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Underwater Boat Lights Drain Plug

Most Frequently Asked Questions

HowTo: Install Drain Plug Underwater LED Lights On Your Boat Transom
  • It doesn’t require an expensive electrician or mechanic to install. Remove your drain plug and screw in your new light, wire to a switch or battery and enjoy.
  • Includes a 3yr warranty & 30-day guarantee
  • Includes worry-free overheat protected LED driver inside the light. Rest assured your light will last for many years in fresh or saltwater.
  • 18in cord on the light that keeps it out of the bilge water plus an 18ft cord extension to run to a switch or battery. Both include waterproof quick connects allowing for easy removal.
  • Top-quality stainless steel IP68 waterproof housing with 12 extremely bright and efficient CREE LEDs.
  • What if I don’t have a 1/2in NPT drain plug?

    It sounds off, but 1/2in NPT does not actually measure 1/2in, it measures closer to 3/4in.

    Most of today’s boats are manufacture with 1/2in NPT garboard drains. There are a few models that have a larger 3/4in or 1in drains. Our lights can still be used with other sized drains with a simple adapter. Some are available from IllumiSea.

    If you have an expandable 1in drain plug then the easiest method would be to install a 1/2 stainless or brass garboard drain. With 3 simple screws, you will be up and running.

  • Any precautions, warnings, or other good to know info?

  • Make sure not to operate the light out of the water. Even though the light has overheat protection, water is required to properly cool the light.
    • Do not overtighten the light into the drain. Tightening with a wrench it typically not required.

    Underwater Lights Of The Past Vs Led

    Back in the day, incandescent lights were used in boats. Underwater lighting technology has improved and LED lights are now the standard. If you pick up an older boat, it may still have incandescent bulbs in it. Theyre less energy efficient than an LED bulb in pretty much every way. An incandescent bulb offers less brightness overall. They use more energy which is going to drain your battery faster. And, pound for pound, LED is a much better value. An LED bulb can literally last for tens of thousands of hours. Incandescent bulbs typically last 750 hours to a max of 2000 hours. If your LED lasts for 50,000 hours, you can see why its a better choice.

    LED lights are also very diverse. You can get them in a range of colors. Many high end units allow you to switch through a rainbow of colors. It doesnt affect how they work, but its a cool feature.

    HiD lights are also common. HiD stands for high-intensity discharge. Think of these a bit like a souped up version of a traditional household light bulb. Similar, but not the same. HiD lights are very bright and they produce heat. That heat is not necessarily a bad thing, especially underwater. Because the lights get warm, algae wont grow on them. That means they require less cleaning than an LED fixture would. LEDs are almost completely without heat. The light will promote algae growth as a result.

    Gen3 Marine Stainless Steel Drain Plug Underwater Led Light

    Upgrade the lighting on your boat with the Gen3 Marine LED Drain Plug Light. Easy to install, this underwater light replaces your current 1/2″ garboard drain plug – no drilling necessary! Built for both fresh and saltwater vessels, the Gen3 Drain Plug Light has a durable stainless steel lamp body that is built for years of use. Super bright LEDs deliver 1800 Lumens of light output that penetrate deep into the water for a large spread of light.

    Choose between white, blue, red, or green LED models. The Gen3 Marine Underwater Light is also available in a red/green/blue color changing model that includes a control box and remote. The Gen3 Drain Plug Light will need to be hard wired when installed. Backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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    From A Landowner’s Point Of View What Are The Advantages Of A Mutual Agreement Drain Over A Municipal Drain

    • Agreement drains are usually cheaper to construct than municipal drains
    • Repairs and maintenance do not depend on a public body, and can often be performed at a time more suitable to the involved property owners
    • Agreement drains begin with an agreement between owners, and are constructed much more quickly than municipal drains
    • Landowners must remember that any work in or near watercourses is subject to other laws such as the Conservation Authorities Act and the Fisheries Act. The local conservation authority or Ministry of Natural Resources offices are good places to find out what laws may apply.

    I’m Putting In A Tile Drainage System On My Land And My Neighbour Is Allowing Me To Take A Pipe Across Their Land To The Outlet We Have A Great Relationship Why Should I Bother With A Mutual Agreement Drain

    27W RGB Led Underwater Lights Yacht Boat Drain Plug Light, 2PCS Multi ...

    A mutual agreement for the drain is not required, but recommended. There are two important factors to consider.

    • The time to enter into a mutual agreement drain is when you get along with your neighbour. If you’re not getting along, there’s little chance of entering into a mutual agreement later on.
    • You may be about to invest thousands of dollars on your neighbour’s land. What protection do you have for that investment? An oral contract gives you the right to install the pipe, but do you have any claim to the pipe after it’s installed?

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    Do Underwater Lights Attract Fish

    Color is vital when attracting fish. Some distinct colors can travel down the water depth in some conditions. Thats why its a smart move to switch from white to green lights occasionally. Youll be creating a distinct hue for a variety of sea creatures. Using both white and green is also efficient to obtain a bite from your prey.

    Whats great about underwater boat LED lights is that you can detain them in places that are convenient for you. In this technique, you have to anchor your vessel and make sure it doesnt move as it might distract the water species. You may need to lower the lights a few feet under the vessel but never go towards the bottom area.

    You are allowed to directly fish within the scope of illumination. Also, you can try your luck outside the lighting fixture as there are light-shy fish too.

    Best Underwater Boat Lights For 2023

    by Ian Fortey Updated on January 2, 2023. In Boats

    Underwater boat lights have been gaining in popularity in recent years. And for good reason. LED technology has made them affordable and brighter than ever. Theyre also easier to install than you might think on something like a pontoon boat. And they do have practical benefits when it comes to fishing, not to mention safety. If youve decided nows the time for some underwater boat lights, check out the best on the market.

    If youre not 100% sure if underwater boat lights are for you, look here. The Tidal Wake Plug n Play doesnt require a heavy installation at all. Your hull will suffer no holes whatsoever and thats pretty cool. Instead, this very cool design makes use of a hole you already have. All you need to do is remove a drain plug from your boat. Then you screw the tidal wake light into its place. So you get a replacement drain plug and you have no worries about leaks. But you also have an underwater light as well. Thats pretty cool.

    The LEDs in the light produce a whopping 1800 lumens. They also have 50,000 hours of life in them. That means you wont need to be replacing your light any time soon. The light fits in a standard ½ inch plug. You can hard wire the light once its installed. Or you can plug it into an accessory outlet. Whatever works best for your setup.

    The brightness and the cost work together to make this a great choice.

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    Best Underwater Boat Lights: Reviews And Buying Guide For 2020

    The best underwater boat lights can make your boat more visible, enhance its appearance, and make your dive sites safer. Adding lights to your boat is easy since manufacturers offer simple mounting systems for these products and make waterproof housings for LED lights.

    Here is what you need to know about selecting underwater lights, and a few products we recommend.

    Lumitec Seablaze X2 Underwater Light

    Installing an underwater LED boat drain plug.

    This is the second version of the Lumitec X2 underwater lighting on my list. What makes me love it is that this model has a spectrum of vivid colors. I can choose from red, blue, white, and green. I can also change the color options with a quick flick of the toggle switch.

    I have to say that its durability is second to none. I really like that this product is very sturdy due to the marine-grade bronze alloy housing. Bronze has international recognition as one of the most robust marine metals, making it an excellent choice for housing underwater LED lights.

    Even in other underwater boat lights reviews, this product is praised because of its exceptional brightness. Thanks to its 6,000 lumens, it makes my fishing boat more visible. This is higher by 1,000 lumens compared to the dual-color version of this underwater light. With its light output, it is visible even up to ten feet under the transom.

    The installation of this surface mount underwater LED is sort of upfront. Regardless if you will mount it inboard or outboard, place the light about 6 to 12 inches below the water line. It is very simple for me to assemble it as it has a two-wire system.

    Like the other Lumitec underwater lights on my list, it has been through salt spray testing. This is a standardized check to test corrosion-resistance. Passing this test is proof of the high-quality construction of this light.

    • High cost compared to competitors

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    How Are Agreements Formed

    Oral agreement when one property owner allows another to construct a drainage system across their property. An oral contract can be binding, but only if it has been witnessed, and is not binding upon any subsequent owners of the involved properties.

    a contract between property owners concerning the construction of a shared drainage system. The agreement usually specifies the details of the drainage system, the responsibilities for construction or maintenance of the drainage system and cost-sharing arrangements. A written agreement is binding on the parties to the agreement, but is not necessarily binding on new property owners after the sale of one of the involved properties.

    Mutual agreement must have the seven attributes set out in section 2 of the Act, but is registered on property title. These agreements are binding on all current and future owners.

    What Is The Difference Between A Mutual Agreement Drain And A Municipal Drain

    A mutual agreement drain exists through an agreement between landowners that is registered on the property title. Construction, maintenance and repair are the responsibility of the involved property owners as detailed in the agreement.

    A municipal drain is a drainage system that legally exists through a bylaw passed by the local municipality. The municipality is responsible for constructing the drainage system and future maintenance and repair, and costs are recovered from property owners in the drain watershed.

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    Husuku Led Marine Courtesy Lights

    I never thought that these courtesy lights could be effective underwater boat LED lights. Theyre of high quality so they can serve their purposes excellently. In addition, Im happy that I can get white, blue, or green light from their color options.

    They are much greater than incandescent lights as they draw less energy. You should know theyre not only for water vessels but they also conform to vehicles. Theyre indeed cool boat transom lights as theyre waterproof within the depth of 20 feet. The stainless steel housing is reinforced with sturdy PC material. Thus, these lights have resistance against corrosion and collisions.

    Youll get a pair of these lights in a single purchase. Im impressed with the brightness as they increase visibility which means I can safely sail at night. I know some folks who even use them as deck lights. They admire the sufficient light as I do. This courtesy light is well-constructed, so no wonder theres a three-year guarantee provided for issues and dissatisfaction. But I doubt they will ever happen.

    • Installation may not be possible with some vessels

    Types Of Underwater Boat Lights

    Boat White LED Brass Drain Plug 1/2 NPT Underwater Light 12V Marine and ...

    The best way to categorize the boat lights available is based on the main material and technology in the bulbs:

    • HID : HID bulb is the traditional choice for underwater lighting. They are known for their exceptional brightness. Plus, they also generate heat, which is a great way to prevent algae and other problems that can damage the light.
    • LED : LED bulbs are more efficient. They produce less heat. It generates as much light as HID bulbs but consumes lesser energy. LED also offers customizability, allowing you to change the color of the lights as you desire.

    Another good way to differentiate the types of underwater lights is through installation.

    • Wired Lights: The products I mentioned in this buying guide belong to this group. They have wires that connect the bulbs to the power source.
    • Wireless Lights: With wireless underwater boat lights, you dont need to worry about drilling holes. You can attach them using double-sided tape or marine glue. They are also often battery-powered, which can limit light output.

    More so, the types of underwater lighting also vary depending on their mounting options.

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    Seablaze X2 Underwater Light

    Looking for a blue and white light to install in your boat? This is one product you should not miss. One thing I love in this light is its versatility. Aside from choosing from solid blue/white colors, you can also choose crossfade mode. All it takes is a flicker of the switch to change the operating mode. You dont need external controllers!

    The durability of this underwater LED light justifies its steep price. It comes with a marine-grade bronze alloy housing. This material withstands even the harshest conditions, assuring long-term functionality even with constant exposure to marine elements.

    What I love most is that the LED light has an integrated thermal cut-off to improve service life. I see that this material withstands even the harshest conditions, assuring long-term functionality even with constant exposure to marine elements.

    Like other Lumitec underwater boat lights on my list, it passes the most rigorous tests to guarantee quality. The manufacturer takes pride in having a state-of-the-art facility where they make this light. It went through 2,000 hours of continuous salt spray testing.

    To add, I love this light because of its easy assembly. This surface-mount light comes with a three-wire hookup to simplify installation.

    • Bronze alloy housing withstands harsh marine environments
    • Passed rigorous tests to ensure quality
    • Does not require external controllers
    • Comes with a built-in thermal cut-off
    • Three-wire hook-up simplifies its assembly
    • Not for those on a budget

    What Is The Best Color For An Underwater Light

    The most popular color for underwater lights is green. Although many believe that green lights can lure more fishes, this statement is not always true. Generally, the color doesnt have any distinction on the number of fishes the light may attract.

    Although fish lights have a special purpose of luring fish to your bait, any light below the water can lure fishes regardless of its color. Once you place the lights under the water, they tend to reflect off particles in the water. The small particles may appear as a natural food source for the fish. As the baitfish are lured towards the light, they will bring in larger game fishes such as bass, snook, and tarpon.

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    Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Underwater Boat Lighting

    Need more compelling reasons to install lighting under the boat? Below are some of its most notable benefits:

    • Improve Aesthetics: Lighting your boat is a great way to improve its looks. Whether the lights are red, green, blue, and white, they will make your boat look good in the dark. It will command attention and turn heads even at night.
    • Enhance Safety: Boating at night is risky. Collisions are common, especially when another boat is hard to notice. To improve your visibility, installing lights will help. It is an immediate warning to others that you are there.
    • Attract Bait: If you want bait like shrimps and planktons to surround your boat, bright underwater LED lights are must-haves. As a result, the lights make it easier for fish to gather near your location. Green and white lights work best for this purpose.
    • Improve Water Clarity: A marine-grade light comes in handy when the sun sets and you want to go for a swim. A good light will make it easier to see when you are in the water. Aside from safety, it also allows you to appreciate underwater beauty.

    While underwater lighting has plenty of benefits, it can also have several drawbacks, including the following:

    Five Oceans Round 9 Led Underwater Boat Light

    How to Install a Large Drain Plug Light | My Boat DIY

    Murky waters are no longer an issue since I started using this underwater boat light. With its secondary optical lens, it can establish illumination that is twice as bright as other lights. In addition to the effect of this feature, its strength has been multiplied.

    Its pretty tough as its inside a stainless steel housing that is resistant to shock and vibration. Hence, water immersion for a long period is a piece of cake for this light. Its a high-rated waterproof light and it only shows that its unquestionably submersible. The intrusion of dust is not something that I have to worry about too. Hardy housing is crucial to allow the light to work without ceasing.

    Ideally, it should be placed three inches above the bottom of the vessel. The installation happens on the transom which needs to be cleared first. Also, essential hardware should be purchased separately. In my case, I gathered stainless steel screws and a marine caulk. You can smoothly undertake the steps as long as you have the right tools.

    • Twice brighter than the others to shine through murky waters
    • Strong with housing that is resistant to shock and vibration
    • Waterproof and can be immersed in the water for a long period
    • Dust cant get into it
    • Has a driver to pump up its capacity from 12 volts to 18 volts
    • The driver needs a secure and solid casing

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