you prefer stainless steel sink strainers but are concerned about sink damage, consider sink strainers with built-in sink protectors. This feature is usually made of silicone, and its main purpose is to keep stainless steel strainers from scratching sinks.


    Sink strainers and sinkholes come in a variety of sizes. So, before purchasing a basket strainer, measure the diameter of your sinkhole and select a sink strainer that complements it. It is critical to select appropriate sink strainers to prevent solid materials from leaking into your drainage system.

    Mesh or porous strainer

    On the other hand, Porous strainers feature larger holes that keep out relatively large chunks of food particles but are way easier to clean.

    Ease of cleaning

    Stopper function

    Ease of installation

    Overflow attachments

    Availability of other components

    What Is The Purpose Of A Sink Strainer

    Particularly, sink strainers exact purpose is to keep the sink drainage system smooth and effortless. But since it was invented, manufacturers are trying to add more features to it.

    Nowadays the most popular sink strainer is that strainer, which can save water.

    Stop water or save water whatever you call but this system brings myriad comfortability while washing fruits, vegetables, or other substances.

    Also, they have special sink strainer baskets that are for protecting the sink from solid debris. These two are the main purpose of a sink strainer.

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    How To Choose The Right Kitchen Sink Strainer

    Picking the right kitchen sink strainer is important to keep your drains spotlessly clean. Here are some points that one must keep in mind while purchasing a sink strainer for the kitchen:

  • Material: Sink strainers are mostly made of stainless steel, but you can also find strainers made of silicone and high-quality plastic. Plastic and silicone are rust-resistant, while stainless steel ensures durability.
  • Stopper function: If you wish to soak your dishes before washing or wash your vegetables, a stopper function offers convenience.
  • Mesh basket versus poros basket: As long as you are selecting a good-quality product, both mesh and porous baskets perform well. Mesh baskets may be tough to clean but are good at trapping the smallest of the food particles compared to porous baskets.
  • What Are Kitchen Sink Strainers

    Talea blow type stainless steel sink drian strainer sink accessories ...

    Kitchen sink strainers are metal sieves or fine mesh strainers that go into the sink. Their purpose is to keep gunk and food away from the drain. You can empty these strainers by simply lifting them up and dumping their contents into the garbage can. As a result, you wont have to purchase a new strainer after one single use.

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    Bathroom Sink Pipe Size

    You probably already guessed what will the pipe size be. To fit a 1 ¼ inches drain, you will need 1 ½ inch PVC pipe so that there is no water leakage regardless of the water pressure.

    In other words, the drain size should be smaller than the overall diameter of the drainage hole.

    Also, make sure that the drain flange is wider so that the hole is properly covered. You will hardly find a bathroom sink drain hole above 1 ¾ inch.

    Easy Steps To Know How To Remove Sink Strainer Lock Nut

    If you are replacing a sink strainer lock nut you might be thinking to unscrew that nut somehow. But oftentimes when the strainer is too old it gets rusty and stuck due to hard water build-up. So then, the next tactic is to try to cut that lock nut somehow. Thats why these sink lock nuts can be really difficult to get off.

    Sometimes to take out the nut you need to cut them off. As they are made of cheap pot-metal it wont be a concern for you to replace them. But sometimes its a little tricky to find the replacement part, a lot of hardware stores dont even buy them so you have to buy the whole unit again. So if you are looking for a solution to remove the sink strainer lock nut follow the steps right down below:

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