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Water Jet For Cleaning Sewer Drains

How Does Hydro Jetting Work

DIY Cheap Water Jetter System To Unclog Pipes – How To Hydro Jet

Hydro jet drain cleaning uses the power of pressurized water. There is no other method or magic that goes into it just pure water.

Believe it or not, many industries have been using pressurized water to cut various materials for decades. It can even be used to cut diamonds and metal!

Of course, these industrial machines work at a much higher power compared to hydro jet drain cleaning. Water jet machines used for sewage pressurize water at 3,500 to 4,000 psi . On the other hand, industrial machines use 20,000 psi, or even more!

A hydro jet drain cleaning machine has a nozzle that will help guide a hose through the pipe. Youll use this to break up and clean any debris that might be clogging your pipe.

Most of the time, these nozzles will have a single forward-facing jet, as well as several rear-facing jets. The forward jet is used to create a hole through the clog, while the rear jets will wash the debris out of the pipe.

To make sure your sewer line is cleaned, the professional plumber using it will usually start from the lower systems end and go all the way up toward the building.

The hydro jetting will wash the debris in the direction it came from. Thanks to this, it will ensure the material forming the former clog will go toward larger city pipes instead of back into the tinier residential pipes.

Most of the time, hydro jet drain cleaning will be done in several stages:

  • Finally, use the nozzle that can help descale the sides of the pipe.
  • Storm Drain Cleaning Cost

    Storm drain cleaning costs $200 to $600 on average, depending on the type and size of drainage system and cause of clog. Storm drains need cleaning when the catch basin is half-full or when flooding occurs in the yard, driveway, streets, or basement after a rainstorm.

    Drainage pipes typically need a video camera inspection to determine the source of clogs or leaks.

    Without regular cleaning, backups and clogs can lead to flood, foundation, and septic tank damage. If hydro jetting or snaking doesn’t penetrate the clogged area, and dirt, mud, and rocks are removed from the drain, a broken drain pipe may need replacing.

    Commercial Property Preventative Maintenance

    Commercial properties often experience an influx of people that naturally uses the facilities. Thus, it’s only a matter of time that a backup due to clogs is going to happen. However, unlike in a residential setting where a clog will only cause an inconvenience most of the time, a commercial establishment may likely suffer profit loss in the present and future. Hence, hydro jetting is often done as a preventive measure to ensure a smooth day-to-day operation.

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    Does Hydro Jetting Work On Roots

    Roots are some of the main reasons behind the damaged pipes. They can grow fairly fast, and the worst problem is that you wont even notice them until its too late. This is why homeowners and experts alike are trying to find the best way to prevent root damage from happening, or at least to reduce it. Hydro jetting is one of them.

    Yes, hydro jetting will do an amazing job when you need to remove roots from pipes. The pressurized water has enough force to cut through the roots, break them down, and flush them.

    In fact, this might be the most effective method out there, especially if you use it together with a hydraulic root cutter. These two make a perfect team that no roots can match.

    How Do Multiple Options Help You

    High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaner High Pressure Sewer Cleaner For ...

    Why I Chose

    • Maintenance options that are longer lasting then common rooter service
    • Complete options and price outlined when ready for repairs
    • Prioritized scheduling if I need it in the future.

    Why Our Family Chose

    • Cost 40% less than traditional methods.
    • Only had to pay for repairs to the section that needed repair.
    • Trenchless methods didnt cause extra damage and cost.
    • Backed by the No Clog Guarantee for peace of mind

    Why We Chose

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    The Hydro Jetting Process

    The Hydro-Jetting process is very simple.

    • We, first, inspect your sewers with a sewer line camera and detect the blockages, and areas that need repair and cleaning.
    • We, then, install our hydro-jetting equipment near the clean-out
    • Then water is forced down this drain with varying force.
    • It pushes mineral deposits, grease, soap, and debris through the drain, effectively cleaning it.

    Hydro Jetting can even cleanout tree roots with enough force.

    When Should You Use Hydro Jetting

    You dont have to use hydro jetting the moment you notice the clog. You should try using traditional methods first, such as a plunger or even snaking. Such tools are pretty useful, especially for regular clogs caused by toilet paper and food.

    Hydro jet drain cleaning is a great option for stubborn clogs that cannot be removed in such methods.

    It is also a good idea to conduct annual hydro jet drain cleaning every few years or even annually to ensure the pipes are squeaky clean.

    However, its important to note that this isnt the right method if you have old pipes. Otherwise, you might end up doing more harm than good.

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    Sewer Line Snake Vs Hydro Jet

    When a sewer line has a clog, there are two primary ways to remove the clog and clear the line: snaking or hydro jetting the line.

    With snaking a sewer line, a long flexible metal rod is inserted through the sewer line cleanout. At the end of the flexible rod are sharp blades. At the top, a machine rotates the rod, thus rotating the blades. The blades cut through clogs like tree roots, hair or debris.

    Hydro jetting a sewer line is similar to snaking a line. A machine at the sewer cleanout sends a long, flexible pipe down the sewer to the obstruction. Clean water travels through the pipe. The water leaves the end of the pipe, creating jets of water that are powerful enough to cut through obstructions.

    Snaking a sewer line costs between $200 and $600. Hydro jet drain cleaning costs range from $300 to $1,000.

    What Is Jetting A Sewer Line

    Jet-Set Water Jet How To Video

    Hydro jetting a sewer line is a method of sewer and drain line cleaning by using high-pressure water streams through specialized jetting nozzles. Sewer jetting clears obstructions that may be causing clogs and prevents sewage backups.

    Hydrojet vs. Snake

    • Eco-friendly no chemicals used, only water
    • Safe to use on all types and sizes of pipes
    • Deeper clean than snaking. Efficiently clears tree roots, grease, scale buildup, mineral deposits, and debris.
    • Lasts longer than snaking
    • Prevents hazardous waste from backing up
    • Applicable for both residential and commercial use
    • Must be performed by professionals
    • Can damage weak or fragile pipes
    • Requires camera inspection to check the structural integrity of the pipes
    • Reliable tool that can be used by both plumbers and homeowners
    • Gentler method for minor clogs or pipes too weak for jetting
    • Suitable for homes with older plumbing systems
    • Not as effective only works on basic clogs
    • Leaves behind residue and debris
    • Doesn’t last as long as jetting
    • Can damage plastic and copper pipes

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    /7 Plumbers No Trip Charge Immediate Response

    Sewer line clogs can cause sewage to backup and get into your smaller diameter drain pipes. The smaller drain lines are not designed to convey sewage. This situation can cause a more costly remedy. It is common to have a sewer line back-up and cause smaller, secondary drain lines to clog as well. Now, with Rooter Towns $95 Rooter Service for sewer lines there is no need to wait to have your sewer line cleaned out. We advise having your sewer lines inspected and cleaned out regularly to prevent serious damage caused by back-ups.

    Can Hydro Jetting Damage Old Pipes

    Hydro jetting can damage old pipes. In fact, sewer pipes should first be video-inspected to determine their age and condition before hydro jetting. Hydro jetting an older line thats in poor condition can transform a minor problem into a major one. Hydro jetting is generally safe for PVC or ABS sewer pipes unless the hydro jet is accidentally left in one place for too long, in which case the jet can damage the pipe.

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    When Do You Need Hydro Jet Cleaning

    To keep your business main sewer line clear, its a good idea to get routine hydro-jetting every year or every other year. This is especially important for restaurants or other establishments that can accumulate grease in pipes.

    If you dont get an annual hydro jet cleaning, it can still be a good idea to choose hydro-jetting over snaking when you have a clog in the sewer lines. Hydro jet drain cleaning will completely remove the debris, and youll experience clogs less frequently. Snaking doesnt have the same power of removing debris, and sometimes it just pokes a hole through the clogged areas. This allows water to flow for a time, but then you need to get the clogged sewer line snaked again.

    Things To Consider Before You Jet A Pipe


    General Pipe Cleaners.privacy policy

    High-pressure water cleaning systems have become the tool of choice for many drain cleaning professionals because of their effectiveness in dealing with grease and sludge, along with their ability to partner with pipe inspection cameras. From mini-jets that specialize in cleaning kitchen sink lines to jumbo-sized trailer units able to scour 18-inch mains, these tools have hit the mainstream of service plumbing. However, before you fire up your jetter and go off to battle underground clog monsters, there are six things to keep in mind.

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    Diy Sewer Hydro Jetting Vs Calling A Plumber

    Hydro jet drain cleaning is nearly always a job for a plumber. But an experienced do-it-yourselfer can rent a 1,500 psi water jetter for about $100 to $200 per day from rental yards and do the work.

    Inspecting the condition and type of sewer pipe before hydro jetting is critical to prevent pipe damage. Rental yards will rent out 200-foot video pipe cameras for $260 to $350 per day.

    Its possible to perform a modified version of hydro jet drain cleaning with a regular electric or gas pressure washer. A special hose attachment is required. Using a pressure washer delivers only about half as much water as commercial-grade hydro jet machines.

    Compare Quotes From Top-rated Local Plumbers

    Free, No-commitment Estimates

    Contact The Sewer Jetting Experts At Smiley Drain Cleaning

    Keep in mind that it is necessary to always pick a professional drain cleaning service provider such as Smiley Drain for your hydro jetting solution. Our expert plumbers have executed thousands of drain cleaning services and we have the tools and expertise to not only fix your drainage problems but keep your pipes working properly long into the future.

    Hydro jetting is a powerful process that can eliminate blockages and bring the pipe’s diameter to its original form. If you want to know more about the process, then you can contact Smiley Drain. In fact, why don’t you call them right now and ask them how they can help you with any of your plumbing-related problems.

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    What Is A Hydro Jet

    Hydro jetting is a method by which plumbers use excessive water pressure from a hose to clean and remove random debris from a sewer pipe. And when we say excessive water pressure, weâre talking about up to 4000 lbs. worth. Translation: Whoooooooa boy, watch OUT!!!

    As you can imagine, a good hydro jetting can thoroughly scrub the inside of a pipe and cut debris off the face. We recommend adding hydro jetting to your home maintenance schedule. More on that below.

    How Do You Clean A Clogged Drain

    Drain Cleaning – Sewer Jetting From Grease Man Hole – Drain Pros Ep. 62

    Roto-Rooter was extremely professional and got the job done. Our house had not had a drain cleaning for probably 15 years. We had just moved into our house in May … and we had been having drainage problems since then. It took our plumber 4 hours to clean the drain out because of how much build up there was. He could have given up but didn’t. We are very happy with the service and would call them out again in a heart beat.

    The tech arrived on time as scheduled. Determined the overall scope of problem. Then provided a written estimate for work needing to be accomplished. Then covered any area than … could be soiled during drain cleaning. Then ran snake form basement garage drain up towards kitchen sink and found clog in the line. Also ran snake the opposite direction to reach outside line to sewer connection. He provided helpful hints for helping stop future problems. All the time being very polite and courteous while maintaining a clean work site and cleanup. Great job.

    Friendly, knowledgeable technician. He got our drain cleaned out in a very efficient and professional manner. I would not hesitate to call Roto-Rooter for any future needs.

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    Preventing Slow Draining & Drain Clogs After Water Jetting

    Once our water jetting services have resolved your issue, one of our Milwaukee drain cleaning technicians will advise you on the best course of action for preventing future clogs. Along with other tips, you will be offered advice on preventative products to prevent roots, buildup, and debris from further affecting your drains. For lasting drain clog deterrence, check out Roto-Rooter Milwaukee’s line of drain clog prevention products.

    Roto-Rooter’s drain cleaners provide 24-hour emergency water jetting service to clogged drains throughout in Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, and Milwaukee Counties. Visit our contact page for live, local price quotes and scheduling.

    We have everything you need to make sure your sewer jetting goes perfectly:

    Repairs That Meet Your Budget & Needs

    Not only do trenchless methods cut cost 40% compared to traditional methods by eliminating the labor time and damage associated with with conventional excavation, but Trenchless Co Methods also provide multiple ways to repair your sewer or water line. Get multiple options including permanent solutions to find what works for you at a price you can afford. Best of all, our permanent sewer solutions are backed by our No Clog Guarantee!

    Why keep flushing money down the drain on rooter service until your sewer line eventually fails, when you can get an affordable and permanent solution today?

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    Benefits Of Hydro Jetting

    Hydro jetting provides several benefits over traditional cleaning methods. The high-powered water effectively eliminates most clogs, and it can reach further down the sewer line than snakes or chemical cleaners. There is less risk of damage to the pipes and no risk of chemicals leaching into the environment.

    For most businesses, proactive hydro jetting is a wise idea. It can remove built-up grime and grit and prevent costly problems. For companies in Akron and the rest of Northeast Ohio, we recommend scheduling hydro jetting of your sewer system once every one to three years, even if you do not see signs of a problem.

    Prevent backups with proactive hydro jetting of your sewer line. Contact us today to schedule.

    Faq: Hydro Jet Sewer Cleaning

    DRAIN CLEANER WATER JET 150 FOOT X 5/8 INCH Rentals Fort Madison IA ...

    Is hydro-jetting safe for pipes?

    Yes, hydro-jetting is completely safe for your pipes when done by a licensed plumber. The water pressure used is nowhere near enough to cut into a normal pipe. Hydro-jetting can be safer than using a metal snake in many situations, too. However, hydro-jetting should be avoided for very old pipes in poor condition.

    How long does it take to hydro jet a sewer line?

    It can take up to a few hours for a plumbing contractor to hydro jet a sewer line. Timing of course depends on the size and type of the blockage, size of the pipe, location of the pipe, and more.

    Is hydro-jetting better than snaking?

    Hydro-jetting is more versatile and more effective than snaking a sewer line. The multiple jets of water can break up and wash away debris much more efficiently than a metal snake. Hydro-jetting can also get rid of grease better.

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    Hydro Jet Sewer Cleaning Cost

    Unfortunately, hydro jet drain cleaning is one of the most expensive methods of cleaning drain pipes, especially when compared to other ways of unclogging, such as:

    • Running hot or boiling water through the pipes, which is free other than the minor utility costs that shouldnt be more than a few cents.
    • A plunger that is very affordable to buy you can find products as cheap as $2.
    • Chemical cleaners and treatments that can cost anywhere between $5 and $300.
    • Plumbing snake calling a professional to snake your drain will cost $100 to $250.

    On the other hand, the average cost of calling someone to help you unclog your pipe by using a hydro jetting machine is $350 to $800, but the prices can be higher if the issue is severe.

    In fact, to remove some of the most challenging obstacles, you will need to prepare a lot of money. Hydro jetting costs for these tough cases can be higher than $1,000!

    Also, commercial hydro jetting can cost even more. The average price of hydro jetting for commercial properties is $500 to $3,000.

    Still, its important to keep in mind that hydro jetting will do more than just removing the clog. It will also clean up your pipe, ensuring the chances of the clog reappearing are very low. Sometimes, with the help of a good hydro jetting machine, the pipes can be almost as clean as new! This will increase their lifespan while decreasing the costs of future repairs.


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