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Well Draining Potting Soil For Indoor Plants

Children’s Bedrooms And Pothos Plants

Test to see how potting soil drains

Pothos plants are known to be very difficult to kill. If you have children who are interested in growing plants, this one can be a wonderful indoor houseplant to introduce them to. The Sill explains that the plant can withstand neglect, drought, low light, and dry air. It is also non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about any accidental poisonings.

Bloom Season: Does not flower

USDA Growing Zone: 10 to 12

Growing Conditions: Bright to low light

Soil Type: Well-drained potting mix

Size: 6 to 10 feet long when grown indoors

Add Amendments To The Potting Soil

You can improve the drainage of the potting soil by adding amendments such as perlite, vermiculite, or coco peat. But you need first to find out what is wrong with it.

If the potting soil drains too fast, it could mean that the soil has turned hydrophobic or contains too much sand.

If the water runs out as soon as you water it and does not seem to reach the plant roots, it means the potting soil is hydrophobic.

Adding worms to your potted plants is a great way to aerate the soil. They will tunnel through the soil, which will allow deeper water flow, which will help your plant grow deeper routes in the pot. Additionally, those worms will yield castings which is the organic by-product that is rich in nitrogen that will also help the plants grow. Jeff Neal, The Critter Depot

If the water reaches the roots but seems to run out fast, it means theres too much sand in the potting soil. You can mix in organic matter such as vermiculite and cocopeat, absorbing moisture and releasing it slowly.

If the water stays in the potting soil for a very long time, it means the potting soil contains a lot of clay. You can add perlite that will help drain out the water faster from the soil.

The Best Well Draining Potting Soil In 2022

Discover the Best Well Draining Potting Soil in Best Sellers. Find the top 10 most popular items from list brands as the-succulent-cult, the-hydroponic-city, miracle-gro, soil-sunrise, rio-hamza-trading, 9greenbox.

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EXCELLENT DRAINAGE for INDOOR/OUTDOOR CONTAINERS: Our Specially formulated SUCCULENT POTTING SOIL helps improve drainage to avoid over watering which is the #1 reason why most succulents and cactus die. The Succulent Cult Organic Soil Mix was formulated to also assist your succulents and cactus in their indoor environment by allowing the soil to drain quickly and retaining only what your little guys need. Works great for all indoor houseplants, herbs, and vegetables.

PERFECT FOR PROPAGATION: Propagating succulents and cactus is hassle free when using the right soil blend. This is the only blend we use in our greenhouses when it comes to propagating leaves, seeds, and cuttings. Depending on species and varieties, we tend to see leaves and cuttings begin to root in as little as 2 weeks under the right circumstances.


All Natural- All natural product, contains no added fertilizers.


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Outdoor Soil Vs Indoor Soil: Yes There Is A Difference

First lets start with the basics. Im going to separate soil into two groups: outdoor soil and indoor soil. Yes, that is a gross generalization and yes, I know it is a spectrum. But this will help us cover the basics.

Outdoor soil is, for lack of a better word, dense. It will often be labeled as garden soil. Garden soil is designed to be mixed with soil in the ground to improve it. Outdoor soil can also work as indoor soil if its designed for outdoor container gardeningbut not always.

Thats why I generally buy a potting mix labeled indoor potting soil or well-draining houseplant soil. Look for those words. These are usually good to go out of the bag for houseplants because they have additives to help prevent soil compaction and facilitate aeration and drainage.

But what makes outdoor/garden soil and indoor/container/houseplant soil different? Their ingredients. Outdoor/garden soil is way too heavy for houseplants. It retains too much moisture and is probably very dense. This can lead to root rot, among other issues.

The Ultimate Ti Plant Potting Mix Home Recipe

Potting Soil Mix Fast Draining Pre

One way to ensure youre using a proper soil mix for plants is to make your own. To do so, thoroughly combine the following.

  • Two parts peat moss
  • One part perlite
  • One part pine bark fines

When you mix the components together, add water, so the mix is moist but not wet. The mix should hold together in your hand when squeezed, but not drip water.

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Cactus And Succulent Mix

This blend often starts with the main ingredient of peat moss . Peat moss is hard to saturate and dries out quickly, preventing your succulents and cacti from being overwatered. This mix should also include a well draining rocky substance, such as perlite or pumice. Sand is also a key ingredient within this mix. Sand, like perlite, promotes the soil from compacting and keeps the soil aerated.

Maidenhair Fern In The Basement Family Room

The maidenhair fern is a shade-loving houseplant that can be grown in rooms without windows. It will survive in low light as long as its soil is plenty moist, as explained by Prairie Nursery. You can recognize the plant by its finely textured, bright green foliage and its arching branches.

Bloom Season: Summer

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What Is A Well

If you have grown many houseplants, you would know how different soil types will affect the plants health.

Also known as well-draining soil, the potting mix allows water to drain quickly, keeping the soil evenly moist.

The compact soil will choke the plant roots, depriving them of water and oxygen, while continuously moist soil will drown the roots.

Both cases may negatively affect plant growth unless growing succulents and Bee Balm. These plants thrive in compact or wet soil, requiring a perfect soil mix that drains steadily.

If you are wondering, most plants like Monstera, Anthurium, Pothos, Fiddle-leaf, and flowering species will naturally thrive in well-draining soil.

You can tell how well-draining potting soil is if you have grown these plants. Otherwise, you could tell it by simply doing a small test.

Water your pot containing regular potting mix thoroughly, then water it again. If the water puddles up, it is slow draining if all the water drains out, it is fast draining.

You would want the potting soil that drains 2.5 cm per hour to ensure well-draining soil. Here is a small table for soil drainage capacity.

Fast-draining 4 inches or more

Note: One of the best well-draining soils is the orchid mix which provides the correct soil drainage, structural support, and moisture retention.

Philippine Evergreen Plant For The Guest Bedroom

My Go-To Soil Recipe for ALL of my Indoor Plants!

The Philippine evergreen plant , which is also called the Chinese evergreen and the poison dart plant, is an herbaceous perennial with large, patterned foliage that is highly decorative. North Carolina State Extension notes that this plant grows well in dim lighting as long as it is watered somewhat regularly. It is a great option for your guest bedroom because it needs limited attention.

Bloom Season: Spring

USDA Growing Zone: 10 to 12

Growing Conditions: Low or medium light

Soil Type: Well-draining potting mix

Size: 1 to 3 feet tall

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How To Revive Used Potting Soil

Whether you bought yours or you worked hard to make well-draining soil from scratch, its still only good for about a year, maybe two years. About six months in, the quality of the soil has already started going downhill.

Does this mean you have to get rid of it? Perhaps, but perhaps not! Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding whether to revitalize your potting soil.

What is your soils pH? Youll need a pH soil testing kit to know for sure. Most houseplants prefer a pH of around 6.5, maybe as high as 7.0. The exception is those plant species that enjoy acidity such as azaleas and blueberries among others. Alkaline or basic-pH plants such as asparagus and many species of fern might also need a slightly different pH balance than 6.5.

Does your plant have enough soil? Soil doesnt stay light and loamy forever, as Ive mentioned. Time and watering will make the soil collapse on itself, becoming compact. If you dont even have enough soil to fill to your pots lip, then youre better off replacing your soil or mixing some new stuff with the old soil.

Is the soil nutrient-rich? Nutrients drain out of the soil, so the older your soil is, the fewer nutrients are in there. However, if youve fertilized your plant, then youve reintroduced nutrients to the soil. This means you have to proceed carefully. Indoor vegetables like garden peas dont like a lot of nutrients to start while carrots, cauliflower, and onion plants dont mind as much.

Fishbone Cacti For The Nursery

Fishbone cacti are a unique Cactaceae species known for their wavy stems. Like the Christmas cactus, this is an epiphytic plant that grows on trees. It is good to grow in a nursery room because all parts of the plant are non-toxic, including the fruit of the plant, which tastes similar to dragon fruit, as said by Petal Republic.

Bloom Season: Summer to fall

USDA Growing Zone: 10 to 11

Growing Conditions: Bright indirect light

Soil Type: Very well-draining potting mix

Size: Stems can reach 1 foot long

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Easy Ways To Loosen Compacted Soil In Potted Plants:

Repotting: Changing the soil and repotting it is the best way to fix the soil compaction of your house plant.

Prepare a new potting mix that contains river sand, peat moss, compost, and perlite to add aeration to the soil.

Use chopstick: Repotting is not an optimum solution in winters, poking holes into the soil with a chopstick is the easiest way to break some upper layer of soil that has been hardened.

I prefer to use a chopstick in the winter seasons, since most of the plant goes into a dormancy period . I never advise people to repot the plant in the dormancy period, always try to do the repotting in springs or early summers.

Nutrient Retention And Moisture

Premium Indoor Potting Mix For Cactus &  Succulents and Adenium

Your chosen potting soil should be able to retain moisture and vital nutrients because plants require both to grow. Always check to see if the potting soil can effectively retain nutrients before purchasing. Checking the product description and reviewing the contents specified in the mix will immediately reveal this. Peat moss, for instance, should aid in the retention of nutrients and moisture in inorganic potting soil, therefore having more of it will improve the performance of the soil.

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How To Make Your Own Homemade Potting Soil

Mixing your own potting soil blend is easy, and it means you have complete control of one of the most critical steps in the growing process. For container gardeners, a high-quality potting soil is a must. Making your own potting soil allows you to better cater to the needs of your plants. The results are more stable and consistent, and you save a ton of money.

The following DIY potting soil recipes use a combination of the ingredients I listed above. Mix large volumes of homemade potting soil in a cement mixer or a spinning compost tumbler. To make smaller quantities, blend the ingredients in a wheelbarrow, mortar mixing tub, or a large bucket. Be sure to mix everything thoroughly to ensure a consistent result.

Potting Mix For Indoor Plants

We have heard or read on the plant tag from nurseries that most plants require well-draining soil. But what is well-draining soil? Is the potting mix that you get from the garden center well-draining enough suitable for indoor conditions? We will try to answer these questions in this blog post.

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Best For Flowers: Proven Winners Premium All Purpose Potting Soil

Whether theyre in pots or hanging baskets, in containers or raised beds, most flowering plants do well with an all-purpose soil that contains a balanced mix of sphagnum peat moss, pine bark and vermiculite or perlite.

High soil acidity is a risk with peat moss, which is why we like Proven Winners Premium All Purpose Potting Soil. Its blended with dolomite lime, which helps raise the pH of the soil and lower acidity.

Proven Winners Premium All Purpose Potting Soil Pros

  • Formulated for outdoor plants but suitable for indoor potted plants as well.
  • Lightweight and loamy blend.

Proven Winners Premium All Purpose Potting Soil Cons

  • Only recommended for mature plants, not seeds.

The Library Needs A Dracaena

Houseplants 101 | How To Mix Potting Soil | Chunky Well Draining

Dracaena species , such as corn plants, dragon trees, and lucky bamboo, are easy-to-care-for, tropical, houseplants that prefer indirect light and slightly humid air. In your library, any popular dracaena plant will thrive and show off its glossy, sometimes variegated, foliage throughout the year, as described by Miracle-Gro.

Bloom Season: Some species produce insignificant blooms

USDA Growing Zone: 10 to 11

Growing Conditions: Bright indirect light

Soil Type: Well-draining potting mix

Size: 6 to 10 feet tall

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Espoma Organic Potting Soil Mix 4 Qt

If organic potting mix is your call, you can choose this product for your indoor and outdoor plants. The product is 100% organic with no chemical compound. The soil is blended with alfalfa meal, sphagnum peat moss, kelp meal & feather meal, and humus and perlite enriched with earthworm castings. Moreover, the enhanced myco-tone blend keeps an extra boost for plant growth.

What Makes A Good Indoor Potting Mix

Most houseplants will often be quiet happy in several different growing mediums types, so there is usually not one magic type for every plant.

As a general rule all houseplants need a growing medium that is sufficiently “open” and “loose” enough to allow its roots to grow through quite easily, but not so open that the plant is unable to remain anchored in the pot.

As a general rule all houseplants need a growing medium that is sufficiently “open” and “loose” enough to allow its roots to grow

It needs to be open and loose enough that water can flow through the soil but not so open that water literally just runs out the bottom otherwise your plant will have nothing to drink. It also can’t be too “closed” otherwise the plant will become waterlogged which will cause the roots to rot.

If a growing medium can hold water and also allow air into it, then it can support microorganisms and also hold nutrients which are essential for plant health and growth. A good indoor potting mix will allow the above to happen.

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How To Make The Best Soil For Indoor Plants

Now that you know about all the possible ingredients and amendments, lets make a potting mix!

Youll want a big bucket or tub to do your mixing inwe like these tubs. They come in all sorts of colors, are easy to clean, and their flexible sides make them easy to pour from. Otherwise, any sort of bucket or storage tub will do.

A soil scoop will also make this project a little less messy, but it isnt absolutely necessarya trowel, measuring cup, or even a big spoon will work as well!

Pour in your ingredients, mix them up, and youre ready to repot some plants. Store any excess potting mix in an airtight container or zip-top bag. Be sure to label it so you remember what kind of mix it is.

The beauty of making your own potting mix is that you can make the recipe your own. Know you tend to overwater? Add some extra pumice for better drainage. Have a calathea that likes consistently moist soil? Add some coco coir or perlite. Once you know what all the ingredients do, you can easily adjust your potting mix to meet your plants needs.

Top 5 Best Potting Soils For Indoor Plants

How To Care For Your Dracaena (Dragon Tree) Plant.

Indoor plants are becoming part of our lives. As we are residing in high-rise buildings, indoor plants are building our connection with nature. But often our in-house atmosphere is not suitable enough to help the plants grow. Potting soils for indoor plants can help in this situation to keep the plants healthy and vibrant.

The marketplace has many products that advertise to keep our indoor plants healthy. But do they do the job they claim? You cannot try them all. But you can take some minutes and go through this article. Today we are telling you about 5 indoor potting soils to keep your indoor plants lively.

Please note:

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Best Overall Soil For Indoor Plants: Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix

key specs: 9qt. | balanced NPK ratio 0.12-0.12-0.12 | feeds plants for up to 6 months

This all-around potting mix from Burpee is our winning pick for the best potting soil mix due to its versatility, nutrient balance, quality of ingredients, and customer service guarantee. We like that this potting soil has a balanced NPK ratio that allows plant parents to supplement with a fertilizer best suited to indoor plants, unlike other potting soils that come pre-saturated with fertilizer. Its specifically formulated with a fine blend of sustainably-harvested coco coir to require less frequent waterings and packs all of the goods into a light and airy mix.


  • Specially blended for container plants with sustainably-sourced coco coir for improved soil aeration
  • Contains both slow and immediate release nutrients with an NPK balanced fertilizer formula to feed plants for up to 3 months
  • Well suited to growing just about any houseplant, as well as vegetables and flowers
  • Excellent customer service with 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • As-is, this potting mix needs a good fertilizer to complement its nutrient profile in less time than a growing season


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